American Journal of Human Biology 2005 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 2005
A brief history of the human biology association: 1974-2004.Biological sciencesJames, Gary D., Little, Michael A.
Age at natural menopause in Spain and the United States: Results from the DAMES project.Biological sciencesReynolds, Robert F., Obermyer, Carla Makhlouf
Age-dependant changes of the normal human spine during adulthood.Biological sciencesRuhli, F.J., Muntener, M., Henneberg, M.
Age related changes in body composition among Turkana males of Kenya.Biological sciencesCampbell, Benjamin, Gray, Peter B., Leslie, Paul
Ancient origins of human developmental plasticity.Biological sciencesCrespi, Erica J., Denver, Robert J.
An unexpected wide population variation of the G1733A polymorphism of the androgen receptor gene: Data on the Mediterranean region.Biological sciencesVona, G., Moral, P., Luna, F., Santamaria, J., Esteban, E., Via, M., Gonzalez-Perez, E., Dugoujon, J.M., Harich, N., Saetta, A.A., Bissar, N.
Apolipoproteins (apoproteins) and LPL variation in Mennonite population of Kansas and Nebraska.Biological sciencesCrawford, Michael H., Demarchi, Dario A., Mosher, M.J.
Basal metabolic rate in the Yakut (Sakha) of Siberia.Biological sciencesLeonard, William R., Snodgrass, J. Josh, Tarskaia, Larissa A., Alekseev, Vasili P., Krivoshapkin, Vadim G.
Beta-globin cluster haplotypes in normal individuals and beta(super 0)39-thalassemia carriers from Sardinia, Italy.Biological sciencesVaresi, L., Calo, C.M., Vona, G., Vacca, L., Piras, I., Falchi, A., Latini, V., Ristaldi, S.
Birth weight Tibetans at different altitudes in India: Are Tibetans better protected from IUGR?Biological sciencesTripathy, Vikal, Gupta, Ranjan
Body mass index and old-age survival: A comparative study between the union army records and the NHANES-I epidemiological flow-up sample.Biological sciencesDejun Su
Catch-up growth or regression to the mean? Recovery from stunting revisited.Biological sciencesPreece, Michael A., Cameron, Noel, Cole, Tim J.
Cellular life histories and bow tie biology.Biological sciencesLampl, Michelle
Climate, racial category, and body proportions in the U.S.Biological sciencesSteegmann, Theodore A., Jr.
Comparative study of correlates of early age at menarche among Mexican and Egyptian adolescents.Biological sciencesAllen, Betania, Torres-Mejia, Gabriela, Cupul-Uicab, Lea A., Galal, Osman, Salazar-Martinez, Eduardo, Lazcano-Ponce, Eduardo C.
Cross-population analysis of the growth of long bones and the Os coxae of three early medieval Austrian populations.Biological sciencesPinhasi, R., Teshchler-Nicola, M., Knaus, A., Shaw, P.
Cross-sectional study of echocardiographic characteristics in healthy children living at high altitude.Biological sciencesHuicho, Luis, Muro, Manuel, Pacheco, Alberto, Silva, Jaime, Gloria, Edgar, Marticorena, Emilio, Niermeyer, Susan
Directional mating and a rapid male population expansion in a hybrid Uruguayan population.Biological sciencesChakraborty, Ranajit, Li Jin, Sans, Monica, Bertoni, Bernardo
Does milk make children grow? Relationships between milk consumption and height in NHANES 1999-2002.(National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys)Biological sciencesWiley, Andrea S.
Effects of consanguinity on pre-reproductive mortality: Does demographic transition matter?Biological sciencesAlfonso-Sanchez, Miguel A., Pena, Jose A.
Effects of progressive strength training on the performance of the Functional Reach Test and the Timed Get-Up-and-Go Test in an elderly population from the rural north of Portugal.Biological sciencesSousa, Nelson, Sampaio, Jaime
Energetics of nose and mouth breathing, body size, body composition, and nose volume in young adult males and females.Biological sciencesHall, Roberta L.
Evolutionary perspectives on the fetal origins hypothesis.Biological sciencesEllison, Peter T.
Fetal origins of developmental plasticity: Animals models of induced life history variation.Biological sciencesHorton, Teresa H.
Fetal origins of developmental plasticity: Are fetal cues reliable predictors of future nutritional environments?Biological sciencesKuzawa, Christopher W.
