Nature Medicine 2000 - Abstracts

Nature Medicine 2000
$1 million study renews HIV/transplant research.(News)HealthPotter Wickware
A B-cell mitogen from a pathogenic trypanosome is a eukaryotic proline racemase.HealthBernardo Reina-San-Martin, Wim Degrave, Catherine Rougeot, Alain Cosson, Nathalie Chamond, Anabela Cordeiro-da-Silva, Mario Arala-Chaves, Antonio Coutinho, Paola Minoprio
A controlled trial of intratumoral ONYX-015, a selectively-replicating adenovirus, in combination with cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil in patients with recurrent head and neck cancer.(Statistical Data Included)HealthCarla Heise, Fadlo Khuri R., John Nemunaitis, Ian Ganly, James Arseneau, Ian F. Tannock, Larry Romel, Martin Gore, Janet Ironside, R.H. MacDougall, Britta Randlev, Ann M. Gillenwater, Patricia Bruso, Stanley B. Kaye, Waun Ki Hong, David H. Kirn
A crisis of trust: for science, scientists or for institutions?(Bovine spongiform encephalopathy outbreak in the United Kingdom)HealthErik Millstone, Patrick van Zwanenberg
Active movement of T cells away from a chemokine.HealthMark C. Poznansky, Ivona T. Olszak, Russell Foxall, Richard H. EVans, Andrew D. Luster, David T. Scadden
Activin to the rescue for overexcited neurons.HealthMark P. Mattson
Adhesion of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes to hyaluronic acid in placental malaria.(Statistical Data Included)HealthJames G. Beeson, Stephen J. Rogerson, Brian M. Cooke, John C. Reeder, Wengang Chai, Alexander M. Lawson, Malcolm Molyneux, Graham V. Brown
A DNA chip off the aging block.(News & Views)HealthVincent J. Cristofalo
A dual function for CD40 agonists.HealthE. Zanelli, R.E.M. Toes
Agonists of proteinase-activated receptor 2 induce inflammation by a neurogenic mechanism.HealthM. Steinhoff, N. Vergnolle, S.H. Young, M. Tognetto, S. Amadesi, H.S. Ennes, M. Trevisani, M.D. Hollenberg, J.L. Wallace, G.H. Caughey, S.E. Mitchell, L.M. Williams, P. Geppetti, E.A. Mayer, N.W. Bunnett
Allogenic bone marrow transplantation with co-stimulatory blockade induces macrochimerism and tolerance without cytoreductive host treatment.HealthThomas Wekerle, Josef Kurtz, Hiroshi Ito, Joseph V. Ronquillo, Victor Dong, Guiling Zhao, Juanita Shaffer, Mohamed H. Sayegh, Megan Sykes
A mutation in a case of early onset narcolepsy and a generalized absence of hypocretin peptides in human narcoleptic brains.(Statistical Data Included)HealthDavid Reynolds, Christelle Peyron, Juliette Faraco, William Rogers, Beth Ripley, Sebastiaan Overeem, Yves Charnay, Sona Nevsimalova, Michael Aldrich, Roger Albin, Robin Li, Marcel Hungs, Mario Pedrazzoli, Muralidhara Padigaru, Melanie Kucherlapati, Jun Fan, Richard Maki, Gert Jan Lammers, Constantin Bouras, Kucheralapati Raju, Seiji Nishino, Emmanuel Mignot
Amyloids: tombstones or triggers?HealthRobert Kisilevsky
An adenovirus E1A mutant that demonstrates potent and selective systemic anti-tumoral efficacy.HealthCarla Heise, Terry Hermiston, Leisa Johnson, Gabriel Brooks, Adam Sampson-Johannes, Angelica Williams, Lyndah Hawkins, David Kirn
An endogenous pentapeptide acting as a sodium channel blocker in inflammatory autoimmune disorders of the central nervous system.(Statistical Data Included)HealthHeinrich Brinkmeier, Peter Aulkemeyer, Kurt H. Wollinsky, Reinhardt Rudel
A new approach for analyzing proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic images of brain tumors: nosologic images.HealthFabian Szabo De Edelenyi, Christophe Rubin, Francois Esteve, Sylvie Grand, Michel Decorps, Virgine Lefournier, Jean-Francois Le Bas, Chantal Remy
A new biological agent for treatment of Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli infections and dysentery in humans.HealthAdrienne W. Paton, Renato Morona, James C. Paton
A new dual-vector approach to enhance recombinant adeno-associated virus-mediated gene expression through intermolecular cis activation.(New Technology)HealthDongsheng Duan, Yongping Yue, Ziying Yan, John F. Engelhardt
A new method for screening anti-infective biomaterials.HealthThorsten Bechert, Peter Steinrucke, Josef-Peter Guggenbichler
Angiopoietin-1 protects the adult vasculature against plasma leakage.HealthGavin Thurston, John S. Rudge, Ella Ioffe, Hao Zhou, Leorah Ross, Susan D. Croll, Nicole Glazer, Jocelyn Holash, Donald M. McDonald, George D. Yancopoulos
An issue of tissues: divining the split personalities of selective estrogen receptor modulators.HealthNeil J. McKenna, Bert W. O'Malley
Anti-tumoral action of cannabinoids: involvement of sustained ceramide accumulation and extracellular signal-regulated kinase activation.HealthIsamel Galve-Roperh, Christina Sanchez, Mariu Luisa Cortes, Teresa Gomez del Pulgar, Marta Izquierdo, Manuel Guzman
A peptide-doxorubicin 'prodrug' activated by prostate-specific antigen selectively kills prostate tumor cells positive for prostate-specific antigen 'in vivo'.HealthDeborah DeFeo-Jones, Victor M. Garsky, Bradley K. Wong, Dong-Mei Feng, Trina Bolyar, Kathleen Haskell, David M. Kiefer, Karen Leander, Elizabeth McAvoy, Patricia Lumma, Jenny Wai, Edith T. Senderak, Sherri L. Motzel, Kevin Keenan, Matthew Van Zwieten, Jiunn H. Lin, Roger Freidinger, Joel Huff, Allen Oliff, Raymond E. Jones
Apoptosis induced in normal human hepatocytes by tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand.HealthMinji Jo, Tae-Hyoung Kim, Dai-Wu Seol, James E. Esplen, Kenneth Dorko, Timothy R. Billiar, Stephen C. Strom
A principle target of human immunity to malaria identified by molecular population genetic and immunological analysis.HealthBrian M. Greenwood, David J. Conway, David R. Cavanagh, Kazuyuki Tanabe, Cally Roper, Zsuzsanna S. Mikes, Naoko Sakihama, Kalifa A. Bojang, Ayoade M.J. Oduola, Peter G. Kremsner, David E. Arnot, Jana S. McBride
Aquaporin-4 deletion in mice reduces brain edema after acute water intoxication and ischemic stroke.HealthGeoffrey T. Manley, Miki Fujimura, Tonghui Ma, Nobuo Noshita, Ferda Filiz, Andrew W. Bollen, Pak Chan, A.S. Verkman
A RhoA-derived peptide inhibits syncytium formation induced by respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza virus type 3.(Statistical Data Included)HealthManoj K. Pastey, Tara L. Gower, Paul W. Spearman, James E. Jr. Crowe, Barney S. Graham
Artificial antigen-presenting cells as a tool to exploit the immune 'synapse'.(Statistical Data Included)HealthBerent Prakken, Marca Wauben, Davide Genini, Rodrigo Samodal, Joellen Barnett, Alberto Mendivil, Lorenzo Leoni, Salvatore Albani
A second cytotoxic proteolytic peptide derived from amyloid beta-protein precursor.HealthDaniel C. Lu, Shahrooz Rabizadeh, Sreeganga Chandra, Rana F. Shayya, Lisa M. Ellerby, Xin Ye, Guy S. Salvesen, Edward H. Koo, Dale E. Bredesen
Assessing tumors in living animals through measurement of urinary (Beta)-human chorionic gonadotropin.HealthKenneth W. Kinzler, Bert Vogelstein, Ie-Ming Shih, Christopher Torrance, Lori J. Sokoll, Daniel W. Chan
A super way to kill cancer cells.HealthBarry Halliwell
Australia to create biomedical lobby group.HealthRada Rouse
