American Journal of Human Biology 2001 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 2001
A comparison of anthropometric indices of nutritional status of Tukanoan and Achuar Amerindians.Biological sciencesOrr, Caley M., Dufour, Darna L., Patton, John Q.
A comparison of physical activity levels in two contrasting elderly populations in Thailand.Biological sciencesHenry, C.J.K., Webster-Gandy, J., Varakamin, C.
ACP1 and human adaptability: association with past malarial morbidity in the Sardinian population.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLucarelli, P., Bottini, E., Palmarino, R., Lista, F., Bottini, N.
A critique of the grandmother hypotheses: old and new.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesPeccei, Jocelyn Scott
Adolescent growth events in eight decades of Japanese cohort data: sex differences.Biological sciencesAli, Ayub, Ohtsuki, Fumo, Lestrel, Pete
Adolescent motor skill and performance: is physical activity in adolescence related to adult physical fitness?(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMechelen, W. van, Kemper, Han C. G., Vente, W. de, Twisk, J. W. R.
Adolescent performance and adult physical activity in Flemish males.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLefevre, Johan, Philippaerts, Renaat M., Delvaux, Katrien, Thomis, Martine, Vanreusel, Bart, Eynde, Bavo Vanden, Claessens, Albrecht L., Lysens, Roeland, Beunen, Gaston P., Renson, Roland
Age and perceived stress independently influence daily blood pressure levels and variation among women employed in wage jobs.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesJames, Gary D., Bovbjerg, Dana H.
Age at spermarche and comparison of growth and performance of pre- and post-spermarcheal Chinese boys.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesJi, Cheng-Ye
Age of pubertal onset affects the intensity and duration of pubertal growth peak but not final height.Biological sciencesFernandez-Ballart, J., Vizmanos, Barbara, Marti-Henneberg, Carlos, Cliville, Rosa, Moreno, Aurelia
Age-related decline in body cell mass in elderly men and women, determined by a noninvasive nuclear technique: effects of physical activity and dietary potassium intake.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesDittmar, Manuela, Reber, Helmut, Hofmann, Gisela
Age variation in blood pressure: effect of sex and urbanization in a genetically homogeneous caste population of Andhra Pradesh.(India)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesNirmala, A.
Anger expression, body fat, and blood pressure in adolescents: Project HeartBeat!Biological sciencesGrunbaum, Jo Anne, Labarthe, Darwin R., Mueller, William H.
Assessing the body composition of 6-17 year old black and white girls in field studies.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGuo, Shumei S., Yanovski, Jack A., Yanovski, Susan Z., Specker, Bonny, Morrison, John A., Chumelia, W. Cameron
Assessing the influence of physical activity on health and fitness.Biological sciencesLeonard, William R.
Assessment of the growth of children and physical status of adults in two Aboriginal communities in South Australia.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHenneberg, Maciej, Schilitz, Anja, Lambert, Rosette M.
Association with age at natural menopause in Blackfeet women.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesJohnston, Susan L.
Birth weight and parental PGM1 alleles.(phosphoglucomutase locus 1)Biological sciencesGloria-Bottini, F., Lucarelli, P., Lucarini, N., Bottini, E., La Torre, M.
Blood group, red cell, and serum protein variation in the Cabecar and Huetar, two Chibchan Amerindian tribes of Costa Rica.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesAzofeifa, Jorge, Ruiz, Edwrd, Barrantes, Ramiro
Blood pressure and sexual maturity in adolescents: the heartfelt study.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesChan, Wenyaw, Cho, Sungeyun David, Mueller, William H., Meininger, Janet C., Liehr, Patricia
Body mass index growth in a sample of U.S. children: repeated measures data analysis of the Minneapolis Children's Blood Pressure Study.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHlaing, Wayway M., Prineas, Ronald J., Zhu, Yiliang, Leaverton, Paul E.
Body size, composition, and blood pressure of high-altitude Quechua from the Peruvian central Andes (Huancavelica, 3,680 m).(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesToselli, Stefania, Tarazona-Santos, Eduardo, Pettener, Davide
Changes in adiposity and body mass index from late childhood to adult life in the Trois-Rivieres study.(Quebec, Canada)Biological sciencesTrudeau, Francois, Shephard, Roy J., Arsenault, Francois, Laurencelle, Louis
Child abuse and the balance of power in parental relationships: an evolved domain-independent mental mechanism that accounts for behavioral variation.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHandwerker, W. Penn
Child factor in measurement dependability.Biological sciencesLampl, Michelle, Birch, Leann, Picciano, Mary Frances, Johnson, Michael L., Frongillo, Edward A., Jr.
Climate and head form in India.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesBharati, S., Som, S., Bharati, P., Vasulu, T.S.
Commercial porters of eastern Nepal: health status, physical work capacity, and energy expenditure.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesByrnes, William C., Malville, Nancy J., Lim, H. Allen, Basnyat, Ramesh
Components of length growth variation in infants from the same population but different environments.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesBrush, G., Harrison, G. A.
