Accounting and Business Research 2003 - Abstracts

Accounting and Business Research 2003
Audit fee determinants and the large auditor premium in 1900.BusinessMatthews, Derek, Peel, Michael J.
Auditor conservatism and reported earnings.BusinessFirth, Michael, Chung, Richard, Kim, Jeong-Bon
Bridging the GAAP across the UK public sector.(Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, includes related article)BusinessEllwood, Sheila
Executive turnover in UK firms: the impact of Cadbury.BusinessDedman, Elisabeth
Introducing 'mercantile' bookkeeping into British central government, 1828-1844.BusinessEdwards, John Richard, Greener, Hugh T.
On economic reality, representational faithfulness and the 'true and fair override'.BusinessAlexander, David, Archer, Simon
The decision usefulness of reported cash flow and accrual information in a behavioural field experiment.BusinessIselin, Errol R., Sharma, Divesh S.
The endogenous relationship between audit-report type and business termination: evidence on private firms in a non-litigious environment.BusinessGaeremynck, Ann, Willekens, Marleen
The influence of information asymmetry and budget emphasis on the relationship between participation and slack.BusinessLau, Chong M., Eggleton, Ian R.C.
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