American Journal of Human Biology 1998 - Abstracts

American Journal of Human Biology 1998
Acute mountain sickness: Is there a lag period before symptoms?Biological sciencesGonzales, Gustavo F., Villena, Arturo, Aparicio, Ramon
Age at menarche and prevalence of oligo/amenorrhea in top Polish athletes.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesSkierska, Elzbieta
Anthropometric determinants of risk factors in an African American population.Biological sciencesAdams-Campbell, Lucile L., Kim, Kyung Sook, Robbins, David, Turner, Maria
Apparatus for precision calibration of skinfold calipers.Biological sciencesCarlyon, R.G., Bryant, R.W., Gore, C.J., Walker, R.E.
Approaches toward improvement in women's and children's health.(The Ecology of Breastfeeding)Biological sciencesVitzthum, Virginia J., Aguato, Victor M.
Bacterial toxins and enteral feeding of premature infants at risk for necrotizing enterocolitis.(The Ecology of Breastfeeding)Biological sciencesDuffy, Linda C., Cummings, James, Zielezny, Maria A., Carrion, Vivien, Griffiths, Elizabeth, Dryja, Diane, Hilty, Milo, Morin, Frederick, III
Biological and behavioral factors influence group differences in prolactin levels among breastfeeding Nepali women.(The Ecology of Breastfeeding)Biological sciencesPanter-Brick, Catherine, Stallings, Joy F., Worthman, Carol M.
Birth ponderal index and body mass index reference curves in a large population.Biological sciencesMunoz, F., Mamelle, N., Lehingue, Y., Remontet, L.
Blood pressure and adiposity: a comparative study of socioeconomically diverse groups of Andhra Pradesh, India.Biological sciencesReddy, B. Nirmala
Body composition in Central Asia populations: fat patterning variation in the Kazakhs of the Tien Shan Mountains and the Uighurs of Semericia.Biological sciencesFacchini, F., Toselli, S., Ismagulov, O., Fiori, G., Ismagulova, A., Pettener, D.
Brain weight of northwest Indian children and adolescents.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesSahni, Daisy, Jit, Indar, Sodhi, Lavina
Butterfat feeding in early infancy in African populations: new hypotheses.(The Ecology of Breastfeeding)Biological sciencesGray, Sandra
Changes in height and motor performance relative to peak height velocity: a mixed-longitudinal study of Spanish boys and girls.Biological sciencesYague, Prudencio Heras, Fuente, Jose Manuel de la
Changing concept in skeletal physiology: Wolff's Law, the mechanostat, and the "Utah Paradigm."Biological sciencesFrost, Harold M.
Comparative study of craniofacial morphology and bite force in Fijians and Japanese.Biological sciencesKanazawa, Eisaku, Kasai, Kazutaka, Aboshi, Hirofumi, Tuisuva, Jonacani, Takahashi, Masamitsu, Matsuno, Masanobu
Comparison of five-site skinfold thicknesses in late pregnancy vs early postpartum.Biological sciencesClapp, James F., III, Tomaselli, Jodi, Little, Kathleen D., Ridzon, Susan E., Appleby-Wineberg, Sarah
Corticomedular index of the right tibia in the diagnosis of osteopenia in prehistoric skeletal remains.Biological sciencesGonzalez-Reimers, E., Velasco-Vazquez, J., Barros-Lopez, N., Arnay-de-la-Rosa, M., Santolaria-Fernandez, F., Castilla-Garcia, A.
Cross-sectional survey of growth of urban and rural "Cape Coloured" school children: anthropometry and functional tests.Biological sciencesHenneberg, M., Louw, G.J.
Decanalization of weight and stature during childhood and adolescence.Biological sciencesRoche, Alex F., Li, James, Park, Won J.
Does the relationship of ambulatory blood pressure to position and location vary by age, sex, race/ethnicity, or body mass index?(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesPickering, Thomas G., Schwartz, Joseph E., Gerber, Linda M.
Ecology of breastfeeding in the United States: an applied perspective.(The Ecology of Breastfeeding)Biological sciencesQuandt, Sara A.
Effects of ethnicity, gender, obesity, and age on central fat distribution: comparison of dual X-ray absorptiometry measurements in white, black, and Puerto Rican adults.Biological sciencesWang, Jack, Pierson, Richard N., Jr., Pi-Sunyer, F. Xavier, Marcus, Matthew A., Thornton, John C., Kofopoulou, Ignatia
Evolution of human lifespan: past, future, and present.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesRose, Michael R., Mueller, Laurence D.
Fat distribution in relation to sex and socioeconomic status in children 4-19 years.Biological sciencesRebato, Esther, Salces, Itziar, Martin, Leire San, Roseque, Javier
Fertility, migration, and mortality in an Old Order Amish community.Biological sciencesHewner, Sharon J.
Frequency of color blindness among Nigerian school children in Lagos.Biological sciencesWilliams, G.O., Taylor, F.E., Odidika, Irene I., Amusa, K.O.
Genes play an important role in bone aging.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesKobyliansky, Eugene, Livshits, Gregory, Karasik, David, Otremski, Itshak
Genetic structure of Southwestern Corsica (France).Biological sciencesVaresi, L., Calo, C.M., Vona, G., Moral, P., Succa, V., Memmi, M, Autuori, L., Mameli, G.E.
Growth in height and weight of South African urban infants from birth to five years: the birth to ten study.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesCameron, N., De Wet, T., Ellison, G.T., Bogin, B.
