The Crisis 1992 - Abstracts

The Crisis 1992
2,000 demonstrators in front of the White House assail Bush policy on Haitian repatriation.Political scienceChester A. Higgins Sr.
Adapting to a changing society: FBI initiatives in equal opportunity and violent crime. (Special Careers Issue)Political scienceWilliam S. Sessions
Adoption agencies: can they service African-Americans?Political scienceMarty Jones
African-American artists in context: the Philadelphia Art Museum. (paintings, sculpture and photographs; various artists)Political scienceCarla Maria Verdino-Sullivan
A matter-of-fact strangeness: Bill Traylor at the Ross Galleries. (Bill Traylor, African-American artist) (Bill Traylor, African-American artist.)Political scienceCarla M Verdino-Sullwold
"Angel Street' & the bedevilment of blacks on the tube. (television show)Political scienceJanette L. Dates, Camille O. Cosby
Black defenders. (Afro-American military personnel) (Special Careers Issue)Political scienceWalter Morrison
Blacks in Congress: helping us or just helping themselves.Political scienceLionel C. Barrow Jr.
Booker T. Wahington: the message - the legacy - the challenge.Political scienceJerry M. Guess
Building families, communities, businesses and partnerships...together.Political scienceJean Y. Owensby
Cast down your buckets where you are. (Booker T. Washington on the African-American problem)Political scienceRandall E. Brock
Children need homes, not ethnic politics.Political scienceThorwald Esbeusen
DuBois and Black economic development.Political scienceHerb Boyd
Dubuque: a future of racial peace or strife? (Dubuque, Iowa)Political scienceJack Hanson
Foreign aid to Africa; what countries south of the Sahara really need is equal treatment.Political scienceGeorge M. Daniels
Marla Gibbs: Crossroads Arts Academy and Theater profile. (Afro-American actress, Los Angeles, California)Political scienceSolomon J. Herbert
NAACP community economic development of the people, by the people and for the people. (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)Political scienceJerome L. Reide
NAACP files suit: challenging Maryland's new redistricting plan. (National Assn for the Advancement of Colored People) (Along the Battlefront)Political scienceWilliam H. Sr. Penn
NAACP flabbergasted on the acquittal of four white Los Angeles policemen. (Special Careers Issue)Political scienceWilliam F. Gibson
Netherlands now: Holland.Political scienceRochelle Larkin
Peace Corps expands efforts to interest, attract Black Americans; black volunteers say short-term sacrifice equals long-term gain.Political scienceJoye Mercer
President George Bush's policy on Haitians is indefensible, cruel racism.Political scienceWilliam F. Gibson
Reasoning with Dr. Endesha Ida Mae Holland, playright from the Mississippi Delta.Political scienceCheryl McCourtie
Report from Paris: Colloque International - Les Noirs Americans. (International Conference on African-Americans and Europe)Political scienceOnita Estes-Hicks
Running with Rangel. (Representative Charles B. Rangel)Political scienceHerb Boyd
Survival is the name of the game. (Lewis, White and Clay law firm) (Special Careers Issue)Political scienceMargo E. Williams
The 44th annual Emmy awards: disaster. (Hollywood Grapevine)Political scienceRon Brewington
The awesome ascent of African-American women authors.Political scienceAnn Tye
The Caribbean: playground with a past.Political scienceRochelle Larkin
The Crisis 1992 women of courage: Katherine Dunham: high priestess of protest. (Interview)Political scienceDulan-Wilson Gloria
The legal profession. (Special Careers Issue)Political scienceMolly Askin-Davis
The rise and fall of Freedom National Bank. (Special Careers Issue)Political scienceGeorge M. Daniels
Thousands of children are waiting. (black children for adoption)Political scienceMarty Jones
Tossing "light:" quick and easy stir-fry recipes. (Eating-right)Political scienceBarbara M. Dixon
Transracial adoption.Political scienceMolly Davis
Unfinished songs: three exhibitions at Philadelphia's Afro-American museum. ('Protest and Participation', 'Let This Be Your Home' and 'Songs of My People')Political scienceDianne Williams Hayes
Up from the refrigerator box. (Network of the Cultural Centers of Color)Political scienceGloria Calomee
Whatever happened to the Negro Ensemble Company? (interview with Afro-American playwright Douglas Turner Ward)Political scienceCheryl McCourtie
Why African-Americans vented anger at the Korean community during the LA riots. (Los Angeles, California, 1992)Political scienceSolomon J. Herbert
Women in politics.Political scienceDianne Williams Hayes
Yellow on black: how blacks fare in Japanese-owned companies. (Special Careers Issue)Political scienceCarol Schwalberg
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