American Journal of Human Biology 2006 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 2006
Adrenarche and the evolution of human life history.Biological sciencesCampbell, Benjamin
African gene flow to North Brazil as revealed by HBB(super *)S gene haplotype analysis.Biological sciencesCardoso, Greice Lemos, Guerreiro, Joao Farias
Age-related changes in testosterone and SHBG among Turkana males.(sex hormone binding globulin)Biological sciencesCampbell, Kenneth, Campbell, Benjamin, Leslie, Paul
Ancient mitochondrial DNA from Malaysian hair samples: Some indications of Southeast Asian population movements.Biological sciencesLahr, Marta Mirazon, Ricaut, Francois-X., Bellatti, M.
Anger expression and lifestyle incongruity interactions on blood pressure in Samoan adults.Biological sciencesMcGarvey, Stephen T., Viali, Satupaitea, Bitton, Asaf
Anthropometry and body composition do not predict bioavailable androgen or progesterone concentration in adolescent girls.Biological sciencesWynne-Edwards, Katherine E., Bond, Lea J., Vella, Emily T., Kiparrisis, Yiannis
A possible link between prenatal exposure to famine and breast cancer: A preliminary study.Biological sciencesOsmond, C., Barker, D.J.P., Painter, R.C., De Rooij, S.R., Bossuyt, P.M.M., Bleker, O.P., Roseboom, T.J.
A reassessment of sexual dimorphism in human senescence: Theory, evidence, and causation.Biological sciencesGraves, Brent M., Strand, Mac, Lindsay, Alec R.
A revertant of the major founder Native American haplogroup C common in populations from Northern South America.Biological sciencesRuiz-Linares, Andres, Torres, Maria M., Ortiz, Daniel, Bravi, Claudio M., Bedoya, Gabriel, Bortolini, Maria-Catira, Groot De Retrepo, Helena, Duque, Constanza, Callegari-Jacques, Sidia
Asian and non-Asian origins of Mon-Khmer- and Mundari-speaking Austro-Asiatic populations of India.Biological sciencesReddy, B. Mohan, Kumar, Vikrant, Langsiteh, Banrida T., Biswas, Silpak, Babu, J. Pradeep, Rao, T. Nageswara, Thangaraj, K., Reddy, A.G., Singh. L.
Assessment of Azorean ancestry by Alu insertion polymorphisms.Biological sciencesCabral, Rita, Branco, Claudia C., Peixoto, Bernardo R., Mota-Vieira, Luisa, Palla, Raquel, Lino, Silvia, Pacheco, Paula R., De Fex, Laura
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and fluctuating asymmetry in another college sample.Biological sciencesStevenson, J.C., Williams, D.C., Everson, P.M., Mahoney, E.R., Hipskind, G., Mehler, M., Cawley, M., Chamberlin, W., Watts, L.
Availability of childcare support and nutritional status of children of non-working and working mothers in urban Nepal.Biological sciencesNakahara, Shinji, Poudel, Krishna C., Lopchan, Milan, Ichikawa, Masao, Poudel-Tandukar, Kalpana, Jima, Masamine, Wakai, Susumu
Biocultural construction of obesogenic ecologies of childhood: Parent-feeding versus child-eating strategies.Biological sciencesBrewis, Alexandra, Gartin, Meredith
Biological aging and Cox hazard analysis of mortality trends in a Mennonite community from south-central Kansas.Biological sciencesMelton, Phillip E., Zlojutro, M., Kimminau, K., Crawford, M.H.
Blood pressure, seasonal body fat, heart rate, and ecological differences in Caboclo populations of the Brazilian Amazon.Biological sciencesSilva, H. P., James, G. D., Crews, D. E.
Cardiovascular factors explain genetic background differences in V[O.sub.2]max.Biological sciencesHunter, Gary R., Larson-Meyer, D. Enette, McCarthy, John P., Newcomer, Bradley R., Roy, Jane L.P., Fernandez, Jose R., Blaudeau, Tamilane E.
Common set of genes regulates low-density lipoprotein size and obesity-related factors in Alaskan Eskimos: Results from the GOCADAN study.Biological sciencesDevereux, Richard, Howard, Barbara V., Fabsitz, Richard R., Voruganti, V. Saroja, Cai, Guowen, Cole, Shelley A., Freeland-Graves, Jeanne H., Laston, Sandra, Wenger, Charlotte R., MacCluer, Jean W., Dyke, Bennett, Ebbesson, Sven O.E., Comuzzie, Anthony G.
