Nature 1999 - Abstracts

Nature 1999
124,000-year periodicity in terrestrial vegetation change during the late Pliocene epoch.Zoology and wildlife conservationK.J. Willis, A. Kleczkowski, S.J. Crowhurst
14-3-3delta is required to prevent mitotic catastrophe after DNA damage.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristoph Lengauer, Kenneth W. Kinzler, Bert Vogelstein, Timothy A. Chan, Heiko Hermeking
2-Methylhopanoids as biomarkers for cyanobacterial oxygenic photosynthesis.Zoology and wildlife conservationLinda L. Jahnke, Janet M. Hope, Roger E. Summons, Graham A. Logan
$3m deal launches major hunt for drug leads in Brazil.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Dickson, Ricardo Bonalume Neto
A bacteriophage encoding a pathogenicity island, a type-IV pilus and a phage receptor in cholera bacteria.Zoology and wildlife conservationJudith A. Johnson, James B. Kaper, David K.R. Karaolis, Sita Somara, David R. Jr. Maneval
A basal ganglia pacemaker formed by the subthalamic nucleus and external globus pallidus.Zoology and wildlife conservationDietmar Plenz, Stephen T. Kital
A blueprint of 'bad air'.Zoology and wildlife conservationMats Wahlgren, Maria Teresa Bejarano
Abnormal mast cells in mice deficient in a heparin-synthesizing enzyme.Zoology and wildlife conservationInger Eriksson, Johan Ledin, Maria Ringvall, Lena Kjellen, Erik Forsberg, Gunnar Pejler, Carolina Lunderius, Bianca Tomasini-Johansson, Marion Kusche-Gullberg, Lars Hellman
A box for a single photon.Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilippe Grangier
A breath of fresh air.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.E. Canfield
Abrupt changes in North American climate during early Holocene times.Zoology and wildlife conservationF.S. Hu, D. Slawinski, H.E. Jr. Wright, E. Ito, R.G. Johnson, K.R. Kelts, R.F. McEwan, A. Boedigheimer
Abrupt termination of the 1997-98 El Nino in response to a Madden-Julian oscillation.Zoology and wildlife conservationAkira Shibata, Yukari N. Takayabu, Toshio Iguchi, Misako Kacki, Hiroshi Kanzawa
Absolute measures of the completeness of the fossil record.Zoology and wildlife conservationMike Foote, John Sepkoski
A burst caught in flagrante.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Meszaros
A calcium window to the gut.Zoology and wildlife conservationG. David S. Hirst
A capsaicin-receptor homologue with a high threshold for noxious heat.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Julius, Michael J. Caterina, Makoto Tominaga, Tobias A. Rosen, Anthony J. Brake
Accelerated dissolution of diatom silica by marine bacterial assemblages.Zoology and wildlife conservationFarooq Azam, Kay D. Bidle
Accessibility of information on the web.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteve Lawrence, C. Lee Giles
Accessory to murder.(exogenous presentation vital for induction of antiviral cytotoxic T-cell responses)Zoology and wildlife conservationTon N.M. Schumacher
Accretion of low-metallicity gas by the Milky Way.Zoology and wildlife conservationB.P. Wakker, J.C. Howk, B.D. Savage, H. van Woerden, S.L. Tufte, U.J. Schwarz, R. Benjamin, R.J. Reynolds, R.F. Peletier, P.M.W. Kalberla
Accumulation of cyclin B1 requires E2F and cyclin-A-dependent rearrangement of the anaphase-promoting complex.Zoology and wildlife conservationJan-Michael Peters, Jiri Bartek, Claudia Lukas, Claus Storgaard Serensen , Edgar Kramer, Eric Santoni-Rigiu, Claes Lindeneg, Jiri Lukas
AC. elegans Ror receptor tyrosine kinase regulates cell motility and asymmetric cell division.Zoology and wildlife conservationWayne C. Forrester, Gian Garriga, Megan Dell, Elliot Perens
A cell for all reasons.(International Dictyostelium Conference)Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert H. Insall, William F. Loomis
A cellular poison cupboard.(Apoptosis)Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam C. Earnshaw
A century of zero expansion.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Mohn
A chain initiation factor common to both modular and aromatic polyketide synthases.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul F. Long, Peter F. Leadlay, Christian Bisang, Jesus Cortes, James Westcott, John Crosby, Anne-Lise Matharu, Russell J. Cox, Thomas J. Simpson, James Staunton
Achilles and the maggots.(Francesco Redi's challenge to doctrine of spontaneous generation)Zoology and wildlife conservationPaolo Mazzarello
A Chinese triconodont mammal and mosaic evolution of the mammalian skeleton.Zoology and wildlife conservationJi Qiang, Luo Zhexi, Ji Shu-an
Acinus is a caspase-3-activated protein required for apoptotic chromatin condensation.Zoology and wildlife conservationYoshihiro Yoneda, Yoshihide Tsujimoto, Naoko Imamoto, Yutaka Eguchi, Setsuko Sahara, Mamoru Aoto
A combined algorithm for genome-wide prediction of protein function.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Eisenberg, Edward M. Marcotte, Todd O. Yeates, Michael J. Thompson, Matteo Pellegrini
A complete human pelvis from the Middle Pleistocene of Spain.Zoology and wildlife conservationCarlos Lorenzo, Juan-Luis Arsuaga, Ignacio Martinez, Ana Gracia, Jose-Miguel Carretero, Nuria Garcia, Jose-Maria Bermudez de Castro, Eudald. Carbonell
A complex clathrate hydrate structure showing bimodal guest hydration.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn A. Ripmeester, Konstantin A. Udachin
A confirmed location in the Galactic halo for the high-velocity cloud 'chain A.'.Zoology and wildlife conservationBart P. Wakker, Hugo van Woerden, Ulrich J. Schwarz, Reynier F. Peletier, Peter M.W. Kalberla
A controlled-release microchip.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Langer, John T. Jr Santini, Michael J. Cima
Acoustic guide in bat-pollinated flower.Zoology and wildlife conservationDagmar von Helversen, Otto von Helversen
Actin-based motility of vaccinia virus mimics receptor tyrosine kinase signalling.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Way, Friedrich Frischknecht, Violaine Moreau, Sabine Rottger, Stefania Gonfloni, Inge Reckmann, Guilio Superti-Furga
Activated T cells regulate bone loss and joint destruction in adjuvant arthritis through osteoprotegerin ligand.Zoology and wildlife conservationYoung-Yun Kong, Pamela S. Ohashi, Josef Penninger, Ji Li, David L. Lacey, William J. Boyle, Anna Tafuri, Susan McCabe, Linh T. Nguyen, Sean Morony, Thomas Wong, Casey Capparelli, Gwyneth Van, Ulrich Feige, Iidiko Sarosi, Brad Bolon, Robin Elliott, Giuseppe Campagnuolo, Erika Moran, Earl R. Bogoch, Eleanor Fish
Activation of nitric oxide synthase in endothelial cells by Akt-dependent phosphorylation.Zoology and wildlife conservationStefanie Dimmeler, Andreas M. Zeiher, Rudi Busse, Ingrid Fleming, Beate Fisslthaler, Corinna Hermann
Activation of the epithelial Na+ channel (ENaC) requires CFTR Cl- channel function.Zoology and wildlife conservationP.M. Quinton, M.M. Reddy, M.J. Light
Activation of the ERK/MAPK pathway by an isoform of rap1 GAP associated with G alpha i.Zoology and wildlife conservationTakeshi Murakami, Akira Kitabatake, Naoki Mochizuki, Yusuke Ohba, Michiyuki Matsuda, Takeshi Kurata, Kazuo Nagashima, Etsuko Kiyokawa, Takefumi Ozaki
Active site-directed protein regulation.Zoology and wildlife conservationBruce E. Kemp, Bostjan Kobe
A cytosolic catalase is needed to extend adult lifespan in C. elegans daf-C and clk-1 mutants.Zoology and wildlife conservationMartin Chalfie, Charles Ma, James Taub, Joe F. Lau, Jang Hee Hahn, Rafaz Hoque, Jonathan Rothblatt
Adapting to nanoscale events.(measurement of ionic transport to detect organic molecules)Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel Branton, Jene Golovchenko
A diapsid skull in a new species of the primitive bird Confuciusornis.Zoology and wildlife conservationZhonghe Zhou, Alan Feduccia, Larry D. Martin, Lianhai Hou, Fucheng Zhang
A diffusion barrier maintains distribution of membrane proteins in polarized neurons.Zoology and wildlife conservationIra Mellman, Bettina Winckler, Paul Forscher
A dipole mode in the tropical Indian Ocean.Zoology and wildlife conservationB.N. Goswami, T. Yamagata, N.H. Saji, P.N. Vinayachandran
A direct-methane fuel cell with a ceria-based anode.Zoology and wildlife conservationE. Perry Murray, T. Tsai, S.A. Barnett
A distance to the galaxy NGC4258 from observations of Cepheid variable stars.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarc Davis, Wendy L. Freedman, Laura Ferrarese, Stephen E. Zepf, Barry F. Madore, Eyal Maoz, Jeffrey A. Newman, Peter B. Stetson
A doubling of the Sun's coronal magnetic field during the past 100 years.Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Lockwood, R. Stamper, M.N. Wild
A dromaesaurid dinosaur with a filamentous integument from the Yixian Formation of China.Zoology and wildlife conservationXing Xu, Xiao-Lin Wang, Xiao-Chun Wu
A dusty pinwheel nebula around the massive star WR104.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter G. Tuthill, John D. Monnier, William C. Danchi
Aerosol-assisted self-assembly of mesostructured spherical nanoparticles.Zoology and wildlife conservationHongyou Fan, Yunfeng Lu, Aaron Stump, C. Jeffrey Brinker, Timothy L. Ward, Thomas Rieker
A family of mammalian Na+-dependent L-ascorbic acid transporters.Zoology and wildlife conservationMatthias A. Hediger, Bryan Mackenzie, Hiroyasu Tsukaguchi, Taro Tokui, urs V. Berger, Xing-Zhen Chen, Yangxi Wang, Richard F. Brubaker
A ferric-chelate reductase for iron uptake from soils.Zoology and wildlife conservationMary Lou Guerinot, Nigel J. Robinson, Catherine M. Procter, Erin L. Connolly
A ferromagnet having no net magnetic movement.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Adachi, H. Ino
A firm base for drug development.Zoology and wildlife conservationBart De Strooper, Gerhard Konig
A fistful of wishful thinking.(belief in connection between rainfall and cultivation in US in 19th century)Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel J. Kevies
A funerary feast fit for King Midas.(chemical analysis of organic contents of vessels from tomb of King Midas)Zoology and wildlife conservationPatrick E. McGovern, Elizabeth Inchbald, Alberto Nunez, Curt W. Beck, Donald L. Glusker, Lawrence J. Exner, Robert A. Moreau, Eric D. Butrym, Edith C. Stout
Ageing dust fades away.(research into dust around stars)Zoology and wildlife conservationSergio Fajardo-Acosta
Ageing, fitness and neurocognitive function.Zoology and wildlife conservationArthur F. Kramer, Richard A. Boileau, Edward McAuley, Sowon Hahn, Eli Vakil, Neal J. Cohen, Marie T. Banich, Catherine R. Harrison, Julie Chason, Lynn Bardell, Angela Colcombe
Ageing hard or hardly ageing?(telomere erosion as cause of ageing)Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Kipling, Richard G.A. Faragher
A geometric distance to the galaxy NGC4258 from orbital motions in a nuclear gas disk.Zoology and wildlife conservationN. Nakai, M. Inoue, M. Miyoshi, J.M. Moran, L.J. Greenhill, J.R. Hernstein, P.J> Diamond, C. Henkel, A. Riess
A giant periodic flare from the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR1900+14.Zoology and wildlife conservationK. Hurley, T. Cline, D. Palmer, F. Marshall, R. Aptekar, E. Mazets, S. Bartelmy, P. Butterworth, S. Golenetskii, V. Il'Inski, D. Frederiks, J. McTierna, R. Gold, J. Trombka
Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in carbon nanotubes.Zoology and wildlife conservationJean-Marc Bonard, Laszlo Forro, Adrian Bachtold, Christoph Struck, Jean-Paul Salvetat, Thomas Nussbaumer, Christian Schonenberger
A homeostatic switch.(Neurobiology)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard Miles
Air traffic may increase cirrus cloudiness.Zoology and wildlife conservationOlivier Boucher
A kinase-regulated PDZ-domain interaction controls endocytic sorting of the beta-2-adrenergic receptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnthony Bretscher, Mark von Zastrow, Tracy T. Cao, Heather W. Deacon, David Reczek
A kinetic proofreading mechanism for disentanglement of DNA by topoisomerases.Zoology and wildlife conservationJie Yan, Marcelo O. Magnasco, John F. Marko
Akt is more than just a Bad kinase.(Akt affects activity of factors regulating gene transcription)Zoology and wildlife conservationAsim Khwaja
Alan Hodgkin (1914-98): Neurophysiologist.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationTrevor Lamb
A large and abrupt fall in atmosphere CO(sub2) concentration during Cretaceous times.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard D. Pancost, Jaap S. Sinninghe Damste, Marcel M.M. Kuypers
A LIM-homeodomain combinatorial code for motor-neuron pathway selection.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrew Tomlinson, Stefan Thor, John B. Thomas, Siv G.E. Andersson
All change in the Arctic.(Oceanography)Zoology and wildlife conservationBob Dickson
Allometric scaling of production and life-history variation in vascular plants.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames H. Brown, Brian J. Enquist, Geoffrey B. West, Eric L. Charnov
All's well that ends dead.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard A. Flavell, Timothy S. Zheng
A long-distance record breaker.(discovery of high-redshift galaxy)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard R. Green
A low-temperature origin for the planetesimals that formed Jupiter.Zoology and wildlife conservationTobias Owen, Akiva Bar-Nun, H.B. Niemann, Imke de Pater, Paul Mahaffy, Sushil Atreya, Thomas Donahue
A mammalian protein with specific demethylase activity for mCpG DNA.Zoology and wildlife conservationSanjoy K. Bhattacharya, Shyam Ramchandani, Nadia Cervoni, Moshe Szyf
A manual for planetary management: It is time for environmental scientists and policy-makers to speak the same language, and to target the achievable, not simply the desirable. A framework is emerging from the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme.Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilip Newton
A mesoscale approach to extinction risk in fragmented habitats.Zoology and wildlife conservationRenato Casagrandi, Marino Gatto
A message from the gonads.Zoology and wildlife conservationDonald L. Riddle
A metal complex that binds alpha-amino acids with high and predictable stereospecificity.Zoology and wildlife conservationJik Chin, Soo Suk Lee, Kyung Joo Lee, Seongsoon Park, Dong H. Kim
A Middle Jurassic mammal from Madagascar.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn J. Flynn, Andre R. Wyss, J. Michael Parrish, Berthe Rakotosamimanana, William F. Simpson
A movement-sensitive area in auditory cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrank Baumgart, Birgit Gaschler-Markefski, Marty G. Woldorff, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Henning Scheich
Analysis fo telomere lengths in cloned sheep.Zoology and wildlife conservationIan Wilmut, Angelika E. Schnieke, David Waddington, Paul G. Shiels, Alexander J. KInd, Keith H.S. Campbell, alan Colman
An amniote-like skeleton from the Early Carboniferous of Scotland.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.A. Clack, R.L. Paton, T.R. Smithson
An anchor for activation.(Signal transduction)Zoology and wildlife conservationCarl-Henrik Heldin, Peter ten Dijke
A nanomechanical device based on the B-Z transition of DNA.Zoology and wildlife conservationNadrian C. Seeman, Changde Mao, Weiqiong sun, Zhiyong Shen
A nanometre-sized hexahedral coordination capsule assembled from 24 components.Zoology and wildlife conservationMakoto Fujita, Kentaro Yamaguchi, Nobuhiro Takeda, Kazuhiko Umemoto
A nanotube laboratory.(Condensed-matter physics)Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid H. Cobden
Ancestral primate viewed.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen J. O'Brien, Roscoe Stanyon
Ancient stunted trees on cliffs.Zoology and wildlife conservationA. Charlton, D.W. Larson, U. Matthes, J.A. Gerrath, J.M. Gerrath, J.C. Nekola, G.L. Walker, S. Porembski, N.W.K. Larson
Andes observatories belatedly take root.(Science in Latin America)Zoology and wildlife conservationRoland Pease
And there was light!(Sonoluminescence)Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Apfel
An early Cambrian craniate-like chordate.Zoology and wildlife conservationChia-Wei Li, Jun-Yuan Chen, Di-Ying HUang
An enzymatic globin from a marine worm.Zoology and wildlife conservationLukasz Lebioda, Michael W. LaCount, Erli Zhang, Yung Pin Chen, Kaiping Han, Margaret M. Whitton, David E. Lincoln, Sarah A. Woodin
An epigenetic mutation responsible for natural variation in floral symmetry.(Cover Story)Zoology and wildlife conservationEnrico Coen, Pilar Cubas, Coral Vincent
A network of fast-spiking cells in the neocortex connected by electrical synapses.Zoology and wildlife conservationMario Galarreta, Shaul Hestrin
A neuronal representation of the location of nearby sounds.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael S.A. Graziano, Lina A.J. Reiss, Charles G. Gross
A new cellular mechanism for coupling inputs arriving at different cortical layers.Zoology and wildlife conservationBert Sakmann, Matthew E. Larkum, J. Julius zhu
A new escape and evasion tactic.(molecular strategies used by Plasmodium)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn W. Barnwell
A new-for-old urinary bladder.(reconstruction of dog bladder from cells obtained by biopsy of bladder wall)Zoology and wildlife conservationJeffrey A. Hubbell
A new pathway for polyketide synthesis in microorganisms.Zoology and wildlife conservationIsao Fujii, Yutaka Ebizuka, Sueharu Horinouchi, Yasuo Ohnishi, Nobutaka Funa, Masaaki Shibuya
A new protease required for cell-cycle progression in yeast.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Hochstrasser, Shyr-Jiann Li
A new secreted protein than binds to Wnt proteins and inhibits their activities.Zoology and wildlife conservationRoel Nusse, Jen-Chih Hsieh, Amir Rattner, Jeremy Nathans, Philip M. Smallwood, Igor B. Dawid, Laurent Kodjabachian, Martha L. Rebbert, Cynthia Harryman Samos
A new spin on handed asymmetry.(Devlopmental biology)Zoology and wildlife conservationClifford J. Tabin, Kyle J. Vogan
A new twist in Beta-decay.Zoology and wildlife conservationWolfgang Stoeffl
Angiogenesis inhibited by drinking tea.Zoology and wildlife conservationRenhai Cao, Yihai Cao
Angiosperm phylogeny inferred from multiple genes as a tool for comparative biology.Zoology and wildlife conservationPamela S. Soltis, Mark W. Chase, Douglas E. Soltis
Another step ahead for myosin.Zoology and wildlife conservationYale E. Goldman, Malcolm Irving
An SH2 domain in disguise.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn Kuriyan, James E. Darnell Jr.
Antagonists on the left flank.(cooperation between direct and antagonistic signals)Zoology and wildlife conservationNigel A. Brown, Tim King
Antibacterial peptide from H. pylori.Zoology and wildlife conservationStaffan Normark, Katrin Putsep, Carl-Ivar Branden, Hans G. Boman
Antibiotic resistance found in wild rodents.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Begon, Moira A. Gilliver, Malcolm Bennett, Sarah M. Hazel, C. Anthony Hart
Antibody clears senile plaques.(immunization with amyloid-beta peptide inhibits formation of amyloid plaques)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter St George-Hyslop, David A. Westaway
Anticipation of moving stimuli by the retina.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarkus Meister, Iman H. Brivanlou, Michael J. II Berry, Thomas A. Jordan
Ants, plants and antibiotics: The partnership between ants and their fungal gardens has a newly discovered third member.Zoology and wildlife conservationTed R. Schultz
An ultimate limiting nutrient.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.R. Toggweiler
A patchwork of cones.(Colour vision)Zoology and wildlife conservationHeinz Wassle
APC(super Cdc20) promotes exit from mitosis by destroying the anaphase inhibitor Pds1 and cyclin Clb5.Zoology and wildlife conservationAttila Toth, Marta Galova, Kim Nasmyth, Masaki Shirayama
A pipiscid-like fossil from the Lower Cambrian of south China.Zoology and wildlife conservationY. Li, L. Chen, J. Han, X.L. Zhang, D. Shu, S. Conway Morris
A place for space and smells.(Neurobiology)Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.N.P. Rawlins
A plant regulator controlling development of symbiotic root nodules.Zoology and wildlife conservationJens Stougaard, Leif Schauser, Andreas Roussis, Jiri Stiller
A polar vortex in the Earth's core.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Olson, Jonathan Aurnou
A polycystic kidney-disease gene homologue required for male mating behaviour in C. elegans.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul W. Sternberg, Maureen M. Barr
A presenilin-1-dependent gamma-secretase-like protease mediates release of Notch intracellular domain.Zoology and wildlife conservationBart De Strooper, Eric H. Schroeter, Jeffrey S. Mumm, Raphael Kopan, Paul Saftig, Alison Goate, Michael S. Wolfe, Katleen Craessaerts, Wim Annaert, Philippe Cupers, William J. Ray, Vincent Schrijvers
A primitive fossil fish sheds light on the origin of bony fishes.Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilippe Janvier, Min Zhu, Xiaobo Yu
A protective role for protease-activated receptors in the airways.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.M. Chow, M.J. Carr, T.M. Cocks, B. Fong, G.P. Anderson, A.G. Frauman, R.G. Goldie, P.J. Henry, J.R. Hamilton, J.D. Moffatt
A protein kinase encoded by the t complex responder gene causes non-mendelian inheritance.Zoology and wildlife conservationBernhard G. Herrmann, Andreas Kispert, Birgit Koschorz, Karin Wertz, K. John McLoughlin
A protochlorophyllide light-harvesting complex involved in de-etiolation of higher plants.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteffen Reinbothe, Nikolai Lebedev, Christiane Reinboth
Aquatic sex pheromone from a male tree frog.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul A. Wabnitz, John H. Bowie, Michael J. Tyler, John C. Wallace, Ben P. Smith
A radio pulsar with an 8.5-second period that challenges emission models.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.N. Manchester, S. Johnston, M.D. Young
Archaeopteris is the earliest known modern tree.Zoology and wildlife conservationBrigitte Meyer-Berthaud, Stephen E. Scheckler, Jobst Wendt
A recipe for strength.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul Calvert
A record of atmospheric halocarbons during the twentieth century from polar firn air.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames H. Butler, Jeffrey P. Severinghaus, Michael L. Bender, Mark Battle, Stephen A. Montzka, Andrew D. Clarke, Eric S. Saltzman, Cara M. Sucher, James W. Elkins
A refugium for relicts.(palaeobiology)Zoology and wildlife conservationZhexi Luo
Are vent shrimps blinded by science?Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter J. Herring, Edward Gaten, Peter M.J. Shelton
A reversibly antigen-responsive hydrogel.Zoology and wildlife conservationTakashi Miyata, Noriko Asami, Tadashi Uragami
A rhoptry-protein-associated mechanism of clonal phenotypic variation in rodent malaria.Zoology and wildlife conservationP.R. Preiser, W. Jarra, T. Capiod, G. Snounou
A ribozyme that lacks cytidine.Zoology and wildlife conservationGerald F. Joyce, Jeff Rogers
A role for Gbx2 in repression of Otx2 and positioning the mid/hindbrain organizer.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlexandra L. Joyner, Kenneth Campbell, Esther Harris, Sandrine Millet, Douglas J. Epstein, Kasia Losos
Arsenic poisoning in the Ganges delta: The natural contamination of drinking water by arsenic needs to be urgently addressed.Zoology and wildlife conservationSaumyen Guha, S.K. Acharyya, P. Chakraborty, s. Lahiri, B.C. Raymahashay, Amitava Bhowmik
Arthur Schawlow (1921-99).(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationCharles Townes
A Salmonella protein antagonizes Rac-1 and Cdc42 to mediate host-cell recovery after bacterial invasion.Zoology and wildlife conservationJorge E. Galan, Yixin Fu
Ascaris haemoglobin is a nitric oxide-activated 'deoxygenase.'.Zoology and wildlife conservationJonathan S. Stamler, Joseph Bonaventura, Andrew J. Gow, Dena M. Minning, Rod Braun, Mark Dewhirst, Daniel E. Goldberg
A shared but complex bridge.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert E. Kingston
A simple explanation of light emission in sonoluminescence.Zoology and wildlife conservationSascha Hilgenfeldt, Detlef Lohse, Siegfried Grossmann
A single myosin head moves along an actin filament with regular steps of 5.3 nanometres.Zoology and wildlife conservationMakio Tokunaga, Toshio Yanagida, Kazuo Kitamure, Atsuko Hikikoshi Iwane
A single-photon turnstile device.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Kim, Y. Yamamoto, O. Benson, H. Kan
A SMAD ubiquitin ligase targets the BMP pathway and affects embryonic pattern formation.Zoology and wildlife conservationJeffrey L. Wrana, Shirin Abdollah, Haitao Zhu, Peter Kavsak, Gerald H> Thomsen
A snip separates sisters.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrew Murray
A specific partner for abasic damage in DNA.Zoology and wildlife conservationTracy J. Matray, Eric T. Kook
A spelling device for the paralyzed.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Flor, N. Birbaumer, E. Taub, N. Ghanayim, T. Hinterberger, I. Iversen, B. Kotchoubey, A. Kubler, J. Perelmouter
A spine to remember.Zoology and wildlife conservationPer Andersen
Assignment of circadian function for the Neurospora clock gene frequency.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Brunner, Martha Merrow, Till Roenneberg
A stimulatory phalloid organ in a weaver bird.Zoology and wildlife conservationT.R. Birkhead, T. Burke, M. Winterbottom
A stop-codon mutation in the BRI gene associated with familial British dementia.Zoology and wildlife conservationBlas Frangione, Jorge Ghiso, Ruben Vidal, Agueda Rostagno, Simon Mead, Tamas Revesz, Gordon Plant
A structural change in the kinesin motor protein that drives motility.Zoology and wildlife conservationRonald D. Vale, Roger Cooke, Edwin W. Taylor, Nariman Naber, Ronald A. Milligan, Sarah Rice, Elizabeth M. Wilson-Kubalek, Michael Whittaker, Cynthia L. Hart, Abel W. Lin, Daniel Safer, Shane M. Cain, Bridget O. Carragher, Elena Pechatnikova, Edward Pate
Asymmetric Notch activation specifies photoreceptors R3 and R4 and planar polarity in the Drosophila eye.Zoology and wildlife conservationManolis Fanto, Marek Miodzik
Asymmetry the easy way.(Materials science)Zoology and wildlife conservationSamuel P. Gido
Asynchronous deposition of ice-rafted layers in the Nordic seas and North Atlantic Ocean.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.A. Dowdeswell, A. Elverhoi, Andrews J.T., D. Hebbeln
Asynchronous replication of imprinted genes is established in the gametes and maintained during development.Zoology and wildlife conservationToyoaki Tenzen, Benjamin E. Reubinoff, Howard Cedar, Itamar Simon, Dahlia Hillman, John R. McCarrey
A telomerase component is defective in the human disease dyskeratosis congenita.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames R. Mitchell, Kathleen Collins, Emily Wood
A therizinosauroid dinosaur with integumentary structures from China.Zoology and wildlife conservationXing Xu, Zhi-lu Tang, Xiao-lin Wang
A thermoacoustic Stirling heat engine.Zoology and wildlife conservationS. Backhaus, G.W. Swift
Atomic scale movement of the voltage-sensing region in a potassium channel measured via spectroscopy.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrancisco Bezanilla, Gregory E. Snyder, Paul R. Selvin, Albert Cha
Atomic structure of the GCSF-receptor complex showing a new cytokine-receptor recognition scheme.(granulocyte colony-stimulating factor)Zoology and wildlife conservationNaoki Kunishima, Kosuke Morikawa, Masaharu Aritomi, Tomoyuki Okamoto, Ryota Kuroki, Yoshimi Ota
A transformed view of cyclosporine.Zoology and wildlife conservationGary J. Nabel
A triple beta-spiral in the adenovirus fibre shaft reveals a new structural motif for a fibrous protein.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen Cusack, Mark J. van Raaij, Anna Mitraki, Gilles Lavigne
At the roots of the mammalian family tree.Zoology and wildlife conservationTimothy Rowe
Attraction is relative not absolute.(role of orbitofrontal cortex in reinforcement contrast effect)Zoology and wildlife conservationMasataka Watanabe
Auditory collusion and a coupled couple of outer hair cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationHong-Bo Zhao, J. Santos-Sacchi
Auditory cortical responses in the cat to sounds that produce spatial illusions.Zoology and wildlife conservationLi Xu, Shigeto Furukawa, John C. Middlebrooks
Auditory distance perception in rooms.Zoology and wildlife conservationAdelbert W. Bronkhorst, Tammo Houtgast
A unity of opposites.Zoology and wildlife conservationEthan Bier
A universal marker for transgenic insects.Zoology and wildlife conservationErnst A. Wimmer, Andreas J. Berghammer, Martin Klingler
A vancomycin surprise.(antibiotic resistance)Zoology and wildlife conservationJames A. Hoch, Michael S. Gilmore
Axon routing across the midline controlled by the Drosophila Derailed receptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationShingo Yoshikawa, John B. Thomas, Joshua L. Bonkowsky, David D. O'Keefe, Audra Scully
AZT critics 'swayed South African president.'.(Thabo Mbeki expresses doubts about AZT)Zoology and wildlife conservationMike Cherry
Bacteria and silica cycling.Zoology and wildlife conservationVictor Smetacek
Balancing the Earth's accounts.(protecting biodiversity)Zoology and wildlife conservationKevin J. Gaston, Andrew Balmford, Alexander N. James
Bare bones of the cytoskeleton.Zoology and wildlife conservationLaura Machesky, John a. Cooper
Basis for recognition of cisplatin-modified DNA by high-mobility-group proteins.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen J. Lippard, Carl O. Pabo, Mark A. Rould, Uta-Maria Ohndorf, Qing He
Bazooka provides an apical cue for Inscuteable localization in Drosophila neuroblasts.Zoology and wildlife conservationElisabeth Knust, Andreas Wodarz, Ute Kuchinke Ramrath
Bazooka recruits Inscuteable to orient asymmetric cell divisions in Drosophila neuroblasts.Zoology and wildlife conservationMatthias Schaefer, Juergen A. Knoblich, Markus Schober
Bcl-2 family proteins regulate the release of apoptogenic cytochrome c by the mitochondrial channel VDAC.(voltage-dependent anion channel)Zoology and wildlife conservationMasashi Narita, Shigeomi Shimizu, Yoshihide Tsujimoto
Bell's inequality test: more ideal than ever.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlain Aspect
Benzodiazepine actions mediated by specific y-aminobutyric acidA receptor subtypes.Zoology and wildlife conservationHorst Bluethmann, Jean-Marc Fritschy, Uwe Rudolph, Hanns Mohler, Florence Crestani, Dietmar Benke, Ina Brunig, Jack A. Benson, James R. Martin
Beta-Catenin regulates expression of cyclin D1 in colon carcinoma cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationOsamu Tetsu, Frank McCormic
Beyond 'substantial equivalence': Showing that a genetically modified food is chemically similar to its natural counterpart is not adequate evidence that it is safe for human consumption.Zoology and wildlife conservationErik Millstone, Eric Brunner, Sue Mayer
Bid-deficient mice are resistant to FAs-induced hepatocellular apoptosis.Zoology and wildlife conservationStanley J. Korsmeyer, Atan Gross, Kun Wang, Kevin A. Roth, Xiao-Ming Yin, Yongge Zhao, Sandra Zinkel, Barbara Klocke
Big planets and little stars.Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam B. Hubbard, James LIebert
Binding of double-strand breaks in DNA by human Rad52 protein.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrzej Stasiak, Stephen C. West, Eric Van Dyck, Alicja Z. Stasiak
Binding of phytochrome B to its nuclear signalling partner PIF3 is reversibly induced by light.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter H. Quail, Min Ni, James M. Tepperman
Binding of TBP to promoters in vivo is stimulated by activators and requires Pol II holoenzyme.Zoology and wildlife conservationKevin Struhl, Laurent Kuras
Biodiversity of plankton by species oscillations and chaos.Zoology and wildlife conservationJef Huisman, Franz J. Weissing
Biological response to climate change on a tropical mountain.(highland forests at Monteverde, Costa Rica)Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Alan Pounds, John H. Campbell, Michael P.L. Fogden
Biostratigraphy of new pterosaurs from China.Zoology and wildlife conservationK. Padian, S.-A. Ji, Q. Ji
Birds extend their ranges northwards.Zoology and wildlife conservationJack J. Lennon, Chris D. Thomas
Birds of a feather lek together.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul W. Sherman
Bite the mother, fight the daughter.(predator-activated responses in radish plants and water fleas)Zoology and wildlife conservationErkki Haukioja
BMP signalling specifies the pyloric sphincter.(bone morphogenetic protein)Zoology and wildlife conservationClifford J. Tabin, Devyn M. Smith
Boa constrictor or rattlesnake?(dynamin acts as switch to regulate endocytosis)Zoology and wildlife conservationTom Kirchhausen
Bollworms, genes and ecologists.Zoology and wildlife conservationM.J. Crawley
Bose gases and their Fermi cousins.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael R. Andrews
Both subunits of U2AF recognize the 3' splice site in Caenorhabditis elegans.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Blumenthal, Diego A.R. Zorio
