American Journal of Human Biology 1999 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 1999
Adolescent spurts in body dimensions: average and modal sequences.Biological sciencesMalina, Robert M., Geithner, Cristina A., Satake, Takashi, Woynarowska, Barbara
African-derived South American populations: a history of symmetrical and asymmetrical matings according to sex revealed by bi- and uni-parental genetic markers.Biological sciencesHutz, Mara H., Salzano, Francisco Mauro, Bortolini, Maria Catira, Weimer, Tania A., Araujo da Silva, Wilson, Jr., Castro De Guerra, Dinorah, Remonatto, Gabriela, Minandola, Rosana, Silva, Maria Cristina B.O., Zago, Marco Antonio
Age, reproductive history, seasonally, and maternal body composition during pregnancy for nomadic Turkana of Kenya.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesPike, Ivy L.
Albumin genetic variability in South America: population distribution and molecular studies.Biological sciencesSalzano, F.M., Callegari-Jacques, S.M., Franco, M.H.L.P., Brennan, S.O., Chua, E.K.M., Kragh-Hansen, U., Bezerra, M.Z.P.J.
Analysis of the velocity curve for height by the Wavelet Interpolation Method in children classified by maturity rate.Biological sciencesMatsuura, Yoshiyuki, Fujii, Katsunori
An analysis of the spatial distribution of surnames in the Lecco area (Lombardy, Italy).Biological sciencesCaravello, Gianumberto, Tasso, Miro
An approach to estimating bone and joint loads and muscle strength in living subjects and skeletal remains.(ST)Biological sciencesFrost, Harold M.
An investigation of human apolipoproteins B and E polymorphisms in two African populations from Ethiopia and Benin.Biological sciencesRickards, O., De Stefano, G.F., Corbo, R.M., Scacchi, R., Martinez-Labarga, C.
Associations between daily physical activity and physical fitness in Flemish males: a cross-sectional analysis.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLefevre, Johan, Philippaerts, Renaat M., Delvaux, Katrien, Vanreusel, Bart, Eynde, Bavo Vanden, Claessens, Albrecht L., Lysens, Roeland, Beunen, Gaston, Thomis, Martin
Blood groups and red cell acid phosphatase types in a Mixteca population resident in Mexico City.(ST)Biological sciencesGarcia, P., Buentello, L., Lisker, R., Salamanca, F., Penaloza, R.
Blood pressures of Sherpa men in modernizing Nepal.(ST)Biological sciencesSmith, Chery
Body measurement variability, fatness, and fat-free mass in children 8, 11, and 14 years of age: Project HeartBeat!Biological sciencesLabarthe, Darwin R., Mueller, William H., Harrist, Ronald B., Doyle, Suzanne R., Ayars, Candace L.
Bone lead in the prehistoric population of Gran Canaria.Biological sciencesGonzalez-Reimers, E., Velasco-Vazquez, J., Arnay-de-la-Rosa, M., Santolaria-Fernandez, F., Galindo-Martin, L., Delgado-Ureta, E.
Comparative analysis of age prediction by markers of bone change in the hand assessed by roentgenography.Biological sciencesKobyliansky, Eugene, Livshits, Gregory, Pavlovsky, Oleg, Batsevich, Valery, Karasik, David, Otremski, Itshak, Barach, Igor, Yakovenko, Konstantin
Comparison of two techniques for measurement of visceral adipose tissue cross-sectional areas by computed tomography.Biological sciencesDespres, Jean-Pierre, Prud'homme, Denis, Bergeron, Jean, Lemieux, Simone, Lesage, Marie
Critical appraisal of the estimation of body composition via two-, three-, and four-compartment models.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesHeymsfield, S.B., Withers, R.T., Laforgia, J.