Comparison of the Kid's Block Food Frequency Questionnaire to the 24-hour recall in urban Native American youth.Biological sciencesSmith, Chery, Fila, Stefanie
Daughters increase longevity of fathers, but daughters and sons equally reduce longevity of mothers.Biological sciencesJasienska, Grazyna, Nenko, Ilona, Jasienski, Michal
Developmental coordination disorder and aerobic fitness: Is it all in their heads or is measurement still a problem?Biological sciencesWade, Terrance J., Cairney, John, Hay, John A., Faught, Brent E., Flouris, Andreas
Digit ratio and hand-grip strength in German and Mizos men: Cross-cultural evidence for an organizing effect of prenatal testosterone on strength.Biological sciencesFink, Bernhard, Thanzami, Vanlal, Seydel, Hanna, Manning, John T.
Effects of daily exercise on blood pressure, plasma glucose, and obesity measures in 55-64-year-old obese Asian Indian men: The Calcutta longitudinal study.Biological sciences 
Ethnogenomic diversity of Caucasus, Daghestan.Biological sciencesBulayeva, K.B., Jorde, L., Watkins, S., Ostler, C., Pavlova, T.A., Bulayev, O.A., Tofanelli, S., Paoli, G., Harpending, H.
Exhaled nitric oxide decreases upon acute exposure to high-altitude hypoxia.Biological sciencesBrown, Daniel E., Mills, Phoebe S., Strohl, Kingman P., Beall, Cynthia M.
Explaining sex differences in dental caries prevalence: Saliva, hormones, and "life-history" etiologies.Biological sciencesLukacs, John R., Largaespada, Leah L.
Family composition and menarcheal age: Anti-inbreeding strategies.Biological sciencesMatchock, Robert L., Susman, Elizabeth J.
Farming and adiposity in Samoan adults.Biological sciencesMcGarvey, Stephen T., Viali, Satupaitea, Keighley, Ember D., Turituri, Pasa
Food insecurity in rural Tanzania is associated with maternal anxiety and depression.Biological sciencesHadley, Craig, Patil, Crystal L.
Functions of corticotropin-releasing hormone in anthropoid primates: From brain to placenta.Biological sciencesSchulkin, Jay, Power, Michael L.
Gene flow in the Iberian Peninsula determined from Y-chromosome STR loci.Biological sciencesAlfonso-Sanchez, Miguel A., Pena, Jose A., Garcia-Obregon, Susana, Perez-Miranda, Ana M., De Pancorbo, Marian M.
Genetic position of Valencia (Spain) in the Mediterranean basic according to Alu insertions.Biological sciencesGarcia-Obregon, S., Alfonso-Sanchez, M.A., Perez-Miranda, A.M., Vindales, C., Arroyo, D., Pena, J.A.
Genetic structure of Algerian populations.Biological sciencesDarlu, Pierre, Crawford, Michael H., Lefevre-Witier, Philippe, Aireche, Hadi, Benabadji, Mohamed, Melvin, Kristin, Sevin, Andre
Genomic ancestry of a sample population from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesFerreira, Luzitano Brandao, Mendes-Junior, Celso Teixeira, Wiezel, Claudia Emilia Vieira, Luizon, Marcelo Rizzatti, Simoes, Aguinaldo Luiz
Geographical differences in physiques of male youth of age 18-20 years in China.Biological sciencesShang Lei, Xu Yong-Yong, Jiang Xun, Du Xiao-Han
Growth rates and life histories in twenty-two small-scale societies.Biological sciencesYamauchi, Taro, Walker, Robert, Gurven, Michael, Hll, Kim, Migliano, Andrea, Chagnon, Napoleon, De Souza, Roberta, Djurovic, Gradimir, Hames, Raymond, Hurtado, Magdalena, Kaplan, Hillard, Kramer, Karen, Oliver, William J., Valeggia, Claudia
Hair morphology and anthropological applications.Biological sciencesGuilbeau-Frugier, Celine, Blanc, Antony, Crubezy, Eric, Delisle, Marie-Bernadette, Rouge, Daniel, Telmon, Norbert
Height and weight of primary schoolchildren in Shiraz City, Southern Iran, 2002.Biological sciencesAyatollahi, S.M.T., Pourahmad, S.
High ponderal index at birth predicts high estradiol levels in adult women.Biological sciencesThune, Inger, Lipson, Susan F., Ellison, Peter T., Jasienska, Grazyna, Ziomkiewicz, Anna
High sensitivity C-reactive protein, adiposity, and blood pressure in the Yakut of Siberia.Biological sciencesLeonard, W.R., Sorensen, M.V., Ivanov, K.I., Krivoshapkin, V.G., Tarskaya, L.A., Snodgrass, J.J., Alekseev, V.P., Rifai, N.