Autoimmune encephalomyelitis ameliorated by AMPA antagonists.(alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazoleproprionate)(Statistical Data Included)HealthTerence Smith, Anthony Groom, Bin Zhu, Lechoslaw Turski
Balancing risks on the backs of the poor.(controlling malaria with DDT)(Statistical Data Included)HealthAmir Attaran, Donald R. Roberts, Chris F. Curtis, Wenceslaus L. Kilama
Biotechnology industry responds to gene therapy death.(teenager who received adenovirus gene vector died)(News)HealthHelen Commander
Blockade of interleukin 6 trans signaling suppresses T-cell resistance against apoptosis in chronic intestinal inflammation: evidence in Crohn disease and experimental colitis in vivo.HealthR. Atreya, J. Mudter, S. Finotto, J. Mullberg, T. Jostock, S. Wirtz, M. Schutz, B. Bartsch, M. Holtmann, C. BEcker, D. Strand, J. Czaja, J.F. Schlaak, H.A. Lehr, F. Autschbach, G. Schurmann, N. Nishimoto, K. Yoshizaki, H. Ito, T. Kishimoto, P.R. Galle, S. Rose-John, M.F. Neurath
Bone cancer gain without the pain.(News & Views)HealthStephen W.N. Thompson, David Tonge
Both a 'magic bullet' and good aim are required to link public health interests and health care needs in HIV infection.HealthR.M. Anderson, G.P. Garnett, L.M. Bartley, D.W. Cameron
Breaking up receptor alliances: the parting of CD3 and CD4.HealthAbraham Kupfer
Can neural stem cells be used as therapeutic vehicles in the treatment of brain tumors?(Commentary)HealthMark Noble
Carbon monoxide has anti-inflammatory effects involving the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway.HealthRoger J. Davis, Leo E. Otterbein, Fritz H. Bach, Jawed Alam, Miguel Soares, Hong Tao Lu, Mark Wysk, Richard A. Flavell, Augustine M.K. Choi
Caspase 8 is deleted or silenced preferentially in childhood neuroblastomas with amplification of MYCN.HealthTal Teitz, Tie Wei, Marcus B. Valentine, Elio F. Vanin, Jose Grenet, Virginia A. Valentine, Frederick G. Behm, A. Thomas Look, Jill M. Lahti, Vincent J. Kidd
Caspase 8: the killer that you can't live without.(News & Views)HealthPhilippe Juin, Gerard Evan
Caspase cleavage of APP results in a cytotoxic proteolytic peptide.(News & Views)HealthCarolanne E. Milligan
Cellular immune responses persist and humoral responses decrease two decades after recovery from a single-source outbreak of hepatitis C.HealthBarbara Rehermann, Akinobu Takaki, Manfred Wiese, Geert Maertens, Erik Depla, Ulrike Seifert, Anke Liebetrau, Jeffery L. Miller, Michael P. Manns
Characterization of a newly discovered T-cell receptor beta-chain heterodimer expressed on a CD8+ bone marrow subpopulation that promotes allogeneic stem cell engraftment.HealthMatthew J. Schuchert, Renee D. Wright, Yolonda L. Colson
Chemotherapeutic drugs -- more really is not better.(News & Views)HealthIsaiah J. Eidler, Lee M. Ellis
Cholesterol esters and atherosclerosis - a game of ACAT and mouse.(Enzyme acylCoA:cholesterol acyltransferase studied in mice)HealthLawrence L. Rudel, Gregory S. Shelness
Combinatorial chemoprevention of intestinal neoplasia.(Statistical Data Included)HealthKenneth W. Kinzler, Bert Vogelstein, Christopher J. Torrance, Peta E. Jackson, Elizabeth Montgomery, Allan Wissner, Maria Nunes, Philip Frost, Carolyn M. Discafani
Complete reversal of fatal pulmonary hypertension in rats by a serine elastase inhibitor.HealthShinya Ito, Kyle Northcote Cowan, Adrian Heilbut, Tilman Humpl, Catherine Lam, Marlene Rabinovitch
Concurrent enteric helminth infection modulates inflammation and gastric immune responses and reduces helicobacter-induced gastric atrophy.HealthJames G. Fox, Paul Beck, Charles A. Dangler, Mark T. Whary, Timothy C. Wang, Hai Ning Shi, Cathryn Nagler-Anderson
Conjugation of arginine oligomers to cyclosporin A facilitates topical delivery and inhibition of inflammation.HealthJohnathan B. Rothbard, Sarah Garlington, Qun Lin, Thorsten Kirschberg, Erik Kreider, P. Leo McGrane, Paul A. Wender, Paul A. Khavari
Containing HIV after infection.HealthBruce D. Walker, Eric S. Rosenberg
Converting hepatocytes to beta-cells -- a new approach for diabetes?(News & Views)HealthAxel Kahn
Cyclopentenone prostaglandins -- new allies in the war on inflammation.(News & Views)HealthDerek A. Willoughby, Adrian R. Moore, Paul R. Colville-Nash
Cytoadhesion of 'Plasmodium falciparum' ring-stage-infected erythrocytes.HealthB. Pouvelle, P.A. Buffet, C. Lepolard, A. Scherf, J. Gysin
Dangerous signals from E. coli toxin.(Escherichia coli)HealthAlbrecht Ludwig, Werner Goebel
Decoding calcium signals involved in cardiac growth and function.HealthEric N. Olson, Timothy A. McKinsey, Norbert Frey
Deficiency in caspase-9 or caspase-3 induces compensatory caspase activation.HealthRichard A. Flavell, Stephane Hunot, Donald W. Nicholson, Timothy S. Zheng, Keisuke Kuida, Takashi Momoi, Anu Srinivasan, Yuri Lazebnik
De-mystifying the mechanism(s) of maspin.(News & Views)HealthMary J.C. Hendrix
Dendritic cells genetically modified to express CD40 ligand and pulsed with antigen can initiate antigen-specific humoral immunity independent of CD4+ T cells.HealthToshiaki Kikuchi, Stefan Worgall, Singh Ravi, Malcolm A.S. Moore, Ronald G. Crystal
Dengue virus and dendritic cells.HealthAnna Karolina Palucka
Design and construction of an experimental HIV-1 vaccine for a year-2000 clinical trial in Kenya.HealthTomas Hanke, Andrew J. McMichael
Development of an in vitro organ culture model to study transmission of HIV-1 in the female genital tract.HealthKelly B. Collins, Bruce K. Patterson, Gregory J. Naus, Daniel V. Landers, Phalguni Gupta
Directed vascular expression of the thromboxane A(sub)2 receptor results in intrauterine growth retardation.HealthBianca Rocca, Alex L. Loeb, Jerome F. Strauss III, Roberta Vezza, Aida Habib, Hongwei Li, Garret A. FitzGerald
Disruption of positive selection of thymocytes causes autoimmunity.HealthAnke Kretz-Rommel, Robert L. Rubin
Distribution of mental health funding questioned.HealthMarlene Cimons
Do 'demyelinating' diseases involve more than myelin?HealthStephen G. Waxman
Does Alzheimer disease tilt the scales of amyloid degradation versus accumulation?(News & Views)HealthCharles Glabe
Effects of mycophenolic acid on human immunodeficiency virus infection in vitro and in vivo.(Statistical Data Included)HealthAude G. Chapuis, G. Paolo Rizzardi, Claudia D'Agostino, Antoine Attinger, Christian Knabenhans, Sylvain Fleury, Hans Acha-Orbea, Guiseppe Pantaleo
Efficient detection and immunomagnetic sorting of specific T cells using multimers of MHC class I peptide with reduced CD8 binding.(major histocompatability complex)HealthMarie Bodinier, Marie-Alix Peyrat, Claire Tournay, Francois Davodeau, Francois Romagne, Marc Bonneville, Francois Lang
Efficient presentation of exogenous antigen by liver endothelial cells to CD8+ T cells results in antigen-specific T-cell tolerance.(Statistical Data Included)HealthAndreas Limmer, Jutta Ohl, Christian Kurts, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Yuval Reiss, Marcus Groettrup, Frank Momburg, Bernd Arnold, Percy A. Knolle
