Vanity Fair 2000 Evgenia Peretz - Abstracts

Vanity Fair 2000 Evgenia Peretz
All things bright and beautiful.(Brooke de Ocampo's book of 21st-century New York society)General interestEvgenia Peretz
Celebrity's little helpers.(assistants to celebrities)General interestEvgenia Peretz
Frat-house goddess.(Cameron Diaz)(Cover Story)(Interview)General interestEvgenia Peretz
Frat-house goddess.(profile of Cameron Diaz)General interestEvgenia Peretz
Hot Chocolat.(film by director Lasse Hallstrom)General interestEvgenia Peretz
The enfantrepreneurs.(teenagers and Internet businesses)General interestEvgenia Peretz
The "It" parade.(definition and list)General interestEvgenia Peretz
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