American Journal of Diseases of Children 1993 - Abstracts

American Journal of Diseases of Children 1993
A 2-to-3-year outcome after bronchiolitis.HealthMatti Korppi, Tiina Reijonen, Liisa Poysa, Kaisu Juntunen-Backman
Abdominal symptoms as presentation of hypertensive crisis.HealthScott K. Van Why, Ivy I. Boydstun, Karen M. Gaudio, Norman J. Siegel
Academic pediatrics and health of medically underserved children in America.HealthRichard B. Johnston Jr.
A comparative study of heel-stick devices for infant blood collection.HealthMaureen Andrew, Bosco Paes, Marianne Janes, Patsy Vegh, Frank LaDuca
Acquired ocular visual impairment in children: 1960-1989.HealthGeoffrey C. Robinson, James E. Jan
Acquired subglottic cysts in the low-birth-weight infant: characteristics, treatment, and outcome.HealthGregory J. Downing, Lisa K. Hayen, Howard W. Kilbride
Acrodermatitis enteropathica-like syndrome secondary to isoleucine deficiency during treatment of maple syrup urine disease.HealthGeorge P. Giacoia, Gerald T. Berry
Acute mountain sickness in children at 2835 meters.HealthLorna G. Moore, Charles S. Houston, Ray Yip, Benjamin Honigman, Mary Kay Theis, Danny McBride
Adolescents and condom use.HealthAlain Joffe
Advice seeking and appropriate use of a pediatric emergency department.HealthT.F. Oberlander, I.B. Pless, G.E. Dougherty
Alarming heart rates. (alarm settings for infant monitors) (Editorial)HealthDaniel C. Shannon
Analysis of a large kindred with Blau syndrome for HLA, autoimmunity, and sarcoidosis.HealthStephen A. Raphael, Edward B. Blau, Zhang Wan Hua, Susan H. Hsu
An updated pediatric perspective on the Apert syndrome. (review article)HealthM. Michael Cohen Jr., Sven Kreiborg
Aplastic anemia in neonatal lupus erythematosus.HealthAryeh Metzker, Baruch Wolach, Luis Choc, Avshalom Pomeranz, Yosef Ben Ari, Danny Douer
A quality assurance program for the measurement of capillary blood cholesterol levels in private pediatric practices: the Children's Health Project.HealthMichael J. Bennett, Andrew M. Tershakovec, Jean A. Cortner, Barbara M. Shannon
Are children born small for gestational age at increased risk of short stature?HealthDavid K. Stevenson, Daniel S. Seidman, Rena Gale, Ido Paz, Arie Laor, Yehuda L. Danon
A sleep position-dependent mechanism for infant death on sheepskins. (study done in Otago, New Zealand)HealthJames S. Kemp, Bradley T. Thach
Attention deficits in children and adolescents with hearing loss: a survey.HealthDesmond P. Kelly, Brian J. Kelly, Michael L. Jones, Nancy J. Moulton, Steven J. Verhulst, Sabra A. Bell
Behavioral adaptation to human immunodeficiency virus-seropositive status in children and adolescents with hemophilia.HealthColin Hall, Stephen R. Hooper, J. Kenneth Whitt, Michael Tennison, Margaret Burchinal, Stuart Gold
Black clouds: work load, sleep, and resident reputation. (hard times for medical residents)HealthRobert R. Tanz, Joel Charrow
Cerebral salt wasting in children: the need for recognition and treatment.HealthMichael S. Kappy, Carrie A. Ganong
Child maltreatment and the development of posttraumatic stress disorder.HealthTerence Fenton, Richard Famularo, Robert Kinscherff
Cholesterol measurement in children. (Editorial)HealthBasil M. Rifkind, Paula T. Einhorn
Cholesterol: myth vs reality in pediatric practice. (Editorial)HealthGerald S. Berenson
Clinical manifestations of varicella-zoster virus infections in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children.HealthIsaac Srugo, Philip A. Brunell, Victor Israele, Alec E. Wittek, Teresa Courville, Vishalini M. Vimal
Comparison of a diptheria and tetanus toxoids and bicomponent acellular pertussis vaccine with diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and whole-cell pertussis vaccine in infants.HealthMichael E. Pichichero, Anne B. Francis, Steven M. Marsocci, John L. Green, Frank A. Disney
Comparison of the safety and immunogenicity of acellular (BIKEN) and whole-cell pertussis vaccines in 15- to 20-month-old children.HealthArthur L. Frank, James E. Froeschle, John F. Marcinak, Mark Ward, Kenneth M. Boyer, Philip H. Hosbach IV
Comparison of two hypocaloric diets in obese children.HealthReinaldo Figueroa-Colon, Frank A. Franklin, Kristian Von Almen, Claudio Schuftan, Robert M. Suskind
Compliance with childhood cholesterol screening among members of a prepaid health plan.HealthEdgar J. Schoen, Ronald P. Bachman, Ann Stembridge, Elaina R. Jurecki, Robin S. Imagire
Controlling malignant melanoma: a focus on pediatricians.HealthRoger H. Brodkin, Emily M. Altman
Developmental needs of infants and toddlers who require lengthy hospitalization.HealthHeidi M. Feldman, Dianna L. Ploof, Dena Hofkosh, Earl L. Goehring Jr.