Fetal programming: Adaptive life-history tactics or making the best of a bad start? .Biological sciencesJones, James Holland
Fibrinogen, homocyst(e)ine, and C-reactive protein concentrations relative to sex and socioeconomic status in British young people.Biological sciencesDavies, Bruce, Thomas, Non-Eleri, Cooper, Stephen-Mark, Williams, Simon R.P., Baker, Julien S.
Fish consumption (hair mercury) and nutritional status of Amazonian Amer-Indian children.Biological sciencesDorea, Jose G., Barbosa, Antonio C., Ferrari, Iris, De Souza, Jurander R.
Gender and nutritional status at the household level among Gwembe valley Tonga children, 0-10 years.Biological sciencesGillett-Netting, Rhonda, Perry, Amber
Geography of surnames in Azores: Specificity and spatial distribution analysis.Biological sciencesCabral, Rita, Branco, Claudia C., Costa, Sonia, Caravello, Gianumberto, Tasso, Miro, Peixoto, Bernardo R., Mota-Vieira, Luisa
Growth patterns of the heart and kidney suggest inter-organ collaboration in facultative fetal growth.Biological sciencesLampl, Michelle, Jeanty, Philippe, Kuzawa, Christopher W.
Growth velocity standards from longitudinally measured infants of age 0-2 years born in Shiraz, Southern Iran.Biological sciencesAyatollahi, S.M.T.
Health consequences of post-socialist transition: Dietary and lifestyle determinants of plasma lipids in Yakutia.Biological sciencesLeonard, W.R., Sorensen, M.V., Snodgrass, J.J, Tarskaia, A., Ivanov, K.I., Krivoshapkin, V.G., Spitsyn, V.A.
Height, weight, and body mass index among Akwesasne Mohawk youth.Biological sciencesGallo, Mia V., Schell, Lawrence M.
Heterogeneity of the genome ancestry of individuals classified as white in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.Biological sciencesMarrero, Andrea Rita, Das Neves Leite, Fabio Pereira, Carvalho, Biance De Almeida, Peres, Leandro Martins, Kommers, Tricia Christine, Da Cruz, Ivana Manica, Salzano, Francisco Mauro, Ruiz-Linares, Andres, Da Silva, Wilson Araujo, Jr., Bortolini, Maria Catira
History in the interpretation of the pattern of p49a,f Taql RFLP Y-chromosome variation in Egypt: A consideration of multiple lines of evidence.Biological sciencesKeita, S.O.Y.
Implication of Ariaal sexual mixing on gonorrhea.Biological sciencesMcCluskey, C. Connell, Roth, Eric, Van Den Driessche, P.
Intraobserver error associated with measurements of the hand.Biological sciencesMarazita, Mary L., Weinberg, Seth M., Scott, Nicole, M., Neiswanger, Katherine
Issues in evolutionary medicine.Biological sciencesStearns, Stephen C.
Life history and the early origins of health differentials.Biological sciencesWorthman, Carol M., Kuzara, Jennifer
Life history, maintenance, and the early origins of immune function.Biological sciencesMcDade, Thomas W.
Longitudinal estimates of puberty timing in Senegalese adolescent girls.Biological sciencesBenefice, Eric, Garnier, Denis, Simondon, Kirsten B.
Longitudinal models of long bone growth during adolescence.Biological sciencesSmith, Shelley L., Buschang, Peter H.
Maternal stress and fetal responses: Evolutionary perspectives on preterm delivery.Biological sciencesPike, Ivy L.
Methodological issues in the anthropometric assessment of Hmong children in the United States.Biological sciencesClarkin, Patrick F.
Modeling the effects of health status and the educational infrastructure on the cognitive development of Tanzanian schoolchildren.Biological sciencesBhargava, Alok, Jukes, Matthew, Ngorosho, Damaris, Khilma, Charles, Bundy, Donald A.P.
No difference in serum leptin concentrations between urban-dwelling Austronesians and Non-Austronesians in Papua New Guinea.Biological sciencesNatsuhara, Kazumi, Inaoka, Tsukasa, Umezaki, Masahiro, Yamauchi, Taro, Hongo, Tetsuro, Nagano, Megumi, Tanaka, Mika, Watanabe, Chiho, Ohtsuka, Ryutaro
Origin and expansion of four different beta globin mutations in a single Arab village.Biological sciencesChakravarti, Aravinda, Zlotogora, Joel, Hujerat, Yasir, Zalman, Luci, Barges, Saleh, Filon, Dori, Koren, Ariel, Shalev, Stavit A.
