Personnel Management 1985 - Abstracts

Personnel Management 1985
Annual hours: an idea whose time has come. (planning employee hours on an annual basis)Human resources and labor relationsPhilip Lynch
Can the post office deliver its package deal?Human resources and labor relationsRichard Upton
European patterns in working time. (work day structures of eleven European nations)Human resources and labor relationsEugene Cosijn
Give and take in graduate selection.Human resources and labor relationsPeter Herriot
How County Hall promotes equality through its purchasing power.Human resources and labor relationsLinda Smith, John Carr
How many hours in a working week?Human resources and labor relationsOlga Aikin
'I'm in personnel'. (bibliography)Human resources and labor relations 
I'm in personnel. (having civil servants enhance design)Human resources and labor relations 
Implied terms: the unwritten law of the employment contract.Human resources and labor relationsGreville Janner
In search of culture: holy grail or gravy train? (assessing the value of the concept of corporate culture)Human resources and labor relationsMichael Thomas
In search of excellence in personnel management.Human resources and labor relationsGil Holman
Is anybody listening to the corporate personnel department?Human resources and labor relationsJohn Purcell
Is this the very model of a personnel manager?Human resources and labor relationsShawn Tyson
Life after pay policy.Human resources and labor relationsDuncan Wood
Local authority personnel officers are urged to avoid being too cautious.Human resources and labor relations 
Man of the moment: John Thackway. (profile of the general manager of group personnel for Midland Bank Group)Human resources and labor relationsRichard Upton
Man of the moment: Richard Marshall.Human resources and labor relationsDavid Turner
MSC unveils new package of local adult training schemes. (Manpower Services Commission)Human resources and labor relations 
Personnel starts to take the lead in introducing and updating systems.Human resources and labor relations 
Qualifications review launched in build-up to two year YTS. (the Youth Training Scheme in England and Wales)Human resources and labor relations 
Recipe for minimum subsidy catering.Human resources and labor relations 
SCOEG acts to prevent 'free-for-all.' (Standing Conference of Employers of Graduates in Great Britain)Human resources and labor relations 
Slackening in executive demand. (trends in demand for executives in Great Britain)Human resources and labor relations 
The 1985 'computers in personnel' survey results. (survey conducted in Great Britain by the Institutes of Manpower Studies and Personnel Management)Human resources and labor relationsColin Richards-Carpenter
The development of EEC social policy 1958 - 1984.Human resources and labor relations 
The EEC's new social dimension.Human resources and labor relationsBill Robbins
What's new in management development.Human resources and labor relationsAlan Mumford
When does absence amount to frustration?Human resources and labor relationsOlga Aikin
When women experience the most problems.Human resources and labor relations 
When you're searching for excellence, don't be afraid of causing discomfort.Human resources and labor relations 
Why 'lefties' make the best leaders.Human resources and labor relationsNorman Dixon
Women's management training in a ghetto?Human resources and labor relationsPauline Glucklich
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