The New York Times Magazine 1997 Molly O'Neill - Abstracts

The New York Times Magazine 1997 Molly O'Neill
A day for puree: the whir of the blender provided deliverance and some very, very good soup. (includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
A great catch: whether it's steamed, braised or baked, sea bass knows how to behave.(includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
A little squab will do you: what was once just bistro food is suddenly momentous. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
All it's cracked up to be: after 50 years of too much salt, America is in love with pepper. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
An acquired taste. (olives)(includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
Anatomy of a soup. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
A pilgrim in the bayou: on Turkey Day in New Orleans, don't expect a turkey.(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Barbarians at the plate: now that we've afflicted the world with fast food, it's time to slow down.(includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
Better cooking through chemistry: that's the wisdom of Harold McGee, master of the Bunsen burner.(Food)(includes recipes)(Column)(Interview)Molly O'Neill
By ginger! one of the rare spices that swing both sweet and savory.(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Cakes and sales. (restaurants inside retail stores)(includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
California dreamer: a visionary chef pushes the boundaries of French cuisine. (Thomas Keller, owner of French Laundry in Yountville, Ca; includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Cod is good: once a peasant food, this fish is suddenly chic. (includes recipes)(FOod)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Comfort and joy: a rustic but sumptuous meal by a all-star chef. (Jean-Georges Vongerichten owner of four NYC restaurants including Jean Georges in Trump Tower; includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Doctor Pepper: don't know white peppercorns from pink? A prescription is on the way. (includes recipes such as crab and celery root salad with pink peppercorn remoulade)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Down at the heel: two world-weary travelers head to Puglia for some southern comfort. (southern Italian cuisine and the fava bean; includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Eye candy: naturally, the food you see on film is larger than life. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
From soup to litchi nuts: a Chinese New Year's feast by way of Scarsdale. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Hello, Columbus: to the stranger from Ohio, the fare in Times Square seems awfully familiar. (includes recipes excerpted from 'New York Cookbook': Food)(Assignment Times Square: Special Photography Issue)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Hit the spa: nobody leaves the table hungry at this temple of sybaritic denial. (Miraval Life in Balance Resort, Catalina, Arizona)(includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
How sweet it is: and that's the problem for the lowly beet. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Living dangerously: it's amazing how many grown-ups just can't take a yolk.(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Love, Italian style: their courtship began with a taste of Tuscany and a dollop of Rome. (Johanne Killeen and George Germon serve Italian food in their Rhode Island restaurant; includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Mama Le Cirque: she's the woman behind the man who feeds the movers and shakers. (Sirio and Egidiana Maccioni owners of New York City's Le Cirque restaurant)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Not your mother's meatloaf: when all the drama of democracy gets played out in ground meat. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Parsing parsley: as a seasoning or a garnish this little herb is the cook's jolly green giant.(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Savoring Cyprus: Aphrodite emerged here, obviously to sample wild greens and miraculous mezes. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Some like it cold. (chilled soups; includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
Something to root about: don't be put off by its looks - celeriac is sensational. (celery root; includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Splendor in the lemongrass: a seasoning as fresh as a spring sunrise.(includes recipes)(Food)Molly O'Neill
Sugar at suppertime: dessert is easy - sweet and savory is the challenge. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Sweet talk: adding flavor to sugar takes a whisper of heat. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
The clue to a stew.(includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
The cook's night in.(cooking becomes a once-a-week activity)(includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
The day the chefs ate lunch. (world-class New York chefs gather for Sunday lunch) (includes recipes) (Food)Molly O'Neill
The family that sautes together ... will produce a genius like Michel Rostang. (two-star award-winning chef and owner of a Parisian restaurant; includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
The farm team. (a married couple share their love through the husband's cooking) (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
The good seed: which is not to say that cumin is easy. Just irresistible. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
The ladies who bake: the pie committee of St. Stephen's Church in rural Vermont is now in session.(includes recipes)Molly O'Neill
The man who eats well: Ed Behr has a talent for making the ordinary taste extraordinary. (includes recipes)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
The Supper Club. (persons who suddenly gave up on giving dinner parties) (includes recipes)(Column)Molly O'Neill
The way to Marcella's heart ... is through her husband's stomach! A visit with a diva of Italian cooking. (cookbook author and Italian food expert, Marcella Cucina)(Food)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Three heads are better than one. (food recipes using garlic)Molly O'Neill
To your health! Thirsty for life? Drink these tonics and button up your overcoat. (Food)(The age Boom: A Special Issue)(Column)Molly O'Neill
Two for the road: from motels to morels, an adventure on the Oregon Trail. (adult daughter and mother on a four day motoring trip accept each others food foibles and add a new level of mutual understanding)(includes recipes)(Column)Molly O'Neill
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