Efficient retrovirus-mediated transfer of the multidrug resistance 1 gene into autologous human long-term repopulating hematopoietic stem cells.HealthRafat Abonour, David A. Williams, Lawrence Einhorn, Kristin M. Hall, Jun Chen, John Coffman, Christie M. Traycoff, Arthur Bank, Ikunoshin Kato, Maureen Ward, Stephen T. Williams, Robert Hromas, Michael J. Robertson, Franklin O. Smith, David Woo, Bonnie Mills, Edward F. Srour, Kenneth Cornetta
Egr-1, a master switch coordinating upregulation of divergent gene families underlying ischemic stress.(zinc-finger transcription factor early growth response)(Statistical Data Included)HealthShi-Fang Yan, Tomoyuki Fujita, Jiesheng Lu, Kenji Okada, Yu Shan Zou, Nigel Mackman, David J. Pinsky, David M. Stern
Encephalitogenic potential of the myelin basic protein peptide (amino acids 83-89) in multiple sclerosis: results of a phase II clinical trial with an altered peptide ligand.(Statistical Data Included)HealthBibiana Bielekova, Bonnie Goodwin, Nancy Richert, Irene Cortese, Takayuki Kondo, Ghazaleh Apshar, Bruno Gran, Joan Eaton, Jack Antel, Joseph A. Frank, Henry F. McFarland, Roland Martin
Epidermal immunization by a needle-free powder delivery technology: immunogenicity of influenza vaccine and protection in mice.HealthDexiang Chen, Ryan L. Endres, Cherie A. Erickson, Kathleen F. Weis, Martha W. McGregor, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Lendon G. Payne
Evidence that specific T lymphocytes may participate in the elimination of chronic myelogenous keukemia.(Statistical Data Included)HealthJeffrey J. Molldrem, Peter P. Lee, Changqing Wang, Kyrie Fello, Hagop M. Kantarijan, Richard E. Champlin, Mark M. Davis
Exploiting tumor-specific defects in the interferon pathway with a previously unknown oncolytic virus.(Statistical Data Included)HealthDavid F. Stojdl, Brian Lichty, Shane Knowles, Ricardo Marius, Harold Atkins, Nahum Sonenberg, John C. Bell
Fas engagement accelerates liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy.(Statistical Data Included)HealthJulie Desbarats, M. Karen Newell
Fas/FADD-mediated activation of a specific program of inflammatory gene expression in vascular smooth muscle cells.(Statistical Data Included)HealthFriedemann J. Schaub, David K.M. Han, W. Conrad Liles, Lawrence D. Adams, Scott A. Coats, Ravi K. Ramachandran, Ronald A. Siefert, Stephen M. Schwartz, Daniel F. Bowen-Pope
Favorable effect of VEGF gene transfer on ischemic peripheral neuropathy.HealthPeter Schratzberger, Gabrielle Schratzberger, Marcy Silver, Cynthia Curry, Marianne Kearney, Meredith Magner, Joseph Alroy, Lester S. Adelman, David H. Weinberg, Allan H. Ropper, Jeffrey M. Isner
Fc(alpha)RI-positive liver Kupffer cells: reappraisal of the function of immunoglobulin A in immunity.HealthMarjolein van Egmond, Evert van Garderen, Annemiek B. van Spriel, Cora A. Damien, Edwin S. van Amersfoort, Ger van Zandbergen, Jan van Hattum, Johan Kuiper, Jan G.J. van de Winkel
Fetal immunization by a DNA vaccine delivered into the oral cavity.(Statistical Data Included)HealthVolker Gerdts, Lorne A. Babiuk, Sylvia van Drunen Littel-van-den Hurk, Philip J. Griebel
Flow cytometry counting of CD34+ cells in whole blood.(Statistical Data Included)HealthOscar Fornas, Joan Garcia, Jordi Petriz
Focal modification of electrical conduction in the heart by viral gene transfer.(Statistical Data Included)HealthJ. Kevin Donahue, Alan W. Heldman, Heather Fraser, Amy D. McDonald, Julie M. Miller, Jeffrey J. Rade, Thomas Eschenhagen, Eduardo Marban
For want of a disc, the cell was lost....(News & Views)HealthAlan F. Wright
From catheters to vectors: the dawn of molecular electrophysiology.(Gene therapy for tachyarrhythmia)HealthSilvia G. Priori, Carlo Napolitano
From cell physiology to cell physiology.HealthSydney Brenner
Functional conservation of the malaria vaccine antigen MSP-1[sub]19 across distantly related Plasmodium species.(merozoite surface protein-1[sub]19)(Statistical Data Included)HealthAlan F. Cowman, Rebecca A. O'Donnell, Allan Saul, Brendan S. Crabb
Functional deficits in basal ganglia of cihldren with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder shown with functional magnetic resonance imaging relaxometry.HealthMartin H. Teicher, Carl M. Anderson, Ann Polcari, Carol A. Glod, Luis C. Maas, Perry F. Renshaw
Functional genomics of 'Neisseria meningitidis' pathogenesis.HealthYao-Hui Sun, Sharmila Bakshi, Ronald Chalmers, Christoph M. Tang
Galanin-1 receptor up-regulation mediates the excess colonic fluid production caused by infection with enteric pathogens.(Statistical Data Included)HealthMatkowskyj. Kristina A., Alexey Danilkovich, Jorge Marrero, Suzana D. Savkovic, Gail Hecht, Richard V. Benya
Gender differences in HIV-1 diversity at time of infection.(human immunodeficiency virus)(Statistical Data Included)HealthJulie Overbaugh, E. Michelle Long, Harold L. Jr. Martin, Joan K. Kreiss, Stephanie M.J. Rainwater, Ludo Lavreys, Denis J. Jackson, Joel Rakwar, Kishorchandra Mandaliya
Generation of primary antigen-specific human T- and B-cell responses in immunocompetent SCID-hu mice.(severe combined immunodeficiency)(Statistical Data Included)HealthJose M. Carballido, Reiko Namikawa, Nicole Carballido-Perrig, Svetlana Antonenko, Maria-Grazia Roncarolo, Jan E. de Vries
Gene therapy: cautious optimism.HealthBeatrice Renault
Gene therapy for human SCID: dreams become reality.(severe combined immunodeficiency)HealthRebecca H. Buckley
Gene therapy of experimental brain tumors using neural progenitor cells.HealthSara Benedetti, Barbara Pirola, Bianca Pollo, Lorenzo Magrassi, Maria Grazia Bruzzone, Dorotea Rigamonti, Rossella Galli, Silvia Selleri, Francesco Di Meco, Claudio De Fraja, Angelo Vescovi, Elena Cattaneo, Gaetano Finocchiaro
Gene therapy turns the corner.(human stem cell research)HealthJohn E. Dick
Genetic analysis of chemoresistance in primary murine lymphomas.HealthScott W. Lowe, Clemens A. Schmitt, Christine T. Rosenthal
Genetic correction of sickle cell disease: insights using transgenic mouse models.HealthMarie-Jose Blouin, Hugues Beauchemin, Adrian Wright, Monique De Paepe, Martin Sorette, Anne-Marie Bleau, Betty Nakamoto, Ching-Nan Ou, Georges Stamatoyannopoulos, Marie Trudel
Germ cell transplantation: a fertile field.HealthHoward J. Cooke, Philippa T.K. Saunders
Glucocorticoids can promote androgen-independent growth of prostate cancer cells through a mutated androgen receptor.HealthXiao-Yan Zhao, Peter J. Malloy, Aruna V. Krishnan, Srilatha Swami, Nora M. Navone, Donna M. Peehl, David Feldman
Glutamate excitotoxicity in a model of multiple sclerosis.(Statistical Data Included)HealthDavid Pitt, Peter Werner, Cedric S. Raine
Hate-mail author trapped by DNA.(News)HealthLaura Bonetta
Hepatitis C virus and eliminating post-transfusion hepatitis.HealthHarvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton
Hepatocyte transplantation in a model of toxin-induced liver disease: variable therapeutic effect during replacement of damaged parenchyma by donor cells.HealthKristin M. Braun, Jay L. Degen, Eric P. Sandgren
High-sensitivity immunoflourescence for detection of the pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines gamma interferon and interleukin-10 on the surface of cytokine-secreting cells.(Statistical Data Included)HealthAndreas Radbruch, Alexander Scheffold, Mario Assenmacher, Luzie Reiners-Schramm, Roland Lauster
