Nature Medicine 2000 Karen Birmingham - Abstracts

Nature Medicine 2000 Karen Birmingham
Bioengineering and phytomedicines among FY00 congressional priorities.(Statistical Data Included)HealthKaren Birmingham
HIV researchers upset by Royal Society discussion of 'River theory.'(theory that HIV originates from polio vaccine made from chimpanzee tissue)(News)HealthKaren Birmingham, Myrna Watanabe
Industry outlines its perspective on new Third-World vaccine development.(National Institutes of Health)HealthKaren Birmingham
Merger signals shift in xenotransplantation research.HealthKaren Birmingham
New data show life is longer, better, but more expensive.(Statistical Data Included)HealthKaren Birmingham
No dismissal for hate-mail author.HealthKaren Birmingham
Parliamentary committee examines UK cancer research efforts.(News)HealthKaren Birmingham
Second HSC researcher sends anonymous 'Olivieri' note.(Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto)(News)HealthKaren Birmingham
The NIH improves its record on women in trials.(National Institutes of Health)HealthKaren Birmingham
UCSF whistle-Blower alleges gender discrimination.(University of California-San Francisco)(News)HealthKaren Birmingham
UN acknowledges HIV/AIDS as a threat to world peace.(News)HealthKaren Birmingham
UNAIDS releases long-awaited HIV vaccine guidelines.(News)HealthKaren Birmingham
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