Developmental outcome of preterm infants with transient neuromotor abnormalities.HealthDiane B. D'Eugenio, Steven J. Gross, Terri A. Slagle, Barbara B. Mettelman
Diagnostic test ordering in the evaluation of febrile children: physician and environmental factors.HealthMichael S. Kramer, David L. McGillivray, Renee Roberts-Brauer
Disclosure of a diagnosis to children and adolescents when parents object: a clinical ethics analysis.HealthJohn La Puma, Garry S. Sigman, Jerome Kraut
Do primary care physicians prefer dictated or computer-generated discharge summaries?HealthJane E. Brazy, Diane L. Langkamp, Nathaniel D. Brazy, Raul F. De Luna
Edward Jenner (1749-1823): the history and effects of smallpox, inoculation, and vaccination.HealthHarry Bloch
Effects of nutritional counseling on lipoprotein levels in a pediatric lipid clinic.HealthJane W. Newburger, Connie Roberts, Alexa S. Beiser, Michele Mietus-Snyder, Annette L. Baker, Ellis J. Neufeld, Susan Dermarkarian
Eosinophilic pustular folliculitis in infancy and childhood.HealthAna M. Duarte, Jesse Kramer, Janice W. Yusk, Amy Paller, Lawrence A. Schachner
Episodes of bradycardia during early infancy in the term-born and preterm infant.HealthJoan E. Hodgman, Toke Hoppenbrouwers, Luis A. Cabal
Familial isolated growth-hormone deficiency with advanced sexual maturation.HealthMoshe Frydman, Arieh Kauschansky, Herman A. Cohen, Itzchak Varsano, Zvi Laron
Fanconi's syndrome with hepatorenal glycogenosis associated with phosphorylase b kinase deficiency.HealthSami A. Sanjad, Rokia E. Kaddoura, Hisham M. Nazer, Mohammed Akhtar, Nadia A. Sakati
First, do no harm: low birth weight and adolescent obesity.HealthCatherine Stevens-Simon, Elizabeth R. McAnarney
Follow-up of preterm infants treated with dexamethasone for chronic lung disease.HealthT. Michael O'Shea, Kurt L. Klinepeter, Jamnadas M. Kothadia, Donald J. Goldstein, Barbara Ward Jackson, Robert G. Dillard
Granulomatous hepatitis in three children due to cat-scratch disease without peripheral adenopathy: an unrecognized cause of fever of unknown origin.HealthRonald Jaffe, J. Jeffrey Malatack
Habitual physical activity and health-related physical fitness in fourth-grade children.HealthJames F. Sallis, Thomas L. McKenzie, John E. Alcaraz
Health and social conditions of street children in Honduras.HealthJames D. Wright, Donald Kaminsky, Martha Wittig
Health maintenance organizations and children with special health needs: a suitable match?HealthPaul W. Newacheck, Harriette B. Fox, Lori B. Wicks
High prevalence of overweight in inner-city schoolchildren.HealthEmi Okamoto, Leslie L. Davidson, Doris R. Conner
Homeless children: two years later.HealthJames D. Wright
Hyperinsulinism as a marker in obese children.HealthRaffaella Zannolli, Andrea Rebeggiani, Francesco Chiarelli, Guido Morgese
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy during corticotropin therapy for infantile spasms: a clinical and echocardiographic study.HealthGary B. Bobele, Kent E. Ward, John B. Bodensteiner
Immunization status and reasons for immunization delay among children using public health immunization clinics.HealthLucy M. Osborn, Bruce Abbotts
Immunogenicity of Haemophilus influenzae type b polysaccharide-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine in infants.HealthDan M. Granoff, Keith S. Reisinger, Mark M. Blatter, Sandra J. Holmes, Sandor Feldman, Edward P. Rothstein, Henry H. Bernstein, Bernard Fritzell, Kenneth P. Guito, John F. Esbenshade, Harry L. Keyserling
