Academy of Management Review 1998 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1998
A behavioral agency model of managerial risk taking.Business, generalWiseman, Robert M., Gomez-Mejia, Luis R.
A formal model of trust based on outcomes.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalDevinney, Timothy M., Pillutla, Madan M., Bhattacharya, Rajeev
An organizational memory approach to information management.Business, generalGlick, William H., Manz, Charles C., Anand, Vikas
A theoretical exploration of the adoption and design of flexible benefit plans: a case of human resource innovation.Business, generalMilkovich, George T., Barringer, Melissa W.
Betrayal of trust in organizations. (Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalShapiro, Debra L., Elangovan, A.R.
Between trust and control: developing confidence in partner cooperation in alliances.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalDas, T.K., Teng, Bing-Sheng
Demographic diversity and faultlines: the compositional dynamics of organizational groups.Business, generalMurnighan, J. Keith, Lau, Dora C.
Explaining how survivors respond to downsizing: the roles of trust, empowerment, justice, and work redesign.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalSpreitzer, Gretchen M., Mishra, Aneil K.
How can cooperation be fostered? The cultural effects of individualism-collectivism.Business, generalMeindl, James R., Chen, Xiao-Ping, Chen, Chao C.
Initial trust formation in new organizational relationships.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalCummings, Larry L., McKnight, D. Harrison, Chervany, Norman L.
Integrity in organizations: beyond honesty and conscientiousness.Business, generalBecker, Thomas E.
Maintainability of first mover advantages when environmental regulations differ between countries.Business, generalNehrt, Chad
Managers as initiators of trust: an exchange relationship framework for understanding managerial trustworthy behavior.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalBrodt, Susan E., Werner, Jon M., Whitener, Ellen M., Korsgaard, M. Audrey
Multimarket maneuvering in uncertain spheres of influence: resource diversion strategies.Business, generalMacMillan, Ian C., McGrath, Rita Gunther, Chen, Ming-Jer
Multinational subsidiary evolution: capability and charter change in foreign-owned subsidiary companies.Business, generalBirkinshaw, Julian, Hood, Neil
Negotiating with yourself and losing: making decisions with competing internal preferences.Business, generalBazerman, Max H., Tensbrunsel, Ann E., Wade-Benzoni, Kimberly
Objections to an objectivist approach to integrity. (response to article by Thomas Becker in this issue, p 154)Business, generalBarry, Bruce, Stephens, Carroll U.
Organizational cynicism.Business, generalDean, James W., Jr., Brandes, Pamela, Dharwadkar, Ravi
Organizational decline and innovation: a contingency framework.Business, generalMcKinley, William, Barker, Vincent L., III, Mone, Mark A.
Organizational improvisation and organizational memory.Business, generalMoorman, Christine, Miner, Anne S.
Patterns in the diffusion of strategies across organizations: insights from the innovation diffusion literature.Business, generalPouder, Richard W., O'Neill, Hugh M., Buchholtz, Ann K.
Rebuttal to a subjectivist critique of an objectivist approach to integrity in organizations. (response to article by Bruce Barry and Carroll Stephens in this issue, p 162)Business, generalLocke, Edwin A., Becker, Thomas E.
Reframing crisis management.Business, generalPearson, Christine M., Clair, Judith A.
Relationships and unethical behavior: a social network perspective.Business, generalBrass, Daniel J., Skaggs, Bruce C., Butterfield, Kenneth D.
Social capital, intellectual capital, and the organizational advantage.Business, generalGhoshal, Sumantra, Nahapiet, Janine
Straining for shared meaning in organization science: problems of trust and distrust.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalBigley, Gregory A., Pearce, Jone L.
Technological lockout: an integrative model of the economic and strategic factors driving technology success and failure.Business, generalSchilling, Melissa A.
The charismatic relationship: a dramaturgical perspective.Business, generalAvolio, Bruce J., Gardner, William L.
The experience and evolution of trust: implications for cooperation and teamwork.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalGeorge, Jennifer M., Jones, Gareth R.
The grammars of trust: a model and general implications.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalSheppard, Blair H., Sherman, Dana M.
The relational view: cooperative strategy and sources of interorganizational competitive advantage.Business, generalSingh, Harbir, Dyer, Jeffrey H.
The utilization of contingent work, knowledge creation, and competitive advantage.Business, generalHill, Charles W.L., Matusik, Sharon F.
Toward a taxonomy of multidimensional constructs.Business, generalLaw, Kenneth S., Wong, Chi-Sum, Mobley, William H.
Toward a unifying framework for exploring fit and flexibility in strategic human resource management.Business, generalSnell, Scott A., Wright, Patrick M.
Trust and distrust: new relationships and realities.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalLewicki, Roy J., Bies, Robert J., McAllister, Daniel J.
Trust in Japanese interfirm relations: institutional sanctions matter.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalHagen, James M., Choe, Soonkyoo
Understanding the influence of national culture on the development of trust.(Special Topic Forum on Trust in and Between Organizations)Business, generalDoney, Patricia M., Cannon, Joseph P., Mullen, Michael R.
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