Academy of Management Review 1992 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1992
A cybernetic theory of stress, coping, and well-being in organizations.Business, generalEdwards, Jeffrey R.
Aesthetic understanding of organizational life.Business, generalStrati, Antonio
A framework for successful adoption and performance of Japanese manufacturing practices in the United States.Business, generalYoung, S. Mark
A model of union membership: instrumentality, commitment, and opposition.Business, generalShore, Lynn McFarlane, Newton, Lucy A.
An integrative framework for strategy-making processes.Business, generalHart, Stuart L.
A psychoanalytic reading of hostile takeover events.Business, generalSchneider, Susan C., Dunbar, Roger L.M.
Changing spaces: the disruptive impact of a new epistemological location for the study of management.Business, generalKnights, David
Critique and theory building: producing knowledge "from the kitchen."Business, generalJacques, Roy
Gaining advanced manufacturing technologies' benefits: the roles of organization design and culture.Business, generalZammuto, Raymond F., O'Connor, Edward J.
Genres of organizational communication: a structurational approach to studying communication and media.Business, generalYates, Joanne, Orlikowski, Wanda J.
Management and theories of organizations in the 1990s: toward a critical radical humanism?Business, generalAktouf, Omar
On the idea of emancipation in management and organization studies.Business, generalAlvesson, Mats, Willmott, Hugh
Personal and situational determinants of referent choice.Business, generalKulik, Carol T., Ambrose, Maureen L.
Reconceptualizing the determinants of risk behavior.Business, generalSitkin, Sim B., Pablo, Amy L.
Self-efficacy: a theoretical analysis of its determinants and malleability.Business, generalMitchell, Terence R., Gist, Marilyn E.
The "Austrian" school of strategy.Business, generalJacobson, Robert
The causes and consequences of leveraged management buyouts.Business, generalMarcus, Alfred, Fox, Isaac
The emperor has no clothes: rewriting "race in organizations."Business, generalNkomo, Stella M.
The environment and internal organization of multinational enterprises.Business, generalBlack, J. Stewart, Sundaram, Anant K.
The escalation of commitment to a failing course of action: toward theoretical progress.Business, generalBrockner, Joel
The impact of flexible automation on business strategy and organizational structure.Business, generalSethi, S. Prakash, Parthasarthy, Raghavan
The organizational taxonomy: definition and design.Business, generalRich, Philip
The politics of emotion: a feminist reading of bounded rationality.Business, generalMumby, Dennis K., Putnam, Linda L.
The social effects of punishment in organizations: a justice perspective.Business, generalTrevino, Linda Klebe
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