Breaking the brain-blood barrier.(Stem cells)Zoology and wildlife conservationClive Svendsen, Bjorklund Anders
Breaking the chain of addiction.Zoology and wildlife conservationGary Aston-Jones, Jonathan Druhan
Breathing through skin in a newborn mammal.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.P. Mortola, P.B. Frappell, P.A. Woolley
Breech-birth prions.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames Hope
Bright dunes on Mars.Zoology and wildlife conservationA.P. Ingersoll, P.C. Thomas, M.C. Malin, P.B. James, L.A. Soderblom, J. Veverka, M.E. Davies, M.H. Carr, G.E. Danielson, W.K. Hartmann, A.S. McEwen
Bright rings around sunspots.Zoology and wildlife conservationB.W. Lites, M.P. Rast, P.A. Fox, H. Lin, R.W. Meisner, O.R. White
brinker is a target of Dpp in Drosophila that negatively regulates Dpp-dependent genes.Zoology and wildlife conservationNoriyuki Kinoshita, Yuko Kamoshida, Tetsuya Tabata, Maki Minami, Hiromu Tanimoto
Bromine explosion.(Atmospheric chemistry)Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul Wennberg
Brown dwarfs: The stars that failed.Zoology and wildlife conservationC.G. Tinney
Built-in polarizers form part of a compass organ in spiders.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.C. O'Carroll, E.J. Warrant, M. Dacke, D.-E. Nilsson, A.D. Blest, M.F. Land
CA2+/calmodulin binds to and modulates P/Q-type calcium channels.Zoology and wildlife conservationScott T. Wong, William A. Catterall, Todd Scheuer, Amy Lee, Bin Li, Daniel Gallagher, Daniel R. Storm
Calmodulin at the channel gate.Zoology and wildlife conservationGeorge J. Augustine, Michael D. Ehlers
Calmodulin supports both inactivation and facilitation of L-type calcium channels.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard W. Tsien, Karl Deisseroth, Harald Reuter, Roger D. Zuhlke, Geoffrey S. Pitt
CaMKII regulates the density of central glutamatergic synapses in vivo.Zoology and wildlife conservationJoshua M. Kaplan, Christopher Rongo
Can aposematic signals evolve by gradual change?Zoology and wildlife conservationRauno V. Alatalo, Marianna Riipi, Johanna Mappes, Leena LIndstrom, Laura Vertainen
Capping off the ends.(Telomeres)Zoology and wildlife conservationCarolyn Price
Carbon cycling and chronology of climate warming during the Palaeocene/Eocene transition.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard D. Norris, Ursula Rohl
Carbon nanotube intramolecular junctions.Zoology and wildlife conservationCees Dekker, Leon Balents, Zhen Yao, Henk W. Ch. Postma
Casein kinase I transduces Wnt signals.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn M. Peters, Jonathan M. Graff, Renee M. McKay, James P. McKay
Catching the first fish.Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilippe Janvier
Caudal is the Hox gene that specifies the most posterior Drosophile segment.Zoology and wildlife conservationEduardo Moreno, Gines Morata
Cause and effect in evolution.Zoology and wildlife conservationJon Seger, w. Joe Dickinson
Causes of twentieth-century temperature change near the Earth's surface.Zoology and wildlife conservationMyles R. Allen, Peter A. Stott, Simon F.B. Tett, William J. Ingram, John F.B. Mitchell
Cell transformation by the superoxide-generating oxidase Mox1.Zoology and wildlife conservationDan Sorescu, Jing Shi, Young-Ah Suh, Rebecca S. Arnold, Bernard Lassegue, Xiangxi Xu, Andrew B. Chung, Kathy K. Griendling, J. David Lambeth
Cfi1 prevents premature exit from mitosis by anchoring Cdc14 phosphatase in the nucleolus.Zoology and wildlife conservationAngelika Amon, Rosella Visintin, Ellen S. Hwang
Chain conformation in ultrathin polymer films.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas P. Russell, Derek L. Ho, Sanat K. Kumar, Ronald L. Jones, Robert M. Briber
Change-blindness as a result of 'mudsplashes.'.Zoology and wildlife conservationRonald A. Rensink, J. Kevin O'Regan, James J. Clark
Changing sources of nutrients during four million years of ecosystem development.Zoology and wildlife conservationO.A. Chadwick, L.A. Derry, P.M. Vitousek, B.J. Huebert, L.O. Hedin
Changing spatial structure of the thermohaline circulation in response to atmospheric CO(sub2) forcing in a climate model.Zoology and wildlife conservationJonathan M. Gregory, John F.B. Mitchell, Richard a. Wood, Ann B. keen
Chaperone-like activity of the AAA domain of the yeast Yme1 AAA protease.Zoology and wildlife conservationWalter Neupert, Thomas Langer, Klaus Leonhard, Alexandra Stiegler
Characterization of the human cysteinyl leukotriene CysLT1 receptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid L. Williams Jr., Kevin R. Lynch, Jilly F. Evans, Christopher P. Austin, C. Thomas Caskey, Anthony W. Ford-Hutchinson, Qingyun Liu, Chang Bai, Gary P. O'Neill, Dong-Soon Im, Nicole Sawyer, Kathleen M. Metters, Nathalie Coulombe, Mark Abramovitz, David J. Figueroa, Zhizhen Zeng, Brett M. Connolly, Anne Chateauneuf, Rino Stocco, Gillian M. Greig, Stacia Kargman, Shelley B. Hooks, Elizabeth Hosfield
Charge fluctuations in YBa2Cu3O7-x high-temperature superconductors.Zoology and wildlife conservationF. Dogan, H.A. Mook
Charting the shores of nuclear stability.Zoology and wildlife conservationNeil Rowley
Checkpoint on the nuclear frontier.Zoology and wildlife conservationJonathon Pines
Chemokine control of HIV-1 infection.Zoology and wildlife conservationMario Mellado, Jose Miguel Rodriguez-Frade, Antonio J. Vila-Coro, Ana Martin de Ana, Martinez-A. Carlos
Chernobyl radioactivity persists in fish.Zoology and wildlife conservationBror Jonsson, Ola Ugedal, Forbjorn Freseth
Chinese reform pushes R&D into market.Zoology and wildlife conservationTian Xuewen
Chiral nematic order in liquid crystals imposed by an engineered inorganic nanostructure.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.J. Broer, K. Robbie, M.J. Brett
Chlorophylll b and phycobilins in the common ancestor of cyanobacteria and chloroplasts.Zoology and wildlife conservationKiyotaka Okada, Ayumi Tanaka, Hideaki Miyashita, Akiko Tomitani, Hans C.P. Matthijs, Terufumi Ohno
Chromosomal landscape of nucleosome-dependent gene expression and silencing in yeast.Zoology and wildlife conservationHelen C. Causton, Ezra G. Jennings, Richard A. Young, Eric S. Lander, Michael Grunstein, John J. Wyrick, David Shore, Frank C.P. Hoistege
Chromosome instability and immunodeficiency syndrome caused by mutations in a DNA methyltransferase gene.Zoology and wildlife conservationNiels Tommerup, Deborah Bourc'his, Timothy H. Bestor, James J. Russo, Evani Viegas-Pequignot, Maj Hulten, Guo-Liang Xu, Chih-Lin Hsieh, Merete Bugge, Xiaoyan Qu
Chronology, causes and progression of the Messinian salinity crisis.Zoology and wildlife conservationF.J. Sierro, W. Krijgsman, F.J. Hilgen, I. Raffi, D.s. Wilson
Circadian rhythms in olfactory response of Drosophila melanogaster.Zoology and wildlife conservationBalaji Krishnan, Paul E. Hardin, Stuart E. Dryer
Circularly polarized light generated by photoexcitation of luminophores in glassy liquid-crystal films.Zoology and wildlife conservationS.H. Chen, D. Katsis, A.W. Schmid, J.C. Mastrangelo, T. Tsutsui, T.N. Blanton
Clathrin self-assembly is mediated by a tandemly repeated superhelix.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert J. Fletterick, Lin Chen, Frances M. Brodsky, Kay Hofmann, Shu-Hui Liu, Joel A. Ybe, Kai Lin, Thomas N. Earnest, Peter K. Hwang
Cleaner fish really do clean.(mutualistic nature of cleaning behaviour)Zoology and wildlife conservationAlexandra S. Grutter
Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420,000 years from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica.Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Davis, J. Jouzel, N.I. Barkov, M. Bender, J. Chappellaz, V.M. Kotlyakov, C. Lorius, J.R. Petit, D. Raynaud, C. Ritz, M. Stievenard, I. Basile, V.Y. Lipenkov, E. Saltzman, J.-M. Barnola, G. Delaygue, M. Delmotte, M. Legrand, L. Pepin
Climate change related to egg-laying trends.Zoology and wildlife conservationHumphrey Q.P. Crick, Timothy H. Sparks
Closing the joint.(cellular damage-sensing system involved in completing retroviral integration)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn M. Coffin, Naomi Rosenberg
Cloud albedo enhancement by surface-active organic solutes in growing droplets.Zoology and wildlife conservationMaria Cristina Facchini, Sandro Fuzzi, Mihaela Mircea, Robert J. Charlson
Clouds and climate.(estimating magnitude of surface tension)Zoology and wildlife conservationHenning Rodhe
Clouds from near and far.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Braun, W. Butler Burton
Clues to galaxy formation.Zoology and wildlife conservationBland-Hawthorn J.
Clumps that survive to tell a tale.Zoology and wildlife conservationSidney van den Bergh
Cluster-weighted modelling for time-series analysis.Zoology and wildlife conservationN. Gershenfeld, B. Schoner, E. Metois
Co-carcinogenic effect of Beta-carotene.Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Paolini, G. Cantelli-Forti, P. Perocco, G.F. Pedulli, S.Z. Abdel-Rahman, M.S. Legator
Cognition by a mini brain.Zoology and wildlife conservationRandolf Menzel, Martin Giurfa
Cognitive restoration of reversed speech.Zoology and wildlife conservationKourosh Saberi, David R. Perrott
Cohabitation in the cuprates.Zoology and wildlife conservationArthur P. Ramirez
Coherence and single-particle excitations in the high-temperature superconductors.Zoology and wildlife conservationGuy Deutscher
Coherence of gamma-band EEG activity as a basis for associative learning.Zoology and wildlife conservationEdward Taub, Wolfgang H.R. Miltner, Christoph Braun, Matthias Arnold, Herbert Witte
Coherent control of macroscopic quantum states in a single-Cooper-pair box.Zoology and wildlife conservationY. Nakamura, Yu A. Pashkin, J.S. Tsai
Coherent displacement of atoms during ion irradiation.Zoology and wildlife conservationK. Nordlund, J. Keinonen, M. Ghaly, R.S. Averback
Coherent reaction dynamics in a bacterial cytochrome c oxidase.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarten H. Vos, Jean-Christophe Lambry, Michel Negrerie, Ursula Liebi, Gerard Lipowski, Jean-Loius Martin
Coherent transport of electron spin in a ferromagnetically contacted carbon nanotube.Zoology and wildlife conservationHiroki Ago, Kazuhito Tsukagoshi, Bruce W. Alphenaar
Cohesin Rec8 is required for reductional chromosome segregation at meiosis.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul M. Nurse, Yoshinori Watanabe
Collective and plastic vortex motion in superconductors at high flux densities.Zoology and wildlife conservationP.H. Kes, A.M. Troyanovski, J. Aarts
Collective decisions and cognition in bees.Zoology and wildlife conservationP. Kirk Visscher, Scott Camazine
Colloidal culprits in contamination.(Geochemistry)Zoology and wildlife conservationBruce D. Honeyman
Colour categories in a stone-age tribe.Zoology and wildlife conservationIan Davies, Debi Roberson, Jules Davidoff
Colour renewal from space.(Oceanography)Zoology and wildlife conservationRaymond Sambrotto
Combined dynamic and geochemical evidence for convergent melt flow beneath the East Pacific Rise.Zoology and wildlife conservationJennifer R. Reynolds, Marc Spiegelman
Coming up for air and sporulation.Zoology and wildlife conservationNicholas J. Talbot
Commitment to the B-lymphoid lineage depends on the transcription factor Pax5.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen L. Nutt, Barry Heavey, Antonius G. Rolink, Meinrad Busslinger
Compaction as the origin of the unusual craters on the asteroid Mathilde.Zoology and wildlife conservationKevin R. Housen, Keith A. Holsapple, Michael E. Voss
Compensation for wind drift by bumble-bees.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.L. Osborne, J.R. Riley, A.D. Smith, D.R. Reynolds, A.S. Edwards, I.H. Williams, H.A. McCartney
Competition among marine phytoplankton for different chelated iron species.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Hutchins, Amy E. Witter, Alison Butler, George W. III Luther
Competition and coexistence.Zoology and wildlife conservationUlrich Sommer
Complete asymmetric induction of supramolecular chirality in a hydrogen-bonded assembly.Zoology and wildlife conservationLeonard J. Prins, Peter Timmerman, David N. Reinhoudt, Jurriaan Huskens, Feike de Jong
Complete sequence and gene map of a human major histocompatibility complex.Zoology and wildlife conservationThe MHC sequencing consortium
Complex dynamics and phase synchronization in spatially extended ecological systems.Zoology and wildlife conservationLewi Stone, Amit Huppert, Bernd Blasius
Complex lessons of iron uptake.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard J. Geider
Complex lipid determines tissue-specific replication of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in mice.Zoology and wildlife conservationBing Chen, Jeffery S. Cox, Michael McNeil, William R.Jr. Jacobs
Composite co-activator ARC mediates chromatin-directed transcriptional activation.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Tjian, Anders M. Naar, William Solomon, Pierre A. Beaurang, sharleen Zhou, Shaji Abraham
Condensates in a twist.Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel s. Rokhsar
Condensed matter in cell death.Zoology and wildlife conservationGuido Kroemer, Naoufal Zamzami
Condition-related mate choice in sticklebacks.Zoology and wildlife conservationTheo C.M. Bakker, Reto Kunzler, Dominique Mazzi
Confinement-induced miscibility in polymer blends.Zoology and wildlife conservationY. Liu, S. Zhu, M.H. Rafailovich, J. Sokolov, D. Gersappe, D.A. Winesett, H. Ade
Confirming the continum theory of dynamic brittle fracture for fast cracks.Zoology and wildlife conservationJay Fineberg, Eran Sharon
Conflict monitoring versus selection-for-action in anterior cingulate cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationJonathan D. Cohen, Cameron S. Carter, Leigh E. Nystrom, Matthew Botvinick, Kate Fissell
Congenital heart disease in mice deficient for the DiGeorge syndrome region.Zoology and wildlife conservationSandra Carattini-Rivera, Allan Bradley, Elizabeth A. Lindsay, Vesna Jurecic, Antonio Baldini, Howard M. Rosenblatt, Annalisa Botta, Yin-Chai Cheah
Conical dislocations in crumpling.Zoology and wildlife conservationL. Mahadevan, Francisco Melo, Enrique Cerda, Sahraoui Chaieb
Connecting stalks in V-type ATPase.Zoology and wildlife conservationW.N. Konings, J.S. Lolkema, E.J. Boekema, J.F.L. van Breemen, A. Brisson, T. Ubbink-Kok
Conserved regulation of proximodistal limb axis development by Meis1/Hth.Zoology and wildlife conservationCarlos Martinez-A, Miguel Torres, Gines Morata, Nadia Mercader, Esther Leonardo, Natalia Azpiazu, Antonio Serrano
Context generalization Drosophila visual learning requires the mushroom bodies.Zoology and wildlife conservationLi Liu, Martin Heisenberg, Reinhard Wolf, Roman Ernst
Continental-shelf sediment as a primary source of iron for coastal phytoplankton.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrancisco P. Chavez, Kenneth S. Johnson, Gernot E. Friederich
Continued RAG expression in late stages of B Cell development and no apparent re-induction after immunization.Zoology and wildlife conservationHeikyung Suh, Mila Jankovic, Michel C. Nussenzweig, Fritz Melchers, Antonius Rolink, Wong Yu, Hitoshi Nagaoka, Ziva Misulovin, Eric Meffre
Continuous heating of a giant X-ray flare on Algol.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.H.M.M. Schmitt, F. Favata
Controlled green oxidation.(Seventh International Symposium on Dioxygen Activation and Homogenous Catalytic Oxidation)Zoology and wildlife conservationCraig L. Hill
Controlled growth and electrical properties of heterojunctions of carbon nanotubes and silicon nanowires.Zoology and wildlife conservationCharles M. Lieber, Jiangtao Hu, Peidong Yang, Min Ouyang
Controlled growth of hard-sphere colloidal crystals.Zoology and wildlife conservationP.M. Chaikin, Zhengdong Cheng, William B. Russel
Controlling the cellular brakes.(importance of molecular brakes for development of neuronal system and new blood vessels)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Carmeliet
Controlling the shape of a quantum wavefunction.Zoology and wildlife conservationP.H. Bucksbaum, J. Ahn, T.C. Weinacht
Control of crystal nucleation by patterned self-assembled monolayers.Zoology and wildlife conservationGeorge M. Whitesides, Joanna Aizenberg, Andrew J. Black
Control of organ shape by a secreted metalloprotease in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.Zoology and wildlife conservationJudith Kimble, Robert Blelloch
Control of the location of the volcanic front in island arcs by aqueous fluid connectivity in the mantle wedge.Zoology and wildlife conservationToshitsugu Fujii, Kenji Mibe, Atsushi Yasuda
Convergent evolution of cytokines.Zoology and wildlife conservationStefan Magez, Alain Beschin, martin Bilej, Lea Brys, Els Torreele, Rudolf Lucas, Patrick De Baetselier
Cool surface waters of the subtropical North Pacific Ocean during the last glacial.Zoology and wildlife conservationNiall C. Slowey, Kyung E. Lee
Coordinated proton tunnelling in a cyclic network of four hydrogen bonds in the solid state.Zoology and wildlife conservationDermot F. Brougham, Roberto Caciuffo, Anthony J. Horsewill
Coordination of agonist-induced Ca2+ signalling patterns by NAADP in pancreatic acinar cells.(nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate)Zoology and wildlife conservationAntony Galione, Jose Manuel Cancela, Grant C. Churchill
Cornucopia of ice core results.Zoology and wildlife conservationBernhard Stauffer
Coupled ocean-atmosphere dynamics in the Indian Ocean during 1997-98.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter J. Webster, Andrew M. Moore, Johannes P. Loschnigg, Robert R. Leben
Coupled synthesis and self-assembly of nanoparticles to give structures with controlled organization.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen Mann, Heimo Schnablegger, Mei Li
Coupling strength of charge carriers to spin fluctuations in high-temperature superconductors.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.P. Carbotte, E. Schachinger, D.N. Basov
CPB-independent activation of CREM and CREB by the LIM-only protein ACT.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaolo Sassone-Corsi, Gian Maria Fimia, Dario De Cesare
Cracking anaerobic bacteria.(enrichment cultures of bacteria degrade hexadecane)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn Parkes
Crash tests for real.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert M. May
Creation of human tumour cells with defined genetic elements.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert A. Weinberg, William C. Hahn, Mary W. Brooks, Roderick L. Beijersbergen, Christopher M. Counter, Ante S. LUndberg
Creatures from another world.Zoology and wildlife conservationInman. Harvey
Cretaceous age for the feathered dinosaurs of Liaoning, China.Zoology and wildlife conservationXing Xu, Yuan Wang, Carl C. III Swisher, Yuan-qing Wang, Xiao-lin Wang
Cryptic clues to clock function.(plant photopigment-like molecules vital for mouse biological clock)Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Whitmore, Paolo Sassone-Corsi
Crystal structure of nerve growth factor in complex with ligand-binding domain of the TrkA receptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark H. Ultsch, Abraham M. de Vos, Christian Wiesman, Steven H. Bass
Crystal structures of the membrane-binding C2 domain of human coagulation factor V.Zoology and wildlife conservationGleb P. Bourenkov, Hans D. Bartunik, Pablo Fuentes-Prior, Wolfram Bode, Thomas L. Ortel, Sandra Macedo-Ribeiro, Robert Huber, Mary Quinn-Allen, Suhng Wook Kim, Milton T. Stubbs, William H. Kane
CtBP/BARS induces fission of Golgi membranes by acylating lysophosphatidic acid.Zoology and wildlife conservationAntonio Colanzi, Alberto Luini, Mario Salmona, Roberto Weigert, Maria Guiseppina Silletta, Stefania Spano, Gabriele Turacchio, Claudia Cericola, Silvia Senatore, Raffaella Mancini, Elene V. Polishchuk, Francesco Facchiano, Koert N.J. Burger, alexander Mironov, Daniela Corda
Cuban biotechnology treads a lonely path.(Science in Latin America)Zoology and wildlife conservationKimberly Carr
Cultural primatology comes of age.(cultural variants among wild chimpanzees in Africa)Zoology and wildlife conservationFrans B.M. de Waal
Cultures in chimpanzees.Zoology and wildlife conservationW.C. McGrew, J. Goodall, A. Whiten, T. Nishida, V. Reynolds, Y. Sugiyama, C.E.G. Tutin, R.W. Wrangham, C. Boesch
Cutting red-cell production.(activation of death receptors on erythroid cells leads to caspase-induced cleavage of GATA-1)Zoology and wildlife conservationStuart H. Orkin, Mitchell J. Weiss
Cyclic transmembrane charge transport by pyrylium ions in a vesicle-based photocatalytic system.Zoology and wildlife conservationRafail F. Khairutdinov, James K. Hurst
Cyclosporine induces cancer progression by a cell-autonomous mechanism.Zoology and wildlife conservationKengo Morimoto, Manikkam Suthanthiran, Takashi Morimoto, Minoru Hojo, Mary Maluccio, Tomohiko Asano, Milagros Lagman, Toshikazu Shimbo
Cytochrome P450 2C is an EDHF synthase in coronary arteries.(endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Potente, Rudi Busse, Ingrid Fleming, Beate Fisslthaler, Rudiger Popp, Ladislau Kiss, David R. Harder
Cytotoxic T-cell immunity to virus-infected non-haematopoietic cells requires presentation of exogenous antigen.Zoology and wildlife conservationShane Crotty, Raul Andino, Kenneth L. Rock, Luis J. Sigal
Dally cooperates with Drosophila Frizzled 2 to transduce Wingless signalling.Zoology and wildlife conservationNorbert Perrimon, Xinhua Lin
Dark on a light subject.(conflict among 19th century physicists about speed of light)Zoology and wildlife conservationBrian Pippard
Dating the origin of HIV-1 subtypes.Zoology and wildlife conservationJaap Goudsmit, Vladimir V. Lukashov
David Phillips (1924-1999): A founding father of structural biology.Zoology and wildlife conservationGregory A. Petsko, Louise N. Johnson
Dead end for neurodegeneration?Zoology and wildlife conservationChristian Haass
Debris streams in the solar neighbourhood as relicts from the formation of the Milky Way.Zoology and wildlife conservationAmina Helmi, Simon D.M. White, P. Tim de Zeeuw, HongSheng Zhao
Decline in Mesozoic reef-building sponges explained by silicon limitation.Zoology and wildlife conservationManuel Maldonado, Maria J. Uriz, M. Carmen Carmona, Antonio Cruzado
Decoding the Reelin signal.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndre M. Goffinet, Isabelle Bar
Decrystallization of adult birdsong by perturbation of auditory feedback.Zoology and wildlife conservationMasakazu Konishi, Anthony Leonardo
Deep-sea clams feel the heat.(Reproductive biology)Zoology and wildlife conservationCindy Lee Van Dover
Deer destiny determined by density.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrew Cockburn
Defence by diversity.(pathogen-driven theory for variation of major histocompatability complex)Zoology and wildlife conservationAdrian V.S. Hill
Degradation of the cyclin-dependent-kinase inhibitor p27Kip1 is instigated by Jab1.Zoology and wildlife conservationKiichiro Tomoda, Yukiko Kubota, Jun-ya Kato
Demonstrating the viability of universal quantum computation using teleportation and single-qubit operations.Zoology and wildlife conservationIsaac L. Chuang, Daniel Gottesman
Dendritic spine changes associated with hippocampal long-term synaptic plasticity.Zoology and wildlife conservationTobias Bonhoeffer, Florian Engert
Density-dependent warning coloration.Zoology and wildlife conservationGregory A. Sword
Derailed axons get on track.Zoology and wildlife conservationAloisia Schmid, Kai Zinn
Deregulated cyclin E induces chromosome instability.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven I. Reed, Charles H. Spruck, Kwang-Ai Won
Design and synthesis of an exceptionally stable and highly porous metal-organic framework.Zoology and wildlife conservationMohamed Eddaoudi, O.M. Yaghi, Hailian Li, M. O'Keeffe
Designing tie knots by random walks.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas M. Fink, Yong Mao
Desorption-ionization mass spectrometry on porous silicon.Zoology and wildlife conservationGary Siuzdak, Jing Wei, Jillian M. Buriak
Detection of an impact-generated dust cloud around Ganymede.Zoology and wildlife conservationDouglas P. Hamilton, Harald Kruger, Alexander V. Krivov, Eberhard Grun
Detection of environmental fine structure in the low-energy beta-decay spectrum of (super187)Re.Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Galeazzi, F. Gatti, F. Fontanelli, A.M. Swift, S. Vitale
Determinants of biodiversity regulate compositional stability of communities.Zoology and wildlife conservationS.J. McNaughton, Mahesh Sankaran
Determining computational complexity from characteristic 'phase transitions.'.Zoology and wildlife conservationBart Selman, Remi Monasson, Riccardo Zecchina, Scott Kirkpatrick, Lidror Troyansky
Detonator of the population explosion.Zoology and wildlife conservationVaclav Smil
Developing B-cell theories.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid G. Schatz
Developmental and activity-dependent regulation of kainate receptors at thalamocortical synapses.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn T.R. Isaac, Fleur L. Kidd
Developmental basis of limblessness and axial patterning in snakes.Zoology and wildlife conservationMartin J. Cohn, Cheryll Tickle
Developmental model for thalidomide action.Zoology and wildlife conservationReinhard Neubert, Hans-Joachim Merker, Diether Neubert
Development of peripheral lymphoid organs and natural killer cells depends on the helix-loop-helix inhibitor Id2.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Gruss, Ahmed Mansouri, Shin-Ichi Nishikawa, Yoshifumi Yokota, Seiichi Mori, Seiichi Sugarwar, Satoko Adachi
Diameter of the World-Wide Web.Zoology and wildlife conservationReka Albert, Hawoong Jeong, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
Diamond formation by thermal activation of graphite.Zoology and wildlife conservationA.V. Palnichenko, A.M. Jonas, J.-C. Charlier, A.S. Aronin, J.-P. Issi
Diamondoid hydrocarbons as indicators of natural oil cracking.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.E. Dahl, J.M. Moldowan, K.E. Peters, Claypool G.E., M.A. Rooney, G.E Michael, M.R. Mello, M.L. Kohnen
Diamondoids and oil are not forever.Zoology and wildlife conservationMartin Schoell, Robert M.K. Carlson
Diamonds in volcaniclastic komatiite from French Guiana.Zoology and wildlife conservationNicholas Arndt, Ramon Capdevila, Jacques Letendre, Jean-Francois Sauvage
Dichromatism in macaque monkeys.Zoology and wildlife conservationOsamu Takenaka, Tetsuo Yamamori, Akichika Mikami, Yoshinori Shichida, Akishi Onishi, Satoshi Koike, Miki Ida, Hiroo Imai, Akitoshi Hanazawa, Hidehiko Konatsu, Shunji Goto, Bambang Suryobroto, Kenji Kitahara
Dicyemids are higher animals.(Evolution)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter W.H. Holland, Mari Kobayashi, Hidetaka Furuya
Did parrots exist in the Cretaceous period?Zoology and wildlife conservationGerald Mayr, Gareth J. Dyke
Diet-dependent female choice for males with 'good genes' in a soil predatory mite.Zoology and wildlife conservationMaurice W. Sabelis, Izabela Lesna
Diffusion mechanisms in metallic supercooled liquids and glasses.Zoology and wildlife conservationYue Wu, William L. Johnson, X.-P. Tang, Ulrich Geyer, Ralf Busch
Dimerization inhibits the activity of receptor-like protein-tyrosine phosphatase-alpha.Zoology and wildlife conservationTony Hunter, Jan Sap, Guoquiang Jiang, Jeroen den Hertog, Jing Su, Joseph Noel
Dinosaur tracks in the computer age.(three-dimensional record of dinosaur feet and movement)Zoology and wildlife conservationKevin Padian
Direct activation of human TRPC6 and TRPC3 channels by diacylglycerol.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Hofmann, Alexander G. Obukhov, Michael Schaefer, Christian Harteneck, Thomas Gudermann, Gunter Schultz
Direct control of the Forkhead transcription factor AFX by protein kinase B.Zoology and wildlife conservationGeert J.P.L. Kops, Johannes L. Bos, Boudewijn M. Th. Burgering, Nancy D. de Ruiter, Alida M.M. De Vries-Smits, David R. Powell
Direct detection at last.(detection of light reflected from planet orbiting nearby star)Zoology and wildlife conservationAdam Burrows, Roger Angel
Directed nucleation of calcite at a crystal-imprinted polymer surface.Zoology and wildlife conservationC. Alexander, S.M. D'Souza, S.w. Carr, A.M. Waller, M.J. Whitcombe, E.N. Vulfson
Direct interaction of microtubule- and actin-based transport motors.Zoology and wildlife conservationNancy A. Jenkins, Neal G. Copeland, Scott T. Brady, Jian-Dong Huang, Bruce W. Richards, David Stenoien, James H. Resau
Directional guidance of neuronal migration in the olfactory system by the protein Slit.Zoology and wildlife conservationJane Y. Wu, Kit Wong, Yi Rao, Wei Wu, Jin-hui Chen, Sophie Dupuis, Zhi-hong Jiang
Direct measurement of intra-cochlear pressure waves.Zoology and wildlife conservationElizabeth s. Olson
Direct observation of d-orbital holes and Cu-Cu bonding in Cu2O.Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Kim, J.M. Zuo, M. O'Keeffe, J.C.H. Spence
Dirty eating for healthy living.(geophagy in Peruvian Amazon rainforest parrots)Zoology and wildlife conservationJared M. Diamond
Disappearance of stellar debris disks around main-sequence stars after 400 million years.Zoology and wildlife conservationC. Dominik, H.J. Habing, M. Jourdain de Muizon, M.F. Kessler, R.J. Laureijs, K. Leech, L. Metcalfe, A. Salama, R. Siebenmorgen, N. Trams
Discerning vibronic molecular dynamics using time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarek Z. Zgierski, Albert Stolow, Valerie Blanchet, Tamar Seideman
Discovery of a massive equatorial torus in the eta Carinae stellar system.Zoology and wildlife conservationL.B.F.M. Waters, A. de Koter, Th. Henning, M.J. Barlow, P.W. Morris, Th. de Graauw, R.H.M. Voors, T. Lim, P. Cox, S. Hony, H.J.G.L.M. Lamers, H. Mutschke, N.R. Trams
Discovery of a moon orbiting the asteroid 45 Eugenia.Zoology and wildlife conservationW.J. Merline, C. Dumas, C.R. Chapman, F. Roddier, L.M. Close, F. Menard, D.C. Slater, G. Duvert, C. Shelton, T. Morgan
Discovery of a planet orbiting a binary star system from gravitational microlensing.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Quinn, Y. Lipkin, N. Butler, D.P. Bennett, S.H. Rhie, A.C. Becker, J. Dann, S. Kaspi, E.M. Leibowitz, D. Maoz, H. Mendelson, B.a. Peterson, O. Shemmer, S. Thomson, S.E. Turner
Discovery of molecular hydrogen in a high-velocity cloud of the Galactic halo.Zoology and wildlife conservationP. Richter, K.s. de Boer, H. Widmann, N. Kappelmann, W. Gringel, M. Grewing, J. Barnstedt
Discovery of tetraploidy in a mammal.Zoology and wildlife conservationMilton H. Gallardo, R.L. Honeycutt, J.W. Bickham, R.A. Ojeda, N. Kohler
Discovery of the acoustic Faraday effect in superfluid (super3)He-B.Zoology and wildlife conservationW.P. Halperin, Y. Lee, T.M. Haard, J.A. Sauls
Discrete alternating hotspot islands formed by interaction of magma transport and lithospheric flexure.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Bercovici, Christoph F. Hieronymus
Discriminating migrations.Zoology and wildlife conservationPasko Rakic
Dissociation of dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens from intracranial self-stimulation.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Mark Wightman, Paul A. Garris, Michaux Kilpatrick, Melissa A. Bunin, Darren Michael, Q. David Walker
Distinguished sperm in competition.Zoology and wildlife conservationTim Birkhead
Distorting sex ratios.(unique protein kinase encoded by t-haplotype)Zoology and wildlife conservationKeith R. Willison
Distortion of isochronous layers in ice revealed by ground-penetrating radar.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid G. Vaughan, Hugh F.J. Corr, Christopher S.M. Doake, Ed. D. Waddington
Distortion of proximodistal information causes JNK-dependent apoptosis in Drosophila wing.(c-Jun amino-terminal kinase)Zoology and wildlife conservationKunihiro Matsumoto, Takashi Adachi-Yamada, Yasuyoshi Nishida, Konomi Fujimura-Kamada
Distributed synaptic modification in neural networks induced by patterned stimulation.Zoology and wildlife conservationMu-ming Poo, Guo-qiang Bi
Diverse behavioural defects caused by mutations in Caenorhabditis elegans unc-43 CaM Kinase II.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames H. Thomas, David J. Reiner, Elizabeth M. Newton, Hong Tian
DNA damage enables p73.Zoology and wildlife conservationCarol Prives, Eileen White
DNA-dependent protein kinase is not required for the p53-dependent response to DNA damage.Zoology and wildlife conservationShin'ichi Saito, Ettore Appella, Michelle Beeche, Guillermo E. Taccioli, Penny A. Jeggo, Kazuyasu Sakaguchi, Gretchen S. Jimenez, Fredrik Bryntesson, Maria I. Torres-Arzayus, Anne Priestley, Geoffrey M. Wahl, Michael Hubank
DNA protection by stress-induced biocrystallization.Zoology and wildlife conservationRoberto Kolter, Steven E. Finkel, Abraham Minsky, Sharon G. Wolf, Daphna Freinkiel, Talmon Arad
Does global cooling reduce relief?(impact of shift to more erosive climate on topographic relief in active mountain ranges)Zoology and wildlife conservationEric Small
Does global warming make Triton blush?Zoology and wildlife conservationBonnie J. Buratti, Michael D. Hicks, Newburn Jr. Ray L.
