Quality Progress 2001 - Abstracts

Quality Progress 2001
10 Requirements for effective process control: A case study.Engineering and manufacturing industriesThomas A. Little
10 steps to a Baldrige Award application.Engineering and manufacturing industriesC.W. Russ Russo
A case study demonstrates the value of ISO 9000 derivatives.(quality standards; International Standards Organization)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDale K. Gordon
A message for everyone.(quality management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesTeresa A. Whitacre
A quality swing with ping.(golf equipment manufacturer Ping)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRobert T. Driescher
A quick, accurate way to determine customer needs.(includes related articles)Engineering and manufacturing industriesCristina Afors, Marilyn Zuckerman Michaels
A road map to Six Sigma quality.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJohn M. Gross
Becoming a Baldrige examiner.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSteve Hoisington
Big league quality.(Hillerich & Bradsby)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMarch Laree Jacques
Bottom-line success with Six Sigma.(quality management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesForrest W. Breyfogle III, Becki Meadows
Business process orientation: do you have it?(management technique)Engineering and manufacturing industriesKevin McCormack
Can it be this easy?(drawing practices and Six Sigma)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPeter E. Pylipow
Can quality concepts and tools fix the U.S. election process?(improving election procedures through quality management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesHoward Schussler
Capturing financial benefits from Six Sigma.(quality management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDebbie Neuscheler-Fritsch, Robert Norris
Caveat emptor: standards and audits will have value only if organizations being audited - and their customers - demand it.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDale K. Gordon
Change the way people think: the use of quotes can influence the way employees view new quality initiatives.Engineering and manufacturing industriesStephen P. Roach
Chicken soup for processes: understanding process variation is a prerequisite to using SPC.(statistical process control)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLynne B. Hare
Cleaning up with SPC.(usage of statistical process control at a site for producing nuclear weapons)Engineering and manufacturing industriesSteven S. Prevette
Concurrent engineering - a powerful enabler of supply chain management.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRaj Balasubramanian
Corrective and preventive action in medical device manufacturing.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLes Schnoll
Costs of trust for E-business.Engineering and manufacturing industriesTaz Daughtrey
Dealing with the Achilles' Heel of six sigma initiatives.(project management techniques)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRonald Snee
Demystifying ISO 9001:2000.(explaining the ISO 9001:2000 standard; includes related article)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJeanne Ketaola, Kathy Roberts
Demystifying ISO 9001:2000.(Part 2)Engineering and manufacturing industriesKathy Roberts, Jeanne Ketola
Developing a learning organization in the public sector.(Brazilian health service)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJamil Hassounah
Doing it wrong: A case study.Engineering and manufacturing industriesWlliam F. Roth, Marjorie Potts
Environmental quality improvement at Netherlands Chemical Company.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJan Stolwijk, Harold Hiel
Evaluating just-in-time projects from a more focused framework.(business management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDale G. Sauers
Excellence in our communities.(quality in the volunteer sector)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBobn Kennedy, Eamonn Murphy
Expect the unexpected: Enterprise information system at water resource department improves process, quality and customer service.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBruce Kissinger, S. Jr. Thomas Foster
Exploiting the world's most recognized standard: Use of red, yellow and green lights can help harmonize most system and quality tools.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPaul Palady
Fire in the hole!(continuous improvement)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRuss Land
Fit and flow of quality.(process control problems)Engineering and manufacturing industriesTimothy Bell, Timothy Becker
From Deming to ISO 9000:2000.(includes related article)Engineering and manufacturing industriesR. Dan Reid
Has your work life plateaued?Engineering and manufacturing industriesRuss Westcott
Help wanted: one statistician consultant.(role of university statistician in increasing performance levels of a hospital)Engineering and manufacturing industriesSandra Strasser, Thmas Hall
How a good quality management system can limit lawsuits.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRandall Goodden
How do you know the change worked?Engineering and manufacturing industriesD. Lynn Kelley, Paul Morath
How to evaluate the internal customer-supplier relationship.Engineering and manufacturing industriesPeter Bialowas, Edith Tabaszewska
How to find the correct balance between standardization and differentiation.(organizational differences)Engineering and manufacturing industriesTito Conti
How to make software peer reviews work: Simple enhancements can turn every peer review into a success.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKala Ranganathan
How to make surveys simpler and more focused.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLarry R. Vinson
How to manage for quality in today's economy.(economic costs of quality)Engineering and manufacturing industriesA.V. Feigenbaum
How well does your reward system support Total Quality Management?Engineering and manufacturing industriesRichard Allen, Ralph Kilmann
Implementing ISO 9001:2000.(quality standards)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJohn E. "Jack" West
Implementing multivariate statistical process control using hotelling's T2 statistics.(quality control planning)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJohn Young, Robert Mason
Implementing quality programs in the not-for-profit sector.(role of intermediaries)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDaniel Lowery
Industrywide shakeout.(quality control in automotive manufacturing industry)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBradley A. Pritts Jr.