Consanguinity and early mortality in the Muslim populations of India and Pakistan.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHussain, R., Bittles, A.H., Sullivan, S.
Cybernetic aspects of bone modeling and remodeling, with special reference to osteoporosis and whole-bone strength.Biological sciencesFrost, Harold M.
Diachronic patterns of dental hypoplasias and vault porosities during the predynastic in the Naqada region, Upper Egypt.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesKeita, S.O.Y., Boyce, A.J.
Do 'helpers at the nest' increase their parents' reproductive success?Biological sciencesCrognier, Emile, Baali, A., Hilali, M.-K.
Early postnatal growth of low birthweight infants in the WIC program.(Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMay, Richard, Tramp, Julie, Bass, Kell, Schroeder, Sharon, Kerr, Mary Ann
Effect of Down syndrome on the dimensions of dental crowns and tissues.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesWilson, David, Bell, Emma, Townsend, Grant, Kieser, Jules, Hughes, Toby
Effect of familial distress on growth and maturation of girls: a longitudinal study.(Poland)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHulanicka, Barbara, Gronkiewicz, Lidia, Koniarek, Jan
Effects of age, ethnicity and menopause on ambulatory blood pressure: Japanese-American and Caucasian school teachers in Hawaii.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesJames, Gary D., Sievert, Lynette Leidy, Brown, Daniel E., Aki, Sue L., Mills, Phoebe S., Etrata, Michael B., Paopao, Rena N.K.
Epidemiology of enamel hypoplasia in deciduous teeth: explaining variation in prevalence in western India.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLukacs, John, Walimbe, Subhash R., Floyd, Bruce
Evidence on major gene control of cortical index in pedigree data from middle Dalmatia, Croatia.Biological sciencesGinsburg, Emil, Skaric-Juric, Tatjana, Kobyliansky, Eugene, Malkin, Ida, Rudan, Pavao
Familial risk of high blood pressure in the Canadian population.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesRao, D.C., Bouchard, Claude, Katzmarzyk, Peter T., Perusse, Louis, Rankinen, Tuomo
Frequency of twinning in two Costa Rican ethnic groups: an update.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMadrigal, L., Saenz, G., Chavez, M., Dykes, D.
Genetic population history relationships of the population of Bogota, Colombia, by using the D1S80, VWA, and TH01 molecular markers.Biological sciencesDuran, Rocio, Ruiz-Garcia, Mauel
Genetic variance in age-related changes in running performance and growth during adolescence: a longitudinal twin study.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesWatanabe, Tetsuji, Mutoh, Yoshiteru, Yamamoto, Yoshiharu
Genetic variation observed at three tetrameric short tandem repeat loci HumTHO1, TPOX, and CSF1PO - in five ethnic population groups of northeastern India.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesRanjan, Dutta, Kashyap, V.K.
Group-specific component (GC) in Curiau and Pacoval, two African-derived Brazilian populations.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesOliveira, Silviene Fabiana de, Santos, Eliane Barbosa dos, Mendonca, Patricia Jeanne de Souza, Rocha, Daniela Cristiane da Cruz, Santos, Sidney Emanuel Batisia dos
Growth of children in two economically diverse Peruvian high-altitude communities.Biological sciencesPawson, Ivan G., Huicho, Luis, Muro, Manuel, Pacheco, Alberto
High levels of habitual physical acitivity in West African adolescent girls and relationship to maturation, growth, and nutritional status: results from a 3-year prospective study.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesBenefice, Eric, Garnier, Denis, Ndiaye, Gnagna
Historical note: early history of the anthropometry of body composition.Biological sciencesBrozek, Josef, Prokopec, Miroslav
In memoriam: Johanna Faulhaber Kamman, 1911-2000.(Obituary)Biological sciencesBarahona, Eyra Cardenas
In memoriam: Robert William McCammon, 1916-2000.(Obituary)Biological sciencesRoche, Alex F., Beal, Virginia A.
Intergenerational correlation of effective family size in early Quebec (Canada).(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGagnon, Alain, Heyer, Evelyne
Leukocyte arylsulfatase A activity in patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis.Biological sciencesAlvarez-Leal, M., Contreras-Hernandez, D., Chavez, Altagracia, Diaz-Contreras, J.A., Careaga-Olivares, J., Zuniga-Charles, M.A., Reynoso, M.C., Hernandez-Tellez, A.
Longitudinal growth study of male Japanese junior high school athletes.Biological sciencesNariyama, K., Hauspie, R.C., Mino, T.
Marital status and age at natural menopause: considering phenromonal influence.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSievert, Lynette Leidy, Waddle, Diane, Canali, Kristophor
Menopausal experiences and bone density of Mayan women in Yucatan, Mexico.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesBeyene, Yewoubdar, Martin, Mary C.
Menopause as a measure of population health: an overview.Biological sciencesSievert, Lynette Leidy
Menopause, local biologies, and cultures of aging.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLock, Margaret, Kaufert, Patricia
Menstrual cycle variability and the perimenopause.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesWood, James W., O'Connor, Kathleen A., Holman, Darryl J.
Mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis in Sicily.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesVaresi, L., Memmi, M., Calo, C.M., Vona, G., Ghiani, M.E., Vacca, L.
Muscularity in adult humans: proportion of adipose tissue-free body mass as skeletal muscle.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesKotler, Donald P., Wang, Zimian, Heo, Moonseong, Lee, Robert C., Withers, Robert T., Heymsfield, Steven B.
New genetic data on Amerindians from the Paraguayan Chaco.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGoicoechea, A.S., Carnese, F.R., Dejean, C., Avena, S.A., Weimer, T.A., Estalote, A.C., Simoes, M.L.M.S., Palatnik, M., Salamoni, S.P., Salzano, F.M., Callegari-Jacques, S.M.
Nutritional status by socioeconomic level in an urban sample from Bilbao (Basque Country).(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesRebato, E., Rosique, J., Vinagre, A., Salces, I., San Martin, L.
Oxygen saturation and heart rate in healthy school children and adolescents living at high altitude.(Peru)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHuicho, L., Pawson, I.G., Leon-Velarde, F., Rivera-Ch., M., Pacheco, A., Muro, M., Silva, J.
Phosphoglucomutase genetic polymorphism of newborns.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGloria-Bottini, F., Lucarini, N., Bottini, E., Palmarino, R., La Torre, M., Nicotra, M., Borgiani, P., Cosmi, E.
Physical activity and fitness: pathways from childhood to adulthood.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMalina, Robert M.
Physical activity at 9-12 months and fatness at 2 years of age.Biological sciencesRitz, P., Wells, J.C.K.
Physiology of hot flashes.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesFreedman, Robert R.
Plasma carnitine levels in children with Down syndrome.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSeven, Mehmet, Cengiz, Mujgan, Tuzgen, Saffet, Iscan, Mehmet Yasar
Population differences in the pattern of familial aggregation for sex hormone-binding globulin and its response to exercise training: the HERITAGE Family Study.Biological sciencesSkinner, James S., Gagnon, Jacques, Leon, Arthur S., Rao, D.C., Wilmore, Jack H., Bouchard, Claude, An, Ping, Rice, Treva, Rankinen, Tuomo, Borecki, Ingrid B., Gu, Chi
Porotic hyperostosis as a marker of health and nutritional conditions during childhood: studies at the transition between Imperial Rome and the Early Middle Ages.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSalvadei, Loretana, Ricci, Francesca, Manzi, Giorgio
Postmenopausal function in context: biocultural observations on Amish, neighboring non-Amish, and Ifugao household health.(Ifugao community in the Philippines)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHewner, Sharon J.
Prediction of adult stature for Japanese population: a stepwise regression approach.Biological sciencesAli, Ayub, Ohtsuki, Fumo
Prediction of physical activity and physical work capacity (PWC 150) in young adulthood from childhood and adolescence with consideration of parental measures.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesKatzmarzyk, Peter T., Malina, Robert M., Perusse, Louis, Rao, D. C., Campbell, Peter T.
"Race": confusion about zoological and social taxonomies and their places in science.(response to B. Bogin and C. Bouchard et al., American Journal of Human Biology, vol. 10, pp. 279, 280, 1998)(Letter to the Editor)Biological sciencesKeita, S.O.Y., Boyce, A.J.
Relationships among tempo of maturation, midparent height, and growth in height of adolescent boys and girls.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesKoziel, Slawomir
Reliability and validity of parental measurements of infant size.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHimes, John H., Bradley, Jenni L., Brown, Judith E.
Seventy-three nuclear DNA polymorphisms in a Spanish population and a comparison with ten other populations.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMoral, P., Fernandez-Santander, A., Luna, F., Villegas, G.
Tibetan protection from intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and reproductive loss at high altitude.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesYoung, David, Moore, Lorna G., McCullough, Robert E., Droma, Tarshi, Zamudio, Stacy
Timing and magnitude of peak height velocity and peak tissue velocities for early, average, and late maturing boys and girls.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesJuliano-Burns, Sandra, Mirwald, Robert L., Bailey, Donald A.
Tracking of physical fitness components in boys and girls from the second to sixth grades.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesCohen, Y., Falk, B., Lustig, G., Lander, Y., Yaaron, M., Ayalon, J.
Validity and reliability of self-reported stature and weight of U. S. adolescents.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHimes, John H., Faricy, Anne
Variation in sexual dimorphism in relation to physical activity.Biological sciencesBuffa, Roberto, Marini, Elisabetta, Floris, Giovanni
Weight and measurements of kidneys in northwest Indian adults.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSahni, Daisy, Jit, Indar, Sodhi, Lavina
Well-being changes in response to 30 years of regional integration in Maya populations from Yucatan, Mexico.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGurri, Francisco D., Balam Pereira, Gilberto, Moran, Emilio F.
Young adult height of offspring born to rural-to-urban migrant parents and urban-born parents.(Poland)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSzklarska, Alicja, Malina, Robert M., Kolodziej, Halina
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