Academy of Management Review 2008 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 2008
Against all odds: a consideration of core-stigmatized organizations.Business, generalHudson, Bryant Ashley
A new look at stigmatization in and of organizations.Business, generalElsbach, Kimberly D., Dipboye, Robert L., Paetzold, Ramona I.
An integrative model of experiencing and responding to mistreatment at work.Business, generalBoswell, Wendy R., Olson-Buchanan, Julie B.
Competitors' resource-oriented strategies: acting on competitors' resources through interventions in factor markets and political markets.Business, generalCapron, Laurence, Chatain, Olivier
Considerations for a stronger first mover advantage theory.Business, generalSuarez, Fernando F., Lanzolla, Gianvito
Corporate social responsibility: a process model of sensemaking.Business, generalBasu, Kunal, Palazzo, Guido
Disclosure disconnects: antecedents and consequences of disclosing invisible stigmas across life domains.Business, generalRagins, Belle Rose
First movers and performance: timing is everything.Business, generalShort, Jeremy C., Payne, G.Tyge
Interpreting the ethicality of corporate governance decisions in Russia: utilizing integrative social contracts theory to evaluate the relevance of agency theory norms.Business, generalPuffer, Sheila M., McCarthy, Daniel J.
Known by the company we keep: stigma-by-association effects in the workplace.Business, generalKulik, Carol T., Bainbridge, Hugh T.J., Cregan, Christina
New academic fields as admittance-seeking social movements: the case of strategic management.Business, generalHambrick, Donald C., Ming-Jer Chen
Positive social interactions and the human body at work: linking organizations and physiology.Business, generalDutton, Jane E., Heaphy, Emily D.
Team implicit coordination processes: a team knowledge-based approach.Business, generalGibson, Cristina, Rico, Ramon, Sanchez-Manzanares, Miriam, Gil, Francisco
The stigmatization and devaluation of elites associated with corporate failures: a process model.Business, generalWiesenfeld, Batia M., Hambrick, Donald C., Wurthmann, Kurt A.
Unseen injustice: incivility as modern discrimination in organizations.Business, generalCortina, Lilia M.
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