National Geographic Traveler 2000 Mel White - Abstracts

National Geographic Traveler 2000 Mel White
Across the wilds by canoe.(canoeing across Okefenokee swamp, Georgia)Travel, recreation and leisureMel White
A knightly diversion.(falconry at Equinox Reserve, VT)Travel, recreation and leisureMel White
Great long weekends.(short holidays)(Cover Story)Travel, recreation and leisureCynthia Hacinli, Mel White, Suzy Gershman, Maryellen Duckett, Norie Quintos Danyliw, Richard Bangs, Leigh Borghesani, Sheila F. Buckmaster, Erin Monroney, Carolyn Wisson Haga, Carrie Miller, Tina Danze, Susan O'Keefe, Suzanne Bopp
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