Postnatal salivary cortisol and sense of coherence (SOC) in Eritrean mothers.Biological sciencesAlmedom, Astier M., Teclemichael, Tesfaldet, Romero, L. Michael, Alemu, Zemui
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in two tribal populations of the sub-Himalayan region of India: Ethnic and rural-urban differences.Biological sciencesSarkar, Sobhanjan, Das, Mithun, Mukhopadhyay, Barun, Chakraborty, Chandra Sekhar, Majumder, Partha P.
Race and sex differences and contribution of height: A study on bone size in healthy Caucasians and Chinese.Biological sciencesYan Liu, Yuan-Yuan Zhang, Peng-Yuan Liu, Davies, Michael K., Dvornyx, Volodymyr, Recker, Robert T., Hong-Wen Deng
Relationship between axial length of the emmetropic eye and the age, body height, and body weight of schoolchildren.Biological sciencesSelovic, Alen, Juresa, Vesna, Ivankovic, Davor, Malcic, Davor, Bobonj, Gordana Selvonic
Relationship between sitting-height-to-stature ratio and adiposity in Brazilian women.Biological sciencesVelasquez-Melendez, Gustavo, Silveira, Erika Aparecida, Allencastro-Souza, Priscilla, Kac, Gilberto
Repeated measurement study of hand osteoarthritis in an apparently healthy Caucasian population.Biological sciencesKobyliansky, Eugene, Kalichman, Leonid, Livshits, Gregory, Seibel, Markus J.
Resting metabolic rate in a sample of girls in Malaysia and England.Biological sciencesHenry, C. Jeya K., Webster-Gandy, Joan D., Koon, Poh B., Ismail, Mohd N.
Serum leptin levels in ache Amerindian females with normal adiposity are not significantly different from American anorexia nervosa patients.Biological sciencesBribiescas, Richard G.
Size relationships among permanent mandibular molars in Aboriginal Australians and Papua New Guinea highlanders.Biological sciencesKondo, Shintaro, Townsend, Grant C., Kanazawa, Eisaku
Skin pigmentation, self-perceived color, and arterial blood pressure in Puerto Rico.Biological sciencesGravlee, Clarence C., Dressler, William W.
Stature and adiposity among children in contrasting neighborhoods in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.Biological sciencesMoffat, T., Galloway, T., Latham, J.
T-cell and chemokine receptor variation in South Amerindian populations.Biological sciencesHutz, Mara H., Salzano, Francisco M., Hill, Kim, Hunemeier, Tabita, Neves, Andrei G., Nornberg, Igor, Hurtado, Magdalena A., Carnese, Francisco R., Goicoechea, Alicia S., Chies, Jose A.B.
Testosterone-mediated immune functions and male life histories.Biological sciencesBribiescas, Richard G., Muehlenbein, Michael P.
The aging brain: The cognitive reserve hypothesis and hominid evolution.Biological sciencesDamasio, Hanna, Allen, John S., Bruss, Joel
The association between pubertal status and sleep duration and quality among a nationally representative sample of US adolescents.Biological sciencesKnutson, Kristen L.
The second to fourth digit ratio in elite and non-elite female athletes.Biological sciencesPokrywka, Leszek, Rachon, Dominik, Suchecka-Rachon, Krystyna, Bitel, Larysa
Urinary cortisol and muscle mass in Turkana men.Biological sciencesCampbell, Kenneth, Campbell, Benjamin C., Lukas, William D.
Use of short Tandem repeats loci to study the genetic structure of several populations from Zulia state, Venezuela.Biological sciencesSanchez, M. A., Fernandez, William Zabala M., Salgado, Fernandez E., Morales-Machin A., Bernal, Pineda, Borjas-Fajardo L., Castillo, C., Portillo M.G., Delgado W., Layrisse, Z.
Validating signals of ovulation: Do women who think they know, really know?Biological sciencesSievert, Lynnette Leidy, Dubois, Catherine A.
Variations of somatotype in elderly Sardinians.Biological sciencesBuffa, R., Succa, V., Garau, D., Marini, E., Floris, G.
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