American Journal of Human Biology 2000 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 2000
Abnormal allometric size of vital body organs among sudden infant death syndrome victims.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLittle, B.B., Kemp, P.M., Bost, R.O., Snell, L.M., Peterman, M.A.
Acid phosphatase locus 1 (ACP1): possible relationship of allelic variation to body size and human population adaptation to thermal stress - a theoretical perspective.Biological sciencesGreene, Lawrence S., Bottini, Nunzio, Borgiani, Paola, Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia
Adenosine deaminase-acid phosphatase association and the environment: a study in a continental Italian population.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGloria-Bottini, F., Lucarelli, P., Lucarini, N., Bottini, E.
Anthropometric changes in urban Sardinian children 7 to 10 years between 1975-1976 and 1996.Biological sciencesSanna, Emanuele, Soro, Maria Renata
Are social-class differences in stature partly genetic? A hypothesis revisited.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesBielicki, Tadeusz, Szklarska, Alicja
Assessment of skeletal maturity of the hand-wrist and knee: a comparison among methods.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesAicardi, Giorgio, Vignolo, Marina, Milani, Silvano, Naselli, Arturo, Magliano, Paolo, Garzia, Patrizia
Association of dominant somatotype of men with body structure, function during exercise, and nutritional assessment.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesBolonchuk, William W., Siders, William A., Lykken, Glenn I., Lukaski, Henry C.
Basal metabolic adaptation of the Evenki reindeer herders of central Siberia.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGalloway, Victoria A., Leonard, William R., Ivakine, Evgueny
Beard vs. forehead, ten years later.Biological sciencesCabanac, Michel, Brinnel, Heiner
Beta-A globin gene haplotypes in Mexican Huichols: genetic relatedness to other populations.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesVillalobos-Arambula, A.R., Rivas, F., Sandoval, L., Perea, F.J., Casas-Castaneda, M., Cantu, J.M., Ibarra, B.
Birth intervals and early childhood mortality in a migrating Mennonite community.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSt. George, Dennis, Everson, Phillip M., Stevenson, Joan C., Tedrow, Lucky
Can socioeconomic factors account for "atypical" correlations between timing, peak velocity, and intensity of adolescent growth in Taiwanese girls?(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesFloyd, B.
Cardiac dynamics during upright cycle exercise in boys.Biological sciencesRowland, Thomas, Blum, Janet Whatley
Cardiovascular risk factors of migrants in Port Moresby from the highlands and island villages, Papua New Guinea.Biological sciencesNatsuhara, Kazumi, Inaoka, Tsukasa, Umezaki, Masahiro, Yamauchi, Taro, Hongo, Tetsuro, Nagano, Megumi
Change in food availability during pregnancy: is it related to adult sudden death from cerebro- and cardiovascular disease in offspring?Biological sciencesBygren, Lars Olov, Edvinsson, Soren, Brostrom, Goran
Changes in menarcheal age in girls exposed to war conditions.Biological sciencesPrebeg, Zivka, Bralic, Irena
Color-blindness in Calabria (southern Italy): a north-south decreasing trend.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesTagarelli, A., Piro, A., Tagarelli, G., Zinno, F.
Cross-trait familial resemblance for resting blood pressure and body composition and fat distribution: the HERITAGE Family Study.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSkinner, James S., Gagnon, Jacques, Leon, Arthur S., Rao, D.C., Wilmore, Jack H., Bouchard, Claude, An, Ping, Rice, Treva
Culture change and stress in Western Samoan youth: methodological issues in the cross-cultural study of stress and immune function.Biological sciencesMcDade, Thomas W., Stallings, Joy F., Worthman, Carol M.
Daily physical activity and physical fitness from adolescence to adulthood: a longitudinal study.Biological sciencesLefevre, Johan, Philippaerts, Renaat M., Delvaux, Katrien, Thomis, Martine, Vanreusel, Bart, Eynde, Bavo Vanden, Claessens, Albrecht L., Lysens, Roeland, Benson, Roland, Beunen, Gaston
Effect of a change in selection year on success in male soccer players.Biological sciencesHelsen, Werner F., Starkes, Janet L., Van Winckel, Jan
Effect of physical acitivity on bone mineral density assessed by limb dominance across lifespan.Biological sciencesSale, Digby G., Chilibeck, Philip D., Davison, K. Shawn, Webber, Colin E., Faulkner, Robert A.
Effect of sonic driving on maximal aerobic performance.Biological sciencesBrilla, L.R., Hatcher, Stefanie
Effects of prenatal cocaine exposure and postnatal environment on child development.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesVan Beveren, Toosje Thyssen, Little, Bertis B., Spence, Melanie J.
Empirical validation of an instrument to measure habitual physical activity in youth from Maputo, Mozambique.Biological sciencesPrista, A., Marques, A.T., Maia, J.A.R.
Epidemiological transition in Easter island (1914-1996).(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGarcia-Moro, C., Hernandez, M., Moral, P., Gonzalez-Martin, A.