Do-it-yourself climate prediction.(third assessment report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)(role of PCs in climate forecasting)Zoology and wildlife conservationMyles Allen
Dominant negative mutations in human PPAR-gamma associated with severe insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus and hypertension.Zoology and wildlife conservationS. O'Rahilly, I. Barroso, M. Gurnell, V.E.F. Crowley, M. Agostini, J.W. Schwabe, M.A. Soos, G. Ll Maslen, T.D.M. Williams, H. Lewis, A.J. Schafer, V.K.K. Chatterjee
Don't count on World Bank initiatives.Zoology and wildlife conservationFelipe Cabello
Dorsoventral lineage restriction in wing imaginal discs requires Notch.Zoology and wildlife conservationSeth S. Blair, Craig A. Micchelli
DREAM is a Ca2+-regulated transcriptional repressor.Zoology and wildlife conservationAngel M. Carrion, Wolfgang A. Link, Fran Ledo, Britt Mellstrom, Jose R. Naranjo
DREAM on without calcium.(new mechanism for regulation of gene expression)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard H. Goodman, Gail Mandel
Driving parents cuckoo: Do nestling birds signal their foods needs honestly to their parents?Zoology and wildlife conservationDouglas W. Mock
Drug addiction: bad habits add up.(studies of brain-learning systems aim to identify causes of addiction)Zoology and wildlife conservationTrevor W. Robbins, Barry J. Everitt
Dual control of mitotic exit.(function of Cdc20)Zoology and wildlife conservationAngelika Amon, Susanne Prinz
Dual modes of the carbon cycle since the Last Glacial Maximum.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Fischer, M. Wahlen, B. Deck, D. Mastroianni, H. Jesse Smith
Dual personality of memory T cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationCharles R. Mackay
Dynamic measurement of myosin light-chain-domain tilt and twist in muscle contraction.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Kendrick-Jones, M. Irving, J.E.T. Corrie, B.D. Brandmeier, R.E. Ferguson, D.R. Trentham, S.C. Hopkins, U.A. van der Heide, Y.E. Goldman, C. Sabido-David, R.E. Dale, S. Criddle
Dynamics of disease resistance polymorphism at the Rpm1 locus of Arabidopsis.Zoology and wildlife conservationMartin Kreitman, Joy Bergelson, Greg Dwyer, Eli A. Stahl, Rodney Mauricio
Dynamics of individual flexible polymers in a shear flow.Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilip LeDuc, Charbel Haber, Gang Bao, Denis Wirtz
Dystrophin expression in the mdx mouse restored by stem cell transplantation.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard C. Mulligan, Louis M. Kunkel, Emanuela Gussoni, Yuko Soneoka, Corinne D. Strickland, Elizabeth A. Buzney, Mohamed Khan, Alan F. Flint
Early hominid stone tool production and technical skill 2.34 Myr ago in West Turkana, Kenya.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Roche, A. Delagnes, J.P. Brugal, C. Feibel, M. Kibunjia, V. Mourre, P.J. Texier
'Earth system' analysis and the second Copernican revolution.Zoology and wildlife conservationH.J. Schellnhuber
Ecosystem consequences of wolf behavioural response to climate.Zoology and wildlife conservationNils Chr. Stenseth, Rolf O. Peterson, Eric Post, Brian E. McLaren
Effect of the 1999 solar eclipse on atomic clocks.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Udem, Theodor Hansch, Ronald Holzwarth, Jorg Reichert, Rainer Kramer, Jorg Hahn, Jens Hammesfahr
Effects of altered gene order or orientation of the locus control region on human beta-globin gene expression mice.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames Douglas Engel, Keiji Tanimoto, Jorg Bungert, Qinghu Liu
Effects of ship emissions on sulphur cycling and radiative climate forcing over the ocean.Zoology and wildlife conservationSpyros N. Pandis, Paul Fischbeck, Kevin Capaldo, James J. Crobett, Prasad Kasibhatla
Efficient fault-tolerant quantum computing.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrew M. Steane
EGF receptor transactivation by G-protein-coupled receptors requires metalloproteinase cleavage of proHB-EGF.Zoology and wildlife conservationAxel Ullrich, Esther Zwick, Henrik Daub, Christian Wallasch, Norbert Prenzel, Michael Leserer, Reimar Abraham
Electrical conduction through DNA molecules.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristian Schonenberger, Hans Werner Fink
Electrical spin injection in a ferromagnetic semiconductor heterostructure.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Ohno, F. Matsukura, Y. Ohno, D.D. Awschalom, D.K. Young, B. Beschoten
Electrifying diversity.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael J. Ryan
Electroluminescence in conjugated polymers.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.L. Bredas, W.R. Salaneck, A.B. Holmes, R.H. Friend, D.D.C. Bradley, R.N. Marks, C. Taliani, R.w. Gymer, J.H. Burroughes, D.A. Dos Santos, M. Logdlund
Electronic mechanism of hardness enhancement in transition-metal carbonitrides.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven G. Louie, Marvin L. Cohen, Jisoon Ihm, Seung-Hoon Jhi
Electronic motion in DNA.(Photochemistry)Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Ratner
Electrons pair themselves.Zoology and wildlife conservationJoe Orenstein
Electrons seen in orbit.(observation of shape of electron orbitals)Zoology and wildlife conservationColin J. Humphreys
Electrophysiological measurement of rapid shifts of attention during visual search.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven J. Luck, Geoffrey F. Woodman
Emergence of vancomycin tolerance in Streptococcus pneumoniae.Zoology and wildlife conservationE. Tuomanen, S. Normark, R. Novak, B. Henriques, E. Charpentier
Emerging insights into the genesis of epilepsy.(Neurological Disorders)Zoology and wildlife conservationJames O. McNamara
End of the acid reign?Zoology and wildlife conservationAlan Jenkins
End of the brain drain could be in sight.(Silicon Valley continues to attract foreign-born scientists and engineers)Zoology and wildlife conservationPotter Wickware
Endophilin I mediates synaptic vesicle formation by transfer of arachidonate to lysophosphatidic acid.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristoph Thiele, Walter Witke, Wieland B. Huttner, Anne Schmidt, Michael Wolde, Werner Fest, Hartmut Kratzin, Alexandre V. Podtelejnikov, Hans-Dieter Soling
Energetic constraints on the diet of terrestrial carnivores.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid W. Macdonald, Georgina M. Mace, Chris Carbone, S. Craig Roberts
Energy landscapes of receptor-ligand bonds explored with dynamic force spectroscopy.Zoology and wildlife conservationK. Ritchie, R. Merkel, P. Nassoy, a. Leung, E. Evans
Energy transfer under control.Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam L. Barnes, Piers Andrew
Energy traps in atomic nuclei.Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilip Walker, George Dracoulis
Engineering a broken heart.(modelling of DiGeorge syndrome in mice)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter J. Scambler
Enhanced yield of photoinduced electrons in doped silver halide crystals.Zoology and wildlife conservationJacqueline Belloni, Hynd Remita, Mona Treguer, Rene De Keyzer
Enhancement of surface self-diffusion of platinum atoms by adsorbed hydrogen.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.K. Norskov, S. Horch, Lorensen H.T., S. Helveg, E. Laegsgaard, I. Stensgaard, K.W. Jacobsen, F. Besenbacher
Enhancement of TBP binding by activators and general transcription factors.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael R. Green, Xiao-Yong Li, Amy Virbasius, Xiaochuan Zhu
En passant neurotrophic action of an intermediate axonal target in the developing mammalian CNS.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarc Tessier-Lavigne, Wang Hao
Entropic trapping of macromolecules by mesoscopic periodic voids in a polymer hydrogel.Zoology and wildlife conservationLei Liu, Sanford A. Asher, Pusheng Li
Environmental controls on the geographic distribution of zooplankton diversity.Zoology and wildlife conservationScott Rutherford, Steven D/Hondt, Warren Prell
Environmental determination of a sexually selected trait.Zoology and wildlife conservationIan P.F. Owens, Simon C. Griffith, Terry Burke
Environmentally decoupled sds-wave Josephson junctions for quantum computing.Zoology and wildlife conservationVadim B. Geshkenbein, Gianni Blatter, Lev B. Ioffe, Mikhail V. Feigel'man, Alban L. Fauchere
Environmental warming alters food-web structure and ecosystem function.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter J. Morin, Owen L. Petchey, P. Timon McPhearson, Timothy M. Casey
Enzyme dynamics and hydrogen tunnelling in a thermophilic alcohol dehydrogenase.Zoology and wildlife conservationJudith P. Klinman, Simonetta Bartolucci, Raffaele Cannio, Amnon Kohen
Enzymes of evolutionary change.Zoology and wildlife conservationMiroslav Radman
Eph receptors and ephrins restrict cell intermingling and communication.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid G. Wilkinson, Qiling Xu, Georg Mellitzer
Epitaxial diamond growth on sapphire in an oxidizing environment.Zoology and wildlife conservationMasato Kakihana, Mamoru Yoshimoto, Kenji Yoshida, Hideaki Maruta, Yoshiko Hishitani, Hideomi Koinuma, Shigeru Nishio, Takeshi Tachibana
EPS8 and E3B1 transduce signals from Ras to Rac.Zoology and wildlife conservationRoberta Carbone, Giorgio Scita, Christer Betsholtz, Pier Paolo Di Fiore, Silvio Gutkind, Johan Nordstrom, Pierluigi Tenca, Giuseppina Giardina, Mattias Bjarnegard
Ernst Ludwig Wynder 1922-99.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Weinberg
Essential role for oncogenic Ras in tumour maintenance.Zoology and wildlife conservationRonald DePinho, Hao Zhou, Jocelyn Holash, George D. Yancopoulos, Lynda Chin, Nabeel Bardeesy, Carlos Cordon-Cardo, Jason Pomerantz, Qiong Shen, Alice Tam, Michelle Wong, Ronan O'Hagan, Joe Pantginis, James W. II Horner
Europe's winter prospects.Zoology and wildlife conservationYochanan Kushnir
Europe's young researchers seek proper rewards.Zoology and wildlife conservationquirin Schiermeier
Ever decreasing circles.(analysis of structure of chloroplast)Zoology and wildlife conservationGeoff McFadden
Evidence against 'ultrahard' thermal turbulence at very high Rayleigh numbers.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames A. Glazier, Takehiko Segawa, Antoine Naert, Masaki Sano
Evidence for an early opening of the Bering Strait.Zoology and wildlife conservationLouie Jr. Marincovich, Andrey Yu. Gladenkov
Evidence for a positive cosmological constant from flows of galaxies and distant supernovae.Zoology and wildlife conservationIdit Zehavi, Avishai Dekel
Evidence for bromine monoxide in the free troposphere during the Arctic polar sunrise.Zoology and wildlife conservationC.T. McElroy, C.A. McLinden, J.C. McConnell
Evidence for lateral gene transfer between Archaea and bacteria from genome sequence of Themotoga maritima.Zoology and wildlife conservationClaire M. Fraser, Jonathan A. Eisen, Rebecca A. Clayton, Michelle L. Gwinn, Robert J. Dodson, Daniel H. Haft, Erin K. Hickey, Jeremy D. Peterson, Steven R. Gill, Karen E. Nelson, Lisa McDonald, Owen White, Hamilton O. Smith, John Heidelberg, Robert D. Fleischmann, Matthew D. Cotton, Teresa R. Utterback, William Nelson C., karen A. Ketchum, Joel Malek A., Katja D. Linher, Mina M. Garrett, Ashley M. Stewart, Matthew S. Pratt, Cheryl A. Phillips, Delwood. Richardson, Granger Sutton G., Steven L. Salsberg, J. Craig Venter
Evidence for motion between Nubia and Somalia along the Southwest Indian ridge.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard G. Gordon, Dezhi Chu
Evidence for recent volcanism on Mars from crater counts.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Carr, Peter Thomas, Joseph Veverka, Alfred McEwen, Larry Soderblom, William K. Hartmann, Michael Malin, Ed Danielson, Phillip James
Evidence of a supernova origin for the black hole in the system GRO J1655-40.Zoology and wildlife conservationG. Israelian, E.L. Martin, J. Casares, R. Rebeolo, G. Basri
Evidence that a free-running oscillator drives G1 events in the budding yeast cell cycle.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven I. Reed, Steven B. Haase
Evolutionary checkers.(using evolutionary methods to develop machine intelligence)Zoology and wildlife conservationIgor Aleksander
Evolutionary origins of bee dances.Zoology and wildlife conservationL. Chittka, A. Dornhaus
Evolution of an antifreeze glycoprotein.Zoology and wildlife conservationChi-Hing C. Cheng, Liangbiao Chen
Evolution of cooperation between individuals.Zoology and wildlife conservationLewi Stone, Arnon Lotem, Michael A. Fishman
Evolution of genetic mechanisms controlling petal development.Zoology and wildlife conservationVivian F. Irish, Elena M. Kramer
Evolution of the cosmological constant.(gravitational effect of form of quintessence takes long time to become comparable with effect of ordinary matter and radiation)Zoology and wildlife conservationP.J.E. Peebles
Exciting neurotrophins.Zoology and wildlife conservationMu-ming Poo, Benedikt Berninger
Excursions in geomagnetism.Zoology and wildlife conservationC.G. Langereis
Expanding Canada's knowledge base: Canada needs scientists from almost all disciplines to fuel its economy. In the past, the country's attractiveness to job-seekers has been overshadowed by that of the United States, but things are changing.Zoology and wildlife conservationPotter Wickware
Experimental variation in polyandry affects parasite loads and fitness in a bumble-bee.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul Schmid-Hempel, Boris Baer
Exposing the human nude phenotype.Zoology and wildlife conservationJurg Ott, Wasim Ahmad, Vincent M. Aita, Derek Gordon, Andrei A. Panteleyev, Angela M. Christiano, Jorge Frank, Claudio Pignata, David M. Prowse, Howard Baden, Lorin Weiner, Lucia Gaetaniello, Nicola Pozzi, Peter B. Cserhalmi-Friedman, Hendrik Uyttendaele, Janice L. Brisssette
Exposure to bisphenol A advances puberty.(Environmental toxins)Zoology and wildlife conservationFrederick S. vom Saal, John G. Vandenbergh, Kembra L. Howdeshell, Andrw K. Hotchkiss, Kristina A. Thayer
Expression of the transcription factor delta-FosB in the brain controls sensitivity to cocaine.Zoology and wildlife conservationEric J. Nestler, Rachael L. Neve, Kim Whisler, David W. Self, Max B. Kelz, Tatiana Tkatch, D. James Surmeier, Marina R. Picciotto, Jingshan Chen, William A. Carlezon Jr, Lauren Gilden, Alison M. Beckmann, Cathy Steffen, Ya-Jun Zhang, Louis Marotti, Gytis Baranauskas, Ronald S. Duman
Extending the methodology of X-ray crystallography to allow imaging of micrometre-sized non-crystalline specimens.Zoology and wildlife conservationJianwei Miao, Pambos Charalambous, Janos Kirz, David Sayre
Extoparasite infestation and sex-biased local recruitment of hosts.Zoology and wildlife conservationMathias Kolliker, Heinz Richner, Martin W.G. Brinkhof, Philipp Heeb, C.M. Lessells, Isabelle Werner, A.C. Mateman
Extracellular sodium regulates airway ciliary motility by inhibiting a P2X receptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationWeiyuan Ma, Alon Korngreen
Extraintestinal dissemination of salmonella by CD18-expressing phagocytes.Zoology and wildlife conservationW. Tony Parks, Ferric C. Fang, Stanley Falkow, William Brown, Ruth Berggren, Andreas J. Baumler, Andres Vazquez-Torres, Jessica Jones-Carson, Raphael Valdivia, Mysan Le
Extraocular magnetic compass in newts.Zoology and wildlife conservationS.C. Borland, J.B. Phillips, M.E. Deutschlander
Extremes in the Indian Ocean.(interactions between ocean and atmosphere in Indian Ocean region)Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Anderson
Familial dementia caused by polymerization of mutant neuroserpin.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard L. Davis, John T. Finch, Robin W. Carrell, Maximilian Muenke, Daniel A. Lawrence, Antony E. Shrimpton, Peter D. Holohan, Charles Bradshaw, David Feiglin, George H. Collins, Peter Songeregger, Jochen Kinter, Lyn Marie Becker, Felicitas Lacbawan, Donna Krasnewich, Mark S. Yerby, Cheng-Mei Shaw, Bibek Gooptu, Peter R. Elliott, David A. Lomas
Familiarity breeds contempt in guppies.Zoology and wildlife conservationA.E. Magurran, J.A. Graves, J.L. Kelley
Fas-mediated cell death promoted by opioids.Zoology and wildlife conservationDeling Yin, Allan Mufson, Ruoxiang Wang, Yufang Shi
Feature-based attention influences motion processing gain in macaque visual cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationStefan Treue, Julio C. Martinez Trujillo
Feeding by manidibular raking in a snake: The tiny threadsnake has a unique way of devouring ants before they can strike back.Zoology and wildlife conservationN.J. Kley, E.L. Brainerd
Feeding the world in the twenty-first century.(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationGordon Conway, Gary Toenniessen
Female development in mammals is regulated by Wnt-4 signalling.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndreas Kispert, Seppo Vainio, Andrew McMahon, Minna Heikkila, Norman Chin
Ferroelectric ice.(Condensed-matter science)Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven T. Bramwell
Ferromagnetism in the hexaborides.Zoology and wildlife conservationT.M. Rice, M.E. Zhitomirsky, V.I. Anisimov
Fine-structure variable?(evidence of varying alpha in fine-structure constant)Zoology and wildlife conservationLennox L. Cowie, Antoinette Songaila
Fishing for function in noise.(noise may improve functional behaviour of animal)Zoology and wildlife conservationJames J. Collins
fMRI evidence for objects as the units of attentional selection.Zoology and wildlife conservationNancy Kanwisher, Kathleen M. O'Craven, Paul E. Downing
Food contamination by PCBs and dioxins.(polychlorinated biphenyls)Zoology and wildlife conservationA. Bernard, C. Hermans, F. Broeckaert, G. De Poorter, A. De Cock, G. Houins
Fools rush in.Zoology and wildlife conservationHelen Piwinica-Worms
Forcing of the cold event of 8,200 years ago by catastrophic drainage of Laurentide lakes.Zoology and wildlife conservationC. Hillaire-Marcel, G. Bilodeau, D.C. Barber, a. Dyke, A.E. Jennings, J.T. Andrews, M.W. Kerwin, R. McNeely, J. Southon, M.D. Morehead, J.M. Gagnon
Formation of ice XII at different conditions.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Hansen, Michael Koza, Helmut Schober, Albert Tolle, Franz Fujara
Formation of the radio jet in M87 at 100 Schwarzschild radii from the central black hole.Zoology and wildlife conservationMario Livio, William Junor, John A. Biretta
Four-helical-bundle structure of the cytoplasmic domain of a serine chemotaxis receptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationKyeong Kyu Kim, Sung-Hou Kim, Hisao Yokota
Four-wave mixing with matter waves.Zoology and wildlife conservationK. Helmerson, W.D. Phillips, S.L. Rolston, J. Wen, L. Deng, E.W. Hagley, M. Trippenbach, Y. Band, P.S. Julienne, J.E. Simsarian
Fractal modes in unstable resonators.Zoology and wildlife conservationG.P. Karman, G.S. McDonald, G.H.C. New, J.P. Woerdman
Fragmenting magma.(Volcanology)Zoology and wildlife conservationOleg E. Melnik
Free oscillations illuminate the mantle.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Widmer-Schnidrig
Fringe-dependent separation of dorsal and ventral cells in the Drosophila wing.Zoology and wildlife conservationKenneth D. Irvine, Cordelia Rauskolb, Trudy Correia
Frizzled regulation of Notch signalling polarizes cell fate in the Drosophila eye.Zoology and wildlife conservationSarah J. Bray, Michael T.D. Cooper
From bench to bedside ... research makes the translational transition.Zoology and wildlife conservationBrendan Horton
From desert to deluge in the Mediterranean.Zoology and wildlife conservationJudith A. McKenzie
From horsehair to lightning rods.(analogical reasoning in Benjamin Franklin's natural philosophy)Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.L. Heilbron
From molecular to modular cell biology.(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationStanislas Leibler, Andrew W. Murray, Leland H. Hartwell, John J. Hopfield
From Pan to pandemic: Further evidence that HIV-1 originally came from chimpanzees bears on a variety of issues - the evolution of AIDS viruses, disease transmission from animals to humans, and chimpanzee conservation and welfare.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobin A. Weiss, Richard W. Wrangham
From rifting to drifting.(Africa splits apart down East African Rift)Zoology and wildlife conservationFred F. Pollitz
From vortices to genomics.Zoology and wildlife conservationTerence Hwa
Frozen-bed Fennoscandian and Laurentide ice sheets during the Last Glacial Maximum.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohan Kleman, Clas Hattestrand
Full sintering of powdered-metal bodies in a microwave field.Zoology and wildlife conservationRustum Roy, Dinesh Agrawal, Jiping Cheng, Shalva Gedevanishvili
Functional characterization of a potassium-selective prokaryotic glutamate receptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationEric Gouaux, Guo-Qiang Chen, Mark L. Mayer, Changhai Cui
Functional links between proteins.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrej Sali
Functional regulation of the 3' splice site AG by the splicing factor U2AF35.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael R. Green, Timothy W. Nilsen, Charles M. Romfo, Shaoping Wu
Function of Rieger syndrome gene in left-right asymmetry and craniofacial development.Zoology and wildlife conservationRandy L. Johnson, James F. Martin, Mei-Fang Lu, Carolyn Pressman, Rex Dyer
Fungus-growing ants use antibiotic-producing bacteria to control garden parasites.Zoology and wildlife conservationCameron R. Currie, James A. Scott, Richard C. Summerbell, David Malloch
Fungus punches its way in.(measurement of forces produced by single appressorium)Zoology and wildlife conservationNicholas P. Money
GABAA-receptor-associated protein links GABAA receptors and the cytoskeleton.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard W. Olsen, Stephen J. Moss, Hongbing Wang, Fiona K. Bedford, Nicholas Brandon J.