High susceptibility to bacterial infection, but no liver dysfunction, in mice compromised for hepatocyte NF-kappaB activation.HealthIris Goldberg, Iris Barshack, Juri Kopolovic, Iris Lavon, Sharon Amit, Limor Landsman, Steffen Jung, Ben-Zion Tsuberi, Eitan Galun, Hermann Bujard, Yinon Ben-Neriah
HIV-1 rebound after anti-retroviral therapy.(human immunodeficiency virus- 1)HealthDavid D. Ho, Linqi Zhang
HIV nuclear import: what's the flap?HealthMario Stevenson
HSP70 stimulates cytokine production through a CD14-dependant pathway, demonstrating its dual role as a chaperone and cytokine.HealthAlexzander Asea, Stine-Kathrein Kraeft, Evelyn A. Kurt-Jones, Mary Ann Stevenson, Lan Bo Chen, Robert W. Finberg, Gloria C. Koo, Stuart K. Calderwood
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase and protease mutation search engine for queries.HealthRobert W. Shafer, Duane R. Jung, Bradley J. Betts
Human mesenchymal stem cells engraft and demonstrate site-specific differentiation after 'in utero' transplantation in sheep.HealthAlan W. Flake, Kenneth W. Liechty, Tippi C. MacKenzie, Aimen F. Shaaban, Antoneta Radu, AnneMarie B. Moseley, Robert Deans, Daniel R. Marshak
Human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies of the IgG1 subtype protect against mucosal simian-human immunodeficiency virus infection.HealthTimothy W. Baba, Vladimir Liska, Regina Hofmann-Lehmann, Josef Vlasak, Weidong Xu, Seyoum Ayehunie, Lisa A. Cavacini, Marshall R. Posner, Hermann Katinger, Gabriela Stiegler, Bruce J. Bernacky, Tahir A. Rizvi, Russell Schmidt, Lori R. Hill, Michale E. Keeling, Yichen Lu, Joel E. Wright, Ting-Chao Chou, Ruth M. Ruprecht
Human skin Langerhans cells are targets of dengue virus infection.(Statistical Data Included)HealthJohn R. Mascola, Deborah L. Birx, Shuenn-Jue L. Wu, Geraldine Grouard-Vogel, Wellington Sun, Elena Brachtel, Ravithat Putvatana, Mark K. Louder, Luis Filgueira, Mary A. Marovich, Henry K. Wong, Andrew Blauvelt, Gerald S. Murphy, Merlin L. Robb, Bruce L. Innes, Curtis G. Hayes, Sarah Schlesinger Frankel
Ibuprofen, inflammation and alzheimer disease.HealthLennart Mucke, Tony Wyss-Coray
Identification of a previously unknown antigen-specific regulatory T cell and its mechanism of suppression.(Statistical Data Included)HealthZhu-Xu Zhang, Liming Yang, Kevin J. Young, Barb DuTemple, Li Zhang
Identification of the Ebola virus glycoprotein as the main viral determinant of vascular cell cytotoxicity and injury.HealthElizabeth G. Nabel, Nancy J. Sullivan, Zhi-yong Yang, Henricus J. Duckers, Anthony Sanchez, Nabel Gary J.
Identification of the major Abeta(sub)(1-42)-degrading catabolic pathway in brain parenchyma: suppression leads to biochemical and pathological deposition.HealthNobuhisa Iwata, Satoshi Tsubuki, Yoshie Takaki, Karori Watanabe, Misaki Sekiguchi, Emi Hosoki, Maho Kawashima-Morishima, Hahn-Jun Lee, Emi Hama, Yoko Sekine-Aizawa, Takaomi C. Saido
IgG surfaces as an important component in mucosal protection.(News & Views)HealthMarjorie Robert-Guroff
Immunoglobulin framework-derived peptides function as cytotoxic T-cell epitopes commonly expressed in B-cell malignancies.HealthAndreas Trojan, Joachim L. Schultze, Mathias Witzens, Robert H. Vonderheide, Marco Ladetto, John W. Donovan, Gribben John G.
Immunologic 'ignorance' of vascularized organ transplants in the absence of secondary lymphoid tissue.HealthFadi G. Lakkis, Alexandr Arakelov, Bogumila T. Konieczny, Yoshihiko Inoue
Immunomodulation: a new role for statins?HealthWulf Palinski
Immunotherapy of tumors with xenogeneic endothelial cells as a vaccine.HealthYu-Quan Wei, Qing-Ru Wang, Xia Zhao, Li Yang, Ling Tian, You Lu, Bin Kang, Chong-Jiu Lu, Mei-Juan Huang, Yan-Yan Lou, Fei Xiao, Qiu-Ming He, Jing-Mei Shu, Xing-Jiang Xie, Yun-Qiu Mao, Shong Lei, Feng Luo, Li-Qun Zhou, Chong-En Liu, Hao Zhou, Yu Jiang, Feng Peng, Liang-Ping Yuan, Qiu li, Yang Wu, Ji-Yan Liu
Import of host delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase into the malaraial parasite: identification of a new drug target.HealthZ.Q. Bonday, S. Dhanasekaran, P.N. Rangarajan, G. Padmanaban
Increased bone formation and osteosclerosis in mice overexpressing the transcription factor Fra-1.HealthErwin F. Wagner, Wolfram Jochum, Jean-Pierre David, Candace Elliot, Anton Wutz, Hanns Jr. Plenk, Koichi Matsuo
Increased cell division but not thymic dysfunction rapidly affects the T-cell receptor excision circle content of the naive T cell population in HIV-1 infection.(Statistical Data Included)HealthTobias F. Rinke de Wit, Mette D. Hazenberg, Sigrid A. Otto, James W.T. Cohen Stuart, Martie C.M. Verschuren, Jan C.C. Borleffs, Charles A.B. Boucher, Roel A. Coutinho, Joep M.A. Lange, Aster Tsegaye, Jacques J.M. van Dongen, Dorte Hamann, Rob J. de Boer, Frank Miedema
Increased sensitivity to the stimulant effects of morphine conferred by anti-adhesive glycoprotein SPARC in amygdala.HealthToru Imamura, Mitsushi Ikemoto, Masatoshi Takita, Koutarou Inoue
Induction of activin A is essential for the neuroprotective action of basic fibroblast growth factor in vivo.(Statistical Data Included)HealthYvonne P. Tretter, Moritz Hertel, Barbara Munz, Gerrit ten Bruggencate, Sabine Werner, Christian Alzheimer
Induction of a non-encephalitogenic type 2 T helper-cell autoimmune response in multiple sclerosis after administration of an altered peptide ligand in a placebo-controlled, randomized phase II trial.(Statistical Data Included)HealthLawrence Steinman, Jack Antel, Ludwig Kappos, Giancarlo Comi, Hillel Panitch, Joel Oger, Paul Conlon
Induction of cytotoxic T cell responses and tumor immunity against unrelated tumors using telomerase reverse transcriptase RNA transfected dendritic cells.HealthSmita K Nair, Axel Helser, David Boczkowski, Anish Majumdar, Michio Naoe, Jane S. Lebkowski, Johannes Vieweg, Eli Gilboa
Inhibitory Fc receptors modulate in vivo cytoxicity against tumor targets.HealthRaphael A. Clynes, Terri L. Towers, Leonard G. Presta, Jeffrey V. Ravetch
In situ detection of virus- and tumor-specific T-cell immunity.(Statistical Data Included)HealthJohn B.A.G. Haanen, Monique G.C.T. van Oijen, Felicia Tirion, Lauran C.J.M. Oomen, Ada M. Kruisbeek, Florry A. Vyth-Dreese, Ton N.M. Schumacher
Intravascular origin of metastasis from the proliferation of endothelium-attached tumor cells: a new model for metastasis.(Statistical Data Included)HealthA.B. Al-Mehdi, K. Tozawa, A.B. Fisher, L. Shientag, A. Lee, R.J. Muschel
In vitro neurogenesis by progenitor cells isolated from the adult human hippocampus.HealthNeeta Singh Roy, Su Wang, Li Liang, Jian Kang, Abdellatif Benraiss, Catherine Harrison-Restelli, Richard A.R. Fraser, William T. Couldwell, Ayano Kawaguchi, Hideyuki Okano, Maiken Nedergaard, Steven A. Goldman
In vivo antigen challenge in celiac disease indentifies a single transglutaminase-modified peptide as the dominant A-gliadin T-cell epitope.HealthRobert P. Anderson, Pilar Degano, Andrew J. Godkin, Derek P. Jewell, Adrian V.S. Hill
