Reader's Digest 1998 - Abstracts

Reader's Digest 1998
15 ways to beat a cold: these simple steps can make a big difference.(reprinted from Family Circle, January 7, 1997)General interestJulia Califano
A booming business.(Controlled Demolition Inc)General interestDavid Samuels
Across the bitter divide.(medical relief in Croatia)General interestChristopher Besse
Adding up the good things.(reprinted from Woman's Day, November 18, 1997)General interestFaye Moskowitz
A deadly drug, a new generation.(heroin)General interestHenry Pierson Curtis
A devotion hard to measure.(reprinted from New York Times, Dec. 9, 1997)(volunteer firefighters)General interestEdward Koren
A dog like no other.General interestPeter Muilenburg
A dream in stone. (construction of the monument of Sioux war chief Crazy Horse in Black Hills, South Dakota)General interestLamar Alexander
Afraid of computer?(benefits of using computers)General interestKaren Miles
A good deed comes around.General interestPeter Godwin
A good heart to lean on. (a son realizes the value of his father)General interestAugustus J. Bullok
A hand to hold.(finding life after a loved one's death)General interestAaron Latham
A last chance for troubled boys. (how the Potters changed the lives of troubled teenagers)General interestLawrence Elliott
All hits, all the time.(motion picture reviewers)General interestDaniel Rubin
All in the name.(relevance of names with career choices)General interestEleena De Lisser
All we had was hope: Donghua Li thought only of winning a gold medal. Then he met a woman who changed everything.General interestLucinda Hahn
America's dangerous railroad crossings.General interestBob Trebilcock
America's most powerful lobby.(American Association of Retired Persons)General interestDale Van Atta
America's worst drivers.General interestWilliam Ecenbarger
An etiquette for grief. (how to help others go through a loss)General interestCrystal Gromer
An unexpected love. (profile on the marriage of champion disabled skier Diana Golden and Steve Brusnihan)General interestRobert Sullivan
An unlikely friendship: a quick note of apology was supposed to be the end of the encounter.General interestAlbert DiBartolomeo
An urge toward evil: why we need to teach kids about right and wrong.General interestJon R. Haddon
A place at the table.(friendship between a black man and a white man)General interestCollin Perry
A place of her own. (endeavoring to keep a childhood promise to one's mother)General interestRick Bragg
A racoon named T65: this ring-tailed home wrecker taught us a few things about life.General interestBob Noonan
A run for their lives.(crash landing of a twin-engine Beechcraft in New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo Mountains)General interestLee Maynard
A simple truth about happiness.General interestDennis Prager
A Sioux warrior returns: generations were haunted by Long Wolf's final wish.General interestJessica Seigel
A star to steer by: when she lost the one person she counted on, she had to abandon her dream. Or did she?General interestJacquelyn Mitchard
A voice for Elizabeth: an HMO's medical director is forced to choose between her compassion and the economics of her business.General interestLinda Peeno
A walk in the woods.(reprinted from the book)General interestWilliam Bryson
Beat these diet myths.(misconceptions associated with obesity)General interestMichael Fumento
Binge drinking, a campus killer.(drunkenness among college students)General interestSabrina Rubin
Birth of the coffee bar: how a simple idea became a huge business.General interestHoward Schultz, Doris Jones Yang
Bonnie's time: even at the end, life is precious. Its termination should not be encouraged.General interestGary Eisler
Can we do business with China? Put principles above trade.General interestA.M. Rosenthal
Change your bad habits to good.(reprinted from Treatment Today, Summer '98)General interestRobert Epstein
Cheat sheets.(reprinted from Los Angeles Times)(student cheating)General interestJohn M. Glionna
Christmas out of season.General interestRobert Fulghum
Christopher Reeve's decision.General interestChristopher (American actor) Reeve
City lost in the jungle. (profile on the restoration work on the temple ruins of Angkor, Cambodia)General interestFergus M. Bordewich
Confessions of a crossword constructor.General interestMerl Reagle