Infrared eye injury not due to radiant warmer use in premature neonates.HealthStephen Baumgart, Alison Knauth, Francis X. Casey, Graham E. Quinn
Injuries to preschool-age children in day-care centers: a retrospective record review.HealthJudith Garrard, Nancy Lee Leland, Diane Klein Smith
Insurance coverage and residents' experience in a pediatric teaching clinic.HealthRichard Wilton, Alfred J. Pennisi
Ketoconazole decreases the serum ionized calcium and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D levels in tuberculosis-associated hypercalcemia.HealthGiuseppe Saggese, Silvano Bertelloni, Giampiero I. Baroncelli, Giovanna Di Nero
Late clinical presentation of partial carbamyl phosphate synthetase I deficiency.HealthWarren D. Lo, Howard R. Sloan, Juan F. Sotos, Robert J. Klinger
Long-term effectiveness of depot gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue in the treatment of children with central precocious puberty.HealthMichael S. Kappy, Robert D. Clemons, Thomas E. Stuart, Alvin H. Perelman, Francine T. Hoekstra
Maternal and congenital syphilis in Brooklyn, NY: epidemiology, transmission, and diagnosis.HealthSarah Jenkins, Sarah A. Rawstron, Kenneth Bromberg, Sharon Blanchard, Li Ping-Wu
Measles, mumps, and rubella antibodies in vaccinated Baltimore children. (Maryland)HealthJames C. King Jr., Richard Lichenstein, Susan Feigelman, Catalina Luna, Thomas J. Permutt, Jagdish Patel
Mesenchymal hamartoma of liver: a regional ischemic lesion of a sequestered lobe.HealthW.J. Lennington, G.F. Gray Jr., D.L. Page
Molecular-clinical correlations in children and adults with fragile X syndrome.HealthStephen N. Thibodeau, Louise W. Staley, Claire E. Hull, Michele M.M. Mazzocco, Karen Snow, Vincent L. Wilson, Annette Taylor, Loris McGavran, Debra Weiner, Jennette Riddle, Rebecca O'Connor, Randi J. Hagerman
Mortality and the acquisition of basic skills by children and adults with severe disabilities.HealthRichard K. Eyman, Herbert J. Grossman, Thomas L. Call, Charles E. Olmstead
New developments in the treatment of neutropenia. (review article)HealthJames B. Bussel, Ira J. Dunkel
Pediatric acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: barriers to recognizing the role of child sexual abuse.HealthMarcia E. Herman-Giddens, Laura T. Gutman, Ross E. McKinney Jr.
Pediatric environmental health training: impact on pediatric residents.HealthCynthia F. Bearer, Rachel Phillips
Pediatric human immunodeficiency virus infection and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: a progress report.HealthRussell B. Van Dyke
Pediatric human immunodeficiency virus revisited.HealthMargaret C. Heagarty
Pediatric resident support group: a 7-year longitudinal experience.HealthW. Peter Metz, Phyllis Pollack
Peroxisomal disorders: neurodevelopmental and biochemical aspects. (Review)HealthFrank R. Brown III, Robert Voigt, Avtar K. Singh, Inderjit Singh
Physicians treating their own children.HealthJody R. Murph, Lois B. Dusdieker, William E. Murph, Claiborne I. Dungy
Pituitary stalk and ectopic hyperintense T(sub 1) signal on magnetic resonance imaging: implications for anterior pituitary dysfunction.HealthSelma F. Siegel, David N. Finegold, Michelle C. Ultmann, William L. Hirsch, Thomas P. Foley Jr.
