Accounting, Organizations and Society 1998 - Abstracts

Accounting, Organizations and Society 1998
Accountants in organizational networks.BusinessChapman, Christopher S.
Accounting as discursive construction: the relationship between Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 106 and the dismantling of retiree health benefits. (includes appendix)BusinessArnold, P.J., Oakes, L.S.
Capital markets research and real world complexity: the emerging challenge of chaos theory. (includes appendix)BusinessMouck, T.
Caterpillar: two stories and an argument. (reorganization at Caterpillar Inc)(response to P. Miller and T. O'Leary, Accounting, Organizations and Society, vol 19, p 15, 1994)(Special Section: Debating Accounting Change at Caterpillar)BusinessWilliams, K., Williams, J., Froud, J., Haslam, C., Johal, S.
Efficiency audit: an assembly of rationalities and programmes.BusinessRadcliffe, Vaughan S.
Encountering economics and accounting: some skirmishes and engagements.BusinessThompson, G.F.
Finding things out. (response to articles by P.J. Arnold and J. Froud et al. in this issue, pp. 665 and 685)(Special Section: Debating Accounting Change at Caterpillar)BusinessMiller, P., O'Leary, T.
Globalization and nationalism in a multinational accounting firm: the case of opening new markets in Eastern Europe.(Researching the Audit Industry)BusinessCooper, David J., Hinings, Bob, Greenwood, Royston, Brown, John L.
How to secure your husband's esteem. Accounting and private patriarchy in the British middle class household during the nineteenth century.BusinessWalker, S.P.
Individual investors' risk judgments and investment decisions: the impact of accounting and market data. (includes appendix)BusinessLipe, M.G.
Interprofessional conflict, accommodation, and the flow of capital: the ASB vs the securities industry and its lawyers. (Auditing Standards Board)BusinessMartens, S.C., McEnroe, J.E.
Irish women accountants and career progression: a research note.(Accounting, Accountancy and Gender)BusinessMonks, Kathy, Barker, Patricia C.
Managing public impressions: environmental disclosures in annual reports.BusinessNeu, D., Warsame, H., Pedwell, K.
On being a professional in a "Big Six" firm.(Researching the Audit Industry)BusinessGrey, C.
On the use of regression and verbal protocol analysis in modeling analysts' behavior in an unstructured task environment: a methodological note.BusinessAnderson, M.J., Potter, G.S.
Organisation and expertise: an exploration of knowledge bases and the management of accounting and consulting firms.(Researching the Audit Industry)BusinessMorris, Timothy, Empson, Laura
Peter Brownell. (accounting professor and researcher)(Obituary)BusinessOtley, David, Abernethy, Margaret
Profit sharing in Australian Big 6 accounting firms: an exploratory study.(Researching the Audit Industry)BusinessBurrows, Geoff, Black, Christopher
Redefining a certified public accounting firm. (includes appendix)(Researching the Audit Industry)BusinessDaly, Bonita A., Schuler, Drue K.
Relate management accounting research to managerial work.BusinessJonsson, S.
Star Wars at the bottom line: the accounting forum for defense contractors.BusinessChwastiak, M.
Sweeping it under the carpet: the role of accountancy firms in moneylaundering. (includes appendix)(Researching the Audit Industry)BusinessSikka, P., Mitchell, A., Willmott, H.
The changing portrayal of the employment of women in British banks' and retail companies' corporate annual reports.(Accounting, Accountancy and Gender)BusinessHarte, George, Adams, Carol A.
The creation of the auditing profession in Greece.(includes appendix)BusinessBallas, Apostoles A.
The dynamics of "closure" amidst the construction of market, profession, empire and nationhood: an historical analysis of an Australian accounting association, 1886-1903.BusinessChua, W.F., Poullaos, C.
The effects of encoded memory traces for numerical data on accounting decision making.BusinessKida, T., Smith, J.F., Maletta, M.
The effects of information availability on the benefits accrued from enhancing audit-firm reputation.BusinessBrozovsky, J.A., Richardson, F.M.
The limits of postmodernism in accounting history: the Decatur experience. (response to P. Miller and T. O'Leary, Accounting, Organizations and Society, vol 19, p 15, 1994)(Special Section: Debating Accounting Change at Caterpillar)BusinessArnold, P.J.
The politics of quantification.BusinessFligstein, N.
The relationship between budget participation and job performance: the roles of budget adequacy and organizational commitment. (includes appendices)BusinessNouri, H., Parker, R.J.
The relationship between strategic priorities, management techniques and management accounting: an empirical investigation using a systems approach. (includes appendices)BusinessChenhall, R.H., Langfield-Smith, K.
The supply of and demand for accounting information in an unregulated market: examples from the Lancashire cotton mills, 1855-1914.BusinessToms, J.S.
Total accounting in action: reflections on Sten Jonsson's 'Accounting for Improvement.'BusinessLukka, K.
Toward a normative model of rational argumentation for critical accounting discussions.BusinessShapiro, B.P.
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