Human skeletal muscle size and architecture: Variability and interdependence.Biological sciencesFukunaga, T., Kawakami, Y., Kanehisa, H.
Impact of variation in ADRB2, ADRB3, and GNB3 genes on body mass index and waist circumference in a Brazilian Population.Biological sciencesHutz, Mara H., Mattevi, Vanessa S., Zembrzuski, Veronica M.
Incorporating psychological health into biocultural models: Preliminary findings from Turkana women of Kenya.Biological sciencesPike, Ivy L., Williams, Sharon R.
Indices of body composition and chronic morbidity: A cross-sectional study of a rural population in central Russia.Biological sciencesKobyliansky, Eugene, Kalichman, Leonid, Livshits, Gregory
Islands inside an island: Reproductive isolates on Jerba Island.Biological sciencesLoueslati, Besma Yacoubi, Amorim, Antonio, Cherni, Lotfi, Ayed, Farhat Ben, Khodjet-Elkhil, Houssein, Elgaaied, Amel Ben Ammar, Ennafaa, Hajer, Pereira, Luisa
Lasker's coefficient of isonymy between and within 16 Sardinian villages in the periods 1825-1849, 1875-1899, and 1925-1949.Biological sciencesSanna, Emanuele, Floris, Giovanni, Iovine, Maria Chiara, Melis, Marco
Longitudinal follow-up of fitness during childhood: Interaction with physical activity.Biological sciencesTwisk, J. W. R., Baquet, G., Kemper, H. C. G., Praagh, E. Van, Berthoin, S.
Longitudinal study of the frequency and duration of breastfeeding in rural Bangladeshi women.Biological sciencesGhosh, Rohini, Mascie-Taylor, C.G. Nicholas, Rosetta, Lyliane
Male lifespan and the secondary sex ratio.Biological sciencesCatalano, Ralph, Bruckner, Tim
Measurement of leptin in dried blood spot samples.Biological sciencesMcDade, Thomas W., Miller, Aaron A., Sharrock, Katherine C.B.
Menstrual cycle irregularities are associated with testosterone levels in healthy premenopausal women.Biological sciencesVan Anders, Sari M., Watson, Neil V.
Menstruation does not cause anemia: Endometrial thickness correlates positively with erythrocyte count and hemoglobin concentration in premenopausal women.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesJasienska, Grazyna, Nenko, Ilona, Clancy, Kathryn B.H.
Methodological agreement between two-compartment body-composition methods in children.Biological sciencesStallings, Virginia A., Zemel, Babette S., Buison, Anne M., Ittenbach, Richard F.
Migration matrices and surnames in populations with different isolation patterns: Val di Lima (Italian Apennines), Val di Sole (Italian Alps), and La Cabrera (Spain).Biological sciencesPettener, Davide, Paoli, Giorgio, Boattini, Alessio, Calboli, Federico C.F., Villegas, Maria Jose Blanco, Gueresi, Paola, Franceschi, Marcello G., Cavicchi, Sandro
Mode of inheritance of dermatoglyphic pattern intensity index of fingers in five Indian populations: A comparative study between individual trait and its factor.Biological sciencesKarmakar, B., Yakovenko, K., Kobyliansky, E.
Pearl Memorial lecture: Biocultural approaches in human biology.Biological sciencesDufour, Darna L.
Plasma amino acids in Greenlanders and Danes: Influence of seasons, residence, ethnicity and diet.Biological sciencesPedersen, Erling B., Mulvad, Gert, Jorgensen, Marit E., Hansen, Jens C., Pederson, Michael B., Torstensen, Anne M., Siggaard, Charlotte, Aagaard, Ole, Sorensen, Tina B., Skjoldborg, Henning
Polymorphisms in the vitamin D receptor and their associations with risk of schizophrenia and selected anthropometric measures.Biological sciencesHandoko, H.Y., Nancarrow, D.J., Mowry, B.J., McGrath, J.J.
Population structure and admixture in Cerro Largo, Uruguay, based on blood markers and mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms.Biological sciencesMerriwether, D. Andrew, Salzano, Francisco M., Sans, Monica, Hidalgo, Pedro C., Bentancor, Nilo, Weimer, Tania A., Franco, Maria Helena L.P., Alvarez, Ines, Kemp, Brian M.
p.Q223R leptin receptor polymorphism associated with obesity in Brazilian multiethnic subjects.Biological sciencesDuarte, Stenio Fernando Pimentel, Francischetti, Emilio Antonio, Genelhu-Abreu, Virginia, Barroso, Sergio Girao, Braga, Jose Ueleres, Cabello, Pedro Hernan, Pimentel, Marcla Mattos Goncalves
Predictors of South African male testosterone levels: The THUSA study.Biological sciencesGray, P. B., Kruger, A., Huisman, H. W., Wissing, M. P., Vorster, H. H.
