International Journal of Human Resource Management 2001 - Abstracts

International Journal of Human Resource Management 2001
American repatriate employees' retrospective assessments of the effects of cross-cultural training on the adaptation to international assignments.Human resources and labor relationsDoris M. Eschbach, Gerald E. Parker, Philipp A. Stoeberl
Antecedents of organizational identification in multinational corporations: fostering psychological attachment to the local subsidiary and the global organization.Human resources and labor relationsCarol Reade
A theory-based framework for strategic global human resource staffing policies and practices.Human resources and labor relationsMichael Harvey, Cheri Speier, Milorad M. Novecevic
Attitudes towards different sources of executive appraisal: a comparison of Hong Kong Chinese and American managers in Hong Kong.Human resources and labor relationsLanny Entrekin, Yee Wah Chung
Borrowing from Europe? Employers' views on associability and collective bargaining reform in the new South Africa.Human resources and labor relationsEddy Donnelly
Breaking the mould? Innovation as a strategy for corporate renewal.Human resources and labor relationsVeronica Hope Hailey
Capture and transfer: improving the performance of the pharmaceutical sales rep.Human resources and labor relationsCaroline Lloyd, Helen Newell
Causes and consequences of psychological contracts among knowledge workers in the high technology and financial services industry.Human resources and labor relationsPatrick C. Flood, Thomas Turner, Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Jill Pearson
Challenges to the psychological contract in Hong Kong.Human resources and labor relationsPaul Sparrow, Robert Westwood, Alicia Leung
Change of work schedule and its implications during financial crisis: the case of the Philippines.Human resources and labor relationsChen Kuang-Jung
Changing the mindset: the training myth and the need for world-class performance.Human resources and labor relationsPhilip C. Wright, Gary D. Geroy
Creating new business through strategic community management: case study of a multimedia business.Human resources and labor relationsMitsuru Kodama
Deciding to leave but staying: teacher burnout, precursors and turnover.Human resources and labor relationsR. Eugene Hughes
Dual identification in multinational corporations: local managers and their psychological attachment to the subsidiary versus the global organization.Human resources and labor relationsCarol Reade
Economic marginalism and the microstate, the impact of donor conditionality requirements in international aid programmes on a SHRM training project in the Cook Islands.(strategic human resource management)Human resources and labor relationsAlan Williams
Education, job satisfaction and gender in Kuwait.Human resources and labor relationsMesh'al Kh. Metle
Employability policy in Dutch organizations.Human resources and labor relationsSjiera de Vries, Rob Grundemann, Tinka van Vuuren
Externalization of employees: thinking about going somewhere else.Human resources and labor relationsOla Bergstrom
Globalization and trade union strategy: industrial restructuring and human resource management in the international civil aviation industry.Human resources and labor relationsMiguel Martinez Lucio, Paul Blyton, John McGurk, Peter Turnbull
High-involvement work systems and performance outcomes: the strength of variable, contingent and context-bound relationships.Human resources and labor relationsPaul Edwards, Martyn Wright
Home and away: preparing students for multicultural management.Human resources and labor relationsSue Ledwith, Diane Seymour
How new venture initial public offerings benefit from international operations: a study of human resource value.Human resources and labor relationsTheresa M. Welbourne, Helen De Cieri
HRM in the USA: correcting some British impressions.Human resources and labor relationsGeorge Strauss
HR research in the Netherlands: imitation and innovation.Human resources and labor relationsJan Kees Looise, Jaap Paauwe
Human resource issues and activities in international joint ventures.Human resources and labor relationsRandall S. Schuler
Human resource management and performance: lessons from the Netherlands.Human resources and labor relationsPaul Boselie, Jaap Paauew, Paul Jansen
Human resource management in foreign-owned workplaces: evidence from Australia.Human resources and labor relationsJanet Walsh
Human resource management: when research confronts theory.Human resources and labor relationsDavid E. Guest
Is empowerment really a new concept?Human resources and labor relationsMushin Lee, Joon Koh
Job attitudes and organizational justice in joint venture hotels in China: the role of expatriate managers.Human resources and labor relationsKwok Leung, Zhongming Wang, Peter B. Smith
Job evaluation systems and pay grade structures: do they match?Human resources and labor relationsTjarda Van Sliedregt, Olga F. Voskuijl, Henk Thierry
Leadership and innovation: relations between leadership, individual characteristics and the functioning of R&D teams.Human resources and labor relationsJ.I. Stoker, J.C. Looise, O.A.M. Fisscher, R.D. de Jong
Malaysian industrial relations at century's turn: vision 2020 or a spectre of the past?Human resources and labor relationsPatricia Todd, David Peetz
