Academy of Management Review 1985 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1985
A Janus-headed model of ethical theory: looking two ways at business-society issues.Business, generalBrady, F. Neil
A public choice approach to motivating people in bureaucratic organizations.Business, generalSpicer, Michael W.
A review and reconceptualization of organizational commitment.Business, generalReichers, Arnon E.
Changing authority patterns: a cultural perspective.Business, generalHeller, Trudy
Clustering countries on attitudinal dimensions: a review and synthesis.Business, generalShenkar, Oded, Ronen, Simcha
Conceptualizing and measuring organizational and psychological climate: pitfalls in multilevel research.Business, generalGlick, William H.
Data in search of a theory: a critical examination of the relationships among social performance, social disclosure, and economic performance of U.S. firms.Business, generalUllmann, Arieh A.
Employee ingratiation: the role of management.Business, generalRalston, David A.
Linking cognition and behavior: a script processing interpretation of vicarious learning.Business, generalGioia, Dennis A., Manz, Charles C.
Managing complexity through consensus mapping: technology for the structuring of group decisions.Business, generalHart, Stuart, Boroush, Mark, Enk, Gordon, Hornick, William
Methodological issues in absenteeism research: multiple absence measures and multivariate normality.Business, generalWatson, Collin J., Driver, Russell W., Watson, Kent D.
Organizational dualism and quality circles.Business, generalGoldstein, S.G.
Organizational illegality: theoretical integration and illustrative application.Business, generalSzwajkowski, Eugene
Sex differences in work stress.Business, generalJick, Todd D., Mitz, Linda F.
The absence culture and the psychological contract - Who's in control of absence?Business, generalNicholson, Nigel, Johns, Gary
The use of participant recollection in the modeling of organizational decision processes.Business, generalSchwenk, Charles R.
Work-at-home and the quality of working life.Business, generalShamir, Boas, Salomon, Ilan
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