Journal of Occupational Medicine 1991 - Abstracts

Journal of Occupational Medicine 1991
A comparison of cause-specific mortality among participants and nonparticipants in a work-site medical surveillance program.Health care industryGregory G. Bond, Ralph R. Cook, Thomas E. Lipps, Beth A. Stafford
A comparison of occupational and nonoccupational disability payments and work absences for alcoholics and nonalcoholics.Health care industryHarold D. Holder, James O. Blose
Acquired dyschromatopsia among styrene-exposed workers.Health care industryFabriziomaria Gobba, Claudio Galassi, Marcello Imbriani, Sergio Ghittori, Silvio Candela, Alessandro Cavalleri
Advances in cancer biomarkers as applied to chemical exposures: the ras oncogene and p21 protein and pulmonary carcinogenesis.Health care industryPaul W. Brandt-Rauf
A hierarchical coding system for occupational exposure.Health care industryAnya R. Keefe, John R. Grace, Pierre R. Band, Joel L. Bert, Kay Teschke, Laurence M. Svirchev, John J. Spinelli
Alcohol and other drug use in occupational fatalities.Health care industryBrian C. Alleyne, Patricia Stuart, Raymond Copes
An approach to mental health services.Health care industryEdward Mason
An epidemic of dermatitis at a large construction site.Health care industryThomas Sinks, Michael O'Malley, Richard Hartle, Thomas R. Hales, Raymond Ruhe
An update of mortality due to brain neoplasms and other causes among employees of a petrochemical facility. (Union Carbide Chemical and Plastics Company Inc.'s Texas City plant)Health care industryM. Jane Teta, M. Gerald Ott, A. Robert Schnatter
A ranking of occupations based on the blood pressures of incumbents in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey I.Health care industryJ. Paul Leigh
A review of medical surveillance records of employees exposed to ethyleneamines.Health care industryHilton C. Lewinsohn, M.G. Ott
Asbestosis: diagnostic dilution.Health care industryPhilip Harber, Justine Smitherman
Assuring value in medical care for employees and dependents: Part II.Health care industryH. Dean Belk, Jeffrey S. Harris, Loring W. Wood
A study of possible predictors of mesothelioma in shipyard workers exposed to asbestos.Health care industryBengt Jarvholm, Ake Sanden
A total ban on workplace smoking is acceptable and effective.Health care industryNeville Owen, Bruce Hocking, Ron Borland, Geoffrey Kemp
Attitudes and behaviors of medical technologists as a result of AIDS.Health care industryJames W. Brown, Ronald R. Gauch, Karen B. Feeney
A user's view of health care data management.Health care industryLoring W. Wood
Benefit-cost analysis of Hepatitis B vaccine programs for occupationally exposed workers.Health care industryJosephine A. Mauskopf, Michael T. French, Cathy J. Bradley
Better quality studies through review of protocols.Health care industryJohn A. Tomenson, Geoffrey M. Paddle
Blood cell proliferation response to beryllium: analysis by receiver-operating characteristics.Health care industryR. Fraser Stokes, Milton D. Rossman
Business analysis in occupational health and safety consultations.Health care industryJay Himmelstein, Glenn Pransky, Terry B. Snyder, J. Donald Beavers
Carbonless copy paper: a review of published epidemiologic studies.Health care industryCharles H. Hennekens, Julie E. Buring
Cigarette smoking during pregnancy and mother's occupation.Health care industryRobert L. Davis, Samuel Milham Jr.
