Academy of Management Review 1984 - Abstracts

Academy of Management Review 1984
An Emic Perspective and Ethnoscience Methods for Organizational Research.Business, generalMorey, N.C., Luthans, F.
An Inventory and Critique of Strategy Rearch Using the PIMS Data Base.Business, generalRamanujam, V., Venkatraman, N.
A Problem in Data Analysis.Business, generalBehling, O., Dillard, J.F.
A Process Model of Individual Career Decision Making.Business, generalMihal, W.L., Sorce, P.A., Comte, T.E.
Counter-Cyclical Hiring Strategy for Managerial and Professional Personnel: Some Considerations and Issues.Business, generalGreer, C.R.
Differentiating Entrepreneurs from Small Business Owners: A Conceptualization.Business, generalCarland, J.W., Hoy, F., Boulton, W.R., Carland, J.C.
Dollars, Sense, and Sunk Cost: A Life Cycle Model of Research Allocation Decisions.Business, generalWolf, G., Northcraft, G.B.
Domain Maintenance as an Objective of Business Political Activity: An expanded Typology.Business, generalBaysinger, B.D.
Enhancing Organizational Research Utilization.Business, generalShrivastava, P., Mitroff, I.I.
Equal Pay and Gender.Business, generalCooper, E.A., Barrett, G.V.
Explaining Group Poor Performance.Business, generalBrown, K.A.
Historical Perspective: Using the Past to Study the Present.Business, generalLawrence, B.S.
Mingling Decision Making Metaphors.Business, generalMeyer, A.D.
Modern Financial Theory, Corporate Strategy, and Public Policy.Business, generalPeavy, J.W.III
Motivation and Politics in Executive Compensation.Business, generalUngson, G.R., Steers, R.M.
Optimal and Dysfunctional Turnover: Toward an Organizational Level Model.Business, generalAbelson, M.A., Baysinger, B.D.
Power and Organization Life Cycles.Business, generalMintzberg, H.
Research Thrusts in Small Firm Strategic Planning.Business, generalPearce, J.A.II, Robinson, R.B.Jr.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy as a Management Tool.Business, generalEden, D.
Strategy and Multinational Organization Structure: An Interorganizational Relationship Perspective.Business, generalHerbert, T.T.
Structural Sources of Intraorganizational Power.Business, generalAstley, W.G., Sachdeva, P.S.
The Congruence Perspective of Organization Design.Business, generalRandolph, W.A., Dess, G.G.
The Development and Enforcement of Group Norms.Business, generalFeldman, D.C.
The Influence of the Physical Environment in Offices.Business, generalDavis, T.R.V.
The Japanese Management Theory Jungle.Business, generalKeys, J.B., Miller, T.R.
The Validity and Usefulness of Theories in an Emerging Organizational Science.Business, generalMiner, J.B.
Toward a Model of Organizations as Interpretation Systems.Business, generalDaft, R.L., Weick, K.E.
Treating Progress Functions as a Managerial Opportunity.Business, generalDutton, J.M., Thomas, A.
Turnover and Job Performance.Business, generalJackofsky, E.F.
Upper Echelons: The Organization as a Reflection of Its Top Managers.Business, generalHambrick, D.C., Mason, P.A.
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