Preference for sons and sex ratio in two non-western societies.Biological sciencesBaali, A., Hilali, M.-K., Crognier, E., Villena, M., Vargas, E.
Prevalence of dopamine and 5HT2C receptor polymorphisms in Amerindians and in an urban population from Argentina.Biological sciencesMarignac, Veronica L. Martinez, Bianchi, Nestor O.
Prevalence of overweight and obesity among Guarani-Mbya from Misiones, Argentina.Biological sciencesOrden, Alicia B., Oyhenart, Evelia E.
Relationship of single measures of cardiorespiratory fitness and obesity in young schoolchildrenr.Biological sciencesMota, Jorge, Flores, Luana, Flores, Luis, Riberiro, Jose C., Santos, Maria P.
School fitness tests as predictors of adult health-related fitness.Biological sciencesKautiainen, Hannu, Kaprio, Jaakko, Kujala, Urho, Mikkelsson, Lasse, Mikkelsson, Marja, Nupponnen, Heimo
Season of birth contributes to variation in university examination outcomes.Biological sciencesHuber, Susanne, Fieder, Martin, Prossinger, Hermann, Iber, Karoline, Schaffer, Katrin, Wallner, Bernard
Secondary sex ratio variation during stressful times: The impact of the French Revolutionary Wars of a German Parish (1787-1802).Biological sciencesKemkes, Ariane
Secular trends in age at menarche among Caboclo populations from Para, Amazonia, Brazil: 1930 - 1980.Biological sciencesPadez, C., Silva, H. P.
Serum cobalt in children with essential hypertension.Biological sciencesNicoloff, G., Angelova, M., Christova, I., Nikolov, A., Alexiev, A.
Sex hormone-binding globulin and androgen levels in immigrant and British-born premenopausal British Pakistani women: Evidence of early life influences?.Biological sciencesPollard, Tessa M., Unwin, Nigel, Fischbacher, Colin M., Chamley, Jagdip K.
Smoking during pregnancy and components of stature in offspring.Biological sciencesSmith, George Davey, Leary, Sam, Ness, Andy
Study of GM Immunoglobulin allotypic system in Berbers and Arabs from Morocco.Biological sciencesMoral, P., Baali, A., Dugoujon, J.M., Harich, N., Coudray, C., Guitard, E., Sevin, A., Kandil, M., Melhaoui, M.
Use of serial ultrasound to identify periods of fetal growth restriction in relation to neonatal anthropometry.Biological sciencesKlebanoff, Mark A., Hemachandra, Anusha H.
Validating the self-reported fertility status of rural Malawian women.Biological sciencesTsui, Amy O., Barden-O'Fallon, Janine, Suchindran, Chirayath
Validity and normative data for thirty-second chair stand test in elderly community-dwelling Hong Kong Chinese.Biological sciencesMacfarlane, D.J., K.L. Chou, Y.H. Cheng, I. Chi
Variation and causal factors of craniofacial robusticity in Patagonian hunter-gatherers from the late Holocene.Biological sciencesBernal, Valeria, Perez, S. Ivan, Gonzalez, Paula N.
Weaning practices of the Makushi of Guyana and their relationship to infant and child mortality: A preliminary assessment of international recommendations.Biological sciencesWilson, Warren, Milner, Jillian, Bulkan, Janette, Ehlers, Peter
William White Howells: 1908-2005.(Obituary)Biological sciencesPilbeam, David
Women's midlife symptom-reporting in China: Cross-cultural analysis.Biological sciencesShea, Jeanne L.
Y-chromosome diversity is inversely associated with language affiliation in paired Austronesian- and Papuan- Speaking communities from Solomon .Biological sciencesCox, Murray P., Lahr, Martha Mirazon
Y-chromosome genetic variation in Rio de Janeiro population.Biological sciencesAmorim, Antonio, Gusmao, Leonor, Silva, Dayse A., Carvalho, Elizeu, Costa, Guilherme, Tavares, Ligia
Y-STR haplotype diversity in distinct linguistic groups from East Timor.(Clinical report)Biological sciencesAmorim, Antonio, Souto, Luis, Gusmao, Leonor, Corte-Real, Francisco, Vieira, Duarte N.
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