American Journal of Human Biology 2003 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 2003
Age differences in growth and physical abilities in trained and untrained girls 10-17 years of age.Biological sciencesLoko, J., Aule, R., Sikkut, T., Ereline, J., Viru, A.
Allometric scaling of strength in an independently living population age 55-86 years.Biological sciencesKoval, John J., Paterson, Donald H., Cunningham, David A., Winter, Edward M., Amara, Catherine E., Rice, Charles L.
Assessing the net effect of young maternal age on birth weight.Biological sciencesAdair, Linda S., Borja, Judith B.
Assortative mating by body height and BMI: Finnish Twins and their spouses.Biological sciencesLahelma, Eero, Silventoinen, Karri, Viken, Richard J., Kaprio, Jaako, Rose, RichardJ.
Atherogenic lipid profiles in Filipino adolescents with low body mass index and low dietary fat intake.Biological sciencesAdair, Linda S., Kuzawa, Christopher W., Avila, Joesphine L., Cadungog, Joseph H.C., Ngoc-Anh Le
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) and fluctuating asymmetry (FA) in a college sample: an exploratory study.Biological sciencesBurton, C., Stevenson, J.C., Williams, D.C., Everson, P.M., Mahoney, E.R., Trimble, J.E.
Behavior of loci D1S1656 and D12S291 in a sample from Maracaibo, Venezuela.Biological sciencesRodriguez-Larralde, Alvaro, Bernal, Lennie Pineda, Lareu, Maria V., Carracedo, Angel, Borjas-Fajardo, Lisbeth
Beta-globin gene cluster haplotypes as evidence of African gene flow to the northeastern coast of Venezuela.Biological sciencesRodriguez-Larralde, Alvaro, De Lugo, Merlyn Vivenes, De Guerra, Dinorah Castro
Biocultural aspects of obesity in young Mexican schoolchildren.Biological sciencesBrewis, Alexandra
BMI in the Trois-Rivieres study: child-adult and child-parent relationships.Biological sciencesTrudeau, Francois, Shephard, Roy J., Laurencelle, Louis, Bouchard, Stephane
Body size and shape and glycemic control among Maya women in rural Yucatan.Biological sciencesMcLorg, Penelope A.
Center of body mass and the evolution of female body shape.Biological sciencesPawlowski, Boguslaw, Grabarczyk, Marzena
Childhood overweight problem in a selected school district in Hawaii.Biological sciencesChai, Dennis, Kaluhiokalani, Norman, Little, James, Hetzler, Ronald, Zhang, Shuqiang, Mikami, Judy, Ho, Kwok
Coliforms in the water and hemoglobin concentration are predictors of gastrointestinal morbidity of Bangladeshi children ages 1-10 years.Biological sciencesBhargava, Alok, Bouis, Howarth E., Hallman, Kelly, Hoque, Bilquis A.
Comparative survival advantage of males with Down syndrome.Biological sciencesHussain, R., Bittles, A.H., Glasson, E.J., Sullivan, S.G., Petterson, B.A., Montgomery, P.D.
Decline in Enamel Hypoplasia in relation to fluoridation in Australians.Biological sciencesTownsend, G.C., Corrucini, R.S.
Dental variation of Ryukyu Islanders: a comparative study among Ryukyu, Ainu, and other Asian populations.Biological sciencesHiga, Takako, Hanihara, Tsunehiko, Sunakawa, Hajime, Ishida, Hajime
Early developmental conditions and reproductive success in humans: Downstream effects of prenatal famine, birthweight, and timing of birth.Biological sciencesLummaa, Virpi
Effect of husbands' education on fatness of wives.Biological sciencesLipowicz, Anna
Effect of the bubonic plague epidemic on inbreeding in 14th century Britain.Biological sciencesPattison, John E.
Effects of developmental and adult androgens on male abdominal adiposity.Biological sciencesMcIntyre, Matthew H., Lipson, Susan F., Ellison, Peter T.
Effects of oral zinc supplementation on serum leptin levels in ache males of Eastern Paraguay.Biological sciencesBribiescas, Richard G.
Energetics and reproductive effort.Biological sciencesEllison, Peter T.
