Times Higher Education Supplement 2003 Harry Kroto - Abstracts

Times Higher Education Supplement 2003 Harry Kroto
'As almost all chemistry is nanotechnology and I am a chemist, I've been working on nanotechnology without knowing for these past 40 years!'(Opinion)(critics of nanoscience are spouting ill-informed rubbish)EducationHarry Kroto
'Chemists should remove scientific inventions from the lives of those such as Billy Connolly and Jeremy Clarkson who rubbish science education'.(Opinion)EducationHarry Kroto
'Is there some MI6/No 10 phrasebook, a spin doctor's Roget's, a dossier of distortion especially doctored for use in communication with No 10?'.(Opinion)EducationHarry Kroto
'I wonder if Blair is praying for a way out. Bin Laden would say that he prays the wrong way - but what would one expect of a "designer Christian"?'(Opinion)(Tony Blair got UK involved in illegal invasion of Iraq)EducationHarry Kroto
'"Jaws" was attacking my bumper, trying to shove me into the slow lane. Why are cars getting larger when we need greater fuel efficiency'.(Opinion)EducationHarry Kroto
'My chemistry teachers had PhDs and one really impressed me with his ability to blow non-strop through a blowtorch without pausing to breathe'.(Opinion)(numbers of science teachers fall as celebrities and intellectuals criticise science and science teachers)EducationHarry Kroto
'Our country must be the only one in which passengers do not know from which platform their trains will leave - if they leave at all'.(Opinion)EducationHarry Kroto
'People go abroad for medical treatment: why not do the same with education. Learning by osmosis rather than by pressure is a more successful process'.(Opinion)EducationHarry Kroto
'To the question, what did you do in the truly great war - that of the survival of the human race - would your answer be, "I bought an SUV"?'.(Opinion)EducationHarry Kroto
'What are the concerns about nanotechnology? Environmentalists are worried that with the benefits come dangers. Cor blimey, guv, what's new?'(Opinion)EducationHarry Kroto
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