Academy of Management Review 1986 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1986
A critical theory of organization science.Business, generalSteffy, Brian D., Crimes, Andrew J.
Aesthetic components of management ethics.Business, generalBrady, F. Neil
After the ax falls: job loss as a career transition.Business, generalLatack, Janina C., Dozier, Janelle B.
A perceived uncertainty model of human resource forecasting technique use.Business, generalFiorito, Jack, Stone, Thomas H.
A review and analysis of power dynamics in organizational romances. (interpersonal relationships in organizational settings)Business, generalMainiero, Lisa A.
Beyond the Steers and Rhodes model of employee attendance.Business, generalBrooke, Paul P., Jr.
Clients as 'partial' employees of service organizations: role development in client participation.Business, generalMills, Peter K., Morris, James H.
Collective strategy: Vice or virtue?Business, generalBresser, Rudi K., Harl, Johannes E.
Communicating influence attempts in dyads: linguistic sedatives and palliatives.Business, generalMoberg, Dennis J., Drake, Brucce H.
Construct measurement in organizational strategy research : a critique and proposal.Business, generalVenkatraman, N., Grant, John H.
Contours in social change: elemental graphics and a surrogate variable for gamma change.Business, generalGolembiewski, Robert T.
Corporate acquisitions: a process perspective.Business, generalSitkin, Sim B., Jemison, David B.
Corporate political strategy and legislative decision making: a review and contingency approach.Business, generalZeithaml, Carl P., Keim, Gerald D.
Decentralization, strategy, and effectiveness of strategic business units in multibusiness organizations.Business, generalGovindarajan, Vijay
Developing a process model of problem recognition. (recognizing problems in organizational settings)Business, generalCowan, David A.
Development and application of a model of personal control in organizations.Business, generalGreenberger, David B., Strasser, Stephen
Diagnosis related groups: product line management within hospitals.Business, generalFreeman, Jean L., Fetter, Robert B.
Employee turnover: a meta-analysis and review with implications for research.Business, generalCotton, John L., Tuttle, Jeffrey M.
Escalating commitment to a course of action: a reinterpretation.Business, generalWhyte, Glen
Ethical decision making in organizations: a person-situation interactionist model.Business, generalTrevino, Linda Klebe
Human nature, organizations, and management theory.Business, generalSullivan, Jeremiah J.
Information, cognitive biases, and commitment to a course of action.Business, generalSchwenk, Charles R.
Leader-member exchange model of leadership: a critique and further development.Business, generalLiden, Robert C., Dienesch, Richard M.
Linking theory construction and theory testing: models with multiple indicators of latent variables.Business, generalHughes, Marie Adele, Price, R. Leon, Marrs, Daniel W.
Measurement of business performance in strategy research: a comparison of approaches.Business, generalVenkatraman, N., Ramanujam, Vasudevan
Modeling the skills obsolescence process: a psychological-economic integration.Business, generalFossum, John A., Arvey, Richard D., Paradise, Carol A., Robbins, Nancy E.
Moderator variables in leadership research.Business, generalDorfman, Peter W., Howell, Jon P., Kerr, Steven
Organizational culture: Can it be a source of sustained advantage?Business, generalBarney, Jay B.
Organizational ecology: findings and implications.Business, generalWholey, Douglas R., Brittain, Jack W.
Organizational studies: the merits of the Blunt approach. (an analysis of the research approaches espoused by Peter Blunt)Business, generalShenkar, Oded, Ronen, Simcha
Organization development and national culture: Where's the fit?Business, generalJqeger, Alfred M.
Personality, culture, and organization.Business, generalMiller, Danny, Kets de Vries, Manfred F. R.
Political diagnosis: applications in organizational development.Business, generalCobb, Anthony T.
Prosocial organizational behaviors. (group actions aimed at maintaining the well-being of others)Business, generalBrief, Arthur P., Motowidlo, Stephan J.
Self-Leadership: toward an expanded theory of self-influence processes in organizations.Business, generalManz, Charles C.
Strategic management of the socially responsible firm: integrating management and marketing theory.Business, generalMurray, Keith B., Montanari, John R.
Strategic management of uncertainty. (environmental uncertainty for profit-oriented organizations)Business, generalJauch, Lawrence R., Kraft, Kenneth L.
Structural adaptations to environments.Business, generalYasai-Ardekani, Masoud
Techno- and ethnocentrism in organizational studies: comment and speculation prompted by Ronen and Shenkar.Business, generalBlunt, Peter
The female entrepreneur: a career development perspective.Business, generalHisrich, Robert D., Rowen, Donald D.
The first-line supervisor: Phasing out or here to stay?Business, generalKerr, Steven, Hill, Kenneth D., Broedling, Laurie
The 'Science of the Sophomore' revisited: from conjecture to empiricism.Business, generalSchmitt, Neal, Gordon, Michael E., Slade, L. Allen
The strategic decision process and organizational structure.Business, generalFredrickson, James W.
Towards reconciliation of market performance measures to strategic management research.Business, generalLubatkin, Michael, Shrieves, Ronald E.
Trainees' attributes and attitudes: neglected influences on training effectiveness.Business, generalNoe, Raymond A.
Training programs for performance appraisal: a review.Business, generalSmith, David E.
Transaction cost analysis of service organization - customer exchange.Business, generalBowen, David E., Jones, Gareth R.
Types of competition and the theory of strategy: toward an interactive framework.Business, generalBarney, Jay B.
Voting for and against unions: a decision model.Business, generalSummers, Timothy P., Betton, John H., DeCotiis, Thomas A.
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