Academy of Management Review 1991 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1991
Allocation of investment in work and family roles: alternative theories and implications for research.Business, generalLobel, Sharon Alisa
Assessment of ethical performance of organization members: a conceptual framework.Business, generalCarroll, Archie B., Gatewood, Robert D.
Blind spots in industry and competitor analysis: implications of interfirm (mis)perceptions for strategic decisions.Business, generalZajac, Edward J., Bazerman, Max H.
Corporate social performance revisited.Business, generalWood, Donna J.
Empirical science: new frontier in operations management research.Business, generalSwamidass, Paul M.
Employee ownership: a conceptual model of process and effects.Business, generalPierce, Jon L., Rubenfeld, Stephen A., Morgan, Susan
Environmental munificence: a theoretical assessment.Business, generalCastrogiovanni, Gary J.
Equity, equality, power, and conflict.Business, generalKabanoff, Boris
Ethical decision making by individuals in organizations: an issue-contingent model.Business, generalJones, Thomas M.
Honeymoons and the liability of adolescence: a new perspective on duration dependence in social and organizational relationships.Business, generalFichman, Mark, Levinthal, Daniel A.
Impression management in the feedback-seeking process: a literature review and research agenda.Business, generalMorrison, Elizabeth Wolfe, Bies, Robert J.
Industry determinants of organizational culture.Business, generalGordon, George G.
Information seeking during organizational entry: influences, tactics, and a model of the process.Business, generalMiller, Vernon D., Jablin, Fredric M.
Knowledge flows and the structures of control within multinational corporations.Business, generalGupta, Anil K., Govindarajan, Vijay
Managerial fads and fashions: the diffusion and rejection of innovations.Business, generalAbrahamson, Eric
Organizational environments and the multinational enterprise.Business, generalSingh, Jitendra V., Rosenzweig, Philip M.
Organizational life cycles and strategic international human resource management in multinational companies: implications for congruence theory.Business, generalVon Glinow, Mary Ann, Milliman, John, Nathan, Maria
Organizational memory.Business, generalWalsh, James P., Ungson, Gerardo Rivera
Revolutionary change theories: a multilevel exploration of the punctuated equilibrium paradigm.Business, generalGersick, Connie J.G.
Strategic responses to institutional processes.Business, generalOliver, Christine
The effects of regulatory tools on organizational populations.Business, generalWholey, Douglas R., Sanchez, Susan M.
The missing link: a transformational view of metaphors in organizational science.Business, generalTsoukas, Haridimos
The parochial dinosaur: organizational science in a global context.Business, generalAdler, Nancy J., Boyacigiller, Nakiye Avdan
The role of intentions in work motivation: implications for goal-setting theory and research.Business, generalTubbs, Mark E., Ekeberg, Steven E.
The seasons of a CEO's tenure.Business, generalHambrick, Donald C., Fukutomi, Gregory D.S.
Toward a comprehensive model of international adjustment: an integration of multiple theoretical perspectives.Business, generalBlack, J. Stewart, Oddou, Gary, Mendenhall, Mark
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