Academy of Management Review 1988 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1988
Acculturation in mergers and acquisitions.Business, generalNahavandi, Afsaneh, Malekzadeh, Ali R.
A contingency view of Porter's "generic strategies".Business, generalMurray, Alan I.
Agency and transaction cost perspectives on the manager-shareholder relationship: incentives for congruent interests.Business, generalOviatt, Benjamin M.
A generic model of competitive dynamics.Business, generalOliva, Terence A., Day, Diana L., Macmillan, Ian C.
American manufacturing unions' stasis: a paradigmatic perspective.Business, generalMurray, Alan I., Reshef, Yonatan
A model of CEO dismissal.Business, generalHambrick, Donald C., Fredrickson, James W., Baumrin, Sara
Antecedents of organizational slack.Business, generalChase, Richard B., Sharfman, Mark P., Wolf, Gerrit, Tansik, David A.
Conceptualizing and measuring the economic effectiveness of human resource activities.Business, generalSteffy, Brian D., Maurer, Steven D.
Configurational and coactivational views of organizational structure.Business, generalDow, Gregory K.
Costs, revenue, and business-level strategy.Business, generalJones, Gareth R., Butler, John E.
Cultural constraints on transfer of technology across nations: implications for research in international and comparative management.Business, generalKedia, Ben L., Bhagat, Rabi S.
Culture traits, strength, and organizational performance: moving beyond "strong" culture.Business, generalSaffold, Guy S., III
Cybernetics and dependence: reframing the control concept.Business, generalGreen, Stephen G., Welsh, M. Ann
Data dredging or legitimate research method? Historiography and its potential for management research.Business, generalGoodman, Robert S., Kruger, Evonne Jonas
Determinants of work force reduction strategies in declining organizations.Business, generalSutton, Robert I., Greenhalgh, Leornard, Lawrence, Anne T.
Differentiation versus low cost or differentiation and low cost: a contingency framework.Business, generalHill, Charles W.L.
Employee participation: diverse forms and different outcomes.Business, generalCotton, John L., Froggatt, Kirk L., Vollrath, David A., Lengnick-Hall, Mark L., Jennings, Kenneth R.
Flexible manufacturing organizations: implications for strategy formulation and organization design.Business, generalFry, Louis W., Nemetz, Patricia L.
Forms of value systems: a focus on organizational effectiveness and cultural change and maintenance.Business, generalWiener, Yoash
Impact of the setup variable on capacity and inventory decisions.Business, generalHahn, Chan K., Bragg, Daniel J., Shin, Dongwook
Implementing entrepreneurial ideas: the case for intention.Business, generalBird, Barbara
Ingratiatory behaviors in organizational settings.Business, generalLiden, Robert C., Mitchell, Terence R.
Management theory for small business: attempts and requirements.Business, generald'Amboise, Gerald, Muldowney, Marie
Managing two fits of strategic human resource management.Business, generalMeshoulam, Ilan, Baird, Lloyd
Modeling organizational species' interdependence in an ecological community: an input-output approach.Business, generalDess, Gregory G., Beard, Donald W.
Properties of emerging organizations.Business, generalGartner, William B., Katz, Jerome
Pygmalion, goal setting, and expectancy: compatible ways to boost productivity.Business, generalEden, Dov
Self-appraisal in performance evaluation: development versus evaluation.Business, generalCampbell, Donald J., Lee, Cynthia
Staffing policy as a strategic response: a typology of career systems.Business, generalSonnenfeld, Jeffrey A., Peiperl, Maury A.
Strategic human resources management: a review of the literature and a proposed typology.Business, generalLengnick-Hall, Mark L., Lengnick-Hall, Cynthia A.
Task complexity: a review and analysis.Business, generalCampbell, Donald J.
The determinants of goal commitment.Business, generalErez, Miriam, Locke, Edwin A., Latham, Gary P.
The empowerment process: integrating theory and practice.Business, generalConger, Jay A., Kanungo, Rabindra N.
The public-private distinction in organization theory: a critique and research strategy.Business, generalPerry, James L., Rainey, Hal G.
Three roles of language in motivation theory.Business, generalSullivan, Jeremiah J.
Toward a system for classifying business strategies.Business, generalHofer, Charles W., Chrisman, James J., Boulton, William R.
Toward culturally sensitive theories of culture change. (organizational change)Business, generalWilkins, Alan L., Dyer, W. Gibb, Jr.
Women and mentoring: a review and research agenda.Business, generalNoe, Raymond A.
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