Culture, skin color, and arterial blood pressure in Brazil.Biological sciencesDressler, William W., Balieiro, Mauro C., Dos Santos, Jose Ernesto
Discontinuity of life conditions at the transition from the Roman Imperial Age to the Early Middle Ages: example from central Italy evaluated by pathological dento-alveolar lesions.Biological sciencesSalvadei, Loretana, Manzi, Giorgio, Vienna, Alessandro, Passarello, Pietro
Effect of developmental and ancestral high altitude exposure on chest morphology and pulmonary function in Andean and European/North American natives.Biological sciencesHaas, Jere D., Spielvogel, Hilde, Brutsaert, Tom D., Soria, Rudy, Caceres, Esperanza
Effect of DHA-containing formula on growth of preterm infants to 59 weeks postmenstrual age.(docosahexaenoic acid)(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMontalto, Michael B., Mimouni, Francis, Ryan, Alan S., Thomas, Alicia J., Groh-Wargo, Sharon, Sentipal-Waleris, Joan, Doyle, Jeanine, Siegman, Joel S.
Effect of education and marital status on premature mortality among urban adults in Poland, 1988-1989.Biological sciencesBielicki, Tadeusz, Malina, Robert M., Welon, Zygmunt, Rogucka, Elzbieta
Effect of exclusion: rates of hysterectomy and comparisons of age at natural menopause.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLeidy, Lynnette E.
Enamel hypoplasia in a Canadian historic sample.(ST)Biological sciencesSaunders, Shelley R., Keenleyside, Anne
Evolutionary process and the ecology of human immune function.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMcDade, Thomas W., Worthman, Carol M.
Fat distribution during childhood and adolescence: implications for later health outcomes.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesMalina, Robert M., Goran, Michael J.
Fluctuating asymmetry and canalization: an appraisal based on a-b ridge counts among Indian populations with diverse backgrounds.Biological sciencesReddy, B. Mohan
Food and macronutrient intake of economically disadvantaged pregnant women in Colombia.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesDufour, Darna L., Spurr, G.B., Reina, Julio C.
Gastrointestinal parasitic infection, anthropometrics, nutritional status, and physical work capacity in Colombian boys.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesDufour, D.L., Reina, J.C., Spurr, G.B., Barac-Nieto, M., Wilson, W.M., Staten, L.K.
Genetic relationships between southeastern Spain and Morocco: new data on ABO, RH, MNSs, and DUFFY polymorphisms.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesMoral, P., Fernandez-Santander, A., Luna, F., Esteban, E., Kandil, M., Gimenez, F., Zaoul, D.
Genetics of abdominal visceral fat levels.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesBouchard, Claude, Katzmarzyk, Peter T., Perusse, Louis
Growth and maturation of Sereer adolescent girls (Senegal) in relation to seasonal migration for labor.Biological sciencesBenefice, Eric, Cames, Cecile, Simondon, Kirsten
Growth studies in Jena, Germany: changes in thoracic measurements between 1975 and 1995.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesKromeyer-Hauschild, Katrin, Jaeger, Uwe
Heart rate indicators for assessing physical activity level in the field.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesOhtsuka, Ryutaro, Murayama, Nobuko
Heterogeneity of Y chromosome markers among Brazilian Amerindians.(ST)Biological sciencesZago, Marco A., Santos, Sidney E.B., Vallinoto, Antonio C.R., Cayres-Vallinoto, Izaura M.V., Ribeiro Dos Santos, Andrea K.C., Guerreiro, Joao F.
History of the study of human body composition: a brief review.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesWang, Zimian, Heymsfield, Steven B., Wang, Zhong-Ming
Hormonal changes during puberty and their relationship to fat distribution.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesRogol, Alan D., Roemmich, James N.
Human biology: from a love to profession and back again.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesBrozek, Josef
Human body composition: a review of adult dissection data.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesDrinkwater, Donald T., Martin, Alan D., Clarys, Jan P., Marfell-Jones, Michael J., Caboor, Dirck, Janssens, Veronique
Increased tooth crown size in females with twin brothers: evidence for hormonal diffusion between human twins in utero.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesTownsend, Grant C., Dempsey, Paula J., Richards, Lindsay C.
Influence of family size and birth order on menarcheal age of girls from Bilbao City (Biscay, Basque Country).(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesApraiz, Arantza G.