Computed tomography and high resolution computed tomography of pneumoconioses.Health care industryGordon Gamsu
Correlates of motor-vehicle safety behaviors in working populations.Health care industryJonathan E. Fielding, Kevin K. Knight, Ron Z. Goetzel
Cost per case comparison of back injury claims of chiropractic versus medical management for conditions with identical diagnostic codes.Health care industryKelly B. Jarvis, Reed B. Phillips, Elliot K. Morris
Costs of occupational injury and illness in Pennsylvania.Health care industryDavid Neumark, Eddy A. Bresnitz, Howard Frumkin, Richard W. Johnson, Michael Hodgson, Carolyn Needleman
Data pooling in occupational studies.Health care industryHarvey Checkoway
Demographic and health characteristics of participants and nonparticipants in a work site health-promotion program.Health care industryKurt C. Stange, David Strogatz, Victor J. Schoenbach, Carl Shy, Bruce Dalton, Alan W. Cross
Differential treatment of occupational disease v occupational injury by workers' compensation in Washington State.Health care industryJames E. Blessman
Disease clusters: a central and ongoing role in occupational health.Health care industryLora E. Fleming, Alan M. Ducatman, Stuart L. Shalat
Effect of a total work-site smoking ban on employee smoking attitudes.Health care industryGregg M Stave, George W. Jackson
Employee assistance program compliance: impact of contrasting insurance coverage.Health care industryMichael Gochfeld, Nancy Fiedler, Jeffrey Bowden, Kathleen Kelly-McNeil, Michael Steinberg
Employee knowledge and attitudes about a work-site nonsmoking policy: rationale for further smoking restrictions.Health care industryAmy Rosen, Nancy A. Rigotti, John Pinney, Glorian Sorensen, Ray Prible
Employees' sources of AIDS information: the workplace as a promising setting.Health care industryJudith K. Barr, Joan M. Waring, Leon J. Warshaw
Enhancing the quality of epidemiologic studies.Health care industryWilliam E. Halperin, Marilyn A. Fingerhut, Andrea H. Okun
Fatal injuries at work in California.Health care industryRandy Reiter, John Balmes, James E. Cone, Antoni Daponte, David Makofsky, Charles Becker, Robert J. Harrison
Fatal occupational electrical injuries in Virginia.Health care industryJacob E. Jones, Carl W. Armstrong, C. Diane Woolard, Grayson B. Miller
Hand-arm vibration syndrome: clinical evaluation and prevention.Health care industryP.L. Pelmear, W. Taylor
Health and illness behavior of type A persons.Health care industryKurt C. Stange, Sonia A. Alemagno, Stephen J. Zyzanski, Kyle Kercher, Jack H. Medalie, Eva Kahana
Health benefits and health policy: public goals through private means.Health care industryPaul P. Cooper III
Health care economic factors and the effects of benefits plan design changes.Health care industryJeffrey S. Harris, William S. Custer
Health maintenance organizations: structure, performance, and current issues for employee health benefits design.Health care industryMarsha Gold
Health promotion in small business: what works and what doesn't work.Health care industryJohn C. Erfurt, Kenneth Holtyn
How dangerous is work in Canada? estimates of job-related fatalities in 482 occupations.Health care industryRonald Meng
Importance of the study protocol in epidemiologic research.Health care industryM. Gerald Ott
Improving the conduct of epidemiological studies: an introduction to quality principles.Health care industryJohn F. Acquavella
Industrial accident experience of one company on 8- and 12-hour shift systems.Health care industryBrian R. Laundry, Ronald E.M. Lees
Industrial noise exposure and ambulatory blood pressure and heart rate.Health care industryManfred S. Green, Kalman Schwartz, Gil Harari, Theodore Najenson
Influence of high past lead-in-air exposures on the lead-in-blood levels of lead-acid battery workers with continuing exposure.Health care industryThomas G. Robins, Douglas G. Hodgkins, David L. Hinkamp, M. Anthony Schork, William H. Krebs
Injuries among medical laboratory housekeeping staff: incidence and worker perceptions.Health care industryCatherine Sarri, Eugenia Eng, Carol Runyan
Introducing management skills and issues in preventive medicine residency programs: a survey.Health care industryD.H. Cordes, Dorothy Foster Rea, Joseph Rea, Anthony Vuturo, Marcus Key
Issues in data sharing and access: an industry perspective.Health care industryJudith K. Baldwin, B. Kristin Hoover, Wiliam E. Fayerweather, Sandra L. Tirey
Lead exposure at uncovered outdoor firing ranges.Health care industryRobert Leonard Goldberg, Anthony M. Hicks, Lindy M. O'Leary, Stephanie London
Lung cancer and hydrogen chloride exposure: results from a nested case control study of chemical workers.Health care industryGeary W. Olsen, George H. Flores, Gregory G. Bond, Beth A. Stafford
Managing the quality and conduct of epidemiologic studies.Health care industryJames J. Collins, C. Ralph Buncher, William Halperin
Measuring medicine's effects: the outcomes management system.Health care industryMichael Huber
Medical surveillance for leukemia at a petrochemical manufacturing complex: four-year summary.Health care industryCharles E. Ross, John M. Bennett, Sally R Cowles
Medication reporting in the workplace.Health care industryKurt Hegmann, Patricia Greenlee, Richard E. Johns
Morbidity patterns among employees at a petroleum refinery.Health care industryShan P. Tsai, Catherine M. Dowd, Sally R. Cowles, Charles E. Ross
Mortality among Vietnam veterans: with methodological considerations.Health care industryHan K. Kang, Kevin K. Wantanabe, Terry L. Thomas
Mortality and cancer incidence in aluminum reduction plant workers.Health care industryRichard P. Gallagher, Pierre R. Band, Laurence M. Svirchev, John J. Spinelli
Multiple-episode conjunctivitis outbreak among workers at a nut-processing facility.Health care industryRichard G. Ames
Myths of tuberculosis.Health care industryBruce P. Lanphear, Dixie E. Snider Jr.