Courage on Nahanni River: a couple's dream vacation turns into a life-and-death struggle.General interestKathy Cook
Crucial advice from top women doctors.General interestDonna Christiano
Danger beneath the dash: sure, it's convenient. But don't let this popular car option cost you your life.(cellular phones)General interestSteven Levingston
Decision on an angry sea: the only one close enough to help his friend, Pete Goss would have to go back into the face of the storm.(yacht racing contestants Raphael Dinelli and Pete Goss)General interestRudolph Chelminski
Democracy is not enough; what happens after the elections is important too.General interestFareed Zakaria
Dial a friend.(how babysitting programs can reduce the burden of mothers)General interestSusan Schoenberger
Does your HMO work for you?(tips on selecting an HMO)(health maintenance organization)General interestIrwin Ross
Don't be a victim of highway crime.(reprinted from 'Strong On Defense')General interestSanford Strong
Do you need the 'hormone of desire'?(testosterone)General interestJane E. Brody
Easy home repairs that really pay-off. (simple home repairs that improve tha value of a house)General interestTom Philbin
End homework hassles: what to do when your child says "I can't" or "I won't.".(A Reader's Digest Family Guide: Help Your Child Excel in School)General interestSandi Kahn Shelton
"ER": behind the scenes. (television's medical drama series)General interestLinden Gross
Every criminal's worst nightmare. (Top Ten list of Federal Bureau of Investigation's most wanted criminals)General interestBob Drury
Every evening: from a nightly ritual comes a deep affirmation. (a mother's realization of the power of prayer on her family)General interestJoanne Kaufman
"Exhaust the little moment.".(making life better)General interestAnna Quindlen
Fighting fire. (insights into the life of fire fighting personnel)General interestCaroline Paul
Finding my way with Jesse.(reprinted from 'Hunting for Hope')(father and son)General interestScott Russell Sanders
Five minutes to live.(delivering a baby)General interestBob Trebilcock
For the love of music. (profile on the life of 1997 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition winner Jon Nakamatsu)General interestLinda DeLibero
Four words that changed a life. (the power of words)General interestBob Greene
Fox in the kitchen.General interestAvril Johannes
Free to kill.(the Yanceyville, North Carolina tragedy)General interestHenry Hurt
Games for your brain.(reprinted from Health, Nov/Dec 1997)(includes several brain twisters)General interestDeborah Franklin
Gifts to warm the heart.(adapted from 'It's Just What I've Always Wanted!')General interestChiquita Woodard
Good news about racial progress: the remaining divisions in American society should not blind us to a half-century of dramatic changes.General interestStephan Thernstrom, Abigail Thernstrom
Good news for bad backs.General interestJoseph (American screenwriter) Anthony
Hanging from cliffs: the sport of rock climbing is growing by well, leaps and bounds. An intrepid first-timer finds out why.General interestMatthew Futterman
Heart of fire.(burn victim Lesia Stockall)General interestBryan Smith
Help for a crippling disease. (causes and prevention of osteoporosis in women)(icnludes related article)General interestToni Stabile
Help for reluctant readers: they, too, can discover the joys of reading.(A Reader's Digest Family Guide: Help Your Child Excel in School)(reprinted from Woman's Day, September 1, 1997)General interestKaren Miles
Here comes more weird weather: brace yourself for El Nino's bratty little sister.(La Nina)General interestPer Ola D'Aulaire, Emily D'Aulaire
He walks into gunfire; when gang warfare breaks out in Chicago's projects, Brother Bill is there with a message of love.(Roman Catholic lay worker Bill Tomes)General interestRon Stodghill II
Hidden heart-attack risks.General interestAbby Avin Belson
Home is where the heart is.(Amber Coffman)General interestChristina Cheakalos, Linda Kramer
Home remedies even doctors love.(reprinted from Woman's Day, June 23, 1998)General interestMaureen Sangiorgio
How to get a discount on college tuition.General interestAmy Virshup
How to get real Social Security.(includes related article on returns from a private investment account against Social Security benefits)General interestTom Miller
