Academy of Management Review 1997 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1997
A general theory of network governance: exchange conditions and social mechanisms.Business, generalHesterly, William S., Jones, Candace, Borgatti, Stephen P.
A Prisoner's Dilemma approach to entrepreneur-venture capitalist relationships.Business, generalCable, Daniel M., Shane, Scott
A real options logic for initiating technology positioning investments.Business, generalMcGrath, Rita Gunther
Cleaning up after the Cold War: management and social issues.Business, generalReed, Richard, Lemak, David J., Hesser, W. Andrew
Competition, cooperation, and the search for economic rents: a syncretic model.Business, generalBoyd, Nancy G., Hanlon, Susan C., Lado, Augustine A.
Demographic diversity in decision-making groups: the experiences of women and people of color.Business, generalGraves, Laura M., Elsass, Priscilla M.
Determinants of target responses to sexual harassment: a conceptual framework. (includes appendix)Business, generalFaley, Robert H., Ekeberg, Steven E., Knapp, Deborah Erdos, DuBois, Kathy L.Z.
Diversified mentoring relationships in organizations: a power perspective.Business, generalRagins, Bell Rose
Equifinality: functional equivalence in organization design.Business, generalDrazin, Robert, Gresov, Christopher
Feminization unveiled: management qualities in contemporary writings.Business, generalFondas, Nanette
Human assets and management dilemmas: coping with hazards on the road to resource-based theory.Business, generalCoff, Russell W.
Integrating transaction cost and institutional theories: toward a constrained-efficiency framework for understanding organizational design adoption.Business, generalRoberts, Peter W., Greenwood, Royston
Knowledge, bargaining power, and the instability of international joint ventures.Business, generalInkpen, Andrew C., Beamish, Paul W.
Moving beyond dyadic ties: a network theory of stakeholder influences.Business, generalRowley, Timothy J.
Narcissism, identity, and legitimacy.Business, generalBrown, Andrew D.
Postmodernism and organizational research.Business, generalKilduff, Martin, Mehra, Ajay
Process and structure in leader-member exchange.Business, generalLiden, Robert C., Sparrowe, Raymond T.
Professional as agent: knowledge asymmetry in agency exchange.Business, generalSharma, Anurag
Strategy retold: toward a narrative view of strategic discourse.Business, generalElmes, Michael, Barry, David
The impact of cultural values on employee resistance to teams: toward a model of globalized self-managing work team effectiveness.Business, generalShapiro, Debra L., Kirkman, Bradley L.
The nature and implications of contextual influences on transformational leadership: a conceptual examination.Business, generalPawar, Badrinarayan Shankar, Eastman, Kenneth K.
Toward a stewardship theory of management.Business, generalDavis, James H., Schoorman, F. David, Donaldson, Lex
Toward a theory of stakeholder identification and salience: defining the principle of who and what really counts.Business, generalWood, Donna J., Agle, Bradley R., Mitchell, Ronald K.
Toward a theory of strategic change: a multi-lens perspective and integrative framework. (includes appendix)Business, generalRajagopalan, Nandini, Spreitzer, Gretchen M.
Toward understanding joint venture performance and survival: a bargaining and influence approach to transaction cost theory.Business, generalPearce, Robert J.
When employees feel betrayed: a model of how psychological contract violation develops.Business, generalRobinson, Sandra L., Morrison, Elizabeth Wolfe
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