American Journal of Human Biology 2004 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 2004
Age at menarche and age of onset of pubertal characteristics in 6-14-year-old girls from the province of L'Aquila [Abruzzo, Italy].Biological sciencesDanubio, Maria Enrica, Simone, Michele de, Vecchi, Franceso, Amicone, Elisa, Altobelli, Emma, Gruppioni, Giorgio
A new protocol for evaluating putative causes for multiple variables in a spatial setting, illustrated by its application to European cancer rates.Biological sciencesRosenberg, Michael S., Sokal, Robert R., Oden, Neal L., Thomson, Barbara A.
Behavioral and physiological indices related to BMI in a cohort of primary schoolchildren in Greece.(Body mass index)Biological sciencesManios, Yannis, Yiannakouris, Nikos, Papoutsakis, Constantina, Moschonis, George, Magkos, Faidon, Zampelas, Antonis, Skenderi, Katerina
Bilateral variation in limb articular surface dimensions.Biological sciencesPlochocki, Jeffrey H.
Binary and microsatellite polymorphisms of the Y-chromosome in the Mbenzele Pygmies from the Central Africa Republic.Biological sciencesDestro-Bisol, Giovanni, Coia, Valentina, Caglia, Alessandra, Arredi, Barbara, Donati, Francesco, Santos, Fabricio R., Tyler-Smith, Chris, Pascall, Vincenzo, Paoli, Giorgio, Taglioli, Luca, Pandya, Arpita
Boas and beyond: migration and craniometric variation.Biological sciencesRelethford, John H.
Body fatness and clustering of cardiovascular disease risk factors in Portuguese children and adolescents.Biological sciencesAndersen, Lars Bo, Mota, Jorge, Guerra, Sandra, Ribeiro, Jose Carlos, Oliveira, Jose, Duarte, Jose Alberto
Bone mineral density is related to blood pressure in man.Biological sciencesBagher, Larijani, Bekheirnia, Mir Reza, Soltani, Akbar, Khalili-Far, Alireza, Adibi, Hossein, Jalili, Reza Baradar
Catch-up reproductive maturation in rural Tonga girls, Zambia?Biological sciencesGillett-Netting, Rhonda, Meloy, Melissa, Campbell, Benjamin C.
Comparison of bipolar and tetrapolar impedance techniques for assessing fat mass.Biological sciencesDittmar, Manuela
Contemporary work characteristics, stress, and Ill health.Biological sciencesWallace, Michael, Jamison, Cheryl Sorenson, Jamison, Paul L.
D1S80 VNTR locus genotypes in a population of southeastern Sicily: distribution and genetic disequilibrium.Biological sciencesSciacca, Giuseppe, Grillo, Agata, Paravizzini, Gianluca, Barchitta, Martina, Libra, Massimo, Emmanuele, Giovanni, Callari, Daniela, Agodi, Antonella, Travali, Salvatore
Dispersal ghosts in Oceania.Biological sciencesCann, Rebecca L., Lum, J. Koji
Duffy blood group genotyping in French Basques using polymerase chain reaction with allele-specific primers (PCR-ASP).Biological sciencesBauduer, Frederic, Touinssi, Mhammed, Degioanni, Anna, Leroux, Stephane, Dutour, Olivier, Chiaroni, Jacques, De Micco, Philippe, Ducout, Louis
Empirically derived new equations for calculating body fat percentage based on skinfold thickness and midarm circumference in preschool Indian children.Biological sciencesMahalanabis, Dilip, Shaikh, Saijuddin
Energetic and nutritional regulation of the adaptive immune response and trade-offs in ecological immunology.Biological sciencesLong, Kurt Z., Nanthakumar, Nanda
Energetic factors and seasonal changes in ovarian function in women from rural Poland.Biological sciencesEllison, Peter T., Jasienska, Grazyna
Evidence for a major gene underlying bone size variation in the Chinese.Biological sciencesRecker, Robert R., Liu, Peng-Yuan, Qin, Yue-Juan, Deng, Hong-Wen
Exploring Northeast African metric craniofacial variation at the individual level: A comparative study using principal components analysis.Biological sciencesKeita, S.O.Y.