Gaps in the Human Genome Project: If the multinational Human Genome Project is to continue its successful start, sequencing strategies must be changed.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrew F. Siegel, Leroy Hood, Jared C. Roach, Ger van den Engh, Barbara Trask
Gatekeepers of recombination.(role of Rad52 protein in homologous recombination)Zoology and wildlife conservationJames E. Haber
Gaze direction controls response gain in primary visual-cortex neurons.Zoology and wildlife conservationYves Trotter, Simona Celebrini
Generation of GTP-bound Ran by RCC1 is required for chromatin-induced mitotic spindle formation.Zoology and wildlife conservationIain W. Mattaj, Alexandra Segref, Eric Karsenti, Oliver J. Gruss, Rafael E. Carazo-Salas, Giulia Guarguaglini
Gene silencing in Neurospora crassa requires a protein homologous to RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.Zoology and wildlife conservationGiuseppe Macino, Carlo Cogoni
Genetic enhancement of learning and memory in mice.Zoology and wildlife conservationEiji Shimizu, Joe Z. Tsien, Guosong Liu, Min Zhuo, Ya-Ping Tang, Gilles R. Dube, Claire Rampon, Geoffrey A. Kerchner
Genetic flexibility of plant chloroplasts.Zoology and wildlife conservationJurg E. Frey
Genetic link to cervical tumours.Zoology and wildlife conservationPar Sparen, Patrik K.E. Magnusson, Ulf B Gyllensten
Genetics and general cognitive ability.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Plomin
Genetic tracking of a protected whale.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrank Cipriano, Stephen R. Palumbi
Genome complexity, robustness and genetic interactions in digital organisms.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard E. Lenski, Charles Ofria, Christoph Adami, Travis C. Collier
Genomic-sequence comparison of two unrelated isolates of the human gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori.Zoology and wildlife conservationEric D. Brown, Diane E. Taylor, Anthony Caruso, Trevor J. Trust, Scott D. Mills, Richard A. Alm, Douglas R. Smith, Braydon C. Guild, Brian Noonan, Lo-See L. Ling, Donald T. Moir, Benjamin L. King, Peter C. Doig, Boudewign L. deJonge, Gilles Carmel, Peter J. Tummino, Maria Uria-Nickelsen, Debra M. Mills, Cameron Ives, Rene Gibson, David Merberg, Qin Jiang, Gerald F. Vovis
Geomorphic limits to climate-induced increases in topographic relief.Zoology and wildlife conservationKelin X. Whipple, Eric Kirby, Simon H. Brocklehurst
George Brown (1920-99): Political champion of science in the United States.Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel S. Greenberg
Gerhard Herzberg (1904-99).(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationDudley R. Herschbach
German bioethics inquiry 'could hold up essential rule changes'.Zoology and wildlife conservationQuirin Shiermeier
Germ cells colonized by endosymbiotic bacteria.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen J. Hadfield, J. Myles Axton
Gertrude Bell Elion (1918-99): Pioneer of drug discovery.(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard Kent, Brian Huber
Ghosts of biospheres past.Zoology and wildlife conservationJoe Berry
Glacial-interglacial changes in ocean surface conditions in the Southern Hemisphere.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Jouzel, J.R. Petit, M. Stievenard, F. Vimeux, V. Masson
Glenn T. Seaborg (1912-99).(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationAlbert Ghiorso
Global and fine information coded by single neurons in the temporal visual cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationYasuko Sugase, Shigeru Yamane, Shoogo Ueno, Kenji Kawano
Global changes in intensity of the Earth's magnetic field during the past 800 kyr.Zoology and wildlife conservationJean-Pierre Valet, Yohan Guyodo
Global methylation in eutherian hybrids.Zoology and wildlife conservationReinald Fundele, Thomas Haaf, Frank Grutzner, Irmgard Roemer, heinz Winking, Annie Orth, Lulu Skidmore, Doug Antczak
Global unfolding of a substrate protein by the Hsp100 chaperone ClpA.Zoology and wildlife conservationArthur L. Horwich, Eilika U. Weber-Ban, Andrew D. Miranker, Brian G. Reid
Glowing developments.(application of electrically driven emission of light from non-crystalline organic materials in flat-panel light-emitting displays)Zoology and wildlife conservationKarl Ziemelis
Glycoproteins form mixed disulphides with oxidoreductases during folding in living cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationAri Helenius, Maurizio Molinari
Going strong or falling apart?(water becomes strong liquid near 136K)Zoology and wildlife conservationSrikanth Sastry
Gold concentrations of magmatic brines and the metal budget of porphyry copper deposits.Zoology and wildlife conservationD. Gunther, T. Ulrich, C.A. Heinrich
Good cholesterol news.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames Scott
Good reception in fruitfly antennae.Zoology and wildlife conservationDoron Lancet, Yitzhak Pilpel
G-protein-coupled receptor heterodimerization modulates receptor function.Zoology and wildlife conservationLakshmi A. Devi, Bryen A. Jordan
Grabbing phosphoproteins.Zoology and wildlife conservationLewis C. Cantley, Michael B Yaffe
Gravity-driven continental overflow and Archaean tectonics.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.C. Bailey
Gravity-wave interferometers as quantum-gravity detectors.Zoology and wildlife conservationGiovanni Amelino-Camelia
Green processing using ionic liquids and CO.(sub2)Zoology and wildlife conservationEric J. Beckman, Joan F. Brennecke, Lynette A. Blanchard, Dan Hancu
'Green revolution' genes encode mutant gibberellin response modulators.Zoology and wildlife conservationNicholas P. Harberd, Jinrong Peng, Donald E. Richards, Nigel M. Hartley, George P. Murphy, Katrien Devos M., John E. Flintham, James Beales, Leslie J. Fish, Anthony J. Worland, Fatima Pelica, Duraialagaraja Sudhakar, Paul Christou, John W. Snape, Michael D. Gale
Groundwater formation of martian valleys.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael H. Carr, Michael C. Malin
Grouping of image fragments in primary visual cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationYoichi Sugita
Growing range of correlated motion in a polymer melt on cooling towards the glass transition.Zoology and wildlife conservationSharon C. Glotzer, Christoph Bennemann, Claudio Donati, Jorg Baschnagel
Growing season extended in Europe.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnnette Menzel, Peter Fabian
Growing Y-junction carbon nanotubes.Zoology and wildlife conservationJing Li, Chris Papadopoulos, Jimmy Xu
Growth-cone attraction to netrin-1 is converted to repulsion by laminin-1.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarc Tessier-Lavigne, Mu-ming Poo, Christine Holt, Veit H. Hopker, Derryck Shewan
Growth dynamics of the World-Wide Web.Zoology and wildlife conservationBernardo A. Huberman, Lada A. Adamic
Growth of nanotubes for probe microscopy tips.Zoology and wildlife conservationCharles M. Lieber, Jason H. Hafner, Chin Li Cheung
Guido Pontecorvo (1907-99).(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationObald Siddiqi
Haem detoxification by an insects.Zoology and wildlife conservationUlysses Lins, Marcus F. Oliveira, Jose R. Silva, Marilvia Dansa-Petretski, Wanderley de Souza, Claudia M.S. Braga, Hatisaburo Masuda, Pedro L. Oliveira
Half-awake to the risk of predation.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven L. Lima, Niels C. Rattenborg, Charles J. Amlaner
Hans Oeschger (1927-98): Pioneer in environmental physics.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Stocker
Henry W. Kendall (1926-99).(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationKurt Gottfried
Heparin is essential for the storage of specific granule proteases in mast cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationAriene H. Sharpe, Donald E. Humphries, Guang W. Wong, Daniel s. Friend, Micahel F. Gruish, wen-Tao Qui, Chifu Huang, Richard L. Stevens
Hiding messages in DNA microdots.Zoology and wildlife conservationCatherine Taylor Clelland, Viviana Risca, Carter Bancroft
High-efficiency multilevel zone plates for keV X-rays.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Barrett, E. Di Fabrizio, F. Romananto, M. Gentili, S. Cabrini, B. Kaulich, J. Susini
Higher fullerenes in the Allende meteorite.Zoology and wildlife conservationLouis J. Allamandola, Luann Becker, Theodore E. Bunch
High genomic deleterious mutation rates in hominids.Zoology and wildlife conservationAdam Eyre-Walker, Peter D. Keightley
High metabolic rates in running birds.Zoology and wildlife conservationHans Hoppeler, Matthew W. Bundle, Ruth Vock, June M. Tester, Peter G. Weyand
High-resolution X-ray structure of an early intermediate in the bacteriorhodopsin photocycle.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard Neutze, Janos Hajdu, Antoine Royant, Karl Edman, Eva Pebay-Peyroula, Peter Nollert, Hassan Beirhali, Ehud M. Landaus
High-temperature weak ferromagnetism in a low-density free-electron gas.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.P. Young, Z. Fisk, D. Hall, H.R. Ott, J.D. Thompson, J.L. Sarrao, M.E. Torelli, S.B. Oseroff, R.G. Goodrich, R. Zysler
HLA-E binds to natural killer cell receptors CD94/NKG2A, B and C.Zoology and wildlife conservationVeronique M. Braud
Holes and hot spots.Zoology and wildlife conservationIan Stewart
Holocene carbon-cycle dynamics based on CO2 trapped in ice at Taylor Dome, Antarctica.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Meyer, T.F. Stocker, H. Fischer, T. Blunier, M. Wahlen, A. Indermuhle, J. Tschumi, F. Joose, H.J. Smith, B. Deck, D. Mastroianni, B. Staugger
Holocene periodicity in North Atlantic climate and deep-ocean flow south of Iceland.Zoology and wildlife conservationGiancarlo G. Bianchi, I. Nicholas McCave
Homeobox gene NKx2.2 and specification of neuronal identity by graded Sonic hedgehog signalling.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Briscoe, T.M. Jessell, J. Ericson, L. Sussel, P. Serup, D. Hartigan-O'Connor, J.L.R. Rubenstein
Horse sickness and ENSO in South Africa.Zoology and wildlife conservationMatthew Baylis, Philip S. Mellor, Rudy Meiswinkel
How and why a parasitic nematode jumps.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames F. Campbell, Harry K. Kaya
How common are habitable planets?(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationJack J. Lissauer
How do you pay attention?Zoology and wildlife conservationJeremy M. Wolfe
How flies fly.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobin Wootton
How many billions to go? The peaking of the population growth rate deserves wider recognition.Zoology and wildlife conservationVaclav Smil
How the 'terror crocodile' grew so big.(Deinosuchus)Zoology and wildlife conservationChristopher A. Brochu, Gregory M. Erickson
How to restore public trust in science.Zoology and wildlife conservationBenny Haerlin, Doug Parr
How to win venture-capital financing.(includes sidebar article detailing Advanced Technology Program)Zoology and wildlife conservationDiane Gershon
Hox genes and the making of sphincters.Zoology and wildlife conservationJozsef Zakany, Denis Duboule
Hox genes in brachiopods and priapulids and protostome evolution.Zoology and wildlife conservationSean B. Carroll, Michael Akam, Andre Adoutte, Charles E. Cook, Guillaume Balavoine, Renaud de Rosa, Jennifer K. Grenier, Tatiana Andreeva
Hox proteins reach out round DNA.Zoology and wildlife conservationMatthew P. Scott
Humans use internal models to estimate gravity and linear acceleration.Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel M. Merfeld, Lionel Zupan, Robert J. Peterka
Human theta oscillations exhibit task dependence during virtual maze navigation.Zoology and wildlife conservationJoseph R. Madsen, Michael J. Kahana, Jeremy B. Caplan, Robert Sekuler, Matthew Kirschen
Human urotensin-II is a potent vasoconstrictor and agonist for the orphan receptor GPR14.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn D. Martin, Eliot H. Ohlstein, Stephen A. Douglas, Shelagh Wilson, Dean E. McNulty, Wu-Schyong Liu, Nabil A. Elshourbagy, Derk J. Bergsma, Jeffrey M. Stadel, Robert S. Ames, Henry M. Sarau, Jonathan K. Chambers, Robert N. Willette, Nambi V. Aiyar, Anne M. Romanic, Calvert S. Louden, James J. Foley, Charles F. Sauermelch, Robert W. Coatney, Zhaohui Ao, Jyoti Dissa, Stephen D. Holmes, George I. Glover, Catherine E. Ellis, Usman Shabon, John J. Trill, Douglas W.P. Hay
Hurricane heat engines.(retrospective simulations of hurricane intensity)Zoology and wildlife conservationH.E. Willoughby
Hybrid hydrogels assembled from synthetic polymers and coiled-coil protein domains.Zoology and wildlife conservationRussell J. Stewart, Chun Wang, Jindrich Kopecek
Hydrogenase sophistication.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard Cammack
Hydrologically defined niches reveal a basis for species richness in plant communities.Zoology and wildlife conservationMike E. Dodd, Jonathan Silvertown, David J.G. Gowing, J. Owen Mountford
ICOS is an inducible T-cell co-stimulator structurally and functionally related to CD28.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard A. Kroczek, Andreas Hutloff, Regine Kraft, Anna M. Dittrich, Katja C. Beier, Barbara Eijaschewitsch, Ionnis Anagnostopoulos
Id1 and Id3 are required for neurogenesis, angiogenesis and vascularization of tumour xenografts.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard O'Reilly, Richard O. Hynes, William Gerald, Robert Benezra, David Lyden, Katia Manova, Yuan Zhuang, Alison Z. Young, Bernhard L. Bader, David Zagzag, Wei Yan
Identification of atomic-like electronic states in indium arsenide nanocrystal quantum dots.Zoology and wildlife conservationUri Banin, David Katz, Oded Millo, YunWei Cao
Identification of in vivo substrates of the chaperonin GroEL.Zoology and wildlife conservationF. Ulrich Hartl, Friedrich Lottspeich, Christoph Eckerskorn, Walid A. Houry, Dmitrij Frishman
Identification of two sources of carbon monoxide in comet Hale-Bopp.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Novak, Michael J. Mumma, Michael A. DiSanti, Neil Dello Russo, Karen Magee-Sauer, Terrence W. Rettig
Identifying magma-water interaction from the surface features of ash particles.Zoology and wildlife conservationRalf Buttner, Pierfrancesco Dellino, Bernd Zimanowski
Identifying the forces responsible for self-organization of nanostructures at crystal surfaces.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Hrbek, J. de la Figuera, K. Pohl, N.C. Bartelt, R.Q. Hwang, M.C. Bartelt
IGF-1 induces skeletal myocyte hypertrophy through calcineurin in association with GATA-2 and NF-ATc1.Zoology and wildlife conservationEric N. Olson, Nadia Rosenthal, Francisco J. Naya, Antonio Musaro, Karl J.a. McCullagh
Illusory shifts in visual direction accompany adaptation of saccadic eye movements.Zoology and wildlife conservationDan O. Bahcall, Eileen Kowler
Images of Neptune's ring arcs obtained by ground-based telescope.Zoology and wildlife conservationB. Sicardy, J.E. Graves, F. Roddier, C. Roddier, E. Perozzi, O. Guyon, M.J. Northcott
Immobility of protons in ice from 30 to 190 K.Zoology and wildlife conservationK. Wu, A.A. Tsekouras, J.P. Cowin, M.J. Ledema, G.B. Ellison
Immunization with amyloid-beta attenuates Alzheimer-disease-like pathology in the PDAPP mouse.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobin Barbour, Dora Games, Henry Grajeda, Teresa Guido, Kang Hu, Jiping Huang, Karen Khan, Dora Kholodenko, Mike Lee, Ivan Lieberburg, Ruth Motter, Nicki Vasquez, Dale Schenk, Ted Yednock, Peter Seubert, Kelly Johnson-Wood, Whitney Dunn, Grace Gordon, Zhenmei Liao, Linda Mutter, Ferdi Soriano, George Shopp, Christopher Vandevert, Shannan Walker, Mark Wogulis
Impairment of dynamin's GAP domain stimulates receptor-mediated endocytosis.Zoology and wildlife conservationSandra L. Schmid, Sanja Sever, Amy B. Muhlberg
Improved auditory spatial tuning in blind humans.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven A. Hillyard, Brigitte Roder, Frank Rosler, Wolfgang Teder-Salejarvi, Anette Sterr, Helen J. Neville
Improved quantum efficiency for electroluminescence in semiconducting polymers.Zoology and wildlife conservationGang Yu, Alan J. Heeger, Yong Cao, Ian D. Parker, Chi Zhang
Improving the plight of the physician-scientist in the US.Zoology and wildlife conservationDiane Gershon
Incorporating rules for responding into evolutionary games.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn M. McNamara, Alasdair I. Houston, Catherine E. Gasson
Increased affiliative response to vasopressin mice expressing the V1a receptor from a monogamous vole.Zoology and wildlife conservationGrant R. MacGregor, Thomas R. Insel, Katrina G. Waymire, Larry J. Young, Roger Nilsen
Increased El Nino frequency in a climate model forced by future greenhouse warming.Zoology and wildlife conservationA. Timmermann, M. Latif, J. Oberhuber, A. Bacher, M. Esch, E. Roeckner
Increased marine sediment suspension and fluxes following an earthquake.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrank Muller-Karger, Robert Thunell, Eric Tappa, Ramon Varela, Martin Llano, Yrene Astor, Richard Bohrer
Induction and organization of Ca(super2+) waves by enteric neural reflexes.Zoology and wildlife conservationRandel J. Stevens, Nelson G. Publicover, Terence K. Smith
Induction and regulation of the IgE response.(Allergy and asthma)Zoology and wildlife conservationFarrah Kheradmand, David B. Corry
Inferring the historical patterns of biological evolution.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Pagel
Influence of a knot on the strength of a polymer strand.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael L. Klein, A. Marco Saitta, Paul D. Soper, E. Wasserman
Influence of El Nino on the equatorial Pacific contribution to atmospheric CO2 accumulation.Zoology and wildlife conservationTaro Takahashi, Richard A. Feely, Rik Wanninkhof, Pieter Tans
Influence of environmental changes on degradation of chiral pollutants in soils.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Levering Lewis, A. Wayne Garrison, K. Erick Wommack, Alton Whittemore, Paul Steudler, Jerry Melillo
Influence of motion signals on the perceived position of spatial pattern.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlan Johnston, Shin'ya Nishida
Influence of NOx emissions from ships on tropospheric photochemistry and climate.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul J. Crutzen, Mark G. Lawrence
Influence of snowfall and melt timing on tree growth in subarctic Eurasia.Zoology and wildlife conservationF.H. Schweingruber, E.A. Vaganov, M.K. Hughes, A.V. Kirdyanov, P.P. Silkin
Inhibition of caspase-1 slows disease progression in a mouse model of Huntington's disease.Zoology and wildlife conservationJunying Yuan, Victor O. Ona, Mingwei Li, Robert M. Friedlander, Anne B. Young, John B. Penney, Jean Paul G. Vonstattel, John Andrews L., Sohail q. Khan, Woosik Chung M., Ariel S. Frey, Anil S. Menon, Xiao-Jiang Li, Philip E. Stieg, Jang-Ho J. Cha
Inhibition of msl-2 splicing by Sex-lethal reveals interaction between U2AF35 and the 3' splice site AG.Zoology and wildlife conservationSabine Guth, Juan Valcarcel, Livia Merendino, Daniel Bilbao, Concepcion Martinez
Inhibition of transforming growth factor-beta/SMAD signalling by the interferon-gamma/STAT pathway.Zoology and wildlife conservationJoan Massague, Jacqueline Doody, Luis Ulluoa
Injecting spin into electronics.(injection of spin-polarized electrons into light-emitting diode)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Oestreich
Injection and detection of a spin-polarized current in a light-emitting diode.Zoology and wildlife conservationG. Schmidt, R. Fiederling, M. Keim, G. Reuscher, W. Ossau, A. Waag, L.W. Molenkamp
Inner-arm dynein c of Chlamydomonas flagella is a single-headed processive motor.Zoology and wildlife conservationHitoshi Sakakibara, Hiroaki Kojima, Yukako Sakai, Eisaku Kataymaa, Kazuhiro Oiwa
In retrospect.(influence of Albert Einstein's 'Autobiographical Notes')Zoology and wildlife conservationAnton Zeilinger
In search of gamma-secretase.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlain Israel, John Hardy
Insect antenna as a smoke detector.Zoology and wildlife conservationHelmut Schmitz, Horst Bleckmann, Stefan Schutz, Bernhard Weissbecker, Hans E. Hummel, Karl-Heinz Apel
Insecticidal toxin in root exudates from Bt corn.Zoology and wildlife conservationG. Stotzky, Deepak Saxena, Saul Flores
Insulin resistance and obesity.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael W. Schwartz, Steven E. Kahn
Integrin cytoplasmic tyrosine motif is required for outside-in allbB3 signalling and platelet function.Zoology and wildlife conservationNigel Killeen, Debbie A. Law, David R. Phillips, Francis R. DeGuzman, Patrick Heiser, Kathleen Ministri-Madrid
Interaction of c-Abl and p73-alpha and their collaboration to induce apoptosis.Zoology and wildlife conservationMoshe Oren, Yosef Shaul, Reuven Agami, Giovanni Blandino
Interaction of E1 and hSNF5 proteins stimulates replication of human papillomavirus DNA.Zoology and wildlife conservationGanjam V. Kalpana, Daeyoup Lee, Hekwang Sohn, Joonho Choe
Interaction of glutamic-acid-rich proteins with the cGMP signalling pathway in rod photoreceptors.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrank Muller, Christian Bode, Uwe Wolfrum, Heinz G. Korschen, Michael Beyermann, Martin Heck, Marus Vantler, Karl-Wilhelm Koch, Roland Kellner, Klaus Peter Hofmann, Benjamin U. Kaupp
Interactions among quantitative traits in the course of sympatric speciation.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlexey S. Kondrashov, Fyodor A. Kondrashov
Interleukin-4-dependent production of PPAR-gamma ligands in macrophages by 12/15-lipoxygenase.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristopher K. Glass, Joseph L. Witztum, Timothy M. Willson, Mercedes Ricote, Jannet T. Huang, John S. Welch, Christoph J. Binder, Carolyn Kelly, Colin d. Funk, Douglas Conrad
Interpreting the folding kinetics of helical proteins.Zoology and wildlife conservationMartin Karplus, Yaoqi Zhou
Intron size and natural selection.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrew G. Clark, Antonio Bernardo Carvalho
In vivo cell sorting in complementary segmental domains mediated by Eph receptors and ephrins.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid G. Wilkinson, Qiling Xu, Georg Mellitzer, Vicy Robinson
In vivo regulation of axon extension and pathfinding by growth-cone calcium transients.Zoology and wildlife conservationNicholas C. Spitzer, Timothy M. Gomez
Involvement of visual cortex in tactile discrimination of orientation.Zoology and wildlife conservationScott T. Grafton, Andro Zangaladze, Charles M. Epstein, K. Sathian
Iodine oxide in the marine boundary layer.Zoology and wildlife conservationBjorn Alicke, Kai Behestreit, Jochen Stutz, Ulrich Platt
Is gadolinium really ferromagnetic?Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.M.D. Coey, V. Skumryev, K. Gallagher
Isochores result from mutation not selection.Zoology and wildlife conservationHoward Ochman, M. Pilar Francino
Is science dangerous?: Does society need protecting from scientific advances?Zoology and wildlife conservationLewis Wolpert
Is there solar argon in the Earth's mantle?Zoology and wildlife conservationJoachim Kunz
Japan on target to double science spend....Zoology and wildlife conservationSaegusa Asako
Jasmonate-inducible plant defences cause increased parasitism of herbivores.Zoology and wildlife conservationJennifer S. Thaler
Johannes A. van Paradijs (1946-99).(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationEdward van den Heuvel
Josephson effect and a pi-state in superfluid (super3)He.Zoology and wildlife conservationOlivier Avenel, Yury Mukharsky, Eric Varoquaux
Josephson-junction qubits with controlled couplings.Zoology and wildlife conservationGerd Schon, Yuriy Makhlin, Alexander Shnirman
Kainate-receptor mediated sensory synaptic transmission in mammalian spinal cord.Zoology and wildlife conservationPing Li, James E. Huettner, Min Zhuo, Timothy J. Wilding, Susan J. Kim, Amelita A. Calejesan
Kainate receptors are involved in synaptic plasticity.Zoology and wildlife conservationZuner A. Bortolotto, Vernon R.J. Clarke, Caroline M. Delany, Michel Vignes, Graham L. Collingridge, Bradford T. Brinton, David Lodge, Paul L. Ornstein, David Bleakman, Michael C. Parry, Ilse Smolders, Ken H. Ho, Peter Miu, Robert Fantaske, Ann Ogden, Mary Gates
Kainate receptors mediate synaptic transmission between cones and 'Off' bipolar cells in a mammalian retina.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven H. DeVries, Eric A. Schwartz
Key to the mitochondrial gate.(Bax and Bak stimulate opening of voltage-dependent anion channel)Zoology and wildlife conservationJean-Claude Martinou
Knocking out nodules.(transposon Ac can be used to disrupt genes in Lotus japonicus)Zoology and wildlife conservationHerman P. Spaink
Knowledge elites and class war: Would life be better if we left the difficult decisions to experts alone?Zoology and wildlife conservationSheila Jasanoff
Laboratory evolution of peroxide-mediated cytochrome P450 hydroxylation.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrances H. Arnold, Hyun Joo, Zhanglin Lin
Lanthanum-substituted bismuth titanate for use in non-volatile memories.Zoology and wildlife conservationB.S. Kang, J. Lee, B.H. Park, S.D. Bu, T.W. Noh, W. Jo
Large eyeballs in diving ichthyosaurs.Zoology and wildlife conservationRyosuke Motani, Bruce M. Rothschild, William Wahl Jr.
