Horse & Rider 2004 - Abstracts

Horse & Rider 2004
5 mistakes even good trainer make.Sports and fitnessSue M Copeland, Steve Heckaman
Acid test.Sports and fitnessSue Weakly
Against all odds.Sports and fitnessDebra Bokur
A girl thing: Horse-crazy moms long for horse-crazy kids-but it's not always in the cards.Sports and fitnessPeggy Rowe
All around warm-up.Sports and fitnessSue M. Copeland, Michele Pearson
A lucky stumble.Sports and fitnessElaine Pascoe
A sticky subject: Burrs.(horse care)Sports and fitnessKaren E. N Hayes
A whisper and a prayer.(horse training)Sports and fitnessDore Ripley
Blankets uncovered.Sports and fitnessAlana Harrison
Bobby Ingersoll remembers Kiger Cougar.Sports and fitnessBobby Ingersoll
Bridle basics.Sports and fitnessDan Woods
Buy one, get one free.(horse owners)Sports and fitnessDiana Mason Bruhn
Can-do cowboy: not even life's toughest blows can knock this horseman out of saddle .Sports and fitnessPaula Zdenek
Complete guide to trailering.Sports and fitnessNeva Kittrell Scheve, Thomas G. Scheve
Conformation clinic. .Sports and fitnessTim Finkenbinder
Cowboy up!(ranch horse)Sports and fitnessSusan Morrison, Hargis Van
Emily's gift.Sports and fitnessRobin Roberts
Enhance that tail with an extension.Sports and fitnessLonnie McNamara
Evaluate and place these 2- year old geldings in your order of preference. Then see how your choices compare to our expert judges.Sports and fitnessTim Finkenbinder
Finding my courage.Sports and fitnessLisa Lazarus
Finesse and firmness.Sports and fitnessPeggy Jo Dietmeier
First-place fashions.Sports and fitnessApril Fingerlos
Going in circles.Sports and fitnessMargaret Hammond
Head to hoof makeover.Sports and fitnessKathy Smallwood, Susan Morrison
Healthy hoof how-to's.Sports and fitnessFran Jurga
Inner horse.(psychology)Sports and fitnessAshlee Milan
Keep 'em waiting.Sports and fitnessSue M. Copeland, Cheryl Hawkins
Larry Sullivant remembers Skipa Star.Sports and fitnessHoni Roberts
Lead-change challenge.Sports and fitnessDave Moore
Longeing for respect changing directions .Sports and fitnessClinton Anderson, Forshberg Jennifer Meyer
Low-pressure show strategy.Sports and fitnessSue M. Copeland, Andrea Fappani
Makeover magic.Sports and fitnessSue M. Copeland, Sandy Strack
Managing your senior horse: Cold-weather care for older horses.Sports and fitnessKathy Mitchell
More than skin deep?(American Paint Horse Association)Sports and fitnessCindy Gattis
Mucus on manure.Sports and fitnessKaren E. N. Hayes
On the meaning of bombproof.Sports and fitnessJudi Milano
On the meaning of bombproof.(Trial riding accidents )Sports and fitnessJudi Milano
Out of the gate.Sports and fