Jane's Intelligence Review 2003 - Abstracts

Jane's Intelligence Review 2003
Airborne surveillance assets hit the spot in Iraq.Military and naval scienceMartin Streetly
Albanian insurgents resume activities in Macedonia.Military and naval scienceSaso Ordanoski
Al-QaedaEs operational ties with allied groups.Military and naval scienceRohan Gunaratna
Al-Qaeda's operational ties with allied groups.Military and naval scienceRohan Gunaratna
Apache operations over Karbala.Military and naval scienceRobert Hewson
Arms scandals reveal illicit Serb sales.Military and naval scienceZoran Kusovac
Asia looks to nuclear power for energy security.Military and naval scienceT.S. Gopi Retinaraj
Australian forces go Scud hunting in western Iraq.Military and naval scienceIan Bostock
Australia shifts towards pre-emptive foreign policy.Military and naval scienceNick Horedern
Australia updates security policy.Military and naval scienceNick Hordem
Ballistic missile development in Libya.Military and naval scienceJoseph Bermudez
Bulgaria, Romania gear up for NATO.Military and naval scienceRadu Tudor, Elizabeth Constantinova
Cambodian talks deadlocked.Military and naval scienceDavid Roberts
Chilean senate delays creation of new intelligence agency.Military and naval scienceJose Higuera
Conflict turns to chaos in Somalia.Military and naval scienceJailes Janney
Countering Nigerian organized crime.Military and naval sciencePeter Chalk
Countering terrorism in Central Asia.Military and naval scienceRoger N. McDermott, William D. O'Maley
Crime groups turn to terrorism in Rio de Janeiro.Military and naval scienceMichael Day
Cross border activities embroil Venezuela in Colombia conflict.Military and naval scienceJeremy Dermott
Crunch time for Cyprus.Military and naval scienceBill Park
Crunch time for Cyprus.Military and naval scienceBill Park
Czech intelligence reforms.Military and naval scienceJiri Kominek
Czech intelligence reforms.(Czech Republic)Military and naval scienceJiri Kominek
Deep-seated distrust mars US relations with India.Military and naval scienceRahul Bedi
Earth liberation front increases actions across the USA.Military and naval scienceTamara Makarenko, Daphne Biliouri
Embassy bombs mark new phase in Venezuelan crisis.Military and naval scienceAndrew Webb-Vidal
First PSI exercise held off Australia.(Proliferation Security Initiative)Military and naval scienceNick Horden
Hamas emergencies as winner in Cairo talks.Military and naval scienceP.R. Kumaraswamy
Hizbullah infiltrates Israel.Military and naval scienceDaniel Sobelman
Hunt for terrorists confounded by SomaliaEs shifting political sands.Military and naval scienceHailes Janney
India revamps intelligence agencies.Military and naval scienceRahul Bold
India uncovers militant bases in Kashmir.Military and naval scienceRahul Bedi
Indonesia creates intelligence school.Military and naval scienceJohn B. Haseman
Indo-US strategic ties on the upswing.Military and naval scienceIan Storey
Interview: Major General Duncan Lewis, Special Operations Commander, Australia.Military and naval scienceIan Bostock
Iraq campaign failed to plan for peacekeeping.Military and naval scienceJohn Mackinlay
Iraqi declarations fail to answer UNEs questions.(United Nations)Military and naval scienceIan Steer
Iraqi declarations fail to answer UN's questions.Military and naval scienceIan Steer
Iraqi EOD operations focus on stockpiles and submunitions.(Explosive Ordnance Disposal)Military and naval scienceColin King
Iraqi resistance proves resilient.Military and naval scienceMichael Knights, Jeffery White
Iraqi tactics attempted to employ guerrilla forces.Military and naval scienceSean Boyne
Islam gains ground in East Africa.Military and naval scienceGorill Husby
Island disputes re-emerge.Military and naval scienceClive Schofield
Israel sees new realities in the Middle East.Military and naval scienceDaniel Sobelman
Israel strengthens alliance with India.Military and naval scienceEd Blancho
Kurd groups skirmish in northern Iraq.Military and naval scienceEd Blanche
Kuwait attacks point to Al-Qaeda.Military and naval scienceTim Ripley
Macedonian clashes spark Ohrid fears.Military and naval scienceNeil Barnett, Jeta Xharra
Mexican cartels evolve in the face of cross-border crackdown.Military and naval scienceOscar Becerra
Mombasa attack highlights increasing MANPADS threat.(Man-Portable Air Defense Systems )Military and naval scienceDavid A. Kuhn
Mombasa attack highlights increasing MANPADS threat.(Man-Portable Air Defense Systems)Military and naval scienceDavid A. Kuhn
Nigeria fears clashes over disputed Bakassi peninsula.Military and naval scienceNeil Ford
Northeast Asia frustrated by US Pyongyang policy.Military and naval scienceHazel Smith
North Korea prepares for digital war.Military and naval scienceJoseph S. Bermudez Jr.
Opiate smuggling routes from Afghanistan to Europe and Asia.Military and naval sciencePierre-Arnaud Chouvy
Pakistan faces up to need for reform.Military and naval sciencePeter Chalk, Christine Fair
Planning for 'Iraqi Freedom.'Military and naval scienceTim Ripley
Protecting supply lines.Military and naval scienceGrayden Ridd
Pyongyang goes for broke.Military and naval scienceJames Foley, Vihong Chang
Rumsfeld's war.(Operation 'Iraqi Freedom')Military and naval scienceChristopher Aaron
Serbia reforms with NATO in mind.Military and naval scienceNeil Barnett
Serb special forces prepare for overseas deployment.Military and naval scienceAmadeo Watkins
South Africa considers options in Zimbabwe.Military and naval scienceGreg Mills, Christopher Clapham
Special co-operation at Salman Pak.Military and naval scienceDodge Billingsley
Strategic uses for Chinas bei dou satellite system.Military and naval scienceGeoffrey Forden
Syria and Iran: Strained relation in a changed environment.Military and naval scienceAnders Strindberg, Haytham Mouzahem
Tactical lessons for urban operations.Military and naval scienceScott R. Gourley, Grayden Ridd
The EU's role in the war on terror.Military and naval scienceFrank Gregory
The HR interview.(J. Cofer Black US Ambassador)Military and naval scienceJ. Cofer Black
The JIR interview.(Interview)Military and naval scienceAndrew Webb-Vidal
The struggle for control of radioactive sources.Military and naval scienceRobert Hutchinson
The trouble with islands.Military and naval scienceClive Schofield
Tracing the dynamics of the illicit arms trade.Military and naval scienceTamara Makerenko
UK amphibious operations in Iraq.Military and naval scienceEwen Southby-Tailyour
UK command and control during 'Iraqi Freedom.'Military and naval scienceGiles Ebbutt
USA aims for total awareness.Military and naval scienceKevin A. OEBrien
USA centralizes terror threat assessments.Military and naval scienceJohn Daly
USA lacks options in crisis with Pyongyang.Military and naval scienceHans S. Park, Kyung Ae Park
USA set to engage in Africa.Military and naval scienceRichard J. Reeve
USA, South Korea get tough on Pyongyang.Military and naval scienceJames Foley
Yemen continues ballistic missile procurement programme.Military and naval scienceJoseph Bermudez
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