Large-scale analysis of the yeast genome by transposon tagging and gene disruption.Zoology and wildlife conservationSeema Agarwal, Michael Snyder, Perry Miller, Hiroshi Iwasaki, Petra Ross-Mcdonald, Paulo S.R. Coelho, Terry Roemer, Anug Kumar, Ronald Jansen, Kei-Hoi Cheung, Amy Sheehan, Dawn Symoniatis, Lara Umansky, Matthew Heidtman, F. Kenneth Nelson, Karl Hager, Mark Gerstein, G. Shirleen Roeder
Large-scale chemical and thermal division of the Pacific mantle.Zoology and wildlife conservationI. Vlastelic, D. Aslanian, L. Dosso, H. Bougault, J.L. Olivet, L. Geli
Large-scale freshening of intermediate waters in the Pacific and Indian oceans.Zoology and wildlife conservationanniei P.s. Wong, Nathanial L. Bindoff, John a. Church
Large-scale impoverishment of Amazonian forests by logging and fire.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristopher Potter, Paul Lefebvre, Peter Schlesinger, Daniel C. Nepstad, Adalberto Verissimo, Carlos Nobre, Ane Alencar, Eirivelthon Lima, Paulo Moutinho, Elsa Mendoza, Mark Cochrane, Vanessa Brooks
Larval retention and recruitment in an island population of a coral-reef fish.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid W. Lea, Stephen E. Swearer, Jennifer E. Caselle, Robert R. Warner
Lasing from a molecular sieve.(Solid-state lasers)Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen R. Forrest
Last days in Arcadia.(memories of 1966 molecular biology symposium at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn Cairns
Lateral drag of spin coherence in gallium arsenide.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.D. Awschalom, J.M. Kikkawa
Latest spin on the core.Zoology and wildlife conservationF.A. Dahlen
Layered double hydroxides exchanged with tungstate as biomimetic catalysts for mild oxidative bromination.Zoology and wildlife conservationPierre Jacobs, Frederic Pierard, Bert Sels, Dirk De Vos, Mieke Buntinx, A. Kirsch-De Mesmaeker
Learning the parts of objects by non-negative matrix factorization.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Sebastian Seung, Daniel D. Lee
Legs to wings and back again.Zoology and wildlife conservationLee Niswander
Length of tail streamers in barn swallows.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnders Hedenstrom, Anders Pape Moller
Leptin reverses insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus in mice with congenital lipodystrophy.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael S. Brown, Joseph L. Goldstein, Iichiro Shimomura, Robert E. Hammer, Shinji Ikemoto
Less expansion, more agreement.(expansion of Universe)Zoology and wildlife conservationRiccardo Giovanelli
Lessons from Iraq on bioweapons.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristian Seelos
Lickety split.(giant anteater; Zoology)Zoology and wildlife conservationElizabeth Brainerd
Life and death in a FLASH.Zoology and wildlife conservationJan Paul Medema
Life beyond the pulsar death valley.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlex Wolszczan
Life on the road.(nerve axons)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn G. Flanagan
Life-sustaining planets in interstellar space?Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid J. Stevenson
Life without gravity.(Space biology)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard J. Wasseersug
Ligand-dependent transcription activation by nuclear receptors requires the DRIP complex.Zoology and wildlife conservationLeonard P. Freedman, Hediye Erdjument-Bromage, Paul Tempst, Anders M. Naar, Christophe Rachez, Zalman Suldan, Bryan D. Lemon, Virginia Bromleigh, Matthew Gamble
Light-driven monodirectional molecular rotor.Zoology and wildlife conservationBen L. Feringa, Richard A. van Delden, Nagatoshi Koumara, Robert W. Zijlstra, Nobuyuki Harada
Light-emitting suckers in an octopus.Zoology and wildlife conservationSonke Johnsen, Elisabeth J. Balser, Edith A. Widder
Light speed reduction to 17 metres per second in an ultracold atomic gas.Zoology and wildlife conservationZachary Dutton, Cyrus H. Behroozi, S.E. Harris, Lene Vestergaard Hau
Limbs move beyond the Radical fringe.(includes response)(mouse Rfng gene not needed for limb development)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn M. Levorse, Thomas F. Vogt, Jennifer L. Moran
Limits on differential rotation of the inner core from an analysis of the Earth's free oscillations.Zoology and wildlife conservationGuy Masters, Gabi Laske
Linear and nonlinear signatures.Zoology and wildlife conservationKlaus Hasselmann
Linking a genetic defect to its cellular phenotype in a cardiac arrhythmia.Zoology and wildlife conservationYoram Rudy, Colleen E. Clancy
LInking catalysts to chemistry.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Freedman
Linking insulator-to-metal transitions at zero and finite magnetic fields.Zoology and wildlife conservationHadas Shtrikman, Y. Hanein, D. Shahar, D.C. Tsui, N. Nenadovic, Y. Yoon, C.C. Li
Lipid membranes shape up.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard H. Scheller, Suzie J. Scales
Liquid versus photonic crystals.Zoology and wildlife conservationEli Yablonovitch
Lithium-doped plastic crystal electrolytes exhibiting fast ion conduction for secondary batteries.Zoology and wildlife conservationDouglas R. MacFarlane, Maria Forsyth, Junhua Huang
Lithium nucleosynthesis in the Sun inferred from the solar-wind 7Li/6Li ratio.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrancois Robert, Marc Chaussidon
Lizards took express train to Polynesia.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristopher C. Austin
Local inhibition and long-range enhancement of Dpp signal transduction by Sog.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Levine, Hilary L. Ashe
Localization or classical diffusion of light?(debate over near-infrared optical transmission and coherent backscattering data from strongly scattering slabs of semiconductor particles)Zoology and wildlife conservationFrank Scheffold, Ralf Lenke, Ralf Tweer, Georg Maret
Long-distance transport of pollen into the Arctic.Zoology and wildlife conservationIan D. Campbell, Karen McDonald, Michael D. Flannigan, Joanni Kringayark
LOng-term in vivo reconstitution of T-cell development by Pax5-deficient B-cell progenitors.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen L. Nutt, Antonius G. Rolink, Meinrad Busslinger, Fritz Melchers
Long view from a high plateau.Zoology and wildlife conservationJeff Dangl
Looking out for memory T cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationBenedita Rocha
Lower Cambrian vertebrates from south China.Zoology and wildlife conservationY. Li, L. Chen, X.L. Zhang, S. Conway Morris, D.G. Shu, H.L. Luo, S.X. Hu, M. Zhu, L.Z. Chen
Low-temperature crystallization of silicate dust in circumstellar disks.Zoology and wildlife conservationL.B.F.M. Waters, A. de Koter, H. van Winckel, F.J. Molster, A.G.G.M. Tielens, T. de Jong, Th. de Graauw, I. Yamamura, K. Malfait, M.e. vand den Ancker, R.H.M. Voors, C. Waelkens
Low-temperature superplasticity in nanostructured nickel and metal alloys.Zoology and wildlife conservationS.X. McFadden, R.S. Mishra, R.Z. Valiev, A.P. Zhilyaev, A.K. Mukherjee
Low-temperature thermal generation of hydrocarbon gases in shallow shales.Zoology and wildlife conservationDevon Rowe, Atis Muehlbachs
LTP promotes formation of multiple spine synapse between a single axon terminal and a dendrite.Zoology and wildlife conservationN. Toni, P.A. Buchs, I. Nikonenko, C.R. Bron, D. Muller
L-type calcium channels and GSK-3 regulate the activity of NF-Atc4 in hippocampal neurons.Zoology and wildlife conservationIsabella A. Graef, Gerald R. Crabtree, Richard W. Tsien, Joel R. Neilson, Kryn Stankunas, Karl Deisseroth, Paul G. Mermelstein
Lumpy haloes spin faster.(dark haloes may have rapidly spinning central bulge)Zoology and wildlife conservationJames Binney
Luttinger-liquid behaviour in carbon nanotubes.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul L. McEuen, David H. Cobden, Marc Bockrath, Richard E. Smalley, Andrew G. Rinzler, Jia Lu, Leon Balents
Magnetic field as a tracer of sheared gas flow in barred galaxies.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Beck, M. Ehle, V. shoutenkov, A. Shukurov, D. Sokoloff
Magnetic phases to order.Zoology and wildlife conservationNeil Mathur
Magnet levitation at your fingertips.Zoology and wildlife conservationA.K. Geim, M.D. Simon, M.I. Boamfa, L.O. Heflinger
Making a light of a dark situation.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Willows
Making every photon count.(overcoming recombination of photogenerated electrons and holes)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard Hailstone
Making make-up in Ancient Egypt.Zoology and wildlife conservationP. Martinetto, E. Dooryhee, P. Walter, G. Tsoucaris, R. Breniaux, M.A. Lefebvre, G. Richard, J. Talabot
Male beetles attracted by females mounting.(Insect behavior)Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Jane Brockmann, Ally R. Harari
Mammalian Cry1 and Cry2 are essential for maintenance of circadian rhythms.Zoology and wildlife conservationJan H.J. Hoeijmakers, Gijsbertus T.J. van der Horst, Akira Yasui, Andre P.M. Eker, Jan de Wit, Dirk Bootsma, Manja Muijtjens, Kumiko Kobayashi, Riya Takano, Shin-ichiro Kanno, Masashi Takao, Anton Verkerk, Dirk van Leenen, Ruud Buijs
Mammalian Srb/Mediator complex is targeted by adenovirus E1A protein.Zoology and wildlife conservationEmma Lees, Thomas G. Boyer, Michelle E.D. Martin, Robert P. Ricciardi, Arnold J. Berks
Mammalian XRCC2 promotes the repair of DNA double-strand breaks by homologous recombination.Zoology and wildlife conservationMaria Jasin, Roger D. Johnson, Nan Liu
Many vessels, faulty gene.Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam G. Jr. Kaelin
MAP kinase and Wnt pathways converge to downregulate an HMG-domain repressor in Caenorhabditis elegans.Zoology and wildlife conservationNaoki Hisamoto, Kunihiro Matsumoto, Marc D. Meneghini, Bruce Bowerman, Jun Ninomiya-Tsuji, Tohru Ishitani, Christopher J. Thorpe, J. Clayton Carter, Danielle R. Hamill
Marine viruses and their biogeochemical and ecological effects.Zoology and wildlife conservationJed A. Fuhrman
Mast-cell heparin demystified.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen J. Galli, James L. Zehnder
Mating, channels and kidney cysts.(new insights into signal transduction)Zoology and wildlife conservationScott W. Emmons, Stefan Somio
May the force be with you.(Biophysics)Zoology and wildlife conservationPatrick S. Stayton
MCP-1 and IL-8 trigger firm adhesion of monocytes to vascular endothelium under flow conditions.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrew D. Luster, Anthony Rosenzweig, Robert E. Gerszten, Michael A. Gimbrone Jr., Eduardo A. Garcia-Zepeda, Yaw-Chyn Lim, Masayuki Yoshida, Han A. Ding, Francis W. Luscinskas
Measurement of gravitational acceleration by dropping atoms.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven Chu, Achim Peters, Keng Yeow Chung
Measures of crystal vacancies.(Materials science)Zoology and wildlife conservationrobert w. Cahn
Mechanical unfolding intermediates in titin modules.Zoology and wildlife conservationKlaus Schulten, Andres F. Oberhauser, Julio M. Fernandez, Hongbin Li, Piotr E. Marszalek, Hui Lu, Mariano Carrion-Vazquez
Mechanics of the ribosome.Zoology and wildlife conservationRoger Garett
Medicine Nobel goes to pioneer of protein guidance mechanisms.(Gunter Blobel)Zoology and wildlife conservationMarie-Therese Heemels
Melanin-concentrating hormone is the cognate ligand for the orphan G-protein-coupled receptor SLC-1.Zoology and wildlife conservationRon Leslie, Shelagh Wilson, Wu-Schyong Liu, John Chambers, Robert S. Ames, Derk Bergsma, Alison Muir, Laura R. Fitzgerald, Guillaume Hervieu, George M. Dytko, James Foley J., JOhn Martin, Catherin Ellis, Gangul;y, Subinay, Susan Konchar, Jane Cluderay, Henry M. Sarau
Membrane-anchored aspartyl protease with Alzheimer's disease Beta-secretase activity.Zoology and wildlife conservationRiquiang Yan, Michael J. Bienkowski, Mary E. Shuck, Huyi Miao, Monica C. Tory, Adele M. Pauley, John R. Brashler, Nancy C. Stratman, W. Rodney Matthews, Allen E. Buhl, Donald B. Carter, Alfredo G. Tomasselli, Luis A. Parodi, Robert L. Heinrikson, Mark E. Gurney
Memories are made of ....(bismuth titanate incorporating lanthanum may be good material for memory that retains information when power is removed)Zoology and wildlife conservationAngus Kingon
Memory for places learned long ago is intact after hippocampal damage.Zoology and wildlife conservationLarry R. Squire, Edmond Teng
Memory of macromolecular helicity assisted by interaction with achiral small molecules.Zoology and wildlife conservationYoshio Okamoto, Eiji Yashima, Katsuhiro Maeda
Menstrual cycle alters face preference.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.M. Burt, D.I. Perrett, D.L. Castles, I.S. Penton-Voak, T. Kobayashi, L.K. Murray, R. Minamisawa
Mesopredator release and avifaunal extinctions in a fragmented system.Zoology and wildlife conservationKevin R. Crooks, Michael E. soule
Mesozoic subducted slabs under Siberia.Zoology and wildlife conservationHarmen Bijwaard, Wim Spakman, Rob Van der Voo
Metastable ice VII at low temperature and ambient pressure.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.S. Loveday, R.J. Nelmes, S. Klotz, J.M. Besson, G. Hamel, W.G. Marshall
Methane-consuming archaebacteria in marine sediments.Zoology and wildlife conservationEdward F. DeLong, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, John M. Hayes, Sean P. Sylva, Peter Bewer G.
Methane formation from long-chain alkanes by anaerobic microorganisms.Zoology and wildlife conservationWalter Michaelis, Hans H. Richnow, Ramon Rossello-Mora, Friedrich Widdel, Karsten Zengler
Micro-printing with crystal inks.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteve Weiner, Lia Addadi
Migration of plutonium in ground water at the Nevada Test Site.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.K. Smith, A.B. Kersting, D.W. Efurd, D.L. Finnegan, D.J. Rokop, J.L. Thompson
Millennium bug.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.s. Siew
Millisecond-timescale motions contribute to the function of the bacterial response regulator protein SpoOF.Zoology and wildlife conservationVictoria A. Feher, John Cavanagh
Minister slams 'mismanaged' universities.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Cherry
Missing lithotroph identified as new planctomycete.Zoology and wildlife conservationGerard Muyzer, Mike S.M. Jetten, John A. Fuerst, Richard Webb, Marc Stours, H.M. Kramer, Susanne Logemann, Katinka T. van de Pas-Schoonen, J. Gijs Kuenen
Mitochondria and germ-cell death.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid C. Krakauer, Alex Mira
Mitochondrial DNA repairs double-strand breaks in yeast chromosomes.Zoology and wildlife conservationBernard Dujon, Miria Ricchetti, Cecile Fairhead
Mitotic treasures in the nucleolus.Zoology and wildlife conservationJeffrey B Bachant, Stephen Elledge J.
Mixing and convection in the Greenland Sea from a tracer-release experiment.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.R. Ledwell, A.J. Watson, D.P. Stevens, D.J. Cooper, M.J. Messias, E. Fogelqvist, K.a. Van Scoy, T. Johannessen, K.I.C. Oliver, F. Rey, T. Tanhua, K.a. Olsson, F. Carse, K. Simonsen, E. Jansen, J.A. Kruepke, E. Guilyardi
Modelling T-cell memory by genetic marking of memory T cells in vivo.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Baltimore, Joshy Jacob
Modification by nuclear export?(research into regulated export of transcription factor NF-AT4)Zoology and wildlife conservationPatrick G. Hogan, Anjana Rao
Modulated phases and proton centring in ice observed by X-ray diffraction up to 170 GPa.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul Loubeyre, Rene Le Toullec, Elodie Wolanin, Michel Hanfland, Daniel Hausermann
Modulation minimizes masking.Zoology and wildlife conservationBrian C.J. Moore
Modulation of cadmium uptake in phytoplankton by seawater CO2 concentration.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrancois M.M. Morel, Robert M. Sherrell, Jay T. Cullen, Todd W. Lane
Molecular basis of triclosan activity.Zoology and wildlife conservationPatrick J. Baker, David W. Rice, Colin w. Levy, Anna Roujeinikova, Svetlana Sedelnikova, Antoine R. Stuitje, Antoni R. Slabas, John B. Rafferty
Molecular characterization of mitochondrial apoptosis-inducing factor.Zoology and wildlife conservationJosef Penninger, Ruedi Aebersold, Guido Kroemer, David P. Siderovski, Santos A. Susin, Naoufal Zamzami, David R. Goodlett, Greg M. Brothers, Hans K. Lorenzo, Isabel Marzo, Bryan E. Snow, Joan Mangion, Eitenne Jacotot, Paola Costantini, Markus Loefller, Nathanael Larochette
Molecular characterization of the melanin-concentrating-hormome receptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationOlivier Civelli, Yumiko Saito, Hans-Peter NOthacker, Zhiwei Wang, Steven H.S. Lin, Frances Leslie
Molecular growth from a Mo(super176) to a Mo(super248) cluster.Zoology and wildlife conservationA. Muller, Syed Q.N. Shah, H. Bgge, M. Schmidtmann
Molecular mechanistic origin of the toughness of natural adhesives, fibres and composites.Zoology and wildlife conservationGalen D. Stucky, Daniel E. Morse, Bettye L. Smith, Tilman E. Schaffer, Mario Viani, James B. Thompson, Neil A. Frederick, Johannes Kindt, Angela Belcher, Paul K. Hansma
Molecular motors join forces.(Protein transport)Zoology and wildlife conservationManfred Schiliwa
Molecular probing of deep secrets.Zoology and wildlife conservationRoger Summons
Molecular-sieve catalysts for the selective oxidation of linear alkanes by molecular oxygen.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert G. Bell, John Meurig Thomas, Gopinathan Sankar, Robert Raja
Molecules are cool.(cooling molecules; Chemical physics)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn M. Doyle, Bretislav Friedrich
Molten rocks in motion.(distinguishing between different dynamic models of mantle melting beneath ocean ridges)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael R. Perfit
Monkey business in the aquarium.(Animal behaviour)Zoology and wildlife conservationRory Howlett
Monkeys play the odds.Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam T. Newsome, M. James Nichols
Monocular deprivation induces homosynaptic long-term depression in visual cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark F. Bear, Cynthia D. Rittenhouse, Harel Z. Shouval, Michael A. Paradiso
Moral calculus and the bomb: targeting civilians, not using atomic weapons, was the moral watershed.Zoology and wildlife conservationKurt Gottfried
Mother and father in surprise genetic agreement.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Pagel
Motherhood improves learning and memory.(pregnancy enhances neural activity in rats)Zoology and wildlife conservationKelly G. Lambert, Craig H. Kinsley, Lisa Madonia, Gordon W. Gifford, Kara Tureski, Garrett R. Griffin, Catherine Lowry, Jamison Williams, Jennifer Collins, Heather McLearie
Motion of vortices in superconductors.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Kasai, K. Kishio, A. Tonomura, K. Harada, T. Matsuda, K. Kitazawa, O. Kamimura, J. Shimoyama
Motion streaks provide a spatial code for motion direction.Zoology and wildlife conservationWilson S. Geisler
Movement of motor and cargo along cilia.Zoology and wildlife conservationJonathan M. Scholey, Jose T. Orozco, Karen P. Wedaman, Dawn Signor, Heather Brown, Lesilee Rose
Moving protein heads for breakdown.Zoology and wildlife conservationMartin Scheffner
Mox2 is a component of the genetic hierarchy controlling limb muscle development.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristopher V.E. Wright, Baljinder S. Mankoo, Vassilis Pachnis, Peter W.J. Rigby, Nina S. Collins, Peter Ashby, Elena Grigorieva, Larysa H. Pavny, Albert Candia
Much food, many problems: a new agriculture, combining genetic modification technology with sustainable farming, is our best hope for the future.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnthony Trewavas
Multifractality in human heartbeat dynamics.Zoology and wildlife conservationShlomo Havlin, H. Eugene Stanley, Luis A. Nunes Amaral, Ary L. Goldberger, Michael G. Rosenblum, Plamen Ch. Ivanov, Zbigniew R. Struzik
Multi-gas assessment of the Kyoto protocol.Zoology and wildlife conservationC. Wang, P. Stone, J. Harnisch, J. Reilly, R. Prinn, J. Fitzmaurice, H. Jacoby, D. Kicklighter, J. Melillo, A. Sokolov
Multiple stellar populations in the globular cluster omega Centauri as tracers of a merger event.Zoology and wildlife conservationY.W. Lee, J.M. Joo, Y.J. Sohn, S.C. Rey, H.c. Lee, A.R. Walker
Munc 13-1 is essential for fusion competence of glutamatergic synaptic vesicles.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristian Rosenmund, Nils Brose, Thomas C. Sudhof, Iris Augustin
Mutant mice live longer.Zoology and wildlife conservationLeonard Guarente
Myelin-like sheaths in copepod axons.Zoology and wildlife conservationTina M. Weatherby, April D. Davis, Daniel K. Hartline, Petra H. Lenz
Myopia and ambient lighting at night.Zoology and wildlife conservationMaureen G. Maguire, Richard A. Stone, Graham E. Quinn, Chai H. Shin
Myosin steps backwards.(class VI myosin tracks towards minus end of actin filament)Zoology and wildlife conservationManfred Schliwa
Myosin VI is an actin-based motor that moves backwards.Zoology and wildlife conservationAmber L. Wells, H. Lee Sweeney, Ronald A. Milligan, Abel W. Lin, Li-Qiong Chen, Daniel Safer, Shane M. Cain, Tama Hasson, Bridget O. Carragher
Myosin-V is a processive actin-based motor.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames A. Spudich, Richard E. Cheney, Mark S. Mooseker, Amit D. Mehta, Ronald S. Rock, Matthias Rief
Mysteries of the Milky Way.Zoology and wildlife conservationGerry Gilmore
Naked foraminiferans revealed.Zoology and wildlife conservationColomban de Vargas, Jan Pawlowski, Ignacio Bolivar, Jose Fahrni, Samual S. Bowser
Nanometre-scale rolling and sliding of carbon nanotubes.Zoology and wildlife conservationM.R. Falvo, V. Chi, S. Washburn, R. Superfine, R.M. II Taylor, A. Helser, F.P. Jr. Brooks
Natural engineering principles of electron tunnelling in biological oxidation-reduction.Zoology and wildlife conservationXiaoxi Chen, Christopher C. Moser, Christopher C. Page, Leslie Dutton
Nature of the Earth's earliest crust from hafnium isotopes is single detrital zircons.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlex N. Halliday, Yuri Amelin, Robert T. Pidgeon, Der-Cheun Lee
Near-field probing of vibrational absorption for chemical microscopy.Zoology and wildlife conservationF. Keilmann, B. Knoll
Negative regulation of erythropoiesis by caspase-mediated cleavage of GATA-1.Zoology and wildlife conservationSrinivasa M. Srinivasula, Emad S. Alnemri, Ugo Testa, Cesare Peschle, Ann Zeuner, Desiree Bonci, Ruggero De Maria, Adriana Eramo, Cristina Domenichelli, Francesco Grignani
Neither straight nor narrow.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Peifer
Neither too loud nor too quiet.(activation of NMDA receptors by glutamate)Zoology and wildlife conservationDimitri M. Kullmann
Neolithic genetic engineering.(genes selected during maize domestication)Zoology and wildlife conservationSvante Paabo
Neptune's misbehaving rings.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark R. Showalter
Neural correlates of decision variables in parietal cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul W. Glimcher, Michael L. Platt
Neurochemicals aid bee nestmate recognition.Zoology and wildlife conservationGene E. Robinson, laura M. Heuser, Yves LeConte, Frederic Lenquette, Robert M. Hollingworth
Neurogenic phenotypes and altered Notch processing in Drosophila Presenilin mutants.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark E. Fortini, Yihong Ye, Nina Lukinova
Neuronal correlates of parametric working memory in the prefrontal cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationRanulfo Romo, Adrian Hernandez, Carlos D. Brody, Luis Lemus
Neuronal pacemaker for breathing visualized in vitro.Zoology and wildlife conservationNaohiro Koshiya, Jeffrey C. Smith
Neurotrophin-evoked rapid excitation through TrkB receptors.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristine R. Rose, Arthur Konnerth, Hans Thoenen, Karl W. Kafitz
Neutron scattering from magnetic excitations in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta.Zoology and wildlife conservationY. Sidis, N. Koshizuka, G.D. Gu, P. Bourges, B. Keimer, H.F. Fong, L.P. Regnault, A. Ivanov
New order from neurological disorders.(Neurological Disorders)Zoology and wildlife conservationDonald L. Price
New tool for Swiss army knife.(Plant viruses)Zoology and wildlife conservationOrtrun Mittelsten Scheid
New way to activate caspases.(Cell adhesion)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn (American senator) Reed, Ruoslahti Erkki
NF-AT activation requires suppression of Crm1-dependent export by calcineurin.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrank McKeon, Jiangyu Zhu
NF-kappaB activation by tumour necrosis factor requires the Akt serine-threonine kinase.Zoology and wildlife conservationOsman Nidai Ozes, Lindsey D. Mayo, Jason A. Gustin, Susan R. Pfeffer, Lawrence M. Pfeffer, David B. Donner
Nf-kappaB is a target of AKT in anti-apoptotic PDGF signalling.(platelet-derived growth factor)Zoology and wildlife conservationJulia A. Romashkova, Sergei S. Makarov
Nitrogen deposition makes a minor contribution to carbon sequestration in temperate forests.Zoology and wildlife conservationPer Gundersen, Knute J. Nadelhoffer, Richard F. Wright, Bridget A. Emmett, O. Janne Kjonaas, Chris J. Koopmans, Patrick Schleppi, albert Tietema
Nitrogen oxide emissions after nitrogen additions in tropical forests.Zoology and wildlife conservationPamela A. Matson, Sharon J. Hall
NMR structure and mutagennesis of the inhibitor-of-apoptosis protein XIAP.(nuclear magnetic resonance)Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen W. Fesik, Robert P. Meadows, Chaohong Sun, Mengli Cai, AneloH. Gunasekera, Hogn Wang, Jung Chen, Haichao Zhang, Wei Wu, Nan Xu, Shi-Chung Ng
No hibernation for basking sharks.Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel Weihs
Non-aqueous supramolecular assembly of mesostructured metal germanium sulphides from (Ge(sub4)S(sub10))(super4-) clusters.Zoology and wildlife conservationGeoffrey A. Ozin, Neil Coombs, Mark J. MacLachlan
Non-centrosymmetric superlattices in block copolymer blends.Zoology and wildlife conservationLudwik Leibler, Thorsten Goldacker, Volker Abetz, Reimund Stadler, Igor Erukhimovich
Non-commutativity in the brain.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Fetter, Douglas B. Tweed, Thomas P. Haslwanter, Vera Happe
Nonlinear dynamics of lava dome extrusion.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.S.J. Sparks, O. Melnik
No role for colour in symmetry perception.Zoology and wildlife conservationDawn Morales, Harold Pashler
No sex please, we're fungi.(divergence in ribosomal sequences of individuals among Glomales)Zoology and wildlife conservationIan R. Sanders
Notch signalling controls pancreatic cell differentiation.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid J. Anderson, Tasuku Honjo, Asa Apelqvist, Helena Edlund, Lukas Sommer, Hao Li, Urban Lendahl, Paul Beatus, Martin Hrabe de Angelis
Nuclear fusion from explosions of femtosecond laser-heated deuterium clusters.Zoology and wildlife conservationT.E. Cowan, T. Ditmire, J. Zweiback, V.P. Yanovsky, G. Hays, K.B. Wharton
Nuclear localization of Cdc25 is regulated by DNA damage and a 14-3-3 protein.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul Russell, Antonia Lopez-Girona, Beth Furnari, Odile Mondesert
Nucleosome mobilization catalyzed by the yeast SWI/SNF complex.Zoology and wildlife conservationJerry L. Workman, Andrew Flaus, Tom Owen-Hughes, Bradley R. Cairns, Lestyn Whitehouse, Malcolm F. White
Observation of contemporaneous optical radiation from a gamma-ray burst.Zoology and wildlife conservationB. Lee, S. Fletcher, T. Cline, D. Casperson, S. Barthelmy, Miller R., J. Bloch, F. Frontera, S. Marshall, J. Heise, L. Piro, P. Butterworth, C. Akerlof, R. Balsano, G. Gisler, J. Hills, R. Kehoe, T. McKay, W. Priedhorsky, J. Szymanski, J. Wren
Observation of mesoscopic vortex physics using micromechanical oscillators.Zoology and wildlife conservationE. Zeldov, P.L. Gammel, D.J. Bishop, E. Bucher, D.R. Nelson, F. Pardo, C.a. Bolle, V. Aksyuk, R. Boie
Observation of negative electron-binding energy in a molecule.Zoology and wildlife conservationLai-Sheng Wang, Xue-Bin Wang
Observation of quasiparticles with one-fifth of an electron's charge.Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Heiblum, V. Umansky, M. Reznikov, R. de Picciotto, T.G. Griffiths
Observation of shell structure in sodium nanowires.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.M. van Ruitenbeek, I.K. Yanson, A.I. Yanson
Observation of short-range critical wetting.Zoology and wildlife conservationD. Bonn, D. Ross, J. Meunier
Observation of spin and charge collective modes in one-dimensional metallic chains.Zoology and wildlife conservationP. Segovia, D. Purdie, M. Hengsberger, Y. Baer
Oceanic forcing of the wintertime North Atlantic Oscillation and European climate.Zoology and wildlife conservationM.J. Rodwell, D.P. Rowell, C.K. Folland
Oldest playable musical instruments found at Jiahu early Neolithic site in China.Zoology and wildlife conservationGarman Harbottle, Juzhong Zhang, Changsui Wang, Zhaochen Kong
Oleg Ptitsyn (1929-99).(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationR. John Ellis, Christpher M. Dobson
Oligopeptide-repeat expansions modulate 'protein-only' inheritance in yeast.Zoology and wildlife conservationSusan Lindquist, Lium Jia-Jia
One more time, from the top.Zoology and wildlife conservationErik Hauri
One price to run, swim or fly?Zoology and wildlife conservationR. McNeill Alexander
Only a matter of time.Zoology and wildlife conservationKen Peach
Onset of permanent stratification in the subarctic Pacific Ocean.Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel M. Sigman, Gerald H. Haug, Thomas F. Pedersen, Ralf Tiedeman, Michael Sarthein
On the origin of species by sympatric speciation.Zoology and wildlife conservationUlf Dieckmann, Michael Doebeli
Open season for solid frameworks.(new approach to designing microporous structures from first principles)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael J. Zaworotko
OPGL is a key regulator of osteoclastogenesis, lymphocyte development and lymph-node organogenesis.Zoology and wildlife conservationYoung-Yun Kong, Annick Itie, Ildiko Sarosi, Josef Penninger, Andrew Wakeham, Tak W. Mak, David L. Lacey, William J. Boyle, Hiroki Yoshida, Antonio J. Oliveira-dos-Santos, Sean Morony, Wilson Khoo, Colin R. Dunstan, Casey Capparelli, Hong-Lin Tan, Emma Timms, Gwyneth Van
Optimizing the success of random searches.Zoology and wildlife conservationShlomo Havlin, Sergey V. Buldyrev, M.G.E. da Luz, E.P. Raposo, G.M. Viswanathan, E. Eugene Stanley
Orchid pollination by sexual swindle.Zoology and wildlife conservationWittko Francke, Christer Lofstedt, Florian P. Schiestl, Manfred Ayasse, Hannes F. Paulus, Bill S. Hansson, Fernando Ibarra
Order in chaos.(Fluid dynamics)Zoology and wildlife conservationHassan Aref
Orientation of DNA replication establishes mating-type switching pattern in S. pombe.Zoology and wildlife conservationJacob Z. Dalgaard, Amar J.S. Klar
Origin of anomalous multibody interactions.Zoology and wildlife conservationJeffrey J. Gray, Benny Chiang, Roger T. Bonnecaze
Origin of high critical currents in YBa2Cu3O7-delta superconducting thin films.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Griessen, J.H. Rector, B. Dam, Huijbregtse. J.M., F.C. Klaassen, R.C.F. van der Geest, G. Doornbos, A.M. Testa, S. Freisem, J.C. Martinez, B. Stauble-Pumpin
Origin of HIV-1 in the chimpanzee Pan troglodytes troglodytes.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul M. Sharp, Martine Peeters, Larry O. Arthur, David L. Robertson, George M. Shaw, Beatrice H. Hahn, Feng Gao, Elizabeth Bailes, Yalu Chen, Cynthia M. Rodenburg, Scott F. Michael, Larry B. Cummins
Origin of life from apatite dating?(includes response)Zoology and wildlife conservationYuji Sano, Yoshio Takahashi, Kentaro Terada, S.J. Mojzsis, G. Arrhenius, K.D. McKeegan, T.M. Harrison, Allen P. Nutman, M. Grove
Origin of the Invar effect in iron-nickel alloys.Zoology and wildlife conservationB. Johansson, van Schilfgaarde, I.A Abrikosov
Oscillations in the basal ganglia.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Wichmann, Mahlon R. DeLong
Out of the lab and into the marketplace.(includes case study)(researchers who start own company)Zoology and wildlife conservationBrendan Horton
ovo/svb integrates Wingless and DER pathways to control epidermis differentiation.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlain Vincent, Francois Payre, Sebastien Carreno
p53 inhibition by the LANA protein of KSHV protects against cell death.(latency-associated nuclear antigen, Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus)Zoology and wildlife conservationGary J. Nabel, Michael O. Hottiger, Wing-pui Kong, Jacques Friborg Jr.
p63 is a p53 homologue required for limb and epidermal morphogenesis.Zoology and wildlife conservationAllan Bradley, Alea A. Mills, Binhai Zheng, Dennis R. Roop, Hannes Vogel, Xiao-Jing Wang
p63 is essential for regenerative proliferation in limb, craniofacial and epithelial development.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnnie Yang, Nancy Walker, Mourad Kaghad, Arlene Sharpe, Frank McKeon, Daniel Caput, Roderick T. Bronson, Cliff Tabin, Ronen Schweitzer, Deqin Sun, Christopher Crum
p73 is regulated by tyrosine kinase c-Abl in the apoptic response to DNA damage.Zoology and wildlife conservationDonald Kufe, Hua Lu, Ralph Weichselbaum, Jijie Gu, Surender Kharbanda, Zhi-Min Yuan, Hisashi Shioya, Takatoshi Ishiko, Xiangao Sun, YinYin Huang
Pairing in dense lithium.Zoology and wildlife conservationN.W. Ashcroft, J.B. Neaton
Parameters for global ecosystem models.Zoology and wildlife conservationRay Fall, Paul J. Crutzen, Ian Galbally, Werner LIndinger
Parasitoid behavior and Bt plants.Zoology and wildlife conservationGuy M. Poppy, Tanja H. Schuler, Roel P.J. Pttong, Ian Denholm
Partitioning of nickel and cobalt between silicate perovskite and metal at pressures up to 80 GPa.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Palme, R. Boehler, O. Tschauner, A. Zerr, S. Specht, A. Rocholl
Pasture damage by an Amazonian earthworm.Zoology and wildlife conservationArmand Chauvel, Michel Grimaldi, Eleusa Barros, Eric Blanchart, Thierry Desjardins, Max Sarrazin, Patrick Lavelle
Pattern formation in semiconductors.Zoology and wildlife conservationV. Novak, V.V. Bel'kov, J. Hirschinger, F.J. Niedernostheide, S.D. Ganichev, W. Prettl
Patterning liquid flow on the microscopic scale.Zoology and wildlife conservationSandra M. Troian, Dawn E. Kataoka
Patterns of recruitment and abundance of corals along the Great Barrier Reef.Zoology and wildlife conservationT.P. Hughes, A.H. Baird, E.A. Dinsdale, N.A. Moltschaniwskyj, M.S. Pratchett, J.E. Tanner, B.L. Willis
Peacocks lek with relatives even in the absence of social and environmental cues.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarion Petrie, Terry Burke, Andrew Krupa
Perception of changes in loudness.(includes response)Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Teghtsoonian, John G. Neuhoff, Georges Canevet, Bertram Scharf, Robert S. Schlauch, Martha Teghtsoonian
Perception of three-dimensional shape influences colour perception through mutual illumination.Zoology and wildlife conservationM.G. Bloj, D. Kersten, A.C. Hurlbert
Perception's shadow: Long-distance synchronization of human brain activity.Zoology and wildlife conservationEugenio Rodriguez, Nathalie George, Jean-Philippe Lachaux, Jacques Martinerie, Bernard Renault, Francisco J. Varela
Percolative phase separation underlies colossal magnetoresistance in mixed-valent manganites.Zoology and wildlife conservationS.W. Cheong, C.H. Chen, S. Mori, M. Uehara
Periodicity in marine phosphorus burial rate.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.K. Tiwari, K.N.N. Rao
Periodic mesoporous organosilicas with organic groups inside the channel walls.Zoology and wildlife conservationGeoffrey A. Ozin, Neil Coombs, Mark J. MacLachlan, Tewodros Asefa
Persistent patterns in transient chaotic fluid mixing.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.P. Gollub, D. Rothstein, E. Henry
Phage-lift for game theory.Zoology and wildlife conservationKarl Sigmund, Martin Nowak A.
