News Media & the Law 1998 - Abstracts

News Media & the Law 1998
540-day waiting period for approval of labelling claims upheld.(Food and Drug Administration; dietary supplements)Literature/writing 
911 audiotapes are not public records: court finds tape exempt as 'noncriminal incident report'.(Virginia)Literature/writing 
Abu-Jamal prevails in case to stop monitoring of legal mail.(prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal)Literature/writing 
Access denied to privilege hearings and other documents. (of the grand jury investigation of Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton)Literature/writing 
Access to electronic records: a guide to reporting on state and local government in the computer age.(state-by-state guide)Literature/writing 
Access to Gates deposition blocked by appellate court stay.(Microsoft chairman Bill Gates)Literature/writing 
Actions taken against judges for talking to media contested.(California, New York)Literature/writing 
Actors' privacy suit against airport bar robots reinstated.(robots allegedly resemble "Cheers" actors George Wendt and John Ratzenberg)Literature/writing 
Airport vending restriction upheld.(newspaper vending machines)Literature/writing 
Appeal court recognizes reporter's privilege in trucking suit.(Missouri)Literature/writing 
Archives rule allowing agencies to delete electronic records voided.Literature/writing 
Ban on broadcast advertising for casinos is constitutional.Literature/writing 
Ban on post-trial talks with jurors upheld.Literature/writing 
Ban on sale of sexually explicit materials on military bases upheld.Literature/writing 
Board of law examiners must open meetings, release minutes.(Minnesota)Literature/writing 
Broad subpoenas limited by court rules on trial procedure.Literature/writing 
Bucking trend, court finds drivers' records act constitutional.Literature/writing 
'Butt licking' title not an allegation of fact.(Virginia)Literature/writing 
CDA shields America OnLine from suit.(Communications Decency Act; defamation by third party)Literature/writing 
Cities target newsracks to clean up streets. (Glenwood Springs, Colorado; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois)Literature/writing 
City employee cannot be barred from talking to news media.Literature/writing 
Civilian complaints of police misconduct must be released. (Rhode Island)Literature/writing 
Civil lawsuit over release of tapes of congressional phone call dismissed.Literature/writing 
CNN declared 'state actor' in government search.(Montanan rancher suspected of illegally poisoning wildlife)(Cover Story)Literature/writing 
Confidential sources & information: a practical guide to the reporter's privilege in the fifty states and D.C.Literature/writing 
Court finds no privacy right in trash, even if next to house; dissent argues that searching trash, publicizing contents would lead to tort liability.Literature/writing 
Court finds reporter's privilege only when media being harassed.Literature/writing 
Court recognizes privacy claims in case over nude vacation photos.(Minnesota)Literature/writing 
Court strikes down 19th century law allowing libel suits over truthful but malicious claims.Literature/writing 
Court upholds contempt order against NBC.(National Broadcasting Company; subpoena for nonconfidential video outtakes)Literature/writing 
Court upholds dismissal of HIV-positive man's privacy suit: two judges find the 'disclosure of private facts' tort is not recognized in the state.(Indiana)Literature/writing 
De minimus use of photographs in movie not infringement.Literature/writing 
English libel judgment found repugnant to U.S., state law: state high court refuses to enforce claim in dispute between two former Soviet citizens.(Maryland)Literature/writing 
Ex-Beatle's remarks over dispute were 'rhetorical hyperbole.' (George Harrison) (Hawaii)Literature/writing 
Exclusion of journalism professor's 'scientific' testimony proper: trial judge found reputational damage calculations unscientific, unhelpful. (Montana)Literature/writing 
Families win right to sue over use of autopsy photos.(Washington)Literature/writing 
FCC ordered to review charge of CBS news distortion.Literature/writing 
FDA's efforts to regulate tobacco exceed jurisdiction, court rules.(Federal Drug Administration)Literature/writing 
Federal driver's record act labeled an invalid exercise of congressional power.(restricting access to state motor vehicle records)Literature/writing 