How to plan for your financial future.General interestRichard Miniter
Hunt for a Mafia hit man.(Giovanni Brusca's capture)General interestChristopher Matthews
I believe you, Mr. President.General interestMichael Kelly
I got rhythm. (dancing and its rewards)General interestTim Madigan
'I'm here to rent the purple flowers'. (a father's experience in dealing with his son's autism)General interestCharles A. Hart
Is your bank ripping you off? (evaluation of costly bank services that increase burden to customers)General interestJean Sherman Chatzky
"I've found gold!"(gold mining in California)General interestFergus M. Bordewich
"I will be there for you.".(a physically challenged woman's New York City Marathon's run)General interestZoe Koplowitz, Mike Celizic
Justice for Kipp: would the hit-and-run driver pay the price for killing a child?General interestRobert C. Yeager
Keeping seniors from their doctors. (analysis of Medicare provisions on senior citizen health care)General interestKenneth Smith
Kick calculators out of class.(reprinted from New York Post, May 21, 1998)General interestDavid Gelernter
Knowing Brenda.(story of a physically handicapped woman)General interestJacqueline Guidry
Lee's story.(adapted from 'Not To Worry, Mom, I'm OK')(Lee Belnap)General interestKarma Smith Belnap
Lives, fortunes, sacred honor.(the men who signed the Declaration of Independence)General interestRush Limbaugh Jr.
Lose two inches in 30 days. (diet tips from thin persons)General interestTamara Eberlein
Make your home break-in proof. (tips on preventing home burglaries)General interestColin Perry
Medical help a click away. (medical information available on the Web helps save lives)(includes related articles)General interestConnie McNamara
Meet Ted Turner.General interestDale Van Atta
Mel Gibson: taking chances.(actor)(Cover Story)General interestLinden Gross
Missile threat from Iran.General interestKenneth R. Timmerman
"Mom, I want a tattoo": if your teens are needing you for body art, here's how you can draw the line.General interestMary Lord
Much "I do" about Mr. Right.(reprinted from Health, Sept. 1998)General interestMary Roach
Murder, he sculpted: combining artistry, forensic training and intuition, Frank Bender helps solve crimes.General interestSabrina Rubin
Murphy's law or coincidence? (the science behind life's annoyances)General interestRobert A. J. Matthews
Music of hope.(Catherine Geach)(Cover Story)General interestKaren Emmons
My father's perfect Christmas.General interestThomas Cahill
My fourteenth summer.General interestW.W. Meade
My husband's hands: his smallest gesture was the purest expression of love.General interestHelen Troisi Arney
My only prayer. (musings on the importance of prayers)General interestLee Maynard
Natural remedies that really work.General interestBurkhard Bilger
No harm, no foul? We really should sweat the small stuff.General interestVincent Barry
Not a moment to spare.(fire rescuers)General interestKevin Harter
Old-house blues.(reprinted from This Old House, November/December 1997)General interestJeanne Marie Laskas
One word we can do without: how to wipe it off the public slate.(reprinted from U.S. News & World Report, April 6, 1998)(the 'F' word)General interestElizabeth Austin
Open mouth, insert foot.(reprinted from Forbes FYI, Summer 1998)(famous faux pas)General interestChristopher Buckley
Ordeal on Mount Foraker.(mountain climbing experience of Colby Coombs)General interestPeter Potterfield
Perfect match. (profile on the Kid's Stuff Foundation of former women's tennis superstar Andrea Jaeger)General interestBill Stump
Red River rising. (Book Section)General interestHenry Hurt
Reshape your body ... with six simple exercises.(reprinted from 'Strong Women Stay Slim')General interestMiriam E. Nelson, Sarah Wernick
Right drug, wrong patient: pharmacy errors are more common than you think.(reprinted from Money, April 1998)General interestAndrea Rock
Runaway train.General interestWilliam M. Hendryx
Saving Tenneh: what the surgeons saw on the X rays seemed completely incompatible with life.General interestDavid Moller
Saving the snow tiger.(Siberian tiger)General interestPaul Raffaele
Search for the Tin Man.(murder of three tourists)General interestThomas French
Seconds to save Emily: they could never stop the 6200-ton train in time.(toddler Emily Marshall; train engineer Rod Lindley and conductor Robert Mohr)General interestCollin Perry