Enzyme polymorphisms, smoking, and human reproduction. A study of human placental alkaline phosphates.Biological sciencesGloria-Bottini, F., Bottini, E., Cosmi, E., Bottini, N., Magrini, A.., Stefanini, L., Bergamaschi, A.
Genetic structure and affinities of the Corsican population (France): classical genetic markers analysis.Biological sciencesVaresi, L., Memmi, M., Vona, G., Moral, P., Ghiani, M.E.
Genetic structure of seven Mexican indigenous populations based on five polymarker loci.Biological sciencesCerda-Flores, Ricardo M., Buentello-Malo, Leonora, Penaloza-Espinosa, Rosenda I., Loeza, Francisco, Salamanca-Gomez, Fabio
Grandmothers and the evolution of human longevity.Biological sciencesHawkes, Kristen
Growth status ad obesity of Hopi children.Biological sciencesArnall, David A., Eisenmann, Joey C., Kanuho, Verdell, McArel, Heather
Heritability and anthropometric influences on human fertility.Biological sciencesMadrigal, Lorena, Relethford, John H., Crawford, Michael H.
Historical genetics: spatiotemporal analysis of the formation of the Brazilian population.Biological sciencesHutz, Mara H., Salzano, Francisco M., Grattapaglia, Dario, Callegari-Jacques, Sidia M., Salamoni, Sabrina P., Crossetti, Shaiane G., Ferreira, Marico E.
How to measure reproductive success?Biological sciencesGillespie, Brenda, Strassmann, Beverly I.
Human physiological adaptation to pregnancy: Inter- and intraspecific perspectives.Biological sciencesMoore, Lorna G., Rockwell, L. Christie, Vargas, Enrique
Impact of breastfeeding on anthropometric changes in peri-urban Toba women (Argentina).Biological sciencesEllison, Peter T., Valeggia, Claudia R.
Impact of maternal age and maternal somatic characteristics on newborn size.Biological sciencesKirchengast, Sylvia, Hartmann, Beda
Inbreeding coefficients and degree of consanguineous marriages in Spain: a review.Biological sciencesFuster. Vicente, Colantonio, Sonia Edith
Influence of some anthropometric parameters on the risk of development of distal complications after mastectomy carried out because of breast carcinoma.Biological sciencesKopanski, Zbigniew, Wojewoda, Tomasz, Wojewoda, Aleksandra, Schlegel-Zawadzka, Malgorzata, Wozniacka, Renata, Kosciuk, Tomasz, Suder, Agnieszka
Issues of work intensity, pace, and sustainability in relation to work context and nutritional status.Biological sciencesPanter-Brick, Catherine
Locus-specific genetic diversity between human populations: an analysis of the literature.Biological sciencesGarte, Seymour
Male/female weight of internal organs: examination across multiple populations.Biological sciencesSpencer, Richard P.
Maternal work and childhood nutritional status among the Purari, Papua New Guinea.Biological sciencesUlijaszek, Stanley J.
Measuring human energy expenditure: what have we learned from the flex-heart rate method? .Biological sciencesLeonard, William R.
Minor physical anomalies in mentally healthy subjects: internal consistency of the Waldrop Physical Anomaly Scale.Biological sciencesSivkov, Stefan T., Akabaliev, Valentin H.
Mixed-longitudinal analysis of growth data from Malian adolescent girls: evidence for compensatory gain?Biological sciencesPawloski, Lisa R.
Modeling growth and senescence in physical performance among the Ache of eastern Paraguay.Biological sciencesWalker, Robert, Hill, Kim
Modeling stability and change in strength development: a study in adolescent boys.Biological sciencesLefevre, Johan, Vanreusel, Bart, Claessens, Albrecht L., Beunen, Gaston, Renson, Roland, Maia, Jose Antonio R.
Obesity correlates with increased blood pressures in urban Native American youth.Biological sciencesSmith, Chery, Rinderknecht, Kimberly
Obituary: Gabriel Ward Lasker (1912-2002).(Obituary)Biological sciencesCrawford, Michael H.
Optimizing DNA yield from the buccal swabs in the elderly: attempts to promote buccal cell growth in culture.Biological sciencesVandenbergh, David J., Anthony, Kate, Whitfield, Keith E.
