Academy of Management Review 2007 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 2007
Absorptive capacity: Valuing a reconceptualization.Business, generalTodorova, Gergana, Durisin, Boris
A consumer perspective on value creation.Business, generalPriem, Richard L.
A feminist analysis of organizational research on sex differences.Business, generalPadavic, Irene, Ely, Robin
An institutional economic reconstruction of scientific management: On the lost theoretical logic of Taylorism.(Frederick Winslow Taylor)Business, generalWagner-Tsukamoto, Sigmund
A set-theoretic approach to organizational configurations.Business, generalFiss, Peer C.
Bankruptcy law and entrepreneurship development: A real options perspective.(Legislation)Business, generalPeng, Mike W., Barney, Jay B., Seung-Hyun Lee
Building genuine trust through interpersonal emotion management: A threat regulation model of trust and collaboration across boundaries.Business, generalWilliams, Michele
Can ideas be capital? Factors of production in the postindustrial economy: A review and critique.Business, generalKretschmer, Martin, Dean, Alison
Collective cognition in action: Accumulation, interaction, examination, and accommodation in the development and operation of group efficacy beliefs in the workplace.Business, generalGibson, Cristina B., Earley, P. Christopher
Community isomorphism and corporate social action.Business, generalGlynn, Mary Ann, Marquis, Christopher, Davis, Gerald F.
Constructing mystery: empirical matters in theory development.Business, generalAlvesson, Mats, Karreman, Dan
Contract design as a firm capability: an integration of learning and transaction cost perspectives.Business, generalMayer, Kyle J., Argyres, Nicholas
Contractualism vindicated: A response to Boatright.(John R. Boatright)Business, generalvan Oosterhout, J.
Cooperation between corporations and environmental groups: A transaction cost perspective.Business, generalKing, Andrew
Corporate governance: What can we learn from public governance.Business, generalFrey, Bruno S., Benz, Matthias
Corporate social responsibility and firm performance: Investor preferences and corporate strategies.Business, generalBarney, Jay B., Mackey, Alison, Mackey, Tyson B.
Corporations as social change agents: Individual, interpersonal, institutional and environmental dynamics.Business, generalFort, Timothy L., Zald, Mayer N., Bartunek, Jean M., Bies, Robert J.
Cross-cultural code-switching: The psychological challenges of adapting behavior in foreign cultural interactions.Business, generalMolinsky, Andrew
Crossing the line(s): A dual threshold model of anger in organizations.Business, generalGeddes, Deanna, Callister, Ronda Roberts
Deutero-learning in organizations: A review and a reformulation.Business, generalVisser, Max
Developing theory through simulation methods.Business, generalBingham, Christopher B., Eisenhardt, Kathleen M., Davis, Jason P.
Disentangling interfirm and intrafirm causal ambiguity: A conceptual model of casual ambiguity and sustainable competitive advantage.Business, generalKing, Adelaide Wilcox
Ethical theory and stakeholder-related decisions: The role of stakeholder culture.Business, generalJones, Thomas M., Bigley, Gregory A., Felps, Will
Exploring intuition and its role in managerial decision making.Business, generalPratt, Michael G., Dane, Erik
Exposing pay secrecy.Business, generalPaetzold, Ramona L., Wesson, Michael J., Colella, Adrienne, Zardkoohi, Asghar
Group decision making under conditions of distributed knowledge: The information asymmetries model.Business, generalBrodbeck, Felix C., Kerschreiter, Rudolf, Mojzisch, Andreas, Schultz-Hardt, Stefan
Group Learning.Business, generalGoodman, Paul S., Cronin, Matthew A., Wilson, Jeanne M.
Harassment based on sex: Protecting social status in the context of gender hierarchy.Business, generalBerdahl, Jennifer L.
Ideologically motivated activism: How activist groups influence corporate social change activities.Business, generalHonk, Frank Den, De Bakker, Frank G.A.