In vivo delivery of the caveolin-1 scaffolding domain inhibits nitric oxide synthesis and reduces inflammation.(Statistical Data Included)HealthWilliam C. Sessa, Mariarosaria Bucci, Jean-Philippe Gratton, Radu Daniel Rudic, Lisette Acevedo, Fiorentina Roviezzo, Giuseppe Cirino
In vivo magnetic resonance imaging of transgene expression.HealthRalph Weissleder, Anna Moore, Umar Mahmood, Rajeev Bhorade, Helene Benveniste, E. Antonio Chiocca, James P. Basilion
In vivo veritas: the search for TB drug targets goes live.(tuberculosis)HealthJohn D. McKinney
Is the development of a new tuberculosis vaccine possible?HealthStefan H.E. Kaufmann
Italy creates neuroscience network.(News)HealthMartina Ballmaier
Keeping in touch with angiogenesis.(News & Views)HealthLloyd Paul Aiello
Kissing cousins - evidence for a common vascular cell precursor.HealthPatricia A. D'Amore
Kourilsky to reform the Pasteur Institute.(Philippe Kourilsky)HealthHeather McCabe
Latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis - persistence, patience, and winning by waiting.HealthWilliam R. Bishai, Yukari C. Manabe
Leaky vessels? Call Ang1!(News & Views)HealthRakesh K. Jain, Lance L. Munn
Learning old tricks from new viruses.HealthKarl Munger
Limitin: an interferon-like cytokine that preferentially influences B-lymphocyte precursors.HealthYuji Matsuzawa, Kenji Oritani, Kay L. Medina, Yoshiaki Tomiyama, Jun Ishikawa, Yu Okajima, Megumu Ogawa, Yokota Takahumi, Keisuke Aoyama, Isao Takahashi, Paul W. Kincade
Linking Helicobacter pylori to gastric cancer.(News & Views)HealthMartin J. Blaser
Listening for hoof beats in heart beats.HealthJeffrey Robbins, Gerald W. Dorn
LMP2 expression and proteasome activity in NOD mice.(Letter to the Editor)HealthBenedikt M. Kessler, Ana-Maria Lennon-Dumenil, Mari L. Shinohara, Myra A. Lipes, Hidde L. Ploegh, Herbert A. Runnels, Wendy A. Watkins, John J. Monaco, Takuma Hayashi, Shohta Kodama, Denise L. Faustman
Loss of p14(sup)ARF in tumor cells facilitates replication of the adenovirus mutant dl1520 (ONYX-015).HealthStefan J. Ries, Christian H. Brandts, Alicia S. Chung, Carola H. Biederer, Byron C. Hann, Ettie M. Lipner, Frank McCormick, W. Michael Korn
Malaria transmission-blocking vaccines - how can their development be supported?HealthAllan Saul, Richard Carter, Kamini N. Mendis, Louis H. Miller, Louis Molineaux
Malaria vaccines-targeting infected hepatocytes.HealthStephen L. Hoffman, Denise L. Doolan
Mammalian deconstruction for stem cell reconstruction.HealthRon McKay
Maspin is an angiogenesis inhibitor.HealthMing Zhang, Olga Volpert, Yihui H. Shi, Noel Bouck
Measles vaccines: a positive step toward eradicating a negative strand.HealthAnn M. Arvin
Meningococcal genomics: two steps forward, one step back.HealthIan M. Feavers, Martin C. Maiden
Metformin reverses fatty liver disease in obese, leptin-deficient mice.(Statistical Data Included)HealthHui Zhi Lin, Shi Qi Yang, Christine Chuckaree, Francis Kuhajda, Gabriele Ronnet, Anna Mae Diehl
Mice without telomerase: what can they teach us about human cancer?HealthRonald A. DePinho, Steven E. Artandi
MIF mediation of sepsis.(macrophage migration inhibitory factor)(News & Views)HealthThomas R. Martin
Minocycline inhibits caspase-1 and caspase-3 expression and delays mortality in a transgenic mouse model of Huntington disease.(Statistical Data Included)HealthJean-Paul Vonsattel, Minghua Chen, Victor O. Ona, Mingwei Li, Robert J. Ferrante, Klaus B. Fink, Shan Zhu, Jie Bian, Lei Guo, Laurie Farrell, Steve M. Hersch, Wendy Hobbs, Jang-Ho J. Cha, Robert M. Friedlander
Mitochondrial control of cell death.(Review)HealthGuido Kroemer, John C. Reed
Modulation of T-cell-mediated immunity in tumor and graft-versus-host disease models through the LIGHT co-stimulatory pathway.HealthShigekazu Nagata, Koji Tamada, Koji Shimozaki, Andrei I. Chapoval, Gefeng Zhu, Gabriel Sica, Dallas Flies, Tom Boone, Hailing Hsu, Yang-Xin Fu, Jian Ni, Lieping Chen
Molecular mimicry mediated by MHC class Ib molecules after infection with Gram-negative pathogens.HealthWei-Feng Lo, Amina S. Woods, Amy DeCloux, Robert J. Cotter, Eleanor S. Metcalf, Mark J. Soloski
Monclonal antibody therapies -- a 'constant' threat to cancer.(News & Views)HealthAlan N. Houghton, David A. Scheinberg
Multiple approaches to multiple sclerosis.HealthLawrence Steinman
Mutations in the tyrosine phosphatase CD45 gene in a child with severe combined immunodeficiency disease.HealthChun Kung, Jeanette T. Pingel, Markku Heikinheimo, Timo Klemola, Kari Varkila, Lina I. Yoo, Katri Vuopala, Minna Poyhonen, Matti Uhari, Martin Rogers, Samuel H. Speck, Talal Chatila, Matthew L. Thomas
Myosin light chain kinase mediates sarcomere organization during cardiac hypertrophy in vitro.HealthHiroki Aoki, Junichi Sadoshima, Seigo Izumo
Neuronal progenitors - learning from the hippocampus.(Review)HealthJack P. Antel, Josephine Nalbantoglu, Andre Olivier
Neuroprotective autoimmunity -- a double-edged sword?(News & Views)HealthMatthew J.A. Wood, Angela Vincent
New feelings about the role of sensory nerves in inflammation.(News & Views)HealthSusan D. Brain
New islets from old.(pancreatic cells)HealthDavid H. Sachs, Susan Bonner-Weir
New multi-determinant strategy for a group A streptococcal vaccine designed for the Australian Aboriginal population.HealthEvelyn R. Brandt, K.S. Sriprakash, Rhonda I. Hobb, Wendy A. Hayman, Weiguang Zeng, Michael R. Batzloff, David C. Jackson, Michael F. Good
'New variant' Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and bovine spongiform encephalopathy.HealthMoira E. Bruce
NIH gives money for orphan development.(National Institutes of Health)HealthMyrna E. Watanabe
NIH revamps HIV vaccine trials unit.(News)HealthPotter Wickware
Normal and mutant huntingtin: partners in crime?HealthNicholas A. Di Prospero, Danilo A. Tagle
Not a minute to waste.(understanding muscle development and decay)HealthGeorge E.O. Muscat, Uwe Dressel
Not so fas: re-evaluating the mechanisms of immune privilege and tumor escape.(Commentary)HealthNicholas P. Restifo
Oocyte apoptosis is suppressed by disruption of the acid sphingomyelinase gene or by sphingosine-1-phosphate therapy.(Statistical Data Included)HealthGloria I. Perez, Jonathan L. Tilly, John C. Reed, Yutaka Morita, Francois Paris, Silvia R. Miranda, Desiree Ehleiter, Adrianna Haimovitz-Friedman, Zvi Fuks, Zhihua Xie, Edward H. Schuchman, Richard N. Kolesnick
'Orphans' meet cholesterol.HealthAlan R. Tall, Phillipe Costet, Yi Luo
Osteoprotegerin blocks bone cancer-induced skeletal destruction, skeletal pain and pain-related neurochemical reorganization of the spinal cord.HealthPrisca Honore, Nancy M. Luger, Mary Ann C. Sabino, Matthew J. Schwei, Scott D. Rogers, David B. Mach, Patrick F. O'Keefe, Margaret L. Ramnaraine, Denis R. Clohisy, Patrick W. Mantyh
Overcoming adeno-associated virur vector size limitation through viral DNA heterodimerization.(New Technology)HealthLiangwu Sun, Xiao Xiao, Juan Li
Overexpression of deltaFosB transcription factor(s) increases bone formation and inhibits adipogenesis.HealthJ. Chen, G. Sabatakos, N.A. Sims, K. Aoki, M.B. Kelz2, M. Amling, Y. Bouali, K. Mukhopadhyay, K. Ford, E.J. Nestler, R. Baron
Overexpression of the alpha(1B)-adrenergic receptor causes apoptotic neurodegeneration: multiple system atrophy.(Statistical Data Included)HealthMichael J. Zuscik, Scott Sands, Sean A. Ross, David J.J. Waugh, Robert J. Gaivin, David Morilak, Dianne M. Perez
Oxidation versus aggregation - how do SOD1 mutants cause ALS?(superoxide dismutase 1)(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)HealthDon W. Cleveland, Jian Liu
p27(super)kip1 functions as an anergy factor inhibiting interleukin 2 transcription and clonal expansion of alloreactive human and mouse helper T lymphocytes.HealthVassiliki A. Boussiotis, Gordon J. Freeman, Patricia A. Taylor, Alla Berezovskaya, Isaabelle Grass, Bruce R. Blazar, Lee M. Nadler
Pain, plasticity, and premature birth: a prescription for permanent suffering?HealthK.J.S. Anand
Pancreatic and duodenal homeobox gene 1 induces experssion of insulin genes in liver and ameliorates streptozotocin-induced hyperglycemia.HealthSarah Ferber, Amir Halkin, Hofit Cohen, Idit Ber, Yulia Einav, Iris Goldberg, Iris Barshack, Rhona Seijffers, Juri Kopolovic, Nurit Kaiser, Avraham Karasik
Pancreatic expression of infection-y protects mice from lethal coxsackievirus B3 interferon(gamma) and subsequent myocarditis.HealthMarc S. Horwitz, Antonio La Cava, Cody Fine, Enrique Rodriguez, Alex Ilic, Nora Sarvetnick
Paradoxical inhibition of T-cell function in response to CTLA-4 blockade; heterogeneity within the human T-cell population.HealthDavid E. Anderson, Katarzyna D. Bieganowska, Amit Bar-Or, Enedina M.L. Oliveira, Beatriz Carreno, Mary Collins, David A. Hafler
Parkinson disease gene therapy moves toward the clinic.HealthAnders Bjorklund, Olle Lindvall
Peripherally administered antibodies against amyloid beta-peptide enter the central nervous system and reduce pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease.(Statistical Data Included)HealthFrederique Bard, Catherine Cannon, Robin Barbour, Rae-Lyn Burke, Dora Games, Henry Grajeda, Teresa Guido, Kang Hu, Jiping Huang, Kelly Jhonson-Wood, Karen Khan, Dora Kholodenko, Mike Lee, Ivan Lieberburg, Ruth Motter, Minh Nguyen, Ferdie Soriano, Nicki Vasquez, Kim weiss, Brent Welch, Peter seubert, Dale Schenk, Ted Yednock
Persistence of episomal HIV-1 infection intermediates in patients on highly active anti-retroviral therapy.(Statistical Data Included)HealthGraeme Moyle, Mark E. Sharkey, Ian Teo, Thomas Greenough, Natalia Sharova, Katherine Luzuriaga, John Lawrence Sullivan, R. Pat Bucy, Leondios G. Kostrikis, Ashley Haase, Claire Veryard, Raul E. Davaro, Sarah H. Cheeseman, Jennifer S. Daly, Carol Bova, Richard T. III Ellison, Brian Mady, Kwan Kew Lai, Mark Nelson, Brian Gazzard, Sunil Shaunak, Mario Stevenson
Pluripotent, cytokine-dependent, hematopoietic stem cells are immortalized by constitutive Notch 1 signaling.HealthBarbara Varnum-Finney, Lanwei Xu, Carolyn Brashem-Stein, Cynthia Nourigat, David Flowers, Sonia Bakkour, Warren S. Pear, Irwin D. Bernstein
Pointing (zinc) fingers at BRCA1 targets.(breast cancer genes)HealthTimothy K. MacLachlan, Wafik S. El-Deiry
Positive selection for autoimmunity.HealthSyamal K. Datta
Pot of gold for glioma therapy.(medical marijuana)HealthDaniele Piomelli
PR39, a peptide regulator of angiogenesis.(Statistical Data Included)HealthJian Li, Mark Post, Rudiger Volk, Youthe Gao, Min Li, Caroline Metais, Kaori Sato, Jo Tsai, William Aird, Robert D. Rosenberg, Thomas G. Hampton, Jianyi Li, Frank Sellke, Peter Carmeliet, Michael Simons
Prostate cancer schemes for androgen escape.HealthALbert O. Brinkmann, Jan Trapman
Protecting the female germ line from cancer therapy.HealthRobert F. Casper, Andrea Jurisicova
Protection against 'Plasmodium falciparum' malaria in chimpanzees by immunization with the conserved pre-erythrocytic liver-stage antigen 3.HealthGuy Dubreuil, Pierre Daubersies, Alan W. Thomas, Pascal Millet, Karima Brahimi, Jan A.M. Langermans, Benjamin Ollomo, Lbachir Ben Mohamed, Bas Slierendregt, Wijnand Eling, Alex Van Belkum, Jacques F.G.M. Meis, Claudine Guerin-Marchand, Sylvie Cayphas, Joe Cohen, Helene Gras-Masse, Pierre Druilhe
Protection from septic shock by neutralization of macrophage migration inhibitory factor.HealthThierry Calandra, Bernd Echtenacher, Didier Le Roy, Jerome Pugin, Christine N. Metz, Lothar Hultner, Didier Heumann, Daniela Mannel, Richard Bucala, Michel P. Glauser
Protection of macaques against vaginal transmission of a pathogenic HIV-1/SIV chimeric virus by passive infusion of neutralizing antibodies.HealthHermann Katinger, Gabriela Stiegler, John R. Mascola, Thomas C. VanCott, Calvin B. Carpenter, Chris E. Hanson, Holly Beary, Deborah Hayes, Sarah S. Frankel, Deborah L. Birx, Mark G. Lewis
Public-private partnerships for public health.HealthMichael R. Reich
Purified hematopoietic stem cells can differentiate into hepatocytes 'in vivo'.HealthIrving Weissman, Eric Lagasse, Heather Connors, Muhsen Al-Dhalimy, Michael Reitsma, Monika Dohse, Linda Osborne, Xin Wang, Milton Finegold, Markus Grompe
Pyrazinamide inhibits the eukaryotic-like fatty acid synthetase I (FASI) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.(Statistical Data Included)HealthOren Zimhony, Jeffery S. Cox, John T. Welch, Catherine Vilcheze, William R. Jr. Jacobs
Quantification of target gene expression by imaging reporter gene expression in living animals.HealthAlexander J. Annala, Michael E. Phelps, Simon R. Cherry, Yajing Yu, Jorge R. Barrio, Tatsushi Toyokuni, Nagichettiar Satyamurthy, Mohammad Namavari, Harvey R. Herschman, Sanjiv S. Gambhir
Receptor-dependent cell stress and amyloid accumulation in systematic amyloidosis.HealthShi Du Yan, Huaijie Zhu, Aiping Zhu, Adam Golabek, Hong Du, Alex Roher, Jin Yu, Claudio Soto, Ann Marie Schmidt, David Stern, Mark Kindy
Recombinant lipid-tagged antibody fragments as functional cell-surface receptors.(New Technology)HealthJohn de Kruif, Marella Tijmensen, Joel Goldsein, Ton Logtenberg
Reduced stability of retinoblastoma protein by gankyrin, an oncogenic ankyrin-repeat protein overexpressed in hepatomas.(Statistical Data Included)HealthHiroaki Higashitsuji, Katsuhiko Itoh, Toshikazu Nagao, Simon Dawson, Kohsuke Nonoguchi, R.John Mayer, Tsuneo Kido, Shigeki Arii, Jun Fujita
Regression of human metastatic renal cell carcinoma after vaccination with tumor cell-dendritic cell hybrids.HealthGerhard A. Muller, Alexander Kugler, Gernot Stuhler, Peter Walden, Gerhard Zoller, Anke Zobywalksi, Peter Brossart, Uwe Trefzer, Silke Ullrich, Claudia A. Muller, Volker Becker, Andreas J. Gross, Hemmerlein Bernhard, Lothar Kanz, Rolf-Hermann Ringert
Relationship between pre-existing viral reservoirs and the re-emergence of plasma viremia after discontinuation of highly active anti-retroviral therapy.HealthTae-Wook Chun, Richard T. Jr. Davey, Mario Ostrowski, J. Shawn Justement, Delphine Engel, James I. Mullins, Anthony S. Fauci
Resistance to diet-induced hypercholesterolemia and gallstone formation in ACAT2-deficient mice.(acyl CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase)(Statistical Data Included)HealthKimberly K. Buhman, Michel Accad, Sabine Novak, Rebekah S. Choi, Jinny S. Wong, Robert L. Hamilton, Stephen Turley, Robert V. Farese Jr.
