Academy of Management Review 1989 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1989
A framework for analyzing customer service orientations in manufacturing.Business, generalBowen, David E., Schneider, Benjamin, Siehl, Caren
Agency theory: an assessment and review.Business, generalEisenhardt, Kathleen M.
An integrated control theory model of work motivation.Business, generalKlein, Howard J.
Building theories from case study research. (Special Forum on Theory Building)Business, generalEisenhardt, Kathleen M.
Concept fallibility in organizational science. (Special Forum on Theory Building)Business, generalOsigweh, Chimezie A.B.
Decreasing organizational size: untangling the effects of money and people.Business, generalD'Aunno, Thomas, Sutton, Robert I.
Determinants of grievance activity and the grievance system's impact on employee behavior: an integrative perspective.Business, generalKlaas, Brian S.
Groupthink reconsidered. (group decision-making)Business, generalWhyte, Glen
Hierarchies and American ideals, 1900 - 1940. (corporate history)Business, generalMiller, Peter, O'Leary, Ted
Hybrid arrangements as strategic alliances: theoretical issues in organizational combinations.Business, generalBorys, Bryan, Jemison, David B.
Improving interactional organizational research: a model of person-organization fit.Business, generalChatman, Jennifer A.
Just a mirage: the search for dispositional effects in organizational research.Business, generalPfeffer, Jeffrey, Davis-Blake, Alison
Organizational theories: some criteria for evaluation. (Special Forum on Theory Building)Business, generalBacharach, Samuel B.
Organization and customer: managing design and coordination of services. (service organizations and customer participation)Business, generalLarsson, Rikard, Bowen, David E.
Persons, situations, interactions: the history of a controversy and a discussion of theoretical models.Business, generalPervin, Lawrence
Quasi firms: strategic interorganizational forms in the health care industry.Business, generalBegun, James W., Luke, Roice D., Pointer, Dennis D.
Social cognitive theory of organizational management.Business, generalWood, Robert, Bandura, Albert
Social identity theory and the organization.Business, generalAshforth, Blake E., Mael, Fred
Task characteristics as a bridge between macro- and microlevel research on salary inequality between men and women.Business, generalAuster, Ellen R.
The concept of fit in strategy research: toward verbal and statistical correspondence.Business, generalVenkatraman, N.
The dynamic interplay between employees' feedback-seeking strategies and supervisors' delivery of performance feedback.Business, generalLarson, James R., Jr.
Theory construction as disciplined imagination. (Special Forum on Theory Building)Business, generalWeick, Karl E.
The paradox of independent relations in the field of social issues in management.Business, generalAram, John D.
The validity of idiographic research explanations. (Special Forum on Theory Building)Business, generalTsoukas, Haridimos
Using paradox to build management and organization theories. (Special Forum on Theory Building)Business, generalVan de Ven, Andrew H., Poole, Marshall Scott
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