Secrets of happy families.General interestStephen Covey
Seeds of hope.(Crenshaw High School's garden project)General interestJim Hutchison
She carves music from wood. (violin maker Rena Weisshaar)General interestDuane Noriyuki
She dares to live free: Vietnam's most famous novelist writes what others only think.(Duong Thu Huong)General interestBrian Eads
Shooting pool with the old man.(father and grown-up son playing with billiards)General interestPat Jordan
Showdown in Simple City.(housing project in Washington D.C.)General interestDebra Dickerson
Silence, not trade, is the sin.(reprinted from The Wall Street Journal, April 3, 1998)(doing business with China)General interestWilliam McGurn
Simplify your life ... and free up time to do what you love most.General interestCatherine Houck
Solo sailor, in peril. (rescue of sailor Tony Bullimore from his four-day shipwreck ordeal in the Southern Ocean)General interestTony Bullimore
Some sort of magic: this extraordinary horse, grateful parents say, has a rare gift for helping troubles kids.General interestAnnette Foglino
Spy on the run.(ex-Soviet intelligence officer Sergei Bokhan)General interestDavid Wise
Start now- retire early.(how to efficiently manage one's retirement plan)General interestDeborah Rankin
Stay slim for the holidays.General interestJonna Gallo
'Stop whining!' (profile on psychologist and radio personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger)General interestJoannie M. Schrof
Storm in the high sierra.General interestMichael Bowker
Struck by lightning. (mountain climbers trapped in a vicious electrical storm)General interestRuaridh Pringle
Surprising health benefits of sex.General interestHugh O'Neill
Surprising news about diets: even if you've failed before, you can still be a winner at losing.General interestSally Squires
Surrounded by brothers: what happened between the two boys was a father's dream fulfilled.General interestJames Schembari
Sweet temptation: like Adam, we can't resist.(adapted from 'Apples')General interestFrank Browning
Tell me a story: those tales shared at special moments with the family have untold worth.General interestEileen Silva Kindig
Terror in the night. (a woman's courage in preventing her home from being burglarized)General interestJim Hutchison
The bears of summer.(excerpt from the book 'Summers with the Bears')General interestJack Becklund
The bird that didn't fly.General interestAudrey Ronning Topping
The coach's son. (the life and career of football coach Eugene Stalings and his relationship with his son John Mark)General interestGene Stallings, Sally Cook
The day I lost myself. (how a doctor managed to overcome her inadequacies after an accident that damaged her brain)General interestClaudia L. Osborn
The death of innocents.(Waneta Hoyt story)General interestJamie Talan, Richard Firstman
The guy in charge of breakfast.(reprinted from 'Family Man')General interestCalvin Trillin
The healing power of touch.(health benefits of massage to infants)General interestGeorge Howe Colt
The irresponsibility that spreads AIDS.General interestAlan J. Mayer
The IRS vs. us. (Internal Revenue Service)General interestJames Bovard
The joy of doing nothing.General interestAnthony Schmitz
The lady on Pemberton Street.(Mable Howard)General interestAlbert DiBartolomeo
The loves we leave behind. (to be with the those destined for us for the rest of our lives)General interestLisa Bain
The most elusive love of all.(mother and daughter)General interestSue Monk Kidd
The other life of an ATM card.General interestRichard E. Anderson
The secret face of Vegas: America's fastest-growing city is always reinventing itself.General interestAndrew Ferguson
These spies steal American jobs.(downside of espionage to the United States)General interestJ. Michael Waller
The seven commandments of parenting: how to raise your child not to be a spoiled brat like all those other kids.General interestJohn Dorschner
The tragedy of foster care. (insights into the deficiency of foster care regulations)General interestSuzanne Chazin
The virility pill.General interestSteven Lamm, Gerald S. Couzens
This man wants you dead.(terrorist Osama Bin Ladin)General interestKenneth R. Timmerman
Thrilled to death. (an examination into the causes of teen driving deaths)(Special Report)General interestStephen Barr
'Tis the season for relief.(stress management)General interestCarol Krucoff