Reversal of insulin-dependent diabetes using islets generated in vitro from pancreatic stem cells.HealthVijayakumar K. Ramiya, Michael Maraist, Karl E. Arfors, Desmond A. Schatz, Ammon B. Peck, Janet G. Cornelius
Sacked Spanish oncologists win reprieve.(researchers at the Oncology Research Institute)(News)HealthXavier Bosch
Sane genetics for schizophrenia.HealthBrien Riley, Robert Williamson
Secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor mediates non-redundant functions necessary for normal wound healing.HealthGillian S. Ashcroft, Kejian Lei, Wenwen Jin, Glenn Longenecker, Ashok B. Kulkarni, Teresa Greenwell-Wild, Hollie Hale-Donze, George McGrady, Xiao-Yu Song, Sharon M. Wahi
Seeing what Alzheimer saw--with magnetic resonance microscopy.(Alois Alzheimer)HealthN.C. Fox, M.N. Rossor
Sex and the genetic diversity of HIV-1.(human immunodeficiency virus)HealthThomas C. Quinn, Stuart C. Ray
Seymour S. Kety, 1915-2000.(medical scientist)(Obituary)HealthPhilip S. Holzman
Shaping of the autoreactive T-cell repertoire by a splice variant of self protein expressed in thymic epithelial cells.(Statistical Data Included)HealthLudger Klein, Matthias Klugmann, Klaus-Armin Nave, Vincent K. Tuohy, Bruno Kyewski
Signals leading to apoptosis-dependent inhibition of neovascularization by thrombospondin-1.(Statistical Data Included)HealthNoel Bouck, Benilde Jimenez, Olga V. Volpert, Susan E. Crawford, Maria Febbraio, Roy L. Silverstein
Skeletal muscle respiratory uncoupling prevents diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance in mice.(Statistical Data Included)HealthBing Li, Lorraine A. Nolte, Jeong-Sun Ju, Dong Ho Han, Trey Coleman, John O. Holloszy, Clay F. Semenkovich
Skin stem cells - a hairy issue.HealthColin Jahoda, Amanda Reynolds
Smallpox, polio and now a cancer vaccine?HealthDonald W. Kufe
Sniffing out new approaches to spinal cord repair.(News & Views)HealthGeoffrey Raisman
South African village prepares for first HIV vaccine trial...HealthHarold Connett
Specific immunotherapy: one size does not fit all.HealthClaude P. Genain, Scott S. Zamvil
Split stories converge at desmoglein 1.HealthErvin Epstein Jr.
Statins as a newly recognized type of immunomodulator.(Statistical Data Included)HealthBrenda Kwak, Flore Mulhaupt, Samir Myit, Francois Mach
Statins: lower lipids and better bones?HealthM.J. Rogers
Steering anti-cancer drugs away from the TRAIL.(tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand)(News & Views)HealthShigekazu Nagata
Stem cell alchemy.HealthStuart H. Orkin
Stem cell repopulation efficiency but not pool size is governed by p27(kip1).HealthDavid T. Scadden, Tao Cheng, Neil Rodrigues, David Dombkowski, Sebastian Stier
Stem cells - why wait?(Editorial)HealthBeatrice Renault
Successful DNA immunization against measles: neutralizing antibody against either the hemagglutinin or fusion glycoprotein protects rhesus macaques without evidence of atypical measles.(Statistical Data Included)HealthFernando P. Polack, Sok H. Lee, Sallie Permar, Elizabeth Manyara, Hossein G. Nousari, Yaikah Jeng, Farah Mustafa, Alexandra Valsamakis, Robert J. Adams, Harriet L. Robinson, Diane E. Griffin
Superantigen antagonist protects against lethal shock and defines a new domain for T-cell activation.HealthGila Arad, Revital Levy, Dalia Hillman, Raymond Kaempfer
Suppression of tumor growth through disruption of hypoxia-inducible transcription.(Statistical Data Included)HealthAndrew L. Kung, David M. Livingston, William G. Kaelin Jr., Stream Wang, Jeffery M. Klco
Supression of tumor growth and metastasis in Mgat5-deficient mice.HealthMaria Granovsky, Jimmie Fata, Judy Pawling, William J. Muller, Rama Khokha, James W. Dennis
Sustained survival of human hepatocytes in mice: a model for in vivo infection with human hepatitis B and hepatitis delta viruses.HealthHiroyuki Nakai, Mark A. Kay, Kazuo Ohashi, Patricia L. Marion, Leonard Meuse, John M. Cullen, Bruno B. Bordier, Ralph Schwall, Harry B. Greenberg, Jeffrey S. Glenn
Systemic sclerosis immunoglobulin G autoantibodies bind the human cytomegalovirus late protein UL94 and induce apoptosis in human endothelial cells.HealthRoberto Corrocher, Claudio Lunardi, Caterina Bason, Riccardo Navone, Enrico Millo, Gianluca Damonte, Antonio Puccetti
TAK1 is activated in the myocardium after pressure overload and is sufficient to provoke heart failure in transgenic mice.HealthDou Zhang, Vinciane Gaussin, George E. Taffet, Narasimhaswamy S. Belaguli, Miho Yamada, Robert J. Schwartz, Lloyd H. Michael, Paul A. Overbeek, Michael D. Schneider
Taking aim at HIV replication.(human immunodeficiency virus)HealthRobert F. Siliciano, Diana Finzi
Targeted disruption of the glucose transporter 4 selectively in muscle causes insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.(Statistical Data Included)HealthBradford B. Lowell, Ariel Zisman, Odile D. Peroni, E. Dale Abel, M. Dodson Michael, Franck Mauvais-Jarvis, Jorgen F.P. Wojtaszewski, Michael F. Hirshman, Antti Virkamaki, Laurie J. Goodyear, C. Ronald Kahn, Barbara B. Kahn
Targeting tumors through the HIF system.(hypoxia-inducible factor)HealthPeter J. Ratcliffe, Christopher W. Pugh, Patrick H. Maxwell
Telomere dynamics in cancer progression and prevention: fundamental differences in human and mouse teleomere biology.HealthJerry W. Shay, Woodring E. Wright
The 3' untranslated region of messenger RNA: a molecular 'hotspot' for pathology?HealthBeatrice Conne, Andre Stutz, Jean-Dominique Vassalli
The axis of interleukin 12 and gamma interferon regulates acute vascular xenogeneic rejection.HealthWang Hao, Mark E. DeVries, Shaoping Deng, Masud H. Khandaker, J. Geoff Pickering, Larry H. Chow, Bertha Garcia, David J. Kelvin, Robert Zhong
The broad-spectrum antiviral ribonucleoside ribavirin is an RNA virus mutagen.(Statistical Data Included)HealthShane Crotty, David Maag, Jamie J. Arnold, Weidong Zhong, Johnson Y.N. Lau, Zhi Hong, Raul Andino, Craig E. Cameron
The cell cycle inhibitor p21 controls T-cell proliferation and sex-linked lupus development.HealthDimitrios Balomenos, Juan Martin-Caballero, Maria I. Garcia, Ignacio Prieto, Juana M. Flores, Manuel Serrano, Carlos Martinez-A