Phases of resistance.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Littlewood
Pheromones and regulation of ovulation.(includes response)Zoology and wildlife conservationMartha K. McClintock, Wes Whitten
Phonons rewrite structural recipes.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark S.T. Bukowinski
Photocontrolled nanophase segregation in a liquid-crystal solvent.Zoology and wildlife conservationYves Lansac, Matthew A. Glaser, Noel A. Clark, Oleg D. Lavrentovich
Photography and the artist.(San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA)Zoology and wildlife conservationMarina Vaizey
Photon-stimulated disorption as a substantial source of sodium in the lunar atmosphere.Zoology and wildlife conservationT.E. Madey, B.V. Yakshinskiy
Photosynthetic control of chloroplast gene expression.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn F. Allen, Thomas Pfannschmidt, Anders Nilsson
Physics grapples with its image problem.Zoology and wildlife conservationHelen Gavaghan
Physics takes the biscuit.Zoology and wildlife conservationLen Fisher
Phytochrome signalling is mediated through nucleoside diphosphate kinase 2.Zoology and wildlife conservationGiltsu Choi, Hankuil Yi, Jaeho Lee, Yong-Kook Kwon, Moon Soo Soh, Byongchul Shin, Zigmand LUka, Tae-Ryong Hahn, Pill-Soon Song
Phytoplankton death in the sea.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid L. Kirchman
Picking a winner.(mutants of bacterial cytochrome P450 enzyme that use hydrogen peroxide as source of oxygen)Zoology and wildlife conservationRoger Sheldon
Picosecond-milliangstrom lattice dynamics measured by ulrafast x-ray diffraction.Zoology and wildlife conservationRalph Jimenez, Christoph Rose-Petruck, Ting Guo, Andrea Cavalleeri, Craig W. Siders, Ferenc Raksi, Jeff A. Squier, Barry C. Walker, Kent R. Wilson, Christopher P.J. Barty
Pinning down phosphorylated tau.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichel Goedert
Pitx2 regulates lung asymmetry, cardiac positioning and pituitary and tooth morphogenesis.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael G. Rosenfeld, Shawn O'Connell, Chijen R. Lin, Juan Carlos Izpisua-Belmonte, Forrest Liu, Daniel Szeto, Chrissa Kioussi, Paola Briata
Placement of protein and RNA structures into a 5 A-resolution map of the 50S ribosomal subunit.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas A. Steitz, Peter B. Moore, Nenad Ban, Poul Nissen, Jeffrey Hansen, Malcolm Capel
Planktonic nutrient regeneration and cycling efficiency in temperate lakes.Zoology and wildlife conservationJeff J. Hudson, William D. Taylor, David W. Schindler
Plant energetics and population density.(includes response)(use of resources by individual plants scales approximately as 3/4 power of plant mass)Zoology and wildlife conservationJames H. Brown, Brian J. Enquist, Geoffrey B. West, Federico Magnani, Roderick C. Dewar
Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes modulate the maturation of dendritic cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationMagdalena Plebanski, Arnab Pain, David J.P. Ferguson, Britta C. Urban, Nick Wllcox, Jonathan M. Austyn, Dvid J. Roberts
Plate tectonics on Mars?Zoology and wildlife conservationDan McKenzie
Plug-in quantum software.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn Preskill
Polar gigantism dictated by oxygen availability.Zoology and wildlife conservationGauthier Chapelle, Lloyd S. Peck
Poleward shifts in geographical ranges of butterfly species associated with regional warming.Zoology and wildlife conservationHenri Descimon, Camille Parmesan, Chris D. Thomas, Toomas Tammaru, Brian Huntley, Jeremy A. Thomas, Lauri Kaila, Nils Ryrholm, Constanti Stefanescu, Jane K. Hill, Jaakko Kullberg, W. John Tennent, Martin Warren
Policing rogue genes.(organisms have systems to control transposons)Zoology and wildlife conservationRueyling Lin, Leon Avery
Polyamine-dependent facilitation of postsynaptic AMPA receptors counteracts paired-pulse depression.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrei Rozov, Nail Burnashev
Polycystin-L is a calcium-regulated cation channel permeable to calcium ions.Zoology and wildlife conservationJing Zhou, Matthias A. Hediger, Edward M. Brown, Stephen T. Reeders, Peter M. Vassilev, Yoav Segal, Xing-Zhen Chen, Nuria Basora, Ji-Ben Peng, Hideki Nomura
Polyunsaturated fatty acids activate the Drosophila light-sensitive channels TRP and TRPL.Zoology and wildlife conservationRoger C. Hardie, Padinjat Raghu, Sylwester Chyb
Population density affects sex ratio variation in red deer.Zoology and wildlife conservationJosephine M. Pemberton, Tim H. Clutton-Brock, Fiona E. Guinness, Loeske E.B. Kruuk, Steve D. Albon
Possible long-lived asteroid belts in the inner Solar System.Zoology and wildlife conservationN. Wyn Evans, Serge Tabachnik
Possible predictability in overflow from the Denmark Strait.Zoology and wildlife conservationSvein Osterhus, Bob Dickson, Jens Meincke, Ian Vassie, Johan Jungclaus
Power behind diversity's throne.(variation in diversity resulting from extrinsic determinants may dominate relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem properties)Zoology and wildlife conservationShahid Naeem
P/Q-type calcium channels mediate the activity-dependent feedback of syntaxin-1A.Zoology and wildlife conservationKathy G. Sutton, John E. McRory, Heather Guthrie, Timothy H. Murphy, Terrance P. Snutch
Predation enhances complexity in the evolution of electric fish signals.Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilip K. Stoddard
Predicted signatures of rotating Bose-Einstein condensates.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.A. Butts, D.S. Rokhsar
Prelude or requiem for the 'Mozart effect?Zoology and wildlife conservationChristopher F. Chabris
Preparing topological states of a Bose-Einstein condensate.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.E. Williams, M.J. Holland
Presenilin is required for activity and nuclear access of Notch in Drosophila.Zoology and wildlife conservationGary Struhl, Iva Greenwald
Present and future trends in the atmospheric burden of ozone-depleting halogens.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.H. Butler, J.W. Elkins, S.A. Montzka, A.D. Clarke, T.M. Thompson, L.T. Lock
Pressure to publish stifles young talent.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael J. Larkin
Primate spinal interneurons show pre-movement instructed delay activity.Zoology and wildlife conservationEberhard E. Fetz, Yifat Prut
Princess of palaeontology: Mary Anning came from humble origins to find fame as a fossil hunter on England's south coast. Others took credit for her discoveries but it was said of her that she understood more of the science than 'anyone else in the kingdom'.Zoology and wildlife conservationCrispin Tickell
Prions prevent neuronal cell-line death.Zoology and wildlife conservationShigeyoshi Itohara, Takashi Onodera, Takashi Yokoyama, Chieko Kuwahara, Alice M. Takeuchi, Takuya Nishimura, Keiko Haraguchi, Atsutaka Kubosaki, Yasunobu Matsumoto, Keiichi Saeki, Yoshitsugu Matsumoto
Prisoner's dilemma in an RNA virus.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul E. Turner, Lin Chao
Probable detection of starlight reflected from the giant planet orbiting tau Bootis.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid James, Keith Horne, Andrew Collier Cameron, Alan Penny
Probing magnetism in the well.(Quantum engineering)Zoology and wildlife conservationS.D. Bader
Probing the human stereoscopic system with reverse correlation.Zoology and wildlife conservationColin Blakemore, Andrew J. Parker, Peter Neri
Progress in determining the causes and treatment of multiple sclerosis.(Neurological Disorders)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn H. Noseworthy
Prospecting for Jurassic slabs: Increasingly precise seismic imaging of the Earth's deep interior continues to sharpen our understanding of mantle convection and plate tectonics.Zoology and wildlife conservationmark A. Richards
Prospects for new restorative and neuroprotective treatments in Parkinson's disease.(Neurological Disorders)Zoology and wildlife conservationAnders Bjorklund, Stephen B. Dunnett
Protein interaction maps for complete genomes based on gene fusion events.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnton J. Enright, Ioannis Iliopoulos, Nikos C. Kyrprides, Christos A. Ouzounis
Protein translation and folding are coupled by an endoplasmic-reticulum-resident kinase.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Ron, Heather P. Harding, Yuhong Zhang
Proton translocation by cytochrome c oxidase.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarina L. Verkhovskaya, Marten Wikstrom, Michael I. Verkhovsky, Audrius Jasaitis, Joel E. Morgan
Purification and cloning of amyloid precursor protein Beta-secretase from human brain.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobin Barbour, Ivan Lieberburg, Lisa McConlogue, Peter Seubert, David Davis, Michael Power, Sukanto Sinha, John P. Anderson, Guriqbal S. Basi, Russell Caccavello, Minhtam Doan, Harry F. Dovey, Normand Frigon, Jin Hong, Kirsten Jacobson-Croak, Nancy Jewett, Pamela Keim, Jeroen Knops, Hua Tan, Gwen Tatsuno, Jay Tung, Dale Schenk, Susanna M. Suomensaari, Shuwen Wang, Donald Walker, Jun Zhao, Varghese John
Putting an electron to rest.Zoology and wildlife conservationP. Meystre
Putting nuclear-test monitoring to the test.Zoology and wildlife conservationD. Porter, A. Douglas, D. Bowers, P.D. Marshall, J.B. Young, N.J. Wallis
Putting plaids in perspective.(includes response)(new insights into stereo-matching problem)Zoology and wildlife conservationBarton L. Anderson, Bart Farell
Putting the CO in coma.(cometary carbon monoxide has dual origin)Zoology and wildlife conservationJacques Crovisier
Quantum-well states in copper thin films.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.K. Kawakami, E. Rotenberg, Huyk J. Choi, Ernesto J. Escorcia-Aparicio, M.O. Bowen, J.H. Wolfe, E. Arenholz, Z.D. Zhang, N.V. Smith, Z.Q. Qui
Radon and rock deformation.Zoology and wildlife conservationEvelyn Roeloffs
Radon emanation and electric potential variations associated with transient deformation near reservoir lakes.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.P. Avouac, M. Trique, P. Richon, F. Perrier, J.C. Sabroux
Rain Main's revelations.Zoology and wildlife conservationNiels Birbaumer
Randomness everywhere.Zoology and wildlife conservationC.S. Calude, G.J. Chaitin
Rapid accumulation and turnover of soil carbon in a re-establishing forest.Zoology and wildlife conservationSusan E. Trumbore, Daniel Markewitz, Daniel D. Richter, Carol G. Wells
Rapid changes in the mechanism of ocean convection during the last glacial period.Zoology and wildlife conservationEystein Jansen, Trond M. Dokken
Rapid environmental changes in southern Europe during the last glacial period.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndreas Mackensen, Brian Huntley, Norbert R. Nowaczyk, Jens Mingram, Jorg F.W. Negendank, Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten, Judy R.M. Allen, Ute Brandt, Achim Brauer, Jorg Keller, Michael Kraml, Hedi Oberhansli, William A. Watts, Sabine Wulf, Bernd Zolitschka
Rapid evolution revealed by dormant eggs.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid M. Post, Ursula Gaedke, Lawrence J. Weider, Winfried Lampert, Jennifer A. Fox, Nelson G. Hairston Jr, Carla E. Caceres, Cami L. Holtmeier, Janet M. Fischer
Rapid gating and anion permeability of an intracellular aquaporin.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Agre, Masato Yasui, Akihiro Hazama, Tae-Hwan Kwon, Soren Neilsen, Wm. B. Guggino
Rapid on/off cycling of cytokine production by virus-specific CD8+ T cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark K. Slifka, Fernando Rodriguez, J. Lindsay Whitton
Reactor may switch to low-grade uranium.Zoology and wildlife conservationquirin Schiermeier
Real metals, 2D or not 2D?Zoology and wildlife conservationMichelle Y. Simmons, Alex R. Hamilton
Reassessment of ice-age cooling of the tropical ocean and atmosphere.Zoology and wildlife conservationA.C. Mix, S.W. Hostetler
Rebuilding the road to cancer.Zoology and wildlife conservationMoshe Yaniv, Jonathan B. Weitzman
Reconstitution of actin-based motility of Listeria and Shigella using pure proteins.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarie-France Carlier, Thomas P. Loisel, Rajaa Boujemaa, Dominique Pantaloni
Recovery of surfaces from impurity poisoning during crystal growth.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames J. De Yoreo, Terry A. Land, Tracie L. Martin, Sergey Potapenko, G. Tayhas Palmore
Recruitment in space and time.(Coral reefs)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter F. Sale
Reduced antinociception in mice lacking neuronal nicotinic receptor subunits.Zoology and wildlife conservationJean-Pierre Changeux, Monique Huchet, Clement Lena, Lisa M. Marubio, Maria del Mar Arroyo-Jiminez, Matilde Cordero-Erausquin, Nicholas Le Novere, Alban de Kerchove d'Exaerde, M. Imad Damaj
Reducing vortex density in superconductors using the 'ratchet effect'.Zoology and wildlife conservationC.s. Lee, B. Janko, I. Derenyi, A.L. Barabasi
Reflections on colour constancy.(study of colour perception)Zoology and wildlife conservationKarl R. Gegenfurtner
Regional trends in aquatic recovery from acidification in North America and Europe.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.L. Stoddard, D.S. Jeffries, A. Lukewille, T.A. Clair, Dillon P.J., C.T. Dirscoll, M. Forsius, M. ohannessen, J.s. Kahl, J.H. Kellogg, A. Rebsdorf, B.L. Skjelvale, M.P. Stainton, T. Traaen, van Dam. H., K.E. Webster, J. Wieting, a. Wilander
Regions of variant histone His2AvD required for Drosophila development.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael John Clarkson, Julian R.E. Wells, Frank Gibson, Robert Saint, David John Tremethick
Regulation of alternative splicing by RNA editing.Zoology and wildlife conservationSusan M. Rueter, Ronald B. Emeson, T. Renee Dawson
Regulation of calcium signalling in T lymphocytes by the second messenger cyclic ADP-ribose.Zoology and wildlife conservationBarry V.L. Potter, Karin Weber, Hendrik Schulze-Koops, Andreas H. Guse, Cristina P. da Silva, Ingeborg Berg, Alla L. Skapenko, Petra Heyer, Martin Hohenegger, Gloria A. Ashamu, Georg W. Mayr
Regulation of cell movement is mediated by stretch-activated calcium channels.Zoology and wildlife conservationBarry Johnson, Juliet Lee, Akira Ishihara, Ken Jacobson, Gerry Oxford
Regulation of endothelium-derived nitric oxide production by the protein kinase Akt.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Fulton, William C. Sessa, Kenneth Walsh, Jean-Philippe Gratton, Thomas F. Franke, Timothy J. McCabe, Jason Fontana, Yasushi Fujio, Andreas Papapetropoulos
Regulation of lifespan by sensory perception in Caenorhabditis elegans.Zoology and wildlife conservationCynthia Kenyon, Javier Apfeld
Reinventing the engine.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven Garrett
Relating dynamics to function.Zoology and wildlife conservationann Stock
Relative impacts of human-induced climate change and natural climate variability.Zoology and wildlife conservationMike Hulme, Elaine M. Barrow, Nigel W. Arnell, Paula A. Harrison, Timothy C. Johns, Thomas E. Downing
Relative influences of atmospheric chemistry and transport on Arctic ozone trends.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.L. Jones, M.P. Chipperfield
Relative reward preference in primate orbitofrontal cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationWolfram Schultz, Leon Tremblay
Relative risk of extinction of passerine birds on continents and islands.Zoology and wildlife conservationStuart L. Pimm, Thomas M. Brooks, Lisa L. Manne
Release from inhibition reveals the visual past.(impact of viewing of high-contrast repetitive pattern)Zoology and wildlife conservationT.R. Vidyasagar, P. Buzas, Z.F. Kisvarday, U.T. Eysel
Research enters a new phase.(measuring short-time phase-coherence properties of high-Tc materials)Zoology and wildlife conservationA.J. Millis
Resonant intermolecular transfer of vibrational energy in liquid water.Zoology and wildlife conservationSander Woutersen, Huib J. Bakker
Resources lacking to save Amazon biodiversity.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrea Kauffmann-Zeh
Responses of auditory-cortex neurons to structural features of natural sounds.Zoology and wildlife conservationIsrael Nelken, Yaron Rotman, Omer Bar Yosef
Restless carbon pools.(Holocene climate)Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilippe Ciais
Restoration of an inbred adder population.Zoology and wildlife conservationMats Olsson, Richard Shine, Thomas Madsen, Hakan Wittzell
Retroshuffling the genomic deck.(Genome structure)Zoology and wildlife conservationJef D. Boeke, Oxana K. Pickeral
Return of the itinerant electron.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Ceperley
Revealing the hidden costs of research.(financial transparency in scientific research)Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert M. May, Stuart C. Sarson
Reversing the direction of the supercurrent in a controllable Josephson junction.Zoology and wildlife conservationB.J. van Wees, T.M. Klapwijk, J.J.A. Baselmans, A.F. Morpurgo
Revolution in the ocean.(medical physiologist Victor Hensen)Zoology and wildlife conservationVictor Smetacek
RGD peptides induce apoptosis by direct caspase-3 activation.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid L. Simmons, Christopher D. Buckley, Darrell Pilling, Nick V Henriquez , Greg Parsonage, Katy Threlfall, Dagmar Scheel-Toellner, Arne N. Akbar, Janet M. Lord, Mike Salmon
Rhapsody in G proteins.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohannes L. Bos, Fried J.T. Zwartkruis
Rigidity variations with depth along interplate megathrust faults in subduction zones.Zoology and wildlife conservationThorne Lay, Susan L. Bilek
Rise in carbon dioxide changes soil structure.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael F. Allen, Matthias C. Rillig, Christopher B. Field, Sara F. Wright
Risk of collisions for constellation satellites.Zoology and wildlife conservationP. Farinella, A. Rossi, G.B. Valsecchi
Robust and optimal use of information in stereo vision.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Buckley, John Porrill, John P. Frisby, Wendy J. Adams
Robustness in bacterial chemotaxis.Zoology and wildlife conservationN. Barkai, S. Leibler, U. Alon, M.G. Surette
Rocketing from the Galaxy Bazaar.(no scientific revolution in India in 19th century)Zoology and wildlife conservationRoddam Narasimha
Role of the giant panda's 'pseudo-thumb'.Zoology and wildlife conservationYoshihiro Hayashi, Hideki Endo, Daishiro Yamagiwa, Hiroshi Koie, Yoshiki Yamaya, Junpei Kimura
Role of vertical mixing in controlling the oceanic production of dimethyl sulphide.Zoology and wildlife conservationRafel Simo, Carlos Pedros-Allo
Role reversal in geomagnetism: What drives the erratic reversal of Earth's magnetic field? Simulations that allow for variations in heat flow at the core-mantle boundary now implicate events in the mantle.Zoology and wildlife conservationBruce Buffett
Rotation rates of Kuiper-belt objects from their light curves.Zoology and wildlife conservationW. Romanishinn, S.C. Tegler
Running on natural gas.Zoology and wildlife conservationBrian C.H. Steele
Running rings around RNA.(RNA splicing)Zoology and wildlife conservationAngus I. Lamond
Saccharomyces cerevisiae telomerase is an Sm small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle.Zoology and wildlife conservationSandra L. Wolin, Thomas Cech, Arthur J. Zaug, Anita G. Seto, Suzanne G. Sobel
Salmonella strikes a balance.(characterization of bacterial protein that slows signals leading to disruption of cellular architecture)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael S. Donnenberg
Scaling and criticality in a stochastic multi-agent model of a financial market.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Lux, Michele Marchesi
Scaling, energetics and diversity.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert J. Whittaker
Scaling of transition temperature and CuO(sub2) plane buckling in a high-temperature superconductor.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.D. Jorgensen, O. Chmaissem, S. Short, A. Knizhnik, Y. Eckstein, H. Shaked
Science's new social contract with society.(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Gibbons
Scientific societies build better nations.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Subramaniam, Leo Tan Wee Hin
Screws tighten on the core.(new insights into Earth's mantle)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael J. Walter
Sculpting a wavepacket.(Quantum control)Zoology and wildlife conservationWolfgang P. Schleich
Searching for FLASH domains.(includes response)Zoology and wildlife conservationEugene V. Koonin, L. Aravind, Yuzuru Imai, Jurg Tschopp, Vishva M. Dixit, Kay Hofmann, Takaharu Kimura, Shin Yonehara
Secondary V(D)J recombination in B-1 cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndre Nussenzweig, Klaus Rajewsky, Heikyung Suh, Michel C. Nussenzweig, Xiao-Feng Qin, Stephan Schwers, Wong Yu, Fotini Papavasiliou
See a pocket, block it.(D-peptides in HIV treatment)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn P. Moore, Tatjana Dragic
Seed germination in rainforest fragments.Zoology and wildlife conservationEmilio M. Bruna
Seeing a single photon without destroying it.Zoology and wildlife conservationS. Osnaghi, A. Rauschenbeutel, G. Nogues, M. Brune, J.M. Raimond, S. Haroche
Seeing movement in the dark.(night-vision rod system)Zoology and wildlife conservationKarl R. Gegenfurtner, Lindsay T. Sharpe, Helmut Mayser
Seeing the wood for the trees.(new scientific journals)(Bibliography)Zoology and wildlife conservationW.F. Bynum, Peter H. Williams, Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid, H. Eugene Stanley, Dante Gatteschi, Robert W. Cahn, Peter Harper, Juha Merila, Gema Fruhbeck, Martin A. Giese, David G. Victor, T.S. Collett, George Helffrich, Mark Saffman, Peter McGregor, Tristram D. Wyatt, Amanda Parker, David P. Pope, Dov Levine
Seismic anisotropy of the Earth's inner core resulting from flow induced by Maxwell stresses.Zoology and wildlife conservationShun-ichiro Karato
Seismic reflection image revealing offset of Andean subduction-zone earthquake locations into oceanic mantle.Zoology and wildlife conservationThe ANCORP Working Group
Selecting and maintaining a diverse T-cell repertoire.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnanda W. Goldrath, Michael J. Bevan
Selective inhibition of cocaine-seeking behavior by a partial dopamine D(sub3) receptor agonist.Zoology and wildlife conservationJean-Charles Schwartz, Barry J. Everitt, Maria Pilla, Sylvie Perachon, Francois Sautel, Fabrice Garrido, Andre Mann, Camille G. Wermuth, Pierre Sokloff
Self-assembly of nanoscale cuboctahedra by coordination chemistry.Zoology and wildlife conservationBogdan Olenyuk, Peter J. Stang, Andreas Fechtenkotter, Jeffery A. Whiteford
Self-organized growth of alloy superlattices.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Tersoff, Feng Liu, M.G. Lagally, P. Venezuela, J.A. Floro, E. Chason, D.M. Follstaedt
Self-recruitment in a coral reef fish population.Zoology and wildlife conservationG.P. Jones, M.J. Milicich, M.J. Emslie, C. Lunow
Sensory experience modifies the short-term dynamics of neocortical synapses.Zoology and wildlife conservationGerald T. Finnerty, Langdon S.E. Roberts, Barry W. Connors
Sequence and analysis of chromosome 2 of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana.(includes gene map)Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven L. Salzberg, Mark D. Adams, Claire M. Fraser, Jonathan A. Eisen, Lowell Umayam, William C. Nierman, Owen White, J. Craig Venter, Howard M. Goodman, Daphne Preuss, John Lee, Grace Pai, Tamara V. Feldblyum, Maria-Ines Benito, Karen A. Ketchum, Xiaoying Lin, Samir Kaul, Steve Rounsley, Terrance P. Shea, Christopher D. Town, claire Y. Fujii, Tanya Mason, Cheryl L. Bowman, Mary Barnstead, C. Robin Buell, Catherine M. Ronning, Hean L. Koo, Kelly S. Moffat, Lisa A. Cronin, Mian Shen, Susan Van Aken, Luke J. Tallon, John E. Gill, Ana J. Carrera, Todd H. Creasy, Chris R. Somerville, Greg P. Copenhaver
Sequence and analysis of chromosome 4 of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana.(includes gene map)Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Muller, M. Watson, K.-D. Entian, P. Brandt, K. Mayer, W. Ansorge, A. Dusterhoft, B. Obermaier, R. Aert, I. Bancroft, W. Stiekema, P. Ridley, G. Murphy, H. Wedler, R. Wambutt, N. Terryn, M. Kreis, M. Rieger, P. Puigdomenech, C. Sculler, G. Volckaert, T. Pohl, B. Harris, L. Grivell, M. Weichselgartner, V. de Simone, R. Mache, M. Delseny, T. Schmidtheini, B. Reichert, D. Portatelle, M. Perez-Alonso, M. Boutry, P. Vos, J. Hoheisel, W. Zimmermann, S.-A. Langham, B. McCullagh, L. Bilham, J. Robben, J. Van der Schueren, B. Grymonprez, Y.-J. Chuang, F. Vandenbussche, M. Braeken, I. Weltjens, M. Voet, I. Bastiaens, E. Defoor
Sexual propagation by sponge fragments.Zoology and wildlife conservationManuel Maldonado, Maria J. Uriz
Shark skin and other solutions.Zoology and wildlife conservationPhillip Ball
Shedding light on dark matter.Zoology and wildlife conservationDaniel E. Holz
Shifting seas in the greenhouse?Zoology and wildlife conservationStefan Rahmstorft
Shikimate pathway in apicomplexan parasites.Zoology and wildlife conservationPatrick J. Keeling, Jeffrey D. Palmer, Geoffrey I. McFadden, David S. Roos, Ross F. Waller, Robert G.K. Donald
Signal but not noise changes with perceptual learning.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Gold, P.J. Bennett, A.B. Sekuler
Signalling through CD30 protects against autoimmune diabetes mediated by CD8 T cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristian Kurts, William R. Heath, Jacques F.A.P. Miller, Francis R. Carbone, Matthew F. Krummel, Karl M. Koch
Signalling through the high-affinity IgE receptor FcepsilonR1.(Allergy and asthma)Zoology and wildlife conservationJean-Pierre Kinet, Helen Turner
Signal relay by BMP antagonism controls the SHH/FGF4 feedback loop in vertebrate limb buds.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrew P. McMahon, Rolf Zeller, Anna-Pavlina G. Haramis, Aimee Zuniga
Signals from the reproductive system regulate the lifespan of C. elegans.Zoology and wildlife conservationCynthia Kenyon, Honor Hsin
Signals of need in parent-offspring communication and their exploitation by the common cuckoo.Zoology and wildlife conservationN.B. Davies, D.G. Noble, R.M. Kilner
Signature of recent climate change in frequencies of natural atmospheric circulation regimes.Zoology and wildlife conservationT.N. Palmer, S. Corti, F. Molteni
Sign language 'heard' in the auditory cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationTakeshi Kubo, Hiroshi Nishimura, Kazuo Hashikawa, Katsumi Doi, Takako Iwaki, Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Hideo Kusoka, Tsunehiko Nishimura
Silencing of TGF-beta signalling by the pseudoreceptor BAMBI.(transforming growth factor-beta)Zoology and wildlife conservationJoan Massague, Ye-Guang Chen, Volker Gawantka, Christof Niehrs, Darya Onichtchouk, Hajo Delius, Roland Dosch
Similarities between the growth dynamics university research and of competitive economic activities.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Eugene Stanley, Martin Meyer, Parameswaran Gopikrishnan, Vasiliki Plerou, Luis A. Nunes Amaral
Simple metals under pressure.(lithium acts like H2 under pressure)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard M. Martin
Simulating the effects of climate change on tropical montane cloud forests.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen H. Schneider, Christopher J. Still, Prudence N. Foster
Simulating the motion of gas bubbles in a liquid.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Krishna, J.M. van Baten
Simulation of recent northern winter climate trends by greenhouse-gas forcing.Zoology and wildlife conservationDrew T. Shindell, Ron L. Miller, Gavin A. Schmidt, Lionel Pandolfo
Simultaneous generation of hotspots and superswells by convection in a heterogeneous planetary mantle.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnne Davaille
Singing and hearing in a Tertiary bushcricket.Zoology and wildlife conservationJes Rust, Andreas Stumpner, Jochen Gottwald
Single gene circles in dinoflagellate chloroplast genomes.Zoology and wildlife conservationT. Cavalier-Smith, Zhaoduo Zhang, B.R. Green
Single kinesin molecules studied with a molecular force clamp.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark J. Schnitzer, Steven M. Block, Koen Visscher
Singular take on molecules.(conference on single molecule biophysics)Zoology and wildlife conservationMagdalena Helmer
Sister-chromatid separation at anaphase onset is promoted by cleavage of the cohesin subunit Scc1.Zoology and wildlife conservationKim Nasmyth, Frank Uhlmann, Friedrich Lottspeich
Size and form in efficient transportation networks.Zoology and wildlife conservationAmos Maritan, Jayanth R. Banavar, Andrea Rinaldo
Size doesn't matter.(analysis of Hox genes)Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Q. Martindale, Matthew J. Kourakis
Skeletal muscle hypertrophy is mediated by a Ca(super2+)-dependent calcineurin signalling pathway.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert M. Graham, Christopher Semsarian, Richard P. Harvey, David G. Allen, Ming-Jie Wu, Yue-Kun Ju, Tadeusz Marciniec, Thomas Yeoh
Slit, the midline repellent.Zoology and wildlife conservationC.E. Holt, W.A. Harris
Slow light in cool atoms.Zoology and wildlife conservationJon Marangos
Slow ruptures, roaring tsunamis.Zoology and wildlife conservationHeidi Houston
Small-bandgap endohedral metallofullerenes in high yield and purity.Zoology and wildlife conservationS. Stevenson, G. Rice, T. Glass, K. Harich, H.C. Dorn, F. Cromer, M.R. Jordan, J. Craft, E. Hadju, R. Bible, M.M. Olmstead, K. Maitra, A.J. Fisher, A.L. Balch
Snail mail to the nucleus.Zoology and wildlife conservationElena Conti, Iain Mattaj W.
