Popular Science 1993 Dan McCosh - Abstracts

Popular Science 1993 Dan McCosh
Bonneville Salt Flats: quest for speed. (includes related article on the Kenwood Clean Liner) (Cover Story)Science and technologyDan McCosh
Menu of options: a new generation of small cars no longer falls short in features, construction, and handling. (Evaluation)Science and technologyDan McCosh, Jim McCraw
Minivans to the max. (testing)(includes related comparison information) (Evaluation)Science and technologyDan McCosh, Jim McCraw
Power for the future; Detroit's new engines for 1994 are clean, green, and mean. (Auto Tech 1994)(includes related articles on spark plugs and on California emission standards)Science and technologyDan McCosh, Dennis Normile
Sixes: four different six-cylinder engine designs set the tone for a quartet of new sports coupes. (includes related articles on the Mazda MX-6 and the Ford Probe design) (Evaluation)Science and technologyDan McCosh, Don Sherman
State of the art V8s: Cadillac Eldorado vs. Lincoln Mark VIII. (includes related comparison information and information on the suspension systems) (Evaluation)Science and technologyDan McCosh
The extrasensory car.Science and technologyDan McCosh
The promise of aluminum: the 50-mph sedan. (Ford Motor's Synthesis 2010 concept car) (includes related articles) (Cover Story)Science and technologyDan McCosh
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