Growth rates of children of subsaharan African ancestry born to immigrant parents and of French children in Paris.Biological sciencesRoville-Sausse, Francoise
Growth studies in Jena, Germany: changes in body size and subcutaneous fat distribution between 1975 and 1995.Biological sciencesKromeyer-Hauschild, Katrin
Household headship and nutritional status: female-headed versus male-dual-headed households.Biological sciencesDufour, Darna L., Staten, Lisa K., Spurr, G.B., Reina, Julio C.
Human biology and aging: recent advances and new directions.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesCrews, Douglas E.
Hydration as a limiting factor in lactation.(The Ecology of Breastfeeding)Biological sciencesBentley, G.R.
In-depth study of breastfeeding structure: new data from Mali.(The Ecology of Breastfeeding)Biological sciencesMarriott, Heidi
Longitudinal change in forced expiratory volume in healthy, non-smoking men and women: the Baltimore longitudinal study of aging.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesMetter, E. Jeffrey, Pearson, Jay D., Fozard, James L., Brant, Larry J., Tockman, Melvyn S., Kao, Stephanie Y.
Malaria infection and human behavioral factors: a stochastic model analysis for direct observation data in the Solomon Islands.Biological sciencesIshii, Akira, Nakazawa, Minato, Ohmae, Hiroshi, Leafasia, Judson
Menarche, menopause, and migration: implications for breast cancer research.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesLeidy, Lynnette
Multilocus DNA profiling using the probe 33.6 in the Tamil Nadu population of south India.Biological sciencesKumar, S., Chakraborty, R., Dharmalingam, K., Pandian, S. Karutha, Damodaran, C.
Non-linear patterns of growth in very low birth weight infants.Biological sciencesPutet, G., Gladstone, M., Lasne, Y., Sann, L.
Normal masticatory function of girls and young women: mandibular masticatory movements.Biological sciencesSnipes, William B., Throckmorton, G.S., Buschange, P.H.
Nutrition, bone mass, and subsequent risk of hip fracture in white women.Biological sciencesHimes, John H., Huang, Zhiping
Perceptions and patterns of physical activity: a comparison of Mohawk/Cayuga and non-Native adolescents.Biological sciencesShephard, Roy J., Hay, J.
Permanent tooth emergence among Zambian schoolchildren: a standard for the assignment of ages.Biological sciencesGillett, Rhonda M.
Physical fitness and body composition in relation to physical activity in prepubescent Senegalese children.Biological sciencesBenefice, Eric
Prevalence of obesity and contributing factors among Sherpa women in urban and rural Nepal.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesSmith, Chery
Protein genetic studies among the Tupi-Monde Indians of the Brazilian Amazonia.Biological sciencesWeimer, T.A., Salzano, F.M., Callegari-Jacques, S.M., Franco, M.H.L.P., Mestriner, M.A., Hutz, M.H., Santos, R.V., Coimbra, C.E.A., Jr.
Relative and interacting effects of sex, race, and environment upon body cell mass in healthy adults.Biological sciencesKeusch, Gerald T., Kotler, Donald P., Thea, Donald M., Wang, Jack, Pierson, Richard N., Jr., Allison, David B., St. Louis, Michael
Renin, ANP, ACE polymorphisms, blood pressure and age in American Samoans: preliminary data. (atrial natriuretic peptide, angiotensin-converting enzyme)(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesCrews, Douglas E., Harper, Gillian J.
Secular change in running performance of Japanese adolescents: a longitudinal developmental study.Biological sciencesWatanabe, Tetsuji, Mutoh, Yoshiteru, Yamamoto, Yoshiharu, Miyashita, Mitsumasa
Secular growth changes in the stature and weight of Amerindian schoolchildren and adults in the Chilean Andes, 1972-1987.Biological sciencesDittman, Manuela
Serial changes in blood pressure from childhood into young adulthood for females in relation to body mass index and maturational age.Biological sciencesRoche, Alex F., Chumlea, W. Cameron, Guo, Shumei, Siervogel, Roger M., Chi, Eric, Wisemandle, Wayne
Skin reflectance of lowland Bolivian youths of European ancestry.Biological sciencesFreksa, Lawrence P.
Somatotype and indicators of metabolic fitness in youth.Biological sciencesBouchard, Claude, Katzmarzyk, Peter T., Malina, Robert M., Song, Thomas M.K.
Spectral and bout detection analysis of physical activity patterns in healthy, prepubertal boys and girls.Biological sciencesBerman, Nancy, Cooper, Dan M., Bailey, Robert, Barstow, Thomas J.
Stunting in an Andean community: prevalence and etiology.Biological sciencesLeonard, William R., Berti, Peter R., Berti, Wilma J.
The contribution of adolescent growth to shorter adult stature among girls of Chinese ancestry.Biological sciencesFloyd, B.
The influence of relative age on success and dropout in male soccer players.Biological sciencesHelsen, Werner F., Starkes, Janet L., Winckel, Jan Van
They also serve: Chamorro male fertility in the pre-World War II period.Biological sciencesUnderwood, Jane H.
Timing of the influence of maternal nutritional status during pregnancy on fetal growth.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesHabicht, Jean-Pierre, Haas, Jere D., Li, Ruowei
Transcutaneous electrical muscle stimulation does not alter regional arm adiposity and muscularity.Biological sciencesKeller, B.A., Katch, F.I.
Two decade trends in birth weight and early childhood growth in Papua New Guinea.(Human Biology and Aging)Biological sciencesTracer, David P., Sturt, R. John, Sturt, Agnes, Braithwaite, Lara M.
Urbanization and child growth in Nepal.Biological sciencesMoffat, Tina
Validity of published prediction equations for body composition in high altitude Bolivian Aymara as evaluated by doubly labeled water.Biological sciencesCoward, William A., Kashiwazaki, Hiroshi, Dejima, Yasushi, Orias-Rivera, Jose
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