INferences on percentage changes: A popular approach to the problem of inferences on functions of averages.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRichard F. Gunst
Intentional change by design.(quality management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesGregory S. Shinn
Internet services start-up gains ISO 9001 certification.(industry standardization)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDavid Lilly
ISO 14000 revisions likely to be minor.(changes to environmental management standard)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMarilyn Block
ISO 14001 and regulator compliance: Three major requirements must be addressed.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMarilyn R. Block
ISO 9000:2000 product support initiative.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSandford Liebesman, Jim Mroz
ISO 9000 at the front line: a book excerpt.(training frontline workers in auditing and quality directives)Engineering and manufacturing industriesWilliam Levinson
ISO 9000 without a paper manual.Engineering and manufacturing industriesValerie Accardi
ISO 9001 and regulatory compliance in the medical device industry.(standards)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJoe Tsiakals
ISO 9001 without tears.Engineering and manufacturing industriesTony Wright
ISO 9002 works in an unusual setting.(International Standards Organisation)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLee C. Bravener
Is the customer still King?(business management and customer service quality)Engineering and manufacturing industriesGregory Watson
I still get goose bumps.(Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award)Engineering and manufacturing industriesSteve Hoisington
It's attitude that counts.(psychological aspects of performance)Engineering and manufacturing industriesWilliam D. Taylor III
Johnson Space Center reaches for the stars: ISO 9001 certification leads shift from problem correction to prevention and information sharing.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLeon Blum
Keep your web site under control.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMark Kaganov
Learning from mistakes.(includes related article)(lean manufacturing)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDrew Lathin, Ron Mitchell
Lessons learned.(evaluation of Raytheon's Six Sigma workshops)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDavid H. Treichler, Ronald D. Carmichael
Linking strategic and quality plans.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMark S. Leggitt, Rhonda Anderson
Make the view worth the climb.(company training)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRonald D. Snee
Making managers more effective agents of change.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBrad D. Miller
Managing in uncertainty: lessons from the underground.(management technique)Engineering and manufacturing industriesGarold R. Spindler
Market research for quality in small business.(quality techniques)Engineering and manufacturing industriesWilliam L. Rhey, Frank M. Gryna
Measure for Six Sigma success: Combining measurement science with Six Sigman builds organization wisdom, big business advantages.Engineering and manufacturing industriesThomas A. Pearson
Members talk about terrorist attacks.Engineering and manufacturing industriesSusan E. Daniels
My process is too variable - now what do I do? How to produce and use a successful multi-vari study.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRonald D. Snee
Philip B. Crosby's mark on quality: His teachings will continue to touch lives for years to come.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKristen Johnson
Preventing burnout: if quality professionals want people to listen, they must take responsibility, develop a personal mission and understand the big picture.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHank Lindborg
Quality approach supports engineering education reform.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCatherine E. Brawner, Timothy J. Anderson, Carl F. Zorowski, Robert C. Serow
Quality culture in small business: four case studies.(quality control)Engineering and manufacturing industriesFrank M. Gryna, Mary Anne Watson
Quality in the dot-com world: E-commerce distributorship gains ISO 9002 registration.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRichard C. Randall
Quality makes a splash.(Operations Management International wins quality award)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLloyd P. Provost, Roger B. Quayle
Quality management challenges in Romania.Engineering and manufacturing industriesNicolae-George Dragulanescu
Quality movement helps Brazil's economy: Key was establishment of a foundation.Engineering and manufacturing industriesVincente Falconi Campos
Quality tools largely absent from nation's newsrooms.(includes related articles)(quality management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMiles Maguire
Reliability sample testing-A case history: Communication and cooperation lead to positive results.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJay Scovronek
Resolving the process paradox.(the use of continuous process improvement in business management)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRobert Gardner
Russia's journey toward performance excellence.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMaria Stoletova
Saving the Internet survivors.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMadhav N. Sinha
Seven steps to improved safety for medical devices.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJames J. Rooney
Six lessons can steer your career path: flying lessons and quality principles.Engineering and manufacturing industriesTeresa Whitacre
Solve administrative problems with quality tools: a Pareto analysis helps pinpoint why employee expense reports are rejected.Engineering and manufacturing industriesEdmund S. Fine
So you want to go solo?(quality career)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJoe Conklin
Statistical tools for six sigma.(usage of data analysis in Six Sigma training; includes related notes)Engineering and manufacturing industriesNecip Doganaksoy, Gerald Hahn, Christopher Standard
Teaching the role of SPC in industrial statistics.(statistical process control)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRalph L. Liberatore
The challenges of auditing TL 9000 requirements.(telecommunications standards)Engineering and manufacturing industriesSandfod Liebesman
The evolution of a quality culture.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMaureen M. Travalini
The game of statistics: who was the real MVP of the 2000 World Series?(most valuable player)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJay M. Bennett
The international quality manager.(cultural translation of concepts of quality)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRon S. Kenett, David Albert
The problem with managing by objectives and results.(human resources)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJoseph Castellano, Harper Roehm
The process approach to QMS in ISO 9001 and ISO 9004.(excerpt from 'Quality Press ASQ ISO 9000 Handbook')(quality management systems)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJoseph J. Tsiakals, Charles A. Cianfrani, John E. West, Jeffrey H. Hooper
The quality journey.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGregory Watson
The road to TL 9000: from the Bell breakup to today.(includes related article)Engineering and manufacturing industriesEugene E. Hutchison
The tip of the iceberg.(includes related article)(quality accounting)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJoseph A. DeFeo
Using degradation data for product reliability analysis.Engineering and manufacturing industriesNecip Doganaksoy, Gerald J. Hahn, William Q. Meeker
Using quality function deployment (QFD) to construct a higher education curriculum.Engineering and manufacturing industriesI Bier, R Cornesky
What do customers value?Engineering and manufacturing industriesBob Gardner
What is quality?(opinions expressed by quality gurus)Engineering and manufacturing industriesR.W. Hoyer, Brooke B.Y. Hoyer
What it takes to be a leader.Engineering and manufacturing industriesJoe Conklin
What would Deming say?(quality improvement)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJames Spigener, Paul Angelo
Why quality gets an 'F'.Engineering and manufacturing industriesR.w. Hoyer
Widgetcraft for one small paint company.(benefits to companies of implementing QS-9000; includes related articles)Engineering and manufacturing industriesAndrew Brody
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