Estimating percentage total body fat and determining subcutaneous adipose tissue distribution with a new noninvasive optical device LIPOMETER.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesTafeit, Erwin, Moller, Reinhard, Sudi, Karl, Reibnegger, Gilbert, Smolle, Karl Heinz, Pieber, Thomas R., Ipsiroglu, Osman, Duesse, Martina, Huemer, Christian
Estimation of maximum increment age in height and weight during adolescence and the effect of World War II.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesAli, Md. Ayub, Ohtsuki, Fumio
Familial resemblance in fatness and fat distribution.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesProvince, Michael A., Rao, D.C., Bouchard, Claude, Rice, Treva, Katzmarzyk, Peter T., Malina, Robert M., Perusse, Louis
Field test of self-paced work capacity: Ifugao rice farmers.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSteegmann, A. Theodore, Jr., Hewner, Sharon J., Datar, Francisco A.
Follow-up of participants in the Trois-Rivieres Growth and Development Study: examining their health-related fitness and risk factors as adults.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesTrudeau, Francois, Espindola, Rosina, Laurencelle, Luis, Dulac, Francois, Rajic, Mirjana, Shephard, Roy J.
Genetic variation at the ApoB 3' HVR minisatellite locus in Mbenzele Pygmies from the Central African Republic.(apolipoprotein B-100)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesDestro-Bisol, Giovanni, Belledi, Michele, Capelli, Christian, Maviglia, Riccardo, Spedini, Gabriella
Growth and nutritional status of rural South African children 3-10 years old: the Ellisras Growth Study.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMonyeki, K.D., Cameron, N., Getz, B.
Growth studies in Jena, Germany: changes in sitting height, biacromial and biscristal breadth in the past decenniums.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesKromeyer-Hauschild, Katrin, Jaeger, U.
Haplotype and allele frequencies for three genes of the dopaminergic system in South American Indians.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHutz, Mara H., Almeida, Silvana, Coimbra, Carlos E.A., Santos, Ricardo V., Salzano, Francisco M.
Helminthiasis and culture change among the Cofan of Ecuador.Biological sciencesFitton, Lori J.
How sexually dimorphic are we? Review and synthesis.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesBlackless, Melanie, Charuvastra, Anthony, Derryck, Amanda, Fausto-Sterling, Anne, Lauzanne, Karl, Lee, Ellen
Influence of dietary quality on the growth of highland and coastal Ecuadorian children.Biological sciencesLeonard, W.R., Dewalt, K.M., Stansbury, J.P., McCaston, M.K.
Interaction of different hemoglobinopathies in eastern India with a view to establish genotype-phenotype correlation.Biological sciencesDas, Swapan Kumar, De, Madhusnata, Bhattacharya, Dilip Kumar, Sengupta, Bani, Das, Mikhilesh, Talukder, Geeta
Longitudinal assessment of hormonal and physical alterations during normal puberty in boys, part 6: modeling of growth velocity, mean growth hormone (GH mean), and serum testosterone (T) concentrations.Biological sciencesZhang, J., Peddada, S.D., Malina, R.M., Rogol, A.D.
Major gene effect on subcutaneous fat distribution in a sedentary population and its response to exercise training: the HERITAGE family study.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSkinner, James S., Gagnon, Jacques, Leon, Arthur S., Rao, D.C., Wilmore, Jack H., Bouchard, Claude, Rice, Treva, Perusse, Louis, Ping An, Borecki, Ingrid B.
Maternal height, pregnancy weight gain, and birthweight.Biological sciencesPickett, Kate E., Abrams, Barbara, Selvin, Steve
Maternal pelvic size, measured by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, predicts infant birthweight.Biological sciencesNovotny, Rachel, Davis, James, Wasnich, Richard, Biernacke, Iris, Onaka, Alvin
Measurement of subcutaneous adipose tissue topography (SAT-Top) by means of a new optical device, LIPOMETER, and the evaluation of standard factor coefficients in healthy subjects.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesTafeit, Erwin, Moller, Reinhard, Sudi, Karl, Reibnegger, Gilbert, Pieber, Thomas R.
Mitochondrial control-region sequence variation in the Corsican population, France.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesVaresi, L., Memmi, M., Cristofari, M.C., Mamell, G.E., Calo, C.M., Vona, G.
Modeling the influence of settlement structure on the spread of influenza among communities.Biological sciencesSattenspiel, Lisa, Herring, D. Ann, Mobarry, Anne
Modernisation and children's blood pressure: on and off the tourist trail in Nepal.Biological sciencesPollard, Tessa M., Ward, Gill A., Thornley, Jeremy, Wooster, Gordon, Wooster, Jeanette, Panter-Brick, Catherine
Morphological growth of Han boys and girls born and raised near sea level and at high altitude in western China.Biological sciencesWeitz, Charles A., Garruto, Ralph M., Chen-Ting Chin, Ji-Chuan Liu, Rui-Ling Liu, Xing He
Onset of the release of spermatozoa (spermarche) in Chinese male youth.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesChing-Ye Ji, Ohsawa, Seiji
Physical fitness, body fatness, and physical activity: the Amsterdam Growth and Health Study.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMinck, M.R., Mechelen, W. van, Kemper, H.C.G., Twisk, J.W.R.
