Academy of Management Review 2001 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 2001
All for one and one for all? The development and transfer of power across organizational levels.Business, generalFiol, C. Marlene, O'Connor, Edward J., Aguinis, Herman
A temporally based framework and taxonomy of team purposes.Business, generalMarks, Michelle A., Mathieu, John E., Zaccaro, Stephen J.
Building better theory: time and the specification of when things happen.(research information)Business, general 
Building Better Theory: Time And The Specification Of When Things Happen.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalMitchell, Terence R., James, Lawrence R.
Causation and effectuation: toward a theoretical shift from economic inevitability to entrepreneurial contingency.Business, generalSarasvathy, Saras D.
Complexifying organizational theory: illustrations using time research.Business, generalOfori-Dankwa, Joseph, Julian, Scott D.
Cooperative networks and competitive dynamics: a structural embeddedness perspective.Business, generalGnyawali, Devi R., Madhavan, Ravindranath
Crafting a job: revisioning employees as active crafters of their work.Business, generalWrzesniewski, Amy, Dutton, Jane E.
Information policy: shaping the value of agency relationships.Business, generalJacobides, Michael G., Croson, David C.
In whom we trust: group membership as an affective context for trust development.Business, generalWilliams, Michele
Managing Intellectual Capital: Organizational, Strategic and Policy Dimensions.(book review)(Review)Business, generalPorter, Julia
Perspectives on Organizational Communication: Finding Common Ground.Business, generalAshcraft, Karen Lee
Reconceptualizing mentoring at work: a developmental network perspective.Business, generalHiggins, Monica C., Kram, Kathy E.
Role Transitions in Organizational Life: An Identity-Based Perspective.Business, generalDukerich, Janet M.
Taking Time To Integrate Temporal Research.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalAncona, Deborah G, Okhuysen, Gerardo A., Perlow, Leslie A.
Taking time to intergrate temporal research.(research information)Business, general 
The Effect Of Individual Perceptions Of Deadlines On Team Performance.Business, generalWaller, Mary J., Conte, Jeffrey M., Gibson, Cristina B., Carpenter, Mason
The effect of individual perceptions of deadlines on team performance.(research information)Business, general 
The Rise of Fiduciary Capitalism: How Institutional Investors Can Make Corporate America More Democratic.(Review)Business, generalSeth, Anju
The Temporal Dynamics Of Institutionalization.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalLawrence, Thomas B., Winn, Monika I., Jennings, P. Devereaux
Time: A New Research Lens.Business, generalAncona, Deborah G., Goodman, Paul S., Lawrence, Barbara S.
Time, temporal capability, and planned change.(research information)Business, general 
Time, Temporal Capability, and Planned Change.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalQuy, Nguyen Huy
Toward a descriptive stakeholder theory: an organizational life cycle approach.Business, generalJawahar, I.M., McLaughlin, Gary L.
Toward a theory of psychological ownership in organizations.(Note)Business, generalPierce, Jon L., Kostova, Tatiana, Dirks, Kurt T.
Unpacking creativity.(Note)Business, generalUnsworth, Kerrie
Voluntary turnover, social capital, and organizational performance.Business, generalShaw, Jason D., Dess, Gregory G.
What matters most.(Academy of Management 2001 Presidential Address)Business, general 
When Plans Change: Examining How People Evaluate Timing Changes in Work Organizations.Business, generalBlount, Sally, Janicik, Gregory A.
When plans change: Examining how people evaluate timing changes in work organizations.(research information)Business, general 
When the Muse takes it all: A model for the experience of timelessness in organization.(research information)Business, general 
When The Muse Takes It all: A Model For The Experience Of Timelessness In Organizations.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalMainemelis, Charalampos
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