American Economic Review 1984 - Abstracts

American Economic Review 1984
A New View of the Federal Debt and Budget Deficits.EconomicsR. Eisner, P.J. Pieper
Asset Exchanges and the Transactions Demand for Money, 1919-1929.EconomicsA.J. Field
Confuser Surplus.EconomicsE.R. Morey
Contractual Responses to the Common Pool: Prorationing of Crude Oil Production.EconomicsS.N. Wiggins, G.D. Libecap
Coping with Complexity: The Adaptive Value of Changing Utility.EconomicsM.D. Cohen, R. Axelrod
Marx and Malthusianism: Marx's Secular Path of Wages.EconomicsS. Hollander
Models of Arbitrator Behavior: Theory and Evidence.EconomicsO. Ashenfelter, D.E. Bloom
On the Efficiency of Experimental Double Auction Market.EconomicsD. Friedman
Price Expectations of Business Firms: Bias in the Short and Long Run.EconomicsF. De Leeuw, M.J. McKelvey
Regional Productivity Growth in U.S. Manufacturing: 1951-78.EconomicsC.R. Hulten, R.M. Schwab
The Economics of Price Scissors.EconomicsJ.E. Stiglitz, R.K. Sah
The State of Development Theory.EconomicsW.A. Lewis
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