Neurobehavioral effects of the on-call experience in housestaff physicians.Health care industryRachel Rubin, Peter Orris, Sarah L. Lau, Daniel O. Hryhorczuk, Sylvia Furner, Richard Letz
n-Hexane polyneuropathy in a ball-manufacturing factory.Health care industryChin-Chang Huang, Tung-Shenh Shih, Shaw-Yi Cheng, Shun-Sheng Chen, Ping-Hong Tchen
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among Vietnam veterans.Health care industryNancy Dalager, Han K. Kang, Vicki L. Burt, Lee Weatherbee
Occupational skin disease in newspaper pressroom workers.Health care industryHenry A. Feldman, Karl T. Kelsey, Teresa Seitz, David C. Christiani, Barbara Yakes, Dean Hashimoto
Occupation, socioeconomic status, and brain tumor mortality: a death certificate based case-control study.Health care industryThomas L. Vaughan, Paul A. Demers, Robert R. Schommer
Overview of good epidemiologic practices.Health care industryRalph R. Cook
Pharmaceuticals as hospital hazards: managing the risks.Health care industryMelissa A. McDiarmid, Hubert T. Gurley, David Arrington
Physical fitness capacity and absenteeism of police officers.Health care industryRobert W. Boyce, Gleen R. Jones, Ann R. Hiatt
Poor agreement of occupational data between a hospital-based cancer registry and interview.Health care industryMelissa A. McDiarmid, Roseanne Bonanni, Margaret Finocchiaro
Possible progress and unresolved conflicts resulting from guidelines on good epidemiologic practices.Health care industryJames J. Collins, C. Ralph Buncher, William Halperin
Potential contribution of dietary sources to urinary cadmium and beta2-microglobulin excretion of occupationally exposed workers.Health care industryChristopher J. Tennant
Prolonged asthma after smoke inhalation: a report of three cases and a review of previous reports.Health care industryTerrence Moisan
Psychosocial predictors of participation in a work site health-promotion program.Health care industryKurt C. Stange, David Strogatz, Victor J. Schoenbach, Bruce Dalton, Alan W. Cross, Victor J. Strecher
Pulmonary function and respiratory symptoms in wildland firefighters.Health care industryNathaniel Rothman, Tara O'Toole, Paul T. Strickland, John A. Hansen, Patrick Ford, Michael E. Baser, Melvyn S. Tockman
Pulmonary health risks among Northwest loggers.Health care industryWilliam M. Vollmer, A. Sonia Buist, Thomas B. Stibolt, Lynn E. McCamant, Larry R. Johnson, Robert S. Bernstein
Quality assurance audits of medical surveillance programs for hazardous waste workers.Health care industryMichael Gochfeld, Iris G. Udasin, Gail Buckler
Reducing malpractice costs.Health care industryDudley Briggs
Respirator physiology research: answers in search of the question.Health care industryCarol L. Brown, Philip Harber, John G. Beck
Ridge detection tactility deficits associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.Health care industryRobert G. Radwin, Jacqueline J. Wertsch, One-Jang Jeng, Jean Casanova
Screening for occupational asthma: a word of caution.Health care industryGail M. McNutt, Donald P. Schlueter, Jordan N. Fink
Should helicopter frequent flyers wear head protection? A study of helmet effectiveness.Health care industryJohn S. Crowley
Sick-hospital syndrome.Health care industryPaul W. Brandt-Rauf, Leslie R. Andrews, Jan Schwarz-Miller
Success in basic combat training: the role of cigarette smoking.Health care industryGregory H. Blake, John A. Parker Jr.