Financial column on 'sour' sugar substitute stock not libelous.Literature/writing 
Florida, Texas officials allegedly remove legal notices over coverage.(newspaper coverage of politicians)Literature/writing 
Going, going, gone?(journalistic privilege to protect information from court subpoenas)Literature/writing 
Helicopter news service allowed to sue for foreign distribution of beating video.Literature/writing 
High court finds privilege covers non-confidential information.(reporter's privilege)(Florida)Literature/writing 
High court reverses itself on subpoena standard. (Texas)Literature/writing 
High court upholds dismissal of suit over 'grave robber' story: man had been convicted of trafficking in archaeological resources from burial ground.(libel suit for newspaper story)(Nevada)Literature/writing 
Intellectual property bill may eliminate electronic 'fair use.'Literature/writing 
Interest in exposing FBI misconduct justifies release of records.Literature/writing 
Jail rape victim can't sue newspaper for publishing name; violent crime in prison system is a matter of public significance, court rules.(South Carolina)Literature/writing 
JFK records board closes shop, releases recommendations.(John F. Kennedy; access to government documents concerning JFK assassination)Literature/writing 
Journalists lose fight for access to entire execution. (California First Amendment Coalition v. Calderon)Literature/writing 
Journalists meet with official interference over reporting.(Secret Service searches room of student journalist; New Jersey police arrest photographer)Literature/writing 
Judge allowed to order production of index of withheld documents.(New Hampshire; newspaper investigation in housing project lending practices )Literature/writing 
Judge's decision to seal transcripts in governor's fraud trial overturned.(former Arizona Governor Fife Symington)(Phoenix Newspapers, Inc. v. District Court)Literature/writing 
Judge's libel suit over 'crystal ball' allegation properly dismissed.Literature/writing 
King estate does not own copyright to 1963 'dream' speech: federal court finds publication voided common-law copyright, dismisses suit against CBS.(Martin Luther King, Jr.)Literature/writing 
Korean-American reporter arrested for reporting 'false accusations' about company.(reporter held in South Korea)Literature/writing 
Law barring 'sexually explicit' publications in prison upheld.Literature/writing 
Law denying access for 'commercial purposes' unconstitutional.Literature/writing 
Legal proof fails as ethics standard.(Editorial)Literature/writing 
Legislature passes nation's 31st shield law after long struggle. (Florida)Literature/writing 
Libel suit reinstated over 'malice' definition confusion.Literature/writing 
Media denied access to attorney's interim expense records: expense documents of publicly paid counsel are 'administrative,' not 'judicial'.Literature/writing 
Media gains access to 'Unabomber' psychiatric report. (Theodore Kaczynski)Literature/writing 
Media lose bid for access to juror transcripts.Literature/writing 
Most federal agencies behind schedule on EFOIA. (Electronic Freedom of Information Act of 1996)Literature/writing 
Murder records remain secret after 28 years.(Washington)Literature/writing 
New Internet law intended to restrict minors' access to 'harmful' material.Literature/writing 
Newspaper liable for printing wrong photo in Whitewater trial.(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)Literature/writing 
Newspaper's photos unique, must be disclosed.Literature/writing 
Newspaper sues governor for harassment.(Puerto Rico's El Nuevo Dia)Literature/writing 
NLRB gains victories in 'blind box' battles with newspapers.('blind box' job opportunity advertisements do not reveal employer's name )Literature/writing 
NLRB loses round in 'blind box' advertising subpoena fight: court finds 'chilling effect' on ability to publish ads would violate the Constitution.Literature/writing 
Officials' disciplinary files not categorically exempt from disclosure.Literature/writing 
Paparazzi bills advance in legislatures, but celebrity suits favor photographers.Literature/writing 
Parody of magazine photograph ruled a 'fair use.'.Literature/writing 
Policies on media access released by police, federal commission.Literature/writing 
Prisoners, soldiers fare differently on access to explicit magazines.Literature/writing 
