Academy of Management Review 2003 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 2003
Achieving cooperation in multiparty alliances: a social dilemma approach to partnership management.Business, generalZeng, Ming, Chen, Xiao-Ping
A dream for the academy.(2002 Presidential Address, Academy of Management)(Transcript)Business, general 
And the award for best actor goes to...: facades of conformity in organizational settings.Business, generalHewlin, Patricia Faison
Board composition from adolescence to maturity: a multitheoretic view.Business, generalHillman, Amy J., Golden, Brian R., Lynall, Matthew D.
Boards of directors and firm performance: integrating agency and resource dependence perspectives.Business, generalHillman, Amy J., Dalziel, Thomas
Constructive and destructive deviance in organizations.Business, generalWarren, Danielle E.
Control and collaboration: paradoxes of governance.Business, generalSundaramurthy, Chamu, Lewis, Marianne
Dialogue.(responses to an article "Cadences at Waco: A critique of 'Timing and Music'.)Business, general 
Editor's comments: bringing in consumers.(management research focusing on consumer benefits)(Editorial)Business, generalBrief, Arthur P., Bazerman, Max
Editor's comments: taking ethics seriously - a mission now more possible.(teaching business ethics)Business, generalDonaldson, Tom
Exploitation, exploration, and process management: the productivity dilemma revisited.Business, generalTushman, Michael L., Benner, Mary J.
Family business succession: appropriation risk and choice of successor.Business, generalLee, Khai Sheang, Lim, Guan Hua, Lim, Wei Shi
Host country national reactions to expatriate pay policies: a model and implications.Business, generalDenisi, Angelo S., Toh, Soo Min
Influencing initial public offering investors with prestige: signaling with board structures.Business, generalCerto, S. Trevis
Institutional transitions and strategic choices.Business, generalPeng, Mike W.
Introduction to special topic forum. Corporate governance: decades of dialogue and data.Business, generalDaily, Catherine M., Cannella, Albert A.
Learning from business failure: propositions of grief recovery for the self-employed.(Note)Business, generalShepherd, Dean A.
Mutual forbearance: the role of intrafirm integration and rewards.Business, generalGolden, Brian R., Hao Ma
Note. The dynamics of the CEO-board relationship: an evolutionary perspective.Business, generalWei Shen
Note. Work interrupted: a closer look at the role of interruptions in organizational life.Business, generalGeorge, Jennifer M., Jett, Quintus R.
Organizational dispute resolution systems: a complementarities model.Business, generalBendersky, Corinne
Pieces of the action: ownership and the changing employment relationship.Business, generalRousseau, Denise M., Shperling, Zipi
Social capital in multinational corporations and a micro-macro model of its formation.Business, generalKostova, Tatiana, Roth, Kendall
The cross-national diversity of corporate governance: dimensions and determinants.Business, generalAguilera, Ruth V., Jackson, Gregory
The performance of incumbent firms in the face of radical technological innovation.Business, generalHill, Charles W.L., Rothaermel, Frank T.
Toward green narrative: management and the evolutionary epic.Business, generalStarkey, Ken, Crane, Andrew
Violations of principle: ideological currency in the psychological contract.Business, generalBunderson, J. Stuart, Thompson, Jeffery A.
When will stakeholder groups act? An interest- and identity-based model of stakeholder group mobilization.Business, generalRowley, Timothy J., Moldoveanu, Mihnea
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