Symptoms and microenvironmental measures in nonproblem buildings.Health care industryMichael J. Hodgson, John Frohliger, Edward Permar, Cecilia Tidwell, Neal D. Traven, Stephen A. Olenchock, Michael Karpf
The chiropractic and me: Whither? Whether? (Editorial)Health care industryNorton M. Hadler
The cost-effectiveness of work-site wellness programs for hypertension control, weight loss, and smoking cessation.Health care industryJohn C. Erfurt, Andrea Foote, Max A. Heirich
The effects of behavioral risks on absenteeism and health-care costs in the workplace.Health care industryRobert L. Bertera
The identification of occupational lung disease from hospital discharge data.Health care industryLinda Rudolph, Janice Windau, Kenneth Rosenman, Henry Anderson, Lawrence Hanrahan, Martha Stanbury, Alice Stark
The noise hazard in a large health care facility.Health care industryAnnalee Yassi, Daria Gaborieau, Ian Gillespie, John Elias
The positive known association design: a quality assurance method for occupational health surveillance data.Health care industryGeary W. Olsen, Beth A. Stafford, Geoffry D. Kusch, Stewart L. Gudmundsen, Mortimer F. Currier
The presence of urinary cellular sediment and albuminuria in newspaper workers exposed to solvents.Health care industryHenry A. Feldman, Dean M. Hashimoto, Karl T. Kelsey, Teresa Seitz, Barbara Yakes , David C. Christiani
The reproducibility of the self-report of occupational exposure to asbestos and dust.Health care industryElaine Holmes, Eric Garnshick
Three basic principles for improving epidemiology: an industry view.Health care industryBarry R. Friedlander
Tobacco use: selection, stress, or culture?Health care industrySeth Serxner, Ralph Catalano, David Dooley, Shiraz Mishra
Toluene diisocyanate-induced asthma: clinical findings and bronchial responsiveness studies in 113 exposed subjects with work-related respiratory symptoms.Health care industryStefano M. Candura, Gianna Moscato, Antonio Dellabianca, Giuseppe Vinci, Maria Carmen Bossi
Trial of a negative ion generator device in remediating problems related to indoor air quality.Health care industryWilliam Daniell, Janice Camp, Sanford Horstman
Universal precautions and mortuary practitioners: influence on practices and risk of occupationally acquired infection.Health care industryConsuelo M. Beck-Sague, William R. Jarvis, James A. Fruehling, Carol E. Ott, Mark T. Higgins, Fred L. Bates
Use of focus groups to study absenteeism due to illness.Health care industryTorgeir Hoverstad, Sverre Kjolstad
Use of population-based data to assess risk factor profiles of blue and white collar workers. (chronic disease)Health care industryMinoo Niknian, Laura A. Linnan, Thomas M. Lasater, Richard A. Carleton
Use of vibration testing in the early evaluation of workers with carpal tunnel syndrome.Health care industryThomas C. Jetzer
Utilization of preventive health services by an employed population.Health care industryJonathan E. Fielding, Kevin K. Knight, Ron Z. Goetzel, Marianne Laouri
Vaccine choice and program participation rates when two hepatitis B vaccines are offered.Health care industryAlan Harris, Debra Daly-Gawenda, Edsel K. Hudson
Who's counting anyway? the problem with occupational safety and health statistics. (Editorial)Health care industryEileen M. McNeely
Women's health programs at the workplace.Health care industryWayne N. Burton, Denise Erickson, Jorgia Briones
Work-site health promotion: an economic model.Health care industryJames P. Patton
Work-site smoking policies in small businesses.Health care industryAmy Rosen, John Pinney, Glorian Sorenson, Jenny Rudolph, Nancy Doyle
Work stress in emergency medical technicians.Health care industryAnne Victoria Neale
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