Individual reactions to leadership succession in workgroups.Business, generalSchoorman, F. David, Ballinger, Gary A.
Interest alignment and competitive advantage.Business, generalZollo, Maurizio, Gottschalg, Oliver
Is there an internal morality of contracting?Business, generalBoatright, John R.
Managing firm resources in dynamic environments to create value: Looking inside the black box.Business, generalHitt, Michael A., Ireland, R. Duane, Sirmon, David G.
Methodological fit in management field research.Business, generalEdmondson, Amy C., Mcmanus, Syacy E.
Motivation to lead, motivation to follow: The role of self-regulatory focus in leadership process.Business, generalKark, Ronit, Van Dijk, Dina
Order without law? The role of certified management standards in shaping socially desired firm behaviors.Business, generalTerlaak, Ann
Organizational identity orientation: The genesis of the role of the firm and distinct forms of social value.Business, generalBrickson, Shelley L.
Putting the S back in corporate social responsibility: A multilevel theory of social change in organizations.Business, generalAguilera, Ruth V., Rupp, Deborah E., Williams, Cynthia A., Ganapathi, Jyothi
Quest for an engaged academy.Business, generalCummings, Thomas G.
Reconsidering the strategic implications of decision comprehensiveness.Business, generalForbes, Daniel P.
Relational archetypes, organizational learning, and value creation: Extending the human resource architecture.Business, generalSnell, Scott A., Sung-Choon Kang, Morris, Shad S.
Relational identity and identification: Defining ourselves through work relationships.Business, generalAshforth, Blake E., Sluss, David M.
Relational job design and the motivation to make a prosocial difference.Business, generalGrant, Adam M.
Representational gaps, information processing and conflict in functionally diverse teams.Business, generalWeingart, Laurie R., Cronin, Matthew A.
Sample selection and theory development: implications of firms varying abilities to appropriately select new ventures.Business, generalKalnins, Arturs
Simulation modeling in organizational and management research.Business, generalCarley, Kathleen M., Harrison, J. Richard, Carroll, Glenn R., Zhiang Lin
Stakeholder influence capacity and the variability of financial returns to corporate social responsibility.Business, generalBarnett, Michael L.
The glass cliff: Exploring the dynamics surrounding the appointment of women to precarious leadership positions.Business, generalHaslam, S. Alexander, Ryan, Michelle K.
The incumbent discount: Stock market categories and response to radical technological change.Business, generalBenner, Mary J.
The interplay between theory and method.Business, generalMitchell, Terence R., Maanen, John Van, Sorensen, Jesper B.
The knowledge-based view, nested heterogeneity, and new value creation: Philosophical considerations on the locus of knowledge.Business, generalFelin, Teppo, Hesterly, William S.
The multiple-category problem: Category activation and inhibition in the hiring process.Business, generalKulik, Carol T., Perry, Elissa L., Roberson, Loriann
The potential paradox of organizational citizenship behavior: good citizens at what cost?Business, generalBergeron, Diane M.
The role of construction, intuition, and justification in responding to ethical issues at work: the sensemaking-intuition model.Business, generalSonenshein, Scott
The role of environmental dynamics in building a first mover advantage theory.Business, generalSuarez, Fernando F., Lanzolla, Gianvito
Toward a political conception of corporate responsibility: business and society seen from a habermasian perspective.Business, generalScherer, Andreas Georg, Palazzo, Guido
Upper echelons theory: An update.Business, generalHambrick, Donald C.
What's the difference? Diversity constructs as separation, variety, or disparity in organizations.Business, generalKlein, Katherine J., Harrison, David A.
Why would corporations behave in socially responsible ways? An institutional theory of corporate social responsibility.Business, generalCampbell, John L.
Work-family interface experiences and coping strategies: Implications for entrepreneurship research and practice.Business, generalMcDougald, Megan S., Jennings, Jennifer E.
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