Origin and distribution of Daltonism in Italy.Biological sciencesGalla, P. Grassivaro, Romana, L., Mangogna, M., Viviani, F.
Participation of women in human biology.Biological sciencesStinson, Sara
Patterns for the initiation of breastfeeding in humans.Biological sciencesHolman, Darryl J., Grimes, Michael A.
Patterns of daily physical activity during school days in children and adolescents.Biological sciencesMota, Jorge, Santos, Paula, Guerra, Sandra, Ribeiro, Jose C., Duarte, Jose A.
Physical activity, body fat, and serum C-reactive protein in postmenopausal women with and without hormone replacement.Biological sciencesSnow, Christine M., Manns, Patricia J., Williams, Daniel, P.
Physical activity of poor urban women in Cali, Colombia: a comparison of working and not working women.Biological sciencesDufour, D.L., Reina, J.C., Spurr, G.B.
Potential association between endogenous leptin and sympatho-vagal activities in young obese Japanese women.Biological sciencesMoritani, Toshio, Matsumoto, Tamaki, Miyatsuji, Aya, Miyawaki, Takashi
Prader-willi syndrome and the evolution of human childhood.Biological sciencesHaig, David, Wharton, Robert
Prenatal smoke exposure alters growth in limb proportions and head shape in the midgestation human fetus.Biological sciencesLampl, Michelle, Jeanty, Philippe, Kuzawa, Christopher W.
Prevalence of overweight among adolescent females in the United Arab Emirates.Biological sciencesAl-Hourani, Huda M., Henry, C.Jeya K., Lightowler, Helen J.
Quantifying trabecular orientation in the pelvic cancellous bone of modern humans, chimpanzees, and the kebara 2 Neanderthal.Biological sciencesMartinon-Torres, Maria
Reduced rate of fat oxidation: a metabolic pathway to obesity in the developing nations.Biological sciencesFrisancho, Roberto A.
Regression-based prediction of net energy expenditure in children performing activities at high altitude.Biological sciencesSarton-Miller, Isabelle, Holman, Darryl, J., Spielvogel, Hilde
Relationship between plasma leptin levels and body composition parameters measured by different methods in postmenopausal women.Biological sciencesSudi, Karl, Jurimae, Jaak, Payerl, Doris, Jurimae, Toivo, Ruutel, Karinec
Reported frequency of physical activity, fitness, and fatness in Kuwait.Biological sciencesRamadan, J., Barac-Nieto, M.
Reproductive adaptations to a large-brained fetus open a vulnerability to anovulation similar to polycystic ovary syndrome.Biological sciencesBarnett, Deborah K., Abbott, David H.
Reproductive Success: Which meaning?Biological sciencesCrognier, E.
Risk factors for hysterectomy among Mexican-American women in the U.S. Southwest.Biological sciencesHautaniemi, Susan I., Sievert, Lynnette Leidy
Role of depth in eye distance measurements: comparison of single and stereo-photogrammetry.Biological sciencesDouglas, Tania S., Meintjes, Ernesta M., Vaughan, Christopher L., Viljoen, Denis L.
Salivary testosterone and body composition among Ariaal males.Biological sciencesLipson, Susan F., Campbell, Benjamin, O'Rourke, Mary T.
Secular trends in variable associated with the metabolic syndrome of North America children and adolescents: a review and synthesis.Biological sciencesEisenmann, Joey C.
Social background and age at Menarche in Portuguese university students: A note on the secular changes in Portugal.Biological sciencesPadez, C.
Timing is everything: a reconsideration of fetal growth velocity patterns identifies the importance of individual and sex differences.Biological sciencesJeanty, Phillipe, Lampl, MIchelle
Urban-rural contrasts in the physical fitness of school children in Oaxaca, Mexico.Biological sciencesMalina, Robert M., Reyes, Maria Eugenia Pena, Tan, Swee Kheng
Variability in reproductive success viewed from a life-history perspective in Baboons.Biological sciencesAlberts, Susan C., Altmann, Jeanne
Waist-to-hip ratio and adipose tissue distribution: Contribution of subcutaneous adiposity.Biological sciencesDrinkwater, Donald T., Daniel, Mark, Martin, Alan D., Clarys, Jan P., Marfell-Jones, Michael J.
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