To save a child. (profile on social worker Chan Kit Ying)General interestJenni Meili Lau
To save her daughter's life. (a mother's efforts to save her daughter from brain cancer)General interestSarah Pekkanen
To the top of a volcano.(reprinted from Conde Nast Traveler, May 1998)General interestSimon Winchester
Touched by an angel - named Mahalia.General interestDella Reese, Franklin Lett, Mim Eichler
To win at marriage, learn to lose. (handling arguments with domestic partners)General interestGerald Leonard Spence
Tracking "the fox.".(drug smuggler Michael Gleave Forwell)General interestTim Bouquet
Trapped in a burning elevator. (insights into the courage of firefighters of the Portland, Oregon Squad One technical rescue team)General interestBob Trebilock
Trapped in a flood. (rescue stories on the 1996 Northern California flood)General interestRobert C. Yeager
Trial by fire: her spirit inspired those around her, but few had survived the odds she faced.(fire victim Shirley Badke)General interestJames Garvey
Tuesdays with Morrie. (lifes's lessons from an unforgettable mentor)General interestMitch Albom
Turning points: the Pulitzer Prize-winning author reflects on a life of teaching, and learning from the kids he taught.General interestFrank McCourt
Unforgettable James Michener. (insights into the generosity of best-selling author James Michener)General interestLawrence Grobel
Unforgettable "Madaket Millie": a woman of few words and even fewer social niceties, she taught me something about the human heart.General interestFred Rogers
Voice of the Little guy.(journalist Mike Royko)General interestGeorgie Anne Geyer
What happened to the Republican revolution: finally in the majority, GOP leaders forgot their credo that government is the problem, not the solution.General interestRowland Evans, Robert Novak
What kids really need from Mom.General interestJoyce Brothers
What makes a good dad? Some famous children share their thoughts.General interestJonathan P. Decker
What makes them so tough? The harder the challenge, the more Norwegians like it.General interestLucinda Hahn
What will they do with the surplus?General interestRowland Evans, Robert Novak
When forgiveness is a sin. (automatic forgiveness bestowed by Christians to those who commit evil against anyone)General interestDennis Prager
When hell freezes over.(reprinted from P.O.V., June '98)General interestMichael Finkel
When is a cold not a cold?(facts about the colds)General interestEdwin Jr. Kiester
When nature comes too close: the wild world is staring at us with big, hungry eyes, right in our own backyards.General interestAnthony Brandt
When the teacher is the problem: be an advocate for your child.(A Reader's Digest Family Guide: Help Your Child Excel in School)(reprinted from Redbook, September 1997)General interestRonnie Polaneczky
When to say no to your kids.General interestMarlys Harris
When you don't like your child's friends.General interestEdwin Kiester Jr., Sally Valente Kiester
When your child asks about God.(teaching children about God)General interestKristin von Kreisler
When your kids won't eat right.General interestPaula M. Siegel
Where all kids are welcome: with the help of the Boys & Girls Clubs, dreams can be made real.General interestCurt Smith
Where crime is on the run. (profile on the crime prevention strategies developed by states)General interestEugene Methvin
Why Bond is back: the secret to Agent 007's 35 years of success.General interestDesson Howe
Why Priscilla can't breathe. (insights into the life of an asthmatic)(BodyWorks)General interestChristopher Davis
Why wealth works: everyone benefits from economic freedom, not just the rich.(reprinted from 'Eat The Rich')General interestP.J. O'Rourke
Why you should vote ... for the Democrats.General interestRichard Gephardt
Why you should vote ... for the Republicans.General interestNewt Gingrich
Win your war against debt.General interestGary Belsky
Would you like to work at home? (telecommuting)General interestHarriet Webster
Your missing money.(unclaimed funds held by the Retirement Operations Center of the US Office of Personnel Management)General interestJoan Caplin
Zero hour.(reprinted from Miami Herald Tropic, July 5, 1998)(includes related article on home PCs)(Y2K bug)General interestJohn Dorschner
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