The Independent 1999 Ian Burrell - Abstracts

The Independent 1999 Ian Burrell
And on the next day, it was the same old story: racism, bungling, incompetence.(publication of details of witnesses who gave evidence in investigation of murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence)Retail industryIan Burrell, Andrew Buncombe, Colin Brown
Anger at 'feeble' secrecy Bill.(United Kingdom government's Freedom of Information Bill)Retail industryIan Burrell, Colin Brown
Another 1,500 refugees for UK.(United Kingdom to take more ethnic Albanian refugees from Kosovo, Yugoslavia)Retail industryEmma Daly, Ian Burrell
Crazy loner with racist motive is suspected.(nail bomb attack in Brixton, London, England)Retail industryPaul Lashmar, Ian Burrell
Evacuation of 'dumped' refugees.(refugees to be evacuated from Dover, England)Retail industryIan Burrell, Andrew Buncombe
Father Dougal, the dolphins, and a mission from the streets of London.(Aisling project works with homeless Irish people in London, England)Retail industryIan Burrell
It's no holiday waiting in a sodden queue for passports.Retail industryIan Burrell, Gary Finn
Making a case for the underdog.(Law)(human-rights lawyer Daniel Machover)Retail industryIan Burrell
Ministers urge race body to sue companies.(United Kingdom Commission for Racial Equality)Retail industryIan Burrell
Most race attack victims 'are white.'.(includes case studies)(report from United Kingdom Commission for Racial Equality)Retail industryIan Burrell
Murderer to get sex swap on the NHS.Retail industryIan Burrell
Police blunders shock family of man shot dead yards from home.(Harry Stanley)Retail industryIan Burrell
Police unit to blame for 'dozens more injustices.'.(West Midlands Serious Crime Squad)Retail industryIan Burrell, Jason Bennetto
Racial jealousy may have been motive behind shooting of DJ.(Tim Westwood)Retail industryIan Burrell
They said I was dirty.(Law)(lawyer Imran Khan)Retail industryIan Burrell
Turf-war murders over crack terrorise black music clubs.(London and Birmingham, England)Retail industryIan Burrell
Twenty-two years in the life of Anthony Alexandrowicz.Retail industryIan Burrell
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