Vanity Fair 2000 James Wolcott - Abstracts

Vanity Fair 2000 James Wolcott
Forever young.(singer Bobbie Darin)General interestJames Wolcott
HBO's singular sensation.("The Sopranos")General interestJames Wolcott
How to succeed in business without really breathing.(business as portrayed in the latest management books compared to the portrayal of office life in television comedies)(Column)General interestJames Wolcott
Lovers come back.(romantic comedies of Doris Day and Rock Hudson)General interestJames Wolcott
Mystery Guest.(Christopher Guest)General interestJames Wolcott
Now, voyeur.(television voyeurism)General interestJames Wolcott
The Amis papers.(novelist Martin Amis's memoir 'Experience')General interestJames Wolcott
The real McQueen.(excerpts from "Steve McQueen")(actor Steve McQueen)General interestJames Wolcott
Wolcott on the web: Overthrow the interestJames Wolcott
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