Snapshots of an ancient cover-up.Zoology and wildlife conservationMaria T. Zuber
Snowpack production of formaldehyde and its effect on the Arctic troposphere.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul B. Shepson, Ann Louise Sumner
Soaring costs in defence.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Parham
Solar variability and the earth's climate.(Global warming)Zoology and wildlife conservationCurt Covey, Ken Caldeira, Martin I. Hoffert, Benjamin D. Santer, Philip B. Duffy
Solid-state qubits under control.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.V. Averin
Solution structure of the catalytic domain of GCN5 histone acetyltransferase bound to coenzyme A.Zoology and wildlife conservationGerhard Wagner, C. David Allis, Jianxin Zhou, Yingxi Lin, C. Mark Fletcher
Solving problems in finite time.(new analysis of K-SAT problem)Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilip W. Anderson
Something fishy in the family tree.(Palaeontology)Zoology and wildlife conservationPer Erik Ahlberg
Sonoluminescence temperatures during multi-bubble cavitation.Zoology and wildlife conservationKenneth S. Suslick, Yuri T. Didenko, William B. McNamara III
Sorting out the neuron.(neurobiology)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter J. Hollenbeck, Gordon Ruthel
South Africa stands firm on AIDS drug....(South African government not to fund pilot scheme administering AZT to HIV-positive pregnant women)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Cherry
Spark ignites physicists.(electromagnetic waves)Zoology and wildlife conservationDominique Pestre
Spatial sampling of crystal electrons by in-flight annihilation of fast positrons.Zoology and wildlife conservationK.G. Lynn, T.E. Cowan, D.B. Cassidy, A.W. Hunt, F.A. Selim, R. Haakenaasen, R.H. Howell, J.A. Golovchenko
Spatial scaling laws yield a synthetic theory of biodiversity.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark E. Ritchie, Han Olff
Speciation without isolation.Zoology and wildlife conservationTom Tregenza, Roger Butlin K.
Spectroscopic identification of a galaxy at a probable redshift of z = 6.68.Zoology and wildlife conservationKenneth M. Lanzetta, Hsiao-Wen Chen, Sebastian Pascarelle
Spectroscopic mapping of voltage sensor movement in the Shaker potassium channel.Zoology and wildlife conservationK.S. Glauner, L.M. Mannuzzu, C.S. Gandhi, E.Y. Isacoff
Sperm competition between Drosophila males involves both displacement and incapacitation.Zoology and wildlife conservationJerry A. Coyne, Catherine S.C Price , Kelly A. Dyer
Spin gap and magnetic coherence in a clean high-temperature superconductor.Zoology and wildlife conservationG. Aeppli, S.M. Hayden, A. Schroder, H. Takagi, B. Lake, K. Lefmann, T.E. Mason, D.F. McMorrow, M. Isshiki, M. Nohara
Spontaneous assembly of ten components into two interlocked, identical coordination cages.Zoology and wildlife conservationKatsuyuki Ogura, Makoto Fujita, Kentaro Yamaguchi, Norifumi Fujita
Spontaneous chaotic granular mixing.Zoology and wildlife conservationTroy Shinbrot, Albert Alexander, Fernando J. Mussio
Spreading the fluid word.Zoology and wildlife conservationJonathan Ashmore, Jessica De Boer
Sprucing up beaver meadows.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter D. More
Stability of Neptune's ring arcs in question.Zoology and wildlife conservationE.E. Becklin, Christophe Dumas, Richard J. Terrile, Bradford A. Smith, Glenn Schneider
Stabilizing a solid-solid interface with a molecular-scale adhesive.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.J. Davey, L. Williams-Seton, H.F. Lieberman, N. Blagden
Stable isotope evidence for the food web consequences of species invasions in lakes.Zoology and wildlife conservationJoseph B. Rasmussen, M. Jake Vander Zanden, John M. Casselman
Stable isotopes reveal strong marine and El Nino effects on island food webs.Zoology and wildlife conservationGary A. Polis, Paul Stapp, Francisco Sanchez Pinero
Stable propagation of synchronous spiking in cortical neural networks.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarkus Diesmann, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Ad Aertsen
Staff accuse bosses of secrecy over British synchrotron plans....Zoology and wildlife conservationKaren Birmingham, Natasha Loder
Sterilization and canopy modification of a swollen thorn acacia tree by a plant-ant.Zoology and wildlife conservationAmanda Evans, Truman P. Young, Maureen L. Stanton, Todd M. Palmer, Monica L. Turner
Stochastic sensing of organic analytes by a pore-forming protein containing a molecular adapter.Zoology and wildlife conservationHagan Bayley, Sean Conlan, Li-Qun Gu, Orit Braha, Stephen Cheley
Stone legacy of skilled hands.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames Steele
Straight from the top.(insight into top-down signals in brain)Zoology and wildlife conservationEarl K. Miller
Strain-induced magma fragmentation in explosive eruptions.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaolo Papale
Streaks of microearthquakes along creeping faults.Zoology and wildlife conservationJean-Luc Got, Dominique Gillard, Allan M. Rubin
Strengthening biomedicine's roots.Zoology and wildlife conservationKen A. Dill
Stress drives gas into a black hole.(Astrophysics)Zoology and wildlife conservationKartik Sheth, Peter J. Teuben
Stress-induced recrystallization of a protein crystal by electron irradiation.Zoology and wildlife conservationG. Ertl, R. Schuster, F. Zemlin, E. Beckmann, J.L. Carrascosa, J.M. Valpuesta
Striped rabbits in Southeast Asia.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlison K. Surridge, Godfrey M. Hewitt, Diana J. Bell, Robert J. Timmins
Striving for coherence.(Neurobiology)Zoology and wildlife conservationWolf Singer
Strong effects of weak interactions in ecological communities.Zoology and wildlife conservationE.L. Berlow
Structural basis for initiation of transcription from an RNA polymerase-promoter complex.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Jeruzalmi, Thomas A. Steitz, Graham M.T. Cheetham
Structural basis for recognition of the tra mRNA precursor by the Sex-lethal protein.(transformer messenger RNA precursor)Zoology and wildlife conservationOsamu Nureki, Shigeyuki Yokoyama, Hiroshi Sakamoto, Noriko Handa, Kazuki Kurimoto, Insil Kim, Yoshiro Shimura, Yutaka Muto
Structural basis for self-association and receptor recognition of human TRAF2.(tumour necrosis factor-receptor-associated factors)Zoology and wildlife conservationYoung Chul Park, Hao Wu, Liang Tong, Vicki Burkitt, Anthony R. Villa
Structural basis of procaspase-9 recruitment by the apoptotic protease-activating factor 1.Zoology and wildlife conservationGeng Wu, Yigong. Shi, Srinivasa M. Srinivasula, Teresa Fernandes-Alnemri, Emad S. Alnemri, Hongxu Qin
Structural changes linked to proton translocation by subunit c of the ATP synthase.Zoology and wildlife conservationVinit K. Rastogi, Mark E. Girvin
Structural evidence for dimerization-regulated activation of an integral membrane phospolipase.Zoology and wildlife conservationH.J. Snijder, I. Ubarretxena-Belandia, M. Blaauw, K.H. Kalk, H.M. Verheij, M.R. Egmond, N. Dekker, B.W. Dijkstra
Structural insights into phosphoinositide 3-kinase catalysis and signalling.Zoology and wildlife conservationLen Stephens, Olga Perisic, Edward H. Walker, Roger L. Williams, Christian Ried
Structure and ligand of a histone acetyltransferase bromodomain.Zoology and wildlife conservationAneel K. Aggarwal, Lei Zeng, Ming-Ming Zhou, Christophe Dhalluin, Justin E. Carlson, Cheng He
Structure of a bacterial 30S ribosomal subunit at 5.5 A resolution.Zoology and wildlife conservationBrian T. Wimberly, V. Ramakrishnan, William M. Jr. Clemons, John P. McCutcheon, Joanna L.C. May, Malcolm Capel S.
Structure of a DNA-bound Ultrabithorax-Extradenticle homeodomain complex.Zoology and wildlife conservationAneel K. Aggarwal, Richard S. Mann, Hyung Don Ryoo, Jonathan Passner M., Leyi Shen
Structure of a Ran-binding domain complexed with Ran bound to a GTP analogue: implications for nuclear transport.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlfred Wittinghofer, Jurgen Kuhlmann, Takeharu Nishimoto, Ingrid R. Vetter, Christine Nowak
Structure of a transiently phosphorylated switch in bacterial signal transduction.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid E. Wemmer, Sydney Kustu, Dorothee Kern, Peter Luginbuhl, Brian F. Volkman, Michael J. Nohaile
Structure of Cdc42 in complex with the GTPase-binding domain of the 'Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome' protein.Zoology and wildlife conservationNorzehan Abdul-Manan, Grace A. Liu, Michael K. Rosen, Katherine A. Siminovitch, Behzad Aghazedeh, Ananya Majumdar, Ouathek Ouerfelli
Structure of cytochrome c nitrite reductase.Zoology and wildlife conservationGleb P. Bourenkov, Hans D. Bartunik, Robert Huber, Peter M.H. Kroneck, Oliver Einsle, Albrecht Messerschmidt, Petra Stach
Structure of fumarate reductase from Wolinella succinogenes at 2.2A resolution.Zoology and wildlife conservationHartmut Michel, Manfred Auer, C.Roy D. Lancaster, Achim Kroger
Structure of importin-Beta bound to the IBB domain of importin-alpha.Zoology and wildlife conservationCarlo Petosa, Christoph W. Muller, Gino Cingolani, Karsetn Weis
Structure of Tetrahymena GCN5 bound to coenzyme A and a histone H3 peptide.Zoology and wildlife conservationC. David Allis, Shelley L. Berger, Xinmin Li, Raymond C. Trievel, Ronen Marmorstein, Jianxin Zhou, Jeannie R. Rojas, Yi Mo
Structure of the amino-terminal domain of Cbl complexed to its binding site on ZAP-70 kinase.Zoology and wildlife conservationWuyi Meng, Michael J. Eck, Steven J. Burakoff, Sansana Sawasdikosol
Structure of the C2 domain of human factor VIII at 1.5 A resolution.Zoology and wildlife conservationBarry L. Stoddard, Kathleen P Pratt, Betty W. Shen, Kazuya Takeshima, Earl W. Davie, Kazuo Fujikawa
Structure of the C-terminal domain of FliG, a component of the rotor in the bacterial flagellar motor.Zoology and wildlife conservationChristopher P. Hill, Frank G. Whitby, David F. Blair, Scott A. Lloyd
Structure of the nuclear transport complex karyopherin-beta2-ran.GppNHp.Zoology and wildlife conservationGunter Blobel, Yuh Min Chook
Structure of the polymer electrolyte poly(ethylene oxide)(sub6): LiAsF.(sub6)Zoology and wildlife conservationYuri G. Andreev, Peter G. Bruce, Graham MacGlashan S.
Structure of the small G protein Cdc42 bound to the GTPase-binding domain of ACK.Zoology and wildlife conservationEdward Manser, Louis Lim, Darerca Owen, Ernest D. Laue, Helen R. Mott, Daniel Nietlispach, Peter N. Lowe
Structure of the trp RNA-binding attenuation protein, TRAP, bound to RNA.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlfred A. Antson, Eleanor J. Dodson, Guy Dodson, Paul Gollnick, Richard B. Greaves, Xiao-ping Chen
Structures of a histone deacetylase homologue bound to the TSA and SAHA inhibitors.Zoology and wildlife conservationNikola P. Pavletich, Michael S. Finnin, Ronald Breslow, Paul A. Marks, Jill R. Donigian, Alona Cohen, Victoria M. Richon, Richard A. Rifkind
Sublimation from icy jets as a probe of the interstellar volatile content of comets.Zoology and wildlife conservationGeoffrey A. Blake, C. Qi, Michiel R. Hogerheijde, M.A. Gurwell, D.O. Muhleman
Sugaring vancomycin.(Synthetic chemistry)Zoology and wildlife conservationDudley H. Williams
Sugars out in the open.(new type of sugar-sugar linkage in bacterial polysaccharides)Zoology and wildlife conservationOle Hindsgaul
Sugars slide into heparin activity.Zoology and wildlife conservationPierre Sinay
Sulphidic Mediterranean surface waters during Pliocene sapropel formation.Zoology and wildlife conservationJaap S. Sinninghe Damste, Jan W. de Leeuw, Lucas J. Lourens, Gert J. de Lange, Hilde F. Passier, Hendrik-Jan Bosch, Ivar A. Nijenhuis, Michael E. Bottcher, Anke Leenders
Sulphur emissions from ships.Zoology and wildlife conservationBarry J. Huebert
Sulphur in the mix.Zoology and wildlife conservationRonald P. Kiene
Sunny side of global warming.(weak general magnetic field of Sun has doubled)Zoology and wildlife conservationE.N. Parker
Superalliance of bottlenose dolphins.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael R. Heithaus, Richard C. Connor, Lynne M. Barre
Superconductivity mediated by spin fluctuations in the heavy-fermion compound UPd2Al3.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Adrian, M. Huth, M. Jourdan
Superhard ceramics.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.J. Brook
Supernova birth for a black hole.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn Cowan
Super photon counters.(use of superconducting detectors to measure photons)Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn C. Mather
Supersonic winds in Jupiter's aurorae.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteve Miller, Renee Prange, Daniel Rego, Nicholas Achilleos, Tom Stallard, Michele Dougherty, Robert D. Joseph
Suppression of Raf-1 kinase activity and MAP kinase signalling by RKIP.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid W. Rose, Walter Kolch, Harald Mischak, Christian Kaiser, Kam Yeung, Thomas Seitz, Shengfeng Li, Petra Janosch, Brian McFerran, Frances Fee, Kostas D. Katsanakis, John M. Sedivy
Surface-aligned reaction of photogenerated oxygen atoms with carbon monoxide targets.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn T. Yates Jr., C. Emil Tripa
Surface effects of bottom-generated turbulence in a shallow tidal sea.Zoology and wildlife conservationW.A.M. Nimmo Smith, S.A. Thrope, a. Graham
Surface impact ionization of polar-molecule clusters through pickup of alkali atoms.Zoology and wildlife conservationK.L. Kompa, C.R. Schroder Gebhardt H.
Survival of the weakest.(many asteroid craters formed by material being crushed)Zoology and wildlife conservationErik Asphaug
Sustained oscillations in living cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationSune Dano, Preben Graae Sorensen, Finn Hynne
Swedish minister rebuilds scientists' trust.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Sylwan
Swiss reject GM trial to protect organics.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlison abbott
Symmetry in locomotor central pattern generators and animal gaits.Zoology and wildlife conservationIan Stewart, J.J. Collins, Martin Golubitsky, Pietro-Luciano Buono
Sympatric speciation by sexual selection.Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Higashi, G. Takimoto, N. Yamamura
Synaptic calcium transients in single spines indicate that NMDA receptors are not saturated.(N-methyl-D-aspartate)Zoology and wildlife conservationKarel Svoboda, Roberto Malinow, Zachary F. Mainen
Synaptic function modulated by changes in the ratio of synaptotagmin I and IV.Zoology and wildlife conservationGerald M. Rubin, Edwin R. Chapman, Barry Ganetzky, J. Troy Littleton, Thomas L. Serano
Synexpression groups in eukaryotes.Zoology and wildlife conservationNicolas Pollet, Christof Niehrs
Synthesis of cubic silicon nitride.Zoology and wildlife conservationRalf Riedel, Gerhard Miehe, Andreas Zerr, George Serghiou, Marcus Schwarz, Edwin Kroke, Hartut Fuess, Peter Kroll, Reinhard Boehler
Synthesis of nuclei of the superheavy element 114 in reactions induced by (super48)Ca.Zoology and wildlife conservationS. Hofmann, K. Morita, V.I. Chepigin, M.G. Itkis, O.N. Malyshev, Yu. Ts. Oganessian, A.V. Yremin, A.G. Popeko, S.L. Bogomolov, G.V. Buklanov, M.L. Chelnokov, B.N. Gikal, V.A. Gorshkov, G.G. Gulbekian, A.P. Kabachenko, A. Yu. Lavrentev, J. Rohac, R.N. Sagaidak, S. Saro, G. Giardina
Synthesis of thrombin-inhibiting heparin mimetics without side effects.Zoology and wildlife conservationJean-Marc Herbert, Maurice Petitou, Jean-Pascal Herault, Andre Bernat, Pierre-Alexandre Driguez, Philippe Duchaussoy, Jean-Claud Lormeau
Synthetic molecular motors.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnthony P. Davis
Systematic enumeration of crystalline networks.Zoology and wildlife conservationJacek Klinowski, Alan L. Mackay, Andreas W.M. Dress, Olaf Delgado Friedrichs, Daniel H. Huson
Table-top picosecond sources.Zoology and wildlife conservationJustin Wark
Taking stock of new flavours: What's in a taste? Chemists can isolate the components of flavours, and biologists have begun to explain how our bodies enjoy them, but cookery will remain more art than science for a while yet.Zoology and wildlife conservationHarold McGee
Taking the core temperature.(new approach to estimating temperature of Earth's core)Zoology and wildlife conservationMark S.T. Bukowski
Taking the frustration out of ice.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Harris
Tales of the expected.(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilip Campbell
Taxon sampling revisited.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteven Poe, David L. Swofford
Tbx5 and Tbx4 genes determine the wing/leg identity of limb buds.Zoology and wildlife conservationKunio Yasuda, Kazuko Koshiba-Takeuchi, Toshihiko Ogura, Jun K. Takeuchi, Ken Matsumoto, Astrid Vogel-Hopker, Mayumi Naitoh-Matsuo, Keiko Ogura, Naoki Takahashi
T-cell co-stimulation through B7RP-1 and ICOS.Zoology and wildlife conservationMing Zhang, Tak W. Mak, Sheila Scully, Arda Shahinian, Gordon Duncan, Tom Horan, John S. Whoriskey, Sanjay D. Khare, David Chang, David Brankow, Gwyneth Van, Steven K. Yoshinaga, Ulla Sarmiento, Jane Guo, Grace Shih, Marco A. Coccia, Tadahiko Kohno, Anna Tafuri-Bladt, Pauline Campbell, Laura Chiu, Tianang Dai, Gary S. Elliott, Ariela Hui, Susan M. McCabe, Christine L. Shaklee, Giorgio Senaldi
Tectonic processes in Papua New Guinea and past productivity in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean.Zoology and wildlife conservationEli A. Silver, Mark L. Wells, Geoffrey K. Vallis
Template-imprinted nanostructured surfaces for protein recognition.Zoology and wildlife conservationBuddy D. Ratner, Huaiqiu Shi, Wei-Bor Tsai, Michael D. Garrison, Sandro Ferrari
Temporal dissociation of parallel processing in the human subcortical outputs.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter T. Fox, Yijun Liu, Jia-Hong Gao, Mario Liotti, Yonglin Pu
Testing time for theories.(fuzziness of space-time experimentally accessible)Zoology and wildlife conservationD.V. Ahluwalia
The 5-HT 3b subunit is a major determinant of serotonin-receptor function.Zoology and wildlife conservationJeremy J. Lambert, Ewen F. Kirkness, Tim G. Hales, Paul a. Davies, Marco Pistis, Michael C. Hanna, John Peters A.
The afterglow, redshift and extreme energetics of the gamma-ray burst of 23 January 1999.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.A. Frail, S.R. Kulkarni, J. Halpern, F.A. Harrison, R. Sari, S.G. Djorgovski, J.S. Bloom, T. Piran, S.C. Odewahn, R.R. Gal, C.D. Koresko, L.M. Lubin, L. Armus, G.D. Illingworth, D.D. Kelson, D.K. Magee, P.G. van Dokkum, J.s. Mulchaey, M.A. Malkan, I.S. McClean, H.I. Teplitz, D. Koerner, Kirkpatrick D., N. Kobayshi, I.A. Yadigaroglu, R.w. Goodrich, F.H. Chaffee, Mi Feroci, Costa. E.
The alliance of genes and environment in asthma and allergy.(Allergy and asthma)Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam Cookson
The amazing demethylase.(gene expression)Zoology and wildlife conservationGregory L. Verdine, Howard Cedar
The AMPA receptor interacts with and signals through the protein tyrosine kinase Lyn.Zoology and wildlife conservationTadashi Yamamoto, Masayoshi Mishina, Takashi Hayashi, Hisahsi Umemori
The amygdala modulates prefrontal cortex activity relative to conditioned fear.Zoology and wildlife conservationRene Garcia, Richard F. Thompson, Rose-Marie Vouimba, Michel Baudry
The arrangement of the three cone classes in the living human eye.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid R. Williams, Austin Roorda
The blast in the past.(Carbon cycle)Zoology and wildlife conservationGerald R. Dickens
The book of genes.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Little
The business of research.Zoology and wildlife conservationMarc Luwel, Henk F. Moed
The caudal limit of Otx2 expression positions the isthmic organizer.Zoology and wildlife conservationWolfgang Wurst, Edoardo Boncinelli, Vania Broccoli
The CED-4-homologous protein FLASH is involved in Fas-mediated activation of caspase-8 during apoptosis.Zoology and wildlife conservationNobuyuki Yajima, Akira Murakami, Yuzuru Imail, Takaharu Kimura, Kazuhiro Sakamaki, Shin Yonehara
The cell-surface proteoglycan Dally regulates Wingless signalling in Drosophila.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael Archer, Bethany Fox, Scott B. Selleck, Manabu Tsuda, Keisuke Kamimura, Hiroshi Nakato, William Staatz, Melanie Humphrey, Sara Olson, Tracy Futch, Vesna Kaluza, Esther Siegfried, Lynn Stam
The changing landscape of ischaemic brain injury mechanisms.(Neurological Disorders)Zoology and wildlife conservationDennis W. Choi, Jin-Moo Lee, Gregory J. Zipfel
The chemokine receptor CCR4 in vascular recognition by cutaneous but not intestinal memory T cells.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Pan, J.J. Campbell, E.C. Butcher, S. Qin, G. Haraldsen, J. Rottman, P. Ponath, D.P. Andrew, R. Warnke, N. Ruffing, N. Kassam, Lu Wu
The chicken B locus is a minimal essential major histocompatibility complex.Zoology and wildlife conservationSarah Milne, Jim Kaufman, Thomas W.F. Gobel, Brian A. Walker, Jansen P. Jacob, Charles Auffray, Rima Zoorob, Stephan Beck
The child prodigy of 1997-98.(1997 to 1998 El Nino)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael J. McPhaden
The chromatin-specific transcription elongation factor FACT comprises human SPT16 and SSRP1 proteins.Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam S. Lane, George Orphanides, Danny Reinberg, Michael Hampsey, Wei-Hua Wu
The colourful world of the mantis shrimp: The colour-vision system of these crustaceans includes four types of UV photoreceptor.Zoology and wildlife conservationJustin Marshall, Johannes Oberwinkler
The complete nucleotide sequence of chromosome 3 of Plasmodium falciparum.Zoology and wildlife conservationK. Mungall, D. Basham, T. Chillingworth, R.M. Davies, T. Feltwell, S. Holroyd, K. Jagels, S. Whitehead, B.G. Barrell, D. Brown, K. Devlin, N. Hamlin, J. Skelton, J.E. Sulston, R. Gwilliam, D. Lawson, D. Harris, K. Oliver, J.R. Woodward, M.A. Rajandream, L. Murphy, S. Bowman, S. Gentles, J. McLean, T. Hornsby, S. Rutter, R. Squares, S. Squares, C.M. Churcher, A. Craig, P. Horrocks, B. Jassal, S. Kyes, s. Moule, M.a. Quail, C. Newbold
The CoRNR motif controls the recruitment of corepressors by nuclear hormone receptors.Zoology and wildlife conservationMitchell A. Lazar, Xiao Hu
The devil is in the distance.(possibility of revised value for age of Universe)Zoology and wildlife conservationBohdan Paczynski
The DNA sequence of human chromosome 22.Zoology and wildlife conservationI. Dunham, N. Shimizu, B.A. Roe, Chissoe S. and colleagues
The dynamics of chromosome evolution in birds and mammals.Zoology and wildlife conservationDawn Windsor, Jacqueline Smith, David R. Morrice, David Waddington, David W. Burt, Charolotte Bruley, Ian C. Dunn, Cheryl T. Jones, Anne Ramage, Ady S. Law, Ian R. Paton, Alexi Sazanov, Ruedi Fries
The earliest angiosperms: Evidence from mitochondrial, plastid and nuclear genomes.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark W. Chase, Douglas E. Soltis, Vincent Savolainen, Yin-Long Lee Jungho Qui, Fabiana Bernasconi-Quadroni, Pamela Soltis S., Michael Zanis, Elizabeth Zimmer a., Zhiduan Chen
The effect of climate change on ozone depletion through changes in stratospheric water vapour.Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid W. Keith, James G. Anderson, Daniel B. Kirk-Davidoff, Eric J. Hinsta
The effect of magnetic fields on gamma-ray bursts inferred from multi-wavelength observations of the burst of 23 January 1999.Zoology and wildlife conservationA.K. Pandey, Mike Foster, P. Ibbetson, J.K. Davies, C. Kouveliotou, M.S. Briggs, S.F. Green, T.R. Geballe, G. Pooley, K. Hurley, E. Rol, N. Tanvir, A.J. Castro-Tirado, J. Rhoads, P.M. Vreeswijk, E.O. Ofek, E. Leibowitz, J. van Paradijs, R.G. Strom, J. Telting, R.G.M. Rutten, M. Bremer, J. Heise, T.J. Galama, C. Robinson, R.A.M. Wijers, D. Band, R.D. Preece, I.a. Smith, R.P.J. Tilanus, A.G. de Bruyn, C. Packham, R. Swaters, A. Fassia, R. Sagar, Nilakshi, R.K.S. Yadav, E. Falco, C. Petry, C. Impey, D. Bhattacharya
The effects of sensory deprivation.(role of nervous system in regulating lifespan)Zoology and wildlife conservationJames H. Thomas
The electronic structure at the atomic scale of ultrathin gate oxides.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.A. Muller, T. Sorsch, S. Moccio, F.H. Baumann, K. Evans-Lutterodt, G. Timp
The elusive 'ultimate state' of thermal convection.Zoology and wildlife conservationJoel Sommeria
The end of the road for silicon?(silicon-based microchips to reach physical limits of miniaturization)Zoology and wildlife conservationMax Schulz
The epidemic of allergy and asthma.(Allergy and Asthma)Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen T. Holgate
The existence of supercooled liquid water at 150K.Zoology and wildlife conservationBruce D. Kay, R. Scott Smith
The eyes have it!Zoology and wildlife conservationKarl Gegenfurtner
The family tree flowers.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul Kenrick
The fate of subducted basaltic crust in the Earth's lower mantle.Zoology and wildlife conservationKei Hirose, Yingwei Fei, Yanzhang Ma, Ho-Kwang Mao
The first true inorganic fullerenes?Zoology and wildlife conservationD.L. Schulz, A.C. Dillon, K.M. Jones, M.J. Heben, P.A. Parilla, G. Riker, D.S. Ginley
The formation of Mount Etna as the consequence of slab rollback.Zoology and wildlife conservationAmos Nur, Zohar Gvirtzman
The future of cloning.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlan Colman, J.B. Gurdon
The future of evolutionary developmental biology.(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter W.H. Holland
The future of public health.(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationBarry R. Bloom
The generation of martian floods by the melting of ground ice above dykes.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrancis Nimmo, Dan McKenzie
The global record of memory in hippocampal neuronal activity.Zoology and wildlife conservationHoward Eichenbaum, Emma R. Wood, Paul A. Dudchenko
The haemoglobin enzyme.(haemoglobin from parasitic nematode is true enzyme)Zoology and wildlife conservationKiyohiro Imai
The hard problem of carbonitrides.Zoology and wildlife conservationBarry M. Klein
The head inducer Cerberus is a multifunctional antagonist of Nodal, BMP and Wnt signals.Zoology and wildlife conservationStefano Piccolo, Luc Leyns, Eric Agius, Subha Bhattacharyya, Horst Grunz, Bouwmeester Tewis, E.M. De Rbertis
The homeobox gene Phox2b is essential for the development of autonomic neural crest derivatives.Zoology and wildlife conservationXavier Morin, Alexandre Pattyn, Jean-Francois Brunet, Harold Cremer, Christo Goridis
The imprinting box of the mouse Igf2r gene.Zoology and wildlife conservationJonathan Perk, Aharon Razin, Yehudit Birger, Ruth Shemer
The inevitable youthfulness of known high-redshift radio galaxies.Zoology and wildlife conservationSteve Rawlings, Katherine M. Blundell
The insidious effect of diatoms on copepod reproduction.Zoology and wildlife conservationA. Ianora, A. Miralto, I. Buttino, G. Romano, S.A. Poulet, G. Barone, G.L. Russo, G. Mazzarella, M. Laabir, M. Cabrini, M.G. Giacobbe
The inventor of modern science: James Bradley laid the foundations of modern science in his aunt's attic. His impressively precise astronomical measurements gave birth to experimental physics as we know it.Zoology and wildlife conservationFreeman J. Dyson
The inverse band-structure problem of finding an atomic configuration with given electronic properties.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlex Zunger, Alberto Franceschetti
The K+/C1- co-transporter KCC2 renders GABA hyperpolarizing during neuronal maturation.Zoology and wildlife conservationClaudio Rivera, Kai Kaila, Mart Saarma, Juha Voipio, John a. Payne, Eva Ruusuvuori, Hannele Lahtinen, Karri Lamsa, Ulla Pirvola
The kinase TAK1 can activate the NIK-I-kappa-B as well as the MAP kinase cascade in the IL-1 signalling pathway.Zoology and wildlife conservationKunihiro Matsumoto, Jun Ninomiya-Tsuji, Zhaodan Cao, Kazuya Kishimoto, Atsushi Hiyama, Jun-ichiro Inoue
The large-scale smoothness of the Universe.Zoology and wildlife conservationOfer Lahav, Kelvin K.s. Wu, Martin J. Rees
The limits of selection during maize domestication.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn Doebley, Jody Hey, Adrian Stec, Rong-Lin Wang, Lewis Lukens
The liprin protein SYD-2 regulates the differentiation of presynaptic termini in C. elegans.Zoology and wildlife conservationMei Zhen, Yishi Jin
The magnetic turnabout.Zoology and wildlife conservationOlivier Kahn
The mahogany protein is a receptor involved in suppression of obesity.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeer Bork, Elizabeth A. Woolf, George A. Carlson, Dennis Huszar, Deborah L. Nagle, Karen J. Moore, Lisa Holmgren, Linda Baldini, Chris Ebeling, Paul Burn, Victoria Fairchild-Huntress, Sonja H. McGrail, James Vitale, Barry J. Jr. Dussault, Lisa DiRocco, Jill Montagno, Pei Ge, John Keilty, Julie Gilchirst
The mantle's lava lamp.(reproduction of features of hotspots and superswells)Zoology and wildlife conservationMarcia McNutt
The MAPK kinase Pek1 acts as a phosphorylation-dependent molecular switch.Zoology and wildlife conservationHisato Shuntoh, Takayoshi Kuno, Takashi Toda, Susheela Dhut, Reiko Segiura
The mechanisms for pressure-induced amorphization of ice Ih.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.D. Klug, J.S. Tse, C.A. Tulk, I. Swainson, E.C. Svensson, C.K. Loong, V. Shpakov, V.R. Belosludov, R.V. Belosludov, Y. Kawazoe
The melting curve of iron at the pressures of the Earth's core from ab initio calculations.Zoology and wildlife conservationD. Alfe, M.J. Gillan, G.D. Price
The millenium flies in.Zoology and wildlife conservationR. Scott Hawley, Kenneth C. Burtis
The motor protein myosin-I produces its working stroke in two steps.Zoology and wildlife conservationJustin E. Molloy, Ronald A. Milligan, James D. Jontes, Claudia Veigel, Lynne M. Coluccio, John C. Sparrow
The mouse mahogany locus encodes a transmembrane form of human attractin.Zoology and wildlife conservationGregory S. Barsh, Ronald W. Davis, Lin He, Teresa M. Gunn, Kimberly A. Miller, Richard W. Hyman, Arezou Azarani, Stuart F. Schlossman, Jonathan S. Duke-Cohan
The mPer2 gene encodes a functional component of the mammalian circadian clock.Zoology and wildlife conservationAllan Bradley, Binhai Zheng, Urs Albrecht, Marijke Sage, Zhong Sheng Sun, Gregor Eichele, Cheng Chi Lee, David W. Larkin
The mysterious missing sink.(Carbon cycling)Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid W. Schindler
The mystery of female beauty.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ.T. Manning, D. Singh, R.L. Trivers, R. Thornhill
The mystery of the sapropels.Zoology and wildlife conservationConnie Sancetta
The nature of the hydrated excess proton in water.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichele Parrinello, Mark E. Tuckerman, Jurg Hutter, Dominik Marx
The neocortex comes together.Zoology and wildlife conservationJon H. Kaas, Anton Reiner
The neurobiology of cognition.(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam T. Newsome, M. James Nichols
The novel Cer-like protein Caronte mediates the establishment of embryonic left-right asymmetry.Zoology and wildlife conservationJavier Capdevila, Aris N. Economides, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, Concepcion Rodriguez Esteban, Jaime Pascual, Angel Ortiz
The odds of losing at genetic roulette: The number of harmful mutations that arise in each generation has been measured, and it is surprisingly high.Zoology and wildlife conservationJames F. Crow
The oldest fossil ascomycetes.Zoology and wildlife conservationT.N. Taylor, H. Kerp, H. Hass
The oncogene and polycomb-group gene bmi-1 regulates cell proliferation and senescence through the ink4a locus.Zoology and wildlife conservationRonald A. DePinho, Silvia Marino, Jacqueline J.L. Jacobs, Karin Kieboom, Maarten van Lohuizen
The origin of snake feeding.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael S.Y. Lee, Michael W. Caldwell, Gorden L. Jr. Bell
The origin of spinifex texture in komatiites.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Shore, Anthony D. Fowler
The origins of insect metamorphosis.Zoology and wildlife conservationLynn M. Riddiford, James W. Truman
The p66shc adaptor protein controls oxidative stress response and life span in mammals.Zoology and wildlife conservationPier Giuseppe Pelicci, Pier Paolo Pandolfi, Marco Giorgio, Enrica Migliaccio, Simonetta Mele, Giuliana Pelicci, Paolo Reboldi, Luisa Lanfrancone
The prodigal fish.(larvae of reef fish not always washed away)Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen R. Palumbi
The prolylisomerase Pin1 restores the function of Alzheimer-associated phosphorylated tau protein.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Maxwell Davies, Xiao Zhen Zhou, Gerburg Wulf, Pei-Jung Lu, Kum Ping Lu
The protean proton in water.(Physical chemistry)Zoology and wildlife conservationJames T. Hynes
The protein MAP-1B links GABAc receptors to the cytoskeleton at retinal synapses.Zoology and wildlife conservationStephen J. Moss, Jonathan G. Hanley, Peter Koulen, Fiona Bedford, Phillip R. Gordon-Weeks
The pulling power of galaxy clusters.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Coles
The question of significance.(Climate change)Zoology and wildlife conservationBarrie Pittock A.
