The Director 1995 Helen Kay - Abstracts

The Director 1995 Helen Kay
Dividing the spoils: is a demerger an unbundling of business to improve shareholder value, or a way of un-bungling an overburdened management team?Business, internationalHelen Kay
Flying Scotsmen: not everyone prospered in the eighties boom. Between 1985 and 1986 Scotland lost control of half of its industrial heritage.Business, internationalHelen Kay
Have we killed the share option? (includes history of use of share options)Business, internationalHelen Kay
How do they manage it? (the UK's leaders in corporate excellence; includes details of individual companies)Business, internationalHelen Kay
Tadpole's leap-frog to the top: last year Tadpole Technology won a couple of industry awards, landed some very big contracts and added another superlative product to its powerful range of workstations and PCs. Yet its share price went south.Business, internationalHelen Kay
The charge of the heat and light brigade. (the market for privatised energy)Business, internationalHelen Kay, Peter Spring
Today's news, tomorrow's company: for an organisation whose first employees were pigeons, Reuters hasn't done too badly. An uncompromisingly long-term approach has transformed it from wire services into the world's biggest provider of electronic information.Business, internationalHelen Kay
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