Managing for organizational effectiveness in sub-Saharan Africa: a culture-fit model.Human resources and labor relationsConstant D. Beugre, O. Felix Offodile
Motivation to train from the workers' perspective: example of French companies.Human resources and labor relationsSylvie Guerrero, Bruno Sire
Multinationals and human resource practices in Ireland: a rejection of the 'new conformance thesis.'.Human resources and labor relationsWilliam K. Roche, John F. Geary
Multinationals and human resource practices in Ireland: a rejection of the 'new conformance thesis': a reply.(response to article by John F. Geary and William K. Roche in this issue, p. 109)Human resources and labor relationsT. Turner, D. D'Art, P. Gunnigle
Network capitalism: the role of human resources in penetrating the China market.Human resources and labor relationsRosalie L. Tung, Verner Worm
Perceptual polarization of managerial performance from a human resource management perspective.Human resources and labor relationsCampbell Fraser, Anna Zarkada-Fraser
Pride, prejudice and performance: relations between HRM, diversity and performance.Human resources and labor relationsYvonne Benschop
Ready for the mantle? Australian human resource managers as stewards of ethics.Human resources and labor relationsGlenn Martin, Klaas Woldring
Rethinking comparative and cross-national human resource management research.Human resources and labor relationsPawan S. Budhwar, Yaw Debrah
Rewarding employee performance: line managers' values, beliefs and perspectives.Human resources and labor relationsLynette Harris
Strategic human resource management effectiveness and firm performance.Human resources and labor relationsOrlando C. Richard, Nancy Brown Johnson
Strategy and managers' compensation; the Spanish case.Human resources and labor relationsM. Gloria Romero, Ramon Valle Cabrera
Sustainable organizational capacity building: is organizational learning a key?Human resources and labor relationsMerrick L. Jones
Tacit knowledge in an age of reform.Human resources and labor relationsPete Mann
The challenge of expatriate compensation: the sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among expatriates.Human resources and labor relationsChristelle Tornikoski, Vesa Suutari
The changing role of the corporate HR function in global organizations of the twenty-first century.Human resources and labor relationsMilorad M. Novicevic
The cultural validity of Holland's model and its implications for human resource management: the case of Hong Kong.Human resources and labor relationsKenneth S. Law, Chi-Sum Wong, Frederick Leong
The differential effects of work- and family-oriented women-friendly HRM on OC and OCB: the case for single female employees in Hong Kong.(human resource management; organizational citizenship behaviors)Human resources and labor relationsWarren C.K. Chiu, Catherine W. Ng
The emergence of the pluralism construct and the inpatriation process.Human resources and labor relationsMilorad M. Novicevic, Michael G. Harvey
The management of labour in Japanese manufacturing plants in China.Human resources and labor relationsBill Taylor
The new Chinese worker and the challenge of globalization: an overview.Human resources and labor relationsMalcolm Warner
The non-union workplace in Australia: bleak house or human resource innovator?Human resources and labor relationsJanet Walsh, Stephen Deery, Angela Knox
The organizational choice of human resource management practices: a study of Chinese enterprises in three cities in the PRC.Human resources and labor relationsDaniel Z. Ding, Syed Akhtar
The performance effects of human resource managers' and other middle managers' involvement in strategy making under different business-level strategies: the case in Hong Kong.Human resources and labor relationsFelix Yip Wai-Kwong, Richard L. Priem, Cynthia S. Cycyota
The performance implications of the work-oriented cognitions of shopfloor workers: a study of British retailing.Human resources and labor relationsEmmanuel Ogbonna, Lloyd C. Harris
The State, skill formation and productivity enhancement in the construction industry: the case of Singapore.Human resources and labor relationsYaw A. Debrah, George Ofori
The theory of met expectations applied to expatriate adjustment: the role of cross-cultural training.Human resources and labor relationsPaula Caligiuri, Jean Phillips, Mila Lazarova, Ibraiz Tarique, Peter Burgi
Towards a strategic model of employment reform in developing countries: explaining and remedying experience to date.Human resources and labor relationsWilly McCourt
Transforming multinational enterprises: towards a process model of strategic human resource management change.Human resources and labor relationsGraeme Martin, Phil Beaumont
Willingness and capacity: the determinants of prosocial organizational behaviour among nurses in the UK.Human resources and labor relationsHyun-Jung Lee
Work goals among male and female business students in Canada and China: the effects of culture and gender.Human resources and labor relationsNailin Bu, Carol A. McKeen
Work performance: is it one thing or many things? The multidimensionality of performance in a Middle Eastern context.Human resources and labor relationsAbubakr M.T. Suliman
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