The Rab5 effector EEA1 is a core component of endosome docking.Zoology and wildlife conservationSavvas Christoforidis, Marino Zerial, Heidi M. McBride, Robert D. Burgoyne
Therapeutic strategies for allergic diseases.(Allergy and asthma)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter Barnes
Therapy of tuberculosis in mice by DA vaccination.Zoology and wildlife conservationKarin Moelling, Douglas B. Lowrie, Ricardo Tascon E., Vania L.D. Bonato, Valeria M.F. Lima, Lucia H. Faccioli, Evangelos Stavropoulos, M. Joseph Colston, Robert G. Hewinson, Celio L. Silva
The RCAF complex mediates chromatin assembly during DNA replication and repair.Zoology and wildlife conservationRyuji Kobayashi, Rohinton T. Kamakaka, Jessica K. Tyler, Christopher R. Adams, Shaw-Ree Chen, James T. Kadonaga
The reaction cycle of isopenicillin N synthase observed by X-ray diffraction.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter L. Roach, Ian J. Clifton, Jack E. Baldwin, Charles M.H. Hensgens, Nicolai I. Burzlaff, Peter J. Rutledge, Michael Pickford, Robert M. Adlington
The relative influences of nitrogen and phosphorus on oceanic primary production.Zoology and wildlife conservationToby Tyrrell
The remelting of hydrothermally altered peridotite at mid-ocean ridges by intruding mantle diapirs.Zoology and wildlife conservationMathieu Benoit, Geores Ceuleneer, Mireille Polve
Thermally activated transitions in a bistable three-dimensional optical trap.Zoology and wildlife conservationLowell I. McCann, Mark Dykman, Brage Golding
Thermally induced ultrasonic emission from porous silicon.Zoology and wildlife conservationH. Shinoda, T. Jakajima, K. Ueno, N. Koshida
Thermodynamic control of hurricane intensity.Zoology and wildlife conservationKerry A. Emanuel
Thermodynamic determination of fragility in liquids and a fragile-to-strong liquid transition in water.Zoology and wildlife conservationC. Austen Angell, Kaori Ito, Cornelius T. Moynihan
The RNA splicing factor hSlu7 is required for correct 3' splice-site choice.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobin Reed, Katrin Chua
The role of allergy in the development of asthma.Zoology and wildlife conservationP.D. Sly, P.G. Holt, C. Macaubas, P.A. Stumbles
The role of hydraulic fractures and intermediate-depth earthquakes in generating subduction-zone magmatism.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Huw Davies
The role of mat-forming diatoms in the formation of Mediterranean sapropels.Zoology and wildlife conservationJennifer Pike, Alan E.S. Kemp, Richard B. Pearce, Itaru Koizumi, S. Jae Rance
The role of the anterior prefrontal cortex in human cognition.Zoology and wildlife conservationJordan Grafman, Pietro Pietrini, Etienne Koechlin, Gianpaolo Basso, Seth Panzer
The role of the Earth's mantle in controlling the frequency of geomagnetic reversals.Zoology and wildlife conservationGary A. Glatzmaier, Robert S. Coe, Paul H. Roberts, Lionel Hongre
The second Silent Spring?: The drive to squeeze ever more food from the land has sent Europe's farmland wildlife into a precipitous decline.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn R. Krebs, Jeremy D. Wilson, Richard B. Bradbury, Gavin M. Siriwardena
The SIL gene is required for mouse embryonic axial development and left-right specification.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael R. Kuehn, David W. Dorward, Linda A. Lowe, Shai Izraeli, Virginia L. Bertness, Deborah J. Good, Ilan R. Kirsch
The TAK1-NLK-MAPK-related pathway antagonizes signalling between beta-catenin and transcription factor TCF.(T-cell factor)Zoology and wildlife conservationMichiru Nishita, Hiroshi Shibuya, Shin-ichi Nagai, Hans Clevers, Kunihiro Matsumoto, Bruce Bowerman, Jun Ninomiya-Tsuji, Tohru Ishitani, Nick Barker, Marc Meneghini, Marian Waterman
The tale of the great cuckoo egg.Zoology and wildlife conservationGeorge Klein
The T-box genes Tbx4 and Tbx5 regulate limb outgrowth and identity.Zoology and wildlife conservationKoji Tamura, Concepcion Rodriguez-Esteban, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, Tohru Tsukui, Sayuri Yoneil, Jorge Magallon
The temporal requirement for endothelin receptor-B signalling during neural crest development.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert S. Ingram, Shirley M. Tilghman, Myung Shin K., John M. Legvorse
The thermal imprint of galaxy formation on x-ray clusters.Zoology and wildlife conservationTrevor J. Ponman, Damian B. Cannon, Julio F. Navarro
The thymine glycosylase MBD4 can bind to the product of deamination at methylated CpG sites.Zoology and wildlife conservationJosef Jiricny, Adrian Bird, Brian Hendrich, Huck-Hui Ng, Ulrike Hardeland
The Toll-like receptor is recruited to machrophage phagosomes and discriminates between pathogens.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlan Aderem, Adrian Ozinsky, David M. Underhill, Adeline M. Hajjar, Anne Stevens, Christopher B. Wilson, Michael Bassetti
The transcriptional cofactor complex CRSP is required for activity of the enhancer-binding protein Sp1.Zoology and wildlife conservationRobert Tjian, Soojin Ryu, Sharleen Zhu, Andreas G. Ladurner
The tumour suppressor protein VHL targets hypoxia-inducible factors for oxygen-dependent proteolysis.Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter J. Ratcliffe, Christopher W. Pugh, Patrick H. Maxwell, Steven C. Clifford, Eamonn R. Maher, Michael S. Wiesener, Gin-Wen Chang, Emma C. Vaux, Matthew E. Cockman, Charles Wykoff C.
The tyrosine kinase c-Abl regulates p73 in apoptotic response to cisplatin-induced DNA damage.Zoology and wildlife conservationJean Y.J. Wang, Gerry Melino, William G. Kaelin Jr., JianGen Gong, Antonio Costanzo, Hong-Qiong Yang, Massimo Levrero
The undemocratic proton.(Particle physics)Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid J. Miller
The unusual afterglow of the gamma-ray burst of 26 March 1998 as evidence for a supernova connection.Zoology and wildlife conservationD.A. Frail, S.R. Kulkarni, F.A. Harrison, S.G. Djorgovski, J.S. Bloom, D.C. Leonard, A.V. Filippenko, S.C. Odewahn, M. Feroci, S. Perlmutter, I.M. Hook, R.A. Knop, A.C. Eichelberger, P. Cote, J.P. Blakeslee, A.G. Riess, H. Spinrad, D. Stern, A. Bunker, A. Dey, B. Grossan
The use of path integration to guide route learning in ants.Zoology and wildlife conservationT.S. Collett, B. Schatz, S. Chameron, G. Beugnon
The wing of Archaeopteryx as a primary thrust generator.Zoology and wildlife conservationLuis M. Chiappe, Phillip Burgers
The XPV (xeroderma pigmentosum variant) gene encodes human DNA polymerase eta.Zoology and wildlife conservationChikahide Masutani, Fumio Hanaoka, Rika Kusumoto, Shigenori Iwai, Naoshi Dohmae, Koji Takio, Marito Araki, Ayumi Yamada, Masayuki Yokoi, Mayumi Yuasa
Think positive to find parts.(Computational neurosciences)Zoology and wildlife conservationBartlett W. Mel
Thomas A. McMahon (1943-99).(Obituary)Zoology and wildlife conservationClaire T. Farley
Three-dimensional orientation measurements of symmetric single chromophores using polarization microscopy.Zoology and wildlife conservationM.G. Bawendi, S.A. Empedocles, R. Neuhauser
Three-dimensional preservation of foot movements in Triassic theropod dinosaurs.Zoology and wildlife conservationNeil H. Shubin, Stephen M. Gatesy, Farish A. Jenkins Jr., Kevin M. Middleton
Three planets for Upsilon Andromedae.Zoology and wildlife conservationJack J. Lissauer
Through a glass, lightly.(new insights into atomic motion)Zoology and wildlife conservationA. Lindsay Greer
Tighter watch urged on adenoviral vectors....(Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee of US National Institutes of Health)Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul Smaglik
Tiling by numbers.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael O'Keefe
Time-dependent reorganization of brain circuity underlying long-term memory storage.Zoology and wildlife conservationBruno Bontempi, Catherine Laurent-Demire, Claude Destrade, Robert Jaffard
Timing the end of nocturnal sleep.Zoology and wildlife conservationJan Born, Kirsten Hansen, Lisa Marshall, Matthias Molle, Horst L. Fehm
Today we have naming of parts.(DNA sequences of chromosomes 2 and 4 from Arabidopsis thaliana)Zoology and wildlife conservationElliot M. Meyerowitz
Toll gates for pathogen selection.(Immunology)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard J. Ulevitch
Tom22 is a multifunctional organizer of the mitochondrial preprotein translocase.Zoology and wildlife conservationBernard Guiard, Richard Wagner, Michael T. Ryan, Nikolaus Pfanner, Chris Meisinger, Angelika Honlinger, Peter J.T. Dekker, Kerstin Hill, Sandra van Wilpe, Ammy C. Maarse, Jan Brix, Martin Moczko, Michiel Meijer
Too good to be true: Many a scientist has been seduced by an elegant idea, only to find that aesthetics are not always a good guide to a theory's accuracy.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn Maynard Smith
Top dogs maintain diversity.Zoology and wildlife conservationBernt-Erik Saether
Top-down signal from prefrontal cortex in executive control of memory retrieval.Zoology and wildlife conservationYasushi Miyashita, Hyoe Tomita, Machiko Ohbayashi, Kiyoshi Nakahara, Isao Hasegawa
Topography of contextual modulations mediated by short-range interactions in primary visual cortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationAniruddha Das, Charles D. Gilbert
Topology in chaotic scattering.Zoology and wildlife conservationEdward Ott, James A. Yorke, David Sweet
Total lipid energy as a proxy for total egg production by fish stocks.Zoology and wildlife conservationC. Tara Marshall, Nathalia A. Yaragina, Yvan Lambert, Olav S. Kjesbu
Towards a more venturesome Europe.(need to exploit scientific research for commercial gain)Zoology and wildlife conservationCraig Pickering
Towards better benzodiazepines.(Pharmacology)Zoology and wildlife conservationWilliam Wisden, David N. Stephens
TPL-2 kinase regulates the proteolysis of the NF-kappaB-inhibitory protein NF-kappaB1 p105.Zoology and wildlife conservationMonica P. Belich, Andres Salmeron, Leland H. Jhnston, Steven C. Ley
TRA-1 regulates the cellular distribution of the tra-2 mRNA in C. elegans.Zoology and wildlife conservationL.E. Graves, S. Segal, E.B. Goodwin
Tracking the evolution of insecticide resistance in the mosquito Culex pipiens.Zoology and wildlife conservationThomas Lenormand, Michel Raymond, Thomas Guillemaud, Denis Bourquet
Traffic lights at the Beringian crossroads: The first opening of the Bering Strait would have had profound biogeographical and climatic consequences. The date of that event is now firmly pushed further back in time.Zoology and wildlife conservationAndrei Sher
Transformation of diamond to graphite.Zoology and wildlife conservationYury G. Gogotsi, Andreas Kailer, Klaus G. Nickel
Trans-gender induction of hair follicles: Human follicle cells can be induced to grow in an incompatible host of the other sex.Zoology and wildlife conservationAngela M. Christiano, Peter B. Cserhalmi-Friedman, Amanda J. Reynolds, Clifford Lawrence, Colin A.B. Jahoda
Transgenerational induction of defences in animals and plants.Zoology and wildlife conservationRalph Tollrian, Anurag A. Agrawal, Christian Laforsch
Transgenic pollen harms monarch larvae.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn E. Losey, Linda s. Rayor, Maureen E. Carter
Transitions still to be made.(Impacts of foreseeable science)Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilip Ball
Translating cell biology into therapeutic advances in Alzheimer's disease.(Neurological Disorders)Zoology and wildlife conservationDennis J. Selkoe
Translational control perks up.(stress responses)Zoology and wildlife conservationBryan R.G. Williams, Robert H. Silverman
Transmissible and genetic prion diseases share a common pathway of neurodegeneration.Zoology and wildlife conservationStanley B. Prusiner, Vishwanath R. Lingappa, Stephen J. DeArmond, Darlene Groth, Ramanujan S. Hegde, Patrick Tremblay
Trapped in the act.(ClpA can change conformation of substrate protein)Zoology and wildlife conservationTania A. Baker
Tribosphenic mammal from the North American Early Cretaceous.Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard L. Cifelli
Trigger factor and DnaK cooperate in folding of newly synthesized proteins.Zoology and wildlife conservationBernd Bukau, Axel Mogk, Elike Deuerling, Agnes Schulze-Specking, Toshifumi Tomoyasu
Triple-isotope composition of atmospheric oxygen as a tracer of biosphere productivity.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark H. Thiemens, Kristie A. Boering, Michael L. Bender, Boaz Luz, Eugeni Barkan
Tripping the light fantastic.Zoology and wildlife conservationHarry Smith
Tropical tree gene flow and seed dispersal: deforestation affects the genetic structure of the surviving forest fragments.Zoology and wildlife conservationMatthew B. Hamilton
Tuning bilayer twist using chiral counterions.Zoology and wildlife conservationF.C. MacKintosh, R. Oda, I. Huc, M. Schmutz, S.J. Candau
Tunnel vision.(catalytic activity of thermophilic enzymes)Zoology and wildlife conservationGregory A. Petsko, Dagmar Ringe
Turning a corner in vision research.(use of vertical orientation columns in primary visual cortex)Zoology and wildlife conservationUlf Eysel
Two-dimensional charge transport in self-organized, high-mobility conjugated polymers.Zoology and wildlife conservationE.W. Meijer, M.M. Nielsen, R.H. Friend, P.J. Brown, H. Sirringhaus, K. Bechgaard, B.M.W. Langeveld-Voss, A.J.H. Spiering, R.A.J. Janssen, P. Herwig, D.M. de Leeuw
Two functionally distinct alpha-2-adrenergic receptors regulate sympathetic neurotransmission.Zoology and wildlife conservationJohn D. Altman, Lutz Hein, Brian K. Kobilka
Two millennia of animal spirits: An ancient theory about nerves proved surprisingly hard to dislodge.Zoology and wildlife conservationIan Glynn
Two networks of electrically coupled inhibitory neurons in neocortex.Zoology and wildlife conservationBarry W. Connors, Jay Gibson, Michael Beierlein
Two phases of proton translocation.Zoology and wildlife conservationDenis L. Rousseau
Two-photon polymerization initiators for three-dimensional optical data storage and microfabrication.Zoology and wildlife conservationAhmed A. Heikal, Stephen Barlow, Seth R. Marder, Joseph W. Perry, Brian H. Cumpston, Sundaravel P. Ananthavel, Daniel L. Dyer, Jeffrey E. Ehrlich, Lael L. Erskine, Stephen M. Kuebler, I.-Y. Sandy Lee, Dianne McCord-Maughon, Jinqui Qin, Harald Rockel, Mariacristina Rumi, Xiang-Li Wu
Two subsets of memory T lymphocytes with distinct homing potentials and effector functions.Zoology and wildlife conservationReinhold Forster, Martin Lipp, Antonio Lanzavecchia, Federica Sallusto, Danielle Lenig
Two transmembrane aspartates in presenilin-1 required for presenilin endoproteolysis and gamma-secretase activity.Zoology and wildlife conservationDennis J. Selkoe, Beth L. Ostaszewski, Michael S. Wolfe, Weiming Xia, Thekla S. Diehl, W. Taylor Kimberly
Two types of avalanche behaviour in granular media.Zoology and wildlife conservationAdrian Daerr, Stephane Douady
Tying a molecular knot with optical tweezers.Zoology and wildlife conservationRyohei Yasuda, Kazuhiko Kinosita Jr., Hiroyasu Itoh, Yoshie Harada, Hidetake Miyata, Yasuharu Arai, Ken-ichirou Akashi
Tying the conductor's arms.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael F. Good
Tyro-3 family receptors are essential regulators of mammalian spermatogenesis.Zoology and wildlife conservationGreg Lemke, Martin Gore, Rudiger Klein, H. Shelton Earp, Glenn K. Matsushima, Stephen P. Goff, Qing Zhang, Sharon Boast, Michael K. Skinner, Cary Lai, Franca Casagranda, Todd Camenish, Qingxian Lu
Ubiquity of quasi-horizontal layers in the troposhere.Zoology and wildlife conservationReginald E. Newell, Valerie Thouret, John Y.N. Cho, Patrick Stoller, Alain Marenco, Herman G. Smit
UK women lead the way on interdisciplinary resarch.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlison Mitchell
Ultrafast relaxation in water.Zoology and wildlife conservationAbraham Nitzan
Ultraviolet colour variation influences blue tit sex ratios.Zoology and wildlife conservationSimon C. Griffith, Ben C. Sheldon, Staffan Andersson, Jonas Ornborg, Joanna Sendecka
Unblocking of the Nares Strait by Greenland and Ellesmere ice-sheet retreat 10,000 years ago.Zoology and wildlife conservationPankaj Sharma, John England, Marek Zreda, Fred Philips, David Elmore
Uncertain road to ozone recovery.Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul J. Fraser, Michael J. Prather
Understanding the valency of rare earths from first-principles theory.Zoology and wildlife conservationA. Svane, Z. Szotek, W.M. Temmerman, P. Strange, H. Winter
Unidirectional rotary motion in a molecular system.Zoology and wildlife conservationT. Ross Kelly, Harshani De Silva, Richard A. Silva
Universal peekaboo.(new evidence for positive cosmological constant)Zoology and wildlife conservationAdam G. Riess
Unmixing Hawaiian cocktails.(mixed views on origins of Hawaiian lavas)Zoology and wildlife conservationAlex N. Halliday
Unsolved problems of noise.(UPoN'99 meeting in Adelaide, Australia, considers random noise)Zoology and wildlife conservationPeter V.E. McClintock
Unstable by design.(Active galactic nuclei)Zoology and wildlife conservationMartin Elvis, Aneta Siemiginowska
Up close and personal to atoms.(includes sidebar articles on fingerprinting individual molecules and fingerprinting chemical bonds)(new microscopes allow interaction with matter at atomic scale)Zoology and wildlife conservationCharles M. Lieber, Ali Yazdani
Upward transport of oceanic nitrate by migrating diatom mats.Zoology and wildlife conservationMark Brzezinski, Tracy a. Villareal, Cynthia Pilskaln, Fredric Lipschultz, Mark Dennett, George B. Gardner
US astronomers contest building project.Zoology and wildlife conservationTony Reichardt
Use of behavioural stochastic resonance by paddle fish for feeding.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrank Moss, David F. Russell, Lon A. Wilkens
Using hair to screen for breast cancer.Zoology and wildlife conservationTom Irving, Veronica James, John Kearsley, Yoshiyuki Amemiya, David Cookson
US panel says research can be assessed.Zoology and wildlife conservationWil Lepkowski
US Senate ignores scientific advice in failing to ratify test ban treaty.(Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Tests in the Atmosphere in Outer Space and Under Water, 1963)Zoology and wildlife conservationColin MacIlwain
UV-B damage amplified by transposons in maize.Zoology and wildlife conservationVirginia Walbot
Vanilloid receptors on sensory nerves mediate the vasodilator action of annandamide.Zoology and wildlife conservationHuai-hu Chuang, David Julius, David A. Andersson, Peter M. Zygmunt, Edward D. Hogestatt, Vincenzo Di Marzo, Jesper Petersson, Morten Sorgard
Vanishing of phase coherence in underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta.Zoology and wildlife conservationJ. Orenstein, I. Bozovic, J. Corson, R. Mallozzi, J.N. Eckstein
Variability of inorganic and organic phosphorus turnover rates in the coastal ocean.Zoology and wildlife conservationKen O. Buesseler, Claudia R. Benitez-Nelson
Variable cell number in nematodes.Zoology and wildlife conservationRicardo B.R. Azevedo, Scott W. Emmons, Armand M. Leroi, Ana Cunha
Variants on a theme.(mechanism used by human cells to bypass DNA damage)Zoology and wildlife conservationRichard D. Wood
'Venture fever' grips Asian economies.(includes sidebar articles detailing developments in Singapore, China and Taiwan)Zoology and wildlife conservationDavid Swinbanks
Vertebrate Hedgehog signalling modulated by induction of a Hedgehog-binding protein.Zoology and wildlife conservationPao-Tien Chuang, Andrew P McMahon
Virus on virus infects bacterium.Zoology and wildlife conservationRonald K. Taylor
Visualization of Bloch waves and domain walls.Zoology and wildlife conservationM. Torres, J.P. Adrados, F.R. Montero de Espinosa
Visual kin recognition in chimpanzees.Zoology and wildlife conservationFrans B.M. de Waal, Lisa A. Parr
Voluminous volcanism on early Mars revealed in Valles Marineris.Zoology and wildlife conservationMichael H. Carr, Alfred S. McEwen, Michael C. Malin, William K. Hartmann
Warm feet promote the rapid onset of sleep.Zoology and wildlife conservationKurt Krauchi, Christian Cajochen, Esther Werth, Anna Wirz-Justice
Warming of the tropical Atlantic Ocean and slowdown of thermohaline circulation during the last deglaciation.Zoology and wildlife conservationRainer Zahn, Peter J. Muller, Carsten Ruhlemann, Stefan Mulitza, Gerold Wefer
Warming without high CO(sub2)?Zoology and wildlife conservationBenjamin P. Flower
Water stress inhibits plant photosynthesis by decreasing coupling factor and ATP.Zoology and wildlife conservationW. Tezara, V.J. Mitchell, S.D. Dirscoll, D.W. Lawlor
Wave-particle duality of C60 molecules.Zoology and wildlife conservationAnton Zeilinger, Markus Arndt, Olaf Nairz, Julian Vos-Andreae, Claudia Keller, Gerbrand van der Zouw
Wavering on commitment.Zoology and wildlife conservationSuzanne Cory
Waves, particles and fullerenes.(molecules of fullerene C60 have wave as well as particle properties)Zoology and wildlife conservationAlastair I.M. Rae
Weak surface anchoring of liquid crystals.Zoology and wildlife conservationG.P. Bryan-Brown, I.C. Sage, E.L. Wood
Weapon lab security may hit foreign visits.Zoology and wildlife conservationWil Lepkowski
We are what we ate.Zoology and wildlife conservationBernard Wood, Alison Brooks
What do yeast proteins do?Zoology and wildlife conservationPhilip Hieter
What is a wave?(definition of wave)Zoology and wildlife conservationRoel Snieder, John A. Scales
What makes ATP synthase spin?Zoology and wildlife conservationPaul D. Boyer
What price ergonomics?: Ergonomists have a say in the design of almost everything in the modern world, but there is little evidence that their methods actually work.Zoology and wildlife conservationNeville A. Stanton, Mark S. Young
What's eating the free lunch?Zoology and wildlife conservationGary J. Olsen
When on eye is better than two.Zoology and wildlife conservationMandyam V. Srinivasan
Where do the electrons go?(oxidative protein folding coupled to electron-transport chain)Zoology and wildlife conservationRudi Glockshuber
Who benefits from climate forecasts?: The effective and equitable dissemination of climate forecasts is as important and challenging as their accuracy.Zoology and wildlife conservationA. Pfaff, K. Broad, M. Glantz
Who will mentor the mentors?: In the wake of the tragic suicide of a US graduate student, research universities need to adopt a different system of monitoring the quality of graduate students' supervision.Zoology and wildlife conservationCarl Djerassi
Why Africa needs agricultural biotech: There is urgent need for the development and use of agricultural biotechnology in Africa to help to counter famine, environmental degradation and poverty.Zoology and wildlife conservationFlorence Wambugu
Why biodiversity surveys are good value.Zoology and wildlife conservationKevin J. Gaston, Andrew Balmford
Why cars in the next lane seem to go faster.Zoology and wildlife conservationDonald A. Redelmeier, Robert J. Tibshirani
Why 'false' colours are seen by butterflies.Zoology and wildlife conservationAlmut Kelber
Will biomedicine outgrow support?Zoology and wildlife conservationM.F. Perutz
Yeast cell-type regulation of DNA repair.Zoology and wildlife conservationJasper Rine, Stefan U. Astrom, Sara M. Okamura
Young receptors make smart mice.(long-term potentiation boosted in transgenic mice with improved learning performance)Zoology and wildlife conservationT.V.P. Bliss
Zero-point entropy in 'spin ice'.Zoology and wildlife conservationR.J. Cava, A.P. Ramirez, R. Siddharthan, A. Hayashi, B.S. Shastry
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