Exposure to maternal diabetes is associated with altered fetal growth patterns: a hypotheses regarding metabolic allocation to growth under hyperglycemic-hypoxemic conditions.Biological sciencesLampl, Michelle, Philippe, Jeanty
Fluctuating asymmetry predicts human reactive aggression.Biological sciencesBenderlioglu, Zeynep, Sciulli, Paul W., Nelson, Randy J.
Genetic heterogeneity in Northeastern India: reflection of tribe-caste continuum in the genetic structure.Biological sciencesReddy, B. Mohan, Kumar, Vikrant, Basu, Debashis
Genetics of signal transduction and effect of material smoking in sex ratio of offspring.Biological sciencesBottini, Nunzio, Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia, Bottini, Egidio, Iorio, Romolo Di, Bergamaschi, Antonio, Magrini, Andrea, Cosmi, Erich, Saccucci, Patrizia
Genetic structure and affinity among eight ethnic populations of Eastern India: based on 22 polymorphic DNA loci.Biological sciencesKashyap, V. K., Chattopadhyay, P., Dutta, R., Vasulu, T. S.
Growth of Han migrants at high altitude in Central Asia.Biological sciencesWeitz, Charles A., Garruto, Ralph M.
Heritability of body height and educational attainment in an international context: comparison of adult twins in Minnesota and Finland.Biological sciencesSilventoinen, Karri, Kaprio, Jaakko, McGue, Matt, Bouchard, Thomas J., Jr., Krueger, Robert F.
History of migration studies in biological anthropology.Biological sciencesMascie-Taylor, Nicholas C.G., Little, Michael A.
Immunostimulation and growth faltering in UK infants.Biological sciencesLunn, P.G., Panter-Brick, C., Goto, R., Wright, C.M.
In memoriam: Frank Tardrew Falkner (1918-2003).(Obituary)Biological sciencesRoche, Alex F.
Interpreting skinfold sums. Use of absolute or relative typical error?.Biological sciencesGore, Christopher J., Woolford, Sarah M.
Kin influence on female reproductive behavior: the evidence from reconstitution of the Bejsce Parish registers, 18th to 20th centuries, Poland.Biological sciencesTymicki, Krysztof
Kin-structured migration: causes and consequences.Biological sciencesFix, Alan G.
Metabolic syndrome among Moroccan Sahraoui adult women.Biological sciencesRguibi, Mohamed, Belahsen, Rekia
Mitochondrial DNA and Alu insertions in a genetically peculiar population: the Ayoreo Indians of Bolivia and Paraguay.Biological sciencesDornelles, C. L., Battilana, J., Fagundes N. J. R., Freitas, L. B., Bonatto, S. L., Salzano, F. M.
Mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome diversity and the peopling of the Americans: evolutionary and demographic evidence.Biological sciencesSchurr, Theodore G., Sherry, Stephen T.
Monthly distribution of menarche among schoolgirls from a municipality in Southeastern Brazil.Biological sciencesTavares, Carlos H.F., Barbieri, Marco A., Bettiol, Heloisa, Barbieri, Marisa R., De Souza, Luiz
Month-of-birth effect on height and weight in Polish rural children.Biological sciencesKoscinski, Krzysztof, Krenz-Niedbala, Marta, Kozlowska-Rajewicz, Agnieszka
Morphological variation and airflow dynamics in the human nose.Biological sciencesChurchill, Steven E., Shackelford, Laura L., Georgi, J. Nicole, Black, Michael T.
Patterns of joint distribution in hand osteoarthritis: contribution of age, sex, and handedness.Biological sciencesKobyliansky, Eugene, Cohen, Zvi, Kalichman, Leonid, Livshits, Gregory
Peak oxygen uptake in relation to age, sex, and maturation in Hong Kong Chinese children.Biological sciencesMcManus, Alison M., Tak Chung Yung, Leung, Maurice P.
