Academy of Management Review 1993 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1993
Deconstructing Organizations.Business, generalKilduff, Martin
Divergence between archival and perceptual measures of the environment: causes and consequences.Business, generalDess, Gregory G., Boyd, Brian K., Rasheed, Abdul M.A.
Emotional labor in service roles: the influence of identity.Business, generalHumphrey, Ronald H., Ashforth, Blake E.
Innovation modification during intraorganizational adoption.Business, generalLewis, Laurie K., Seibold, David R.
"Messy" research, methodological predispositions, and theory development in international joint ventures.Business, generalParkhe, Arvind
Murray and Reshef revisited: toward a typology/theory of paradigms of national trade union movements.Business, generalOfori-Dankwa, Joseph
Personal networks of women and minorities in management: a conceptual framework.Business, generalIbarra, Herminia
Tailored meanings: on the meaning and impact of organizational dress.Business, generalRafaeli, Anat, Pratt, Michael G.
The architecture of simplicity.Business, generalMiller, Danny
Toward a theory of organizational creativity.Business, generalWoodman, Richard W., Griffin, Ricky W., Sawyer, John E.
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