Population structure of the rural communities on the island of Krk (Croatia): a comparison of genetic, cultural, and geographic data.Biological sciencesKlaric, Irena Martinovic
Prevalence and determinants of diabetes mellitus among the Metis of western Canada.Biological sciencesBruce, Sharon
Prevalence of NIDDM in Mexicans with paraphyletic and polyphyletic surnames.(non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus)Biological sciencesGarza-Chapa, Raul, De Los Angeles Rojas-Alvarado, Ma., Cerda-Flores, Ricardo M.
Prevalence of obesity among school children in the United Arab Emirates.Biological sciencesLittle, B.B., Al-Haddad, F., Al- Nuaimi, Y., Thabit, M.
Pubertal development in Caracas upper-middle-class boys and girls in a longitudinal context.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMacias-Tomei, Coromoto, Lopez-Blanco, Mercedes, Espinoza, Isbelia, Vasquez-Ramirez, Maura
Quantitative dermatoglyphics and population structure in northwest India.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesReddy, B. Mohan, Chopra, Virendra P., Karmakar, Bibha, Malhotra, Kailash C., Mueller, Hermann
Relationship between different subcutaneous adipose tissue layers, fat mass, and leptin in response to short-term energy restriction in obese girls.Biological sciencesTafeit, Erwin, Moller, Reinhard, Sudi, Karl Michael, Reiterer, Elke, Gallisti, Siegfried, Borkenstein, Martin Helmuth
ROC and CART analysis of subcutaneous adipose tissue topography (SAT-Top) in type-2 diabetic women and healthy females.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesTafeit, Erwin, Moller, Reinhard, Sudi, Karl, Reibnegger, Gilbert
Seasonal ecology and nutritional status of women and children in a Tanzanian pastoral community.Biological sciencesSellen, Daniel W.
Secular change in craniofacial morphology.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesJantz, R.L., Jantz, Lee Meadows
Secular changes in relative leg length in post-war Japan.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesAli, Md. Ayub, Uetake, Teruo
Secular trends for takeoff and maximum adolescent growth for eight decades of Japanese cohort data.Biological sciencesOhtsuki, Fumio, Ali, MD Ayub, Lestrel, Pete E.
Sensitivity and specificity of the body mass index to assess low percent body fat in African women.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGartner, Agnes, Maire, Bernard, Traissac, Pierre, Massamba, Jean-Pierre, Kameli, Yves, Keraudren, Vincent, Delpeuch, Francis
Similar age-related changes in running performance and growth in adolescent monozygotic twins.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesWatanabe, Tetsuji, Mutoh, Yoshiteru, Yamamoto, Yoshiharu
Somatotype and angiographically determined atherosclerotic coronary artery disease in men.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesWilliams, Simond R.P., Goodfellow, Jonathan, Davies, Bruce, Bell, William, McDowell, Ian, Jones, Eleri
Statistical effects of varying sample size on the precision of percentile estimates.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGuo, Shumei S., Roche, Alex F., Chumlea, William Cameron, Johnson, Clifford, Kuczmarski, Robert J., Curtin, Randy
Surname frequency and the isonymy structure of Venezuela.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMorales, Jorge, Rodriguez-Larralde, Alvaro, Barrai, Italo
The Brush Inquiry: an opportunity to investigate health outcomes in a well-characterized cohort.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesNelson, Suchitra, Hans, Mark G., Broadbent, B. Holly, Jr., Dean, David
The Raymond Pearl Memorial Lecture, 1997: the quest for medical normalcy - who needs it?(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesWilliams, George C.
Time series analysis of monthly body weight and blood presures of one man from 29 to 65 years.Biological sciencesOkajima, Yoshiki, Togo, Masami, Kitagawa, Genshiro, Nishikawa, Shinhachi
Validation of body composition estimates in male and female distance runners using estimates from a four-component model.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesArngrimsson, Sigurbjorn A., Evans, Ellen M., Saunders, Michael J., Ogburn, Charles L., III, Lewis, Richard D., Cureton, Kirk J.
Variability in humeral dimensions in a sample of modern human females: implications for measuring cortical bone loss.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMcLorg, Penelope A.
Variability of gestational age distributions by sex and ethnicity: an analysis using mixture models.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesGage, Timothy B.
VNTR locus 1 D1S80: application to the study of a mixed Venezuelan sample.(variable number of tandem repeats)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesBernal, L. Pineda, Castro-Guerra, D., Villasmil, M.G., Borjas-Fajardo, L.
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