Percentiles of body composition from bioelectrical impedance and body measurements in U.S. adolescents 8-17 years old: Project Heartbeat!.Biological sciencesLabarthe, Darwin R., Mueller, William H., Harrist, Ronald B., Doyle, Suzanne R.
Physical activity and levels of inactivity in adolescent females ages 11-16 years in the United Arab Emirates.Biological sciencesAl-Hourani, Huda M., Lightowler, Helen J., C. Jeya K. Henry
Polymorphic Alu insertions in six Brazilian African-derived populations.Biological sciencesNelson Henderson Cotrim, Maria Teresa B.M. Auricchio, Joao Pedro Vicente, Otto, Paula A., Regina Celia Mingroni-Netto
Prevalence of eight molecular markers associated with thrombotic diseases in six Amerindian tribes and two African groups of Costa Rica.Biological sciencesHerrmann, Falko H., Salazar-Sanchez, Lizbeth, Schuster, Gudrun, Jimenez-Arce, Gerardo, Grimm, Rita, Gomez, Xinia, Chavez, Mario, Schroder, Winnie, Wulff, Karin
Prevalence of overweight and obesity in 7-9 year-old Portuguese children: Trends in body mass index from 1970-2002.Biological sciencesPadez, C., Fernandes, T., Mourao, I., Moreira, P., Rosado, V.
Proportion of homosexual men who owe their sexual orientation to fraternal birth order: an estimate based on two national probability samples.Biological sciencesBlanchard, Ray, Bogaert, Anthony F.
Raymond Pearl's legacy: the proper measure of man.Biological sciencesSokal, Robert R.
Recent decline in age at menarche: the Fels Longitudinal Study.Biological sciencesChumlea, W. Cameron, Demerath, Ellen W., Towne, Bradford, Sun, Shumei S., Czerwinski, Stefan A., Siervogel Roger M., Remsberg, Karen E.
Rural-to-urban migration in Latin America: an update and thoughts on the model.Biological sciencesDufour, D. L., Piperata, B. A.
Season of birth and fluctuating asymmetry.Biological sciencesBenderlioglu, Zeynep, Nelson, Randy J.
Somatic characteristics and cardiovascular risk factors in growth hormone deficiency: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the effect of treatment with recombinant human growth hormone.Biological sciencesBell, W., Davies, J.S., Scanlon, M.F., Evans, W.D., Mullen, R.
Stability of variables associated with the metabolic syndrome from adolescence to adulthood: The Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study.Biological sciencesBlair, Steven N., Welk, Gregory J., Eisenmann, Joey C., Wickel, Eric E.
Stress and female reproductive function: a study of daily variations in cortisol, gonadotrophins, and gonadal steroids in a rural Mayan population.Biological sciencesStrassmann, Beverly I., Nepomnaschy, Pablo A., Welch, Kathy, McConnell, Dan, England, Barry G.
Substantial Native American female contribution to the population of Tacuarembo, Uruguay, reveals past episodes of sex-biased gene flow.Biological sciencesBonilla, Carolina, Bertoni, Barnardo, Gonzalez, Susana, Cardoso, Horacio, Brum-Zorrilla, Nadir, Sans, Monica
Testosterone, aging, and body composition in men from Harare, Zimbabwe.Biological sciencesEllison, Peter T., Campbell, Benjamin C., Lukas, William D.
Validation of different bioimpedance analyzers for predicting cell mass against whole-body counting of potassium ((super 40)K) as a reference method.Biological sciencesDittmar, Manuela, Reber, Helmut
Variation in longitudinal diaphyseal long bone growth in children three to ten years of age.Biological sciencesSmith, Shelley L., Buschang, Peter H.
Why are human newborns so fat? Relationship between fatness and brain size at birth.Biological sciencesCorreia, Hamilton R., Balseiro, Sandra C., Correia, Elisabete R., Mota, Paulo G., Areia, Manuel L. De
Youth blood pressure levels in Samoa in 1979 and 1991-93.Biological sciencesRoberts, Sarah T., McGarvey, Stephen T., Viali, Satupaitea, Quested, Christine
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