Privacy claim over televised rescue reinstated. (California)Literature/writing 
Private nonprofit group receiving public funds is subject to records act.(Ohio)Literature/writing 
Privilege covering statement at council hearings not absolute; statements unrelated to matter discussed or known to be false not protected.(Wisconsin)Literature/writing 
Prosecutor's 'due process' right overcomes reporter's privilege.(California)Literature/writing 
Public has no right of access to plea agreement that was revoked.Literature/writing 
Public information - but not too public.(press's right to publish)(Editorial)Literature/writing 
Public interest in Hoover's files warrants review.Literature/writing 
Publicity does not create presumption of bias, court finds.Literature/writing 
Public station can exclude candidates from debate.Literature/writing 
Publisher may be liable for contract killing based on book.(technical manual for contract killing)Literature/writing 
Publisher's suit over government registration reinstated.Literature/writing 
Reno riots, Chinese coverage lead to problems.(Reno, NV; journalists harassed)Literature/writing 
Reporter at Waco raid is public figure for libel suit.(Texas)Literature/writing 
Reporter loses fight for equal access to briefings, materials.Literature/writing 
Reporter loses subpoena appeal because she's already testified.Literature/writing 
Reporter, newspaper cited for printing file details.(court files)(North Carolina)Literature/writing 
Reporter pleads guilty on porn charges: judge refuses to allow First Amendment defense.Literature/writing 
Responsibilities of digital licensees debated.Literature/writing 
Retrial on damages ordered due to confusion in state libel law.(South Carolina)Literature/writing 
Safety Commission records can be released over objections.(Consumer Product Safety Commission)Literature/writing 
Science academy, told to open meetings, gets exemption from Congress instead.(National Academy of Science; meetings concern animal rights)Literature/writing 
'Seinfeld' quiz book violates producers' copyrights in show.Literature/writing 
Selection committee must meet in public. (Montana)Literature/writing 
Settlement cannot be confidential by agreement of parties.(Ohio; agreement between county and private individual)Literature/writing 
Sovereignty commission files released.Literature/writing 
State, Commerce announce limit on new satellites over Israel.(U.S. Departments of State and Commerce)Literature/writing 
State high court allows use of 'wire service' defense in libel suits. (Michigan)Literature/writing 
State high court upholds prior restraint on videotaped talks.(newspaper's wish to publish information)(South Carolina)Literature/writing 
State insurance regulator ordered to release merger records.(Ohio)Literature/writing 
Statements about developer's deals not sufficient for libel suit; reports of 'sleazy' dealings were hyperbole; 'main charges' were true, court rules.(Connecticut)Literature/writing 
Student has right to open hearing over teacher's aide's objections.(Iowa)Literature/writing 
Suit against police over media presence disallowed; journalists' presence during search did not violate clearly established right.Literature/writing 
Teachers' privacy interest in birthdates thwarts investigation.Literature/writing 
The privacy paradox.Literature/writing 
Third judge finds federal driver records act unconstitutional.Literature/writing 
Three journalists arrested, fined by federal officials.(visiting Cuba, gathering plane crash evidence, researching Internet child pornography)Literature/writing 
'Tough law' stings journalists - as predicted.(Editorial)Literature/writing 
Transportation authority wrongly removed magazine ads from buses.(New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority)Literature/writing 
Twp newspapers' tort reform articles did not defame lawyers. (Oklahoma)Literature/writing 
U.S. must give British extradition letter to lawyer.Literature/writing 
US uses a rare 'state secrets' privilege - twice.(military hazardous waste; civilian death in Nicaragua)Literature/writing 
White House sponsors online ratings summit.(preventing children from having access to offensive material on the Internet)Literature/writing 
Wrestling producer's reporter not covered by reporter's privilege.Literature/writing 
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