IEEE Spectrum 1988 - Abstracts

IEEE Spectrum 1988
An electronic 'human eye.' (current research in visual prosthesis)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPat Janowski
ANSkit. (Software Review) (evaluation)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJack Corcoran
A powerful time. (25 years of IEEE Spectrum)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDonald Christiansen
Compact disc: 1983. (Among the classics: arch rivals Philips and Sony combined forces for audio breakthrough)Engineering and manufacturing industriesFred Guterl
DADiSP. (spreadsheet-digital signal-processing package)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBruce C. Mather
Design automation. (technology '88)Engineering and manufacturing industriesKenneth I. Werner, Erin E. Murphy
Digital electronics meets its match. (discussion of acoustooptics) (technical)Engineering and manufacturing industriesAnastasios P. Goutzoulis, Irwin J. Abramovitz
Digital Filter Design Package (DFDP2), version 2.12. (Software Review) (Software Review) (evaluation)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBruce C. Mather
French arms buying puts technocrats at the helm.Engineering and manufacturing industriesFred Guterl
Gordon Bell calls for a U.S. research network.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGordon C. Bell
Historians and journalists.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDonald Christiansen
How Israeli engineers improve U.S. weaponry.Engineering and manufacturing industriesAaron D. Rosenbaum
How to automate analog IC designs. (integrated circuits) (technical)Engineering and manufacturing industriesL. Richard Carley, Rob A. Rutenbar
Industrial electronics. (technology '88)Engineering and manufacturing industriesGadi Kaplan
Milestones. (salient events, inventions, discoveries, successes and triumphs)Engineering and manufacturing industriesGary Stix, Erin Murphy, Brian Santo, John Voelcker, Trudy E. Bell, Karen Fitzgerald, Katherine Wollard, Glen Zorpette
Neurocomputing: picking the human brain. (neural networks) (Tutorial: computers) (includes a related article titled 'Neural Networks: the Physical Reality')Engineering and manufacturing industriesRobert Hecht-Nelson
New frontiers for Detroit's big three. (electronics applications in 1989 cars from GM, Ford and Chrysler)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRonald K Jurgen
One congressman's day. (House Armed Services Committee member)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPat Janowski
Optical disks become erasable.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRobert P. Freese
Outlook for change: streamlining a complex system, bolstering manufacturing efficiency, and instituting regulatory reforms. (military procurement)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRobert B. Costello
Post-quake lessons for power utilities.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHans L. Richter
Quantum-tailored solid-state devices.Engineering and manufacturing industriesTimothy J. Drummond, Paul L. Gourley, Thomas E. Zipperian
Self-developers: why the new engineers work.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMichael Maccoby
Software tools speed circuit board design. (includes related article on how printed-circuit boards are manufactured) (technical)Engineering and manufacturing industriesStephen Pardee, Thomas P. Pennino
Soviet state procurement eschews state of the art.Engineering and manufacturing industriesMichael MccGwire
Supercomputing for one. (Interactive high-resolution graphics and vector processing.)Engineering and manufacturing industriesC. Gordon Bell, Glen S. Miranker, Jonathan J. Rubinstein
Switched-capacitor filters: precise, compact, inexpensive.Engineering and manufacturing industriesCecil W. Solomon
Tech*Graph*Pad. (Software Review) (evaluation)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRichard Lee
The beauty of 'almost standard' VLSI. (very large-scale integrated circuits)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBill Knapp, Kenyon Mei
The China link: advice from an expert. (High tech business.)Engineering and manufacturing industriesDianna L. Last
The very smart card: a plastic pocket bank. (includes related articles on automating insurance and on the future of self-contained transaction cards)Engineering and manufacturing industriesHiro Shogase
User-programmable gate arrays. (includes related articles on 'reprogrammable gate arrays in perspective' and 'defining terms')Engineering and manufacturing industriesRoss Freeman
VLSI: linking design and manufacturing. (includes related article on VLSI chip manufacturing) (technical)Engineering and manufacturing industriesAndrzej J. Strojwas, Stephen W. Director
What's up ... and down. (trends in electrical engineering and related topics)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMargaret E. Eastman
You are there ... and in control. (compressing digital video data) (includes related article on DVI versus CD-I; another related article summarizes the history of DVI) (technical)Engineering and manufacturing industriesArch C. Luther
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