The Declaration of Helsinki, CIOMS and the ethics of research on vulnerable populations.(Council for International Organizations of Medical Science)HealthDeborah Zion, Lynn Gillam, Bebe Loff
The envelope, please: nuclear lamins and disease.(News & Views)HealthRobert A. Hegele
The Ets protein PEA3 suppresses HER-2/neu overexpression and inhibits tumorigenesis.HealthXiangming Xing, Shao-Chun Wang, Weiya Xia, Yiyu Zou, Ruping Shao, Ka Yin Kwong, Zhenming Yu, Su Zhang, Susan Miller, Leaf Huang, Mien-Chie Hung
The fine cytokine line between graft acceptance and rejection.(News & Views)HealthZoie E. Holzknecht, Jeffrey L. Platt
The first steps on the gene therapy pathway to anti-sickling success.(News & Views)HealthStefan Karlsson
The HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor simvastatin activates the protein kinase Akt and promotes angiogenesis in normocholesterolemic animals.(Statistical Data Included)HealthYasuko Kureishi, Zhengyu Luo, Ichiro Shiojima, Ann Bialik, David Fulton, David J. Lefer, William C. Sessa, Kenneth Walsh
The latent nuclear antigen of kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus targets the retinoblastoma-E2F pathway and with the oncogene Hras transforms primary rat cells.HealthStoyan A. Radkov, Paul Kellam, Chris Boshoff
The mammary gland iodide transporter is expressed during lactation and in breast cancer.HealthUygar H. Tazebay, Irene L. Wapnir, Orlie Levy, Orsolya Dohan, Lionel S. Zuckier, Qing Hua Zhao, Hou Fu Deng, Peter S. Amenta, Susan Finberg, Richard G. Pestell, Nancy Carrasco
The National Intitutes of Health and clinical research: a progress report.HealthDavid G. Nathan, Harold E. Varmus
The neuronal repressor REST/NRSF is an essential regulator in medulloblastoma cells.(Statistical Data Included)HealthPatrick Lawinger, Radjendirane Venugopal, Zong-Sheng Guo, Anand Immaneni, Devjani Sengupta, Wenying Lu, Luca Rastelli, Ana Marin Dias Carneiro, Victor Levin, Gregory N. Fuller, Yann Echelard, Sadhan Majumder
The nuclear receptor co-repressor Nrip1 (RIP140) is essential for female fertility.(Statistical Data Included)HealthRoger White, Goran Leonardsson, Ian Rosewell, Mary Ann Jacobs, Stuart Milligan, Malcolm Parker
The proglucagon-derived peptide, glucagon-like peptide-2, is a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of food intake.(Statistical Data Included)HealthMads Tang-Christensen, Philip Just Larsen, Jesper Thulesen, John Romer, Niels Vrang
Therapeutic activity of agonistic monoclonal antibodies against CD40 in a chronic inflammatory process.HealthClaudia Mauri, Lennart T. Mars, Marco Londei
The sleep-wake switch: a neuronal alarm clock.(News & Views)HealthDennis McGinty, Ron Szymusiak
The trophoblast is a component of the innate immune system during pregnancy.HealthJeffrey W. Pollard, Indira Guleria
The tyrosine kinase p56(super lck) is essential in coxsackievirus B3-mediated heart disease.HealthKurt Bachmaier, Ivona Kozieradzki, Young-Yun Kong, Josef Penninger, Tak W. Mak, Peter Liu, Karen Aitken, Mary Anne Opavsky, Tammy Martino, Fayez Dawood, Wen-Hu Wen, David Straus
The ubiquitin system.HealthAlexander Varshavsky, Avram Hershko, Aaron Ciechanover
The vision of Typhoon Lengkieki.(population genetics in Micronesia)HealthVal C. Sheffield
To be or notch to be.(Notch signaling)HealthMalcolm Brenner
Toxin in bollous impetigo and staphylococcal scalded-skin syndrome targets desmoglein 1.HealthM. Amagai, N. Matsuyoshi, Z.H. Wang, C. Andl, J.R. Stanley
Transcriptional regulation of cellular transformation.HealthPaolo Salomoni, Pier Paolo Pandolfi
Transcutaneous immunization: a human vaccine delivery strategy using a patch.(Statistical Data Included)HealthGregory M. Glenn, David N. Taylor, Xiuru Li, Sarah Frankel, Andrew Montemarano, Carl R. Alving
Transdermal monitoring of glucose and other analytes using ultrasound.HealthJoseph Kost, Samir Mitragotri, Robert A. Gabbay, Michael Pishko, Robert Langer
Transfer of the chemokine receptor CCR5 between cells by membrane-derived microparticles: a mechanism for cellular human immunodeficiency virus 1 infection.(Statistical Data Included)HealthPeter J. Nelson, Matthias Mack, Andrea Kleinschmidt, Hilke Bruhl, Christiane Klier, Josef Cihak, Jiri Plachy, Manfred Stangassinger, Volker Erfle, Detlef Schlondorff
Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, amyloidoses and yeast prions: common threads?HealthByron Caughey
Transplantation of male germ line stem cells restores fertility in infertile mice.(Statistical Data Included)HealthTakehiko Ogawa, Ina Dobrinski, Mary R. Avarbock, Ralph L. Brinster
UK speculated to permit stem cell research.(News)HealthPhyllida Brown
Uncoupling diet and diabetes.HealthLeslie P. Kozak
Uptake of HIV-1 Tat protein mediated by low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein disrupts the neuronal metabolic balance of the receptor ligands.(transactivator protein)(Statistical Data Included)HealthYing Liu, Melina Jones, Cynthia M. Hingtgen, Guojun Bu, Nick Laribee, Rudolph E. Tanzi, Robert D. Moir, Avindra Nath, Johnny J. He
Vaccines and the induction of functional antibodies: time to look beyond the molecules of natural infection?(Commentary)HealthDennis R. Burton, Paul W.H.I. Parren
Varicella vaccination: evidence for frequent reactivation of the vaccine strain in healthy children.HealthPhilip R. Krause, Dennis M. Klinman
Varicella-zoster vaccine: the bad news may be good.(News & Views)HealthJohn Mills
Viral damage or 'molecular mimicry': placing the blame in myocarditis.HealthNoel R. Rose
Viremia control following antiretroviral treatment and therapeutic immunization during primary SIV(sub)251 infection of macaques.(Statistical Data Included)HealthDavid Watkins, Zdenek Hel, David Venzon, Monita Poudyal, Wen-Po Tsai, Laura Giuliani, Ruth Woodward, Claire Chougnet, Gene Shearer, John D. Altman, Norbert Bischofberger, Alashle Abimiku, Phillip Markham, James Tartaglia, Genoveffa Franchini
Will therapeutic peptides be kryptonite for superantigens?(News & Views)HealthPatrick M. Schlievert
Will we have and why do we need an Ebola vaccine?HealthHans-Dieter Klenk
Winning the battle of graft versus host.(graft-versus-host disease)HealthPaul J. Martin
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