Plasma integrated concentration of growth hormone after recombinant human growth hormone injection: implications for determining an optimal dose.HealthStuart A. Chalew, Moshe Phillip, Avinoam Kowarski
Preparing residents for Public Law 99-457: a survey of pediatric training programs. (Amendments to Education for All Handicapped Act, 1986)HealthStuart W. Teplin, Thomas H. Kuhn, Sharon A. Palsha
Preterm twins and triplets: a high-risk group for severe respiratory syncytial virus infection.HealthJessie R. Groothuis, Eric A.F. Simoes, Susan J. King, Marsha V. Lehr
Prevalence of lead exposure in a clinic using 1991 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.HealthHoward L. Weinberger, Steven D. Blatt
Prevention and adolescent health: commentary on progress of the past 2 years.HealthArthur B. Elster
Prolonged pH monitoring is of limited usefulness for gastroesophageal reflux.HealthClaude C. Roy, Cristina Ferreira, Marie-Jeanne Lohoues, Arie Bensoussan, Salam Yazbeck, Pierre Brochu
Q fever in children.HealthJesus Ruiz-Contreras, Raul Gonzalez Montero, Jose Tomas Ramos Amador, Elisa Giancaspro Corradi, Attilio Scarpellini Vera
Radiofrequency ablation: a new era in the treatment of pediatric arrhythmias.HealthWilliam G. Stevenson, Thomas S. Klitzner, Glenn T. Wetzel, Leslie A. Saxon
Resolved: the proliferation of subspecialties is not in the best interests of general pediatrics. (Ambulatory Pediatric Association Debate) (Panel Discussion)Health 
Rhabdomyoma and ventricular preexcitation syndrome: a report of two cases and review of literature.HealthAshok V. Mehta
Screening for familial hypercholesterolemia in childhood.HealthMatthew W. Gillman
Serious sports injuries requiring hospitalization seen in a pediatric emergency department.HealthNathan Kuppermann, Gary Fleisher, James M. Davis
Serum cholesterol levels in patients with acute rheumatic fever.HealthEdward L. Kaplan, Manat Panamonta, Nongnuch Settasatian, Arnkisa Chaikitpinyo
Simultaneous administration of a diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccine with measles-mumps-rubella and oral poliovirus vaccines.HealthSarah S. Long, Mary P. Glode, Edward P. Rothstein, Henry H. Bernstein, Suzanne Laussucq, Jean Nonenmacher, Jill G. Hackell
Surfactant therapy failure identifies infants at risk for pulmonary mortality.HealthF. Sessions Cole, Aaron Hamvas, Thomas Devine
Survival of profoundly disabled people with severe mental retardation.HealthRichard K. Eyman, Herbert J. Grossman, Robert H. Chaney, Thomas L. Call
Taxicabs and child restraint.HealthRobert S. Walter, Anna R. Kuo
The art of referral: pediatricians and the emergency department.HealthDavid P. Hamburger, James M. Chamberlain, Daniel W. Ochsenschlager
The Children's Vaccine Initiative.HealthAnthony Robbins
The effect of antenatal dexamethasone administration on the fetal and neonatal ductus arteriosus: a randomized double-blind study.HealthMikko Hallman, Marianne Eronen, Anneli Kari, Erkki Pesonen
The immunization status of children with spina bifida.HealthDonald A. Goldmann, James M. Perrin, Michele Raddish, Lawrence C. Kaplan
The morbidity of cardiac nondisease revisited: is there lingering concern associated with an innocent murmur?HealthPaul C. Young
The oral motor development of low-birth-weight infants who underwent orotracheal intubation during the neonatal period.HealthWilliam Oh, Anne Ferguson, Jo-Ann Blaymore Bier, Betty R. Vohr, Cheryl Cho
The pattern of growth failure in Rett syndrome.HealthKathleen J. Motil, Alan K. Percy, Rebecca J. Schultz, Daniel G. Glaze, Dawna D. Armstrong, Deborah J. Del Junco, Carlton R. Hubbard
The perspectives of current trainees in combined internal medicine-pediatrics: results of a national survey.HealthHoward Schubiner, Barbara Schuster, Anita Moncrease, Carlos Mosca
The rationale for lowering serum cholesterol levels in American children.HealthSamuel S. Gidding
The reliability of midstream urine culture from circumcised male infants.HealthJacob Amir, Mira Ginzburg, Rachel Straussberg, Itzhak Varsano
The use of primidone in neonates with theophylline-resistant apnea.HealthChristopher A. Miller, Mark Gaylord, Vichien Lorch, Andrew W. Zimmerman
The value of early treatment of deer tick bites for the prevention of Lyme disease.HealthRobert Schwartz, Fred Agre
The value of urinary growth hormone determination for assessment of growth hormone deficiency and compliance with growth hormone therapy.HealthStuart A. Chalew, Moshe Phillip, Mark A. Stene, A. Avinoam Kowarski
Tuberculosis in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children: a family infection.HealthSaroj S. Bakshi, Dora Alvarez, Carol L. Hilfer, Emilia M. Sordillo, Ranjeet Grover, Ram Kairam
Unrecognized pertussis infection in adolescents.HealthEdward A. Mortimer, Joseph Mezzatesta, Jill Hackell, Barbara A. Cromer, Janie Goydos, Cornelia Dekker
Update on the American Academy of Pediatrics activities to achieve universal access to health care for all children.HealthJames E. Strain
Update on the research agenda and care for the poor child: steps forward, steps backward.HealthMyron Genel, George Lister, Karen Hendricks
Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in pediatrics. (review article)HealthCarol B. Lindsley
What will it take to fully protect all American children with vaccines? An update.HealthAlan R. Hinman
Words too terrible to hear: sexual transmission of human immunodeficiency virus to children. (Editorial)HealthMary E. Rimsza
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