Interethnic genetic differentiation: HLA class I antigens in the population of Mongolia.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesChimge, Nyam-Osorin, Batsuuri, Jamiyangiin
Interproximal contact hypoplasia in primary teeth: a new enamel defect with anthropological and clinical relevance.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLukacs, John
Maturation-related deviations and misclassification of stature and weight in adolescence.(ST)Biological sciencesHimes, John H.
Modeling dynamic skinfold compression.Biological sciencesRempel, R. Ward, Anderson, G.S.
Modeling the effects of nutritional and socioeconomic factors on the growth and morbidity of Kenyan school children.Biological sciencesBhargava, Alok
Numerical analysis of the proximal humeral outline: bilateral shape differences.Biological sciencesTanaka, Hideyuki
Peripartum cocaine use and adverse pregnancy outcome.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLittle, Bertis B., Ramin, Susan M., Snell, Laura M., Trimmer, Kenneth J., Ghali, Fred, Blakely, Craig A., Garret, Andrea
Porters of the eastern hills of Nepal: body size and load weight.Biological sciencesMalville, Nancy J.
Relation between birth weight at term and growth rate, skeletal age, and cortical bone at 6-11 years.(ST)Biological sciencesKatzmarzyk, Peter T., Malina, Robert M., Beunen, Gaston P.
Relationship between abdominal visceral fat and metabolic risk factors in obese adolescents.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesCaprio, Sonia
Relationship of birth weight and length with growth in height and body diameters from 5 years of age to maturity.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesLoesch, Danuta Z., Huggins, Richard M., Stokes, Kerry M.
Role of exercise intervention in improving body fat distribution and risk profile in children.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesGutin, Bernard, Owens, Scott
Role of genetic and environmetal factors in the increased blood pressures of Bolivian Blacks.(ST)Biological sciencesFrisancho, A. Roberto, Vargas, Enrique, Perez, Maria, Farrow, S., Friedenzohn, Isabel, Johnson, Tiffany, Kapp, Beth, Miranda, Christina, Rauchle, Isha, Sanchez, Nicholas, Wheatcroft, Gloria, Woodill, Lita, Ayllon, Irma, Bellido, Diva, Rodriguez, Armando, Machicao, Jorge, Villena, Mercedes
Sexual dimorphism in the relationship between number of emerged permanent teeth and percentage of adult stature.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesSatake, Takashi
Somatic comparisons at four ages of South Korean females and females of other Asian groups.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesKim, Ki-Bong, French, Karen E., Spurgeon, John H.
Superoxide dismutase activity levels in a Spanish population 50-93 years.Biological sciencesDe la Torre, R., Casado, A., Lopez-Fernandez, M.E., Carrascosa, D., Venarucci, D.
Syndrome X in children: influence of ethnicity and visceral fat.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesGower, Barbara A.
The timing hypothesis and body proportionality of the intra-uterine growth retarded infant.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHaas, Jere D., Neufeld, Lynnette, Pelletier, David L.
The timing of maternal weight gain during pregnancy and fetal growth.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesHaas, Jere D., Neufeld, Lynnette, Pelletier, David L.
Variation in subcutaneous adipose tissue distribution associated with age, sex, and maturation.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesBielicki, Tadeusz, Malina, Robert M., Koziel, Slawomir
Visceral fat in prepubertal children: influence of obesity, anthropomerty, ethnicity, gender, diet, and growth.(Body Composition Research in Human Biology)Biological sciencesGoran, Michael I.
Vitamin D receptor polymorphisms and bone mineral density in Mexican women without osteoporosis.(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesCerda-Flores, Ricardo M., Jaramillo-Rangel, Gilberto, Cardenas-Ibarra, Lilia, Tamayo-Orozco, Juan, Morrison, Nigel, Barrera-Saldana, Hugo A.
Weight, stature, and body mass index data for Mexican Americans from the The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III, 1988 - 1994).(Statistical Data Included)Biological sciencesRoche, Alex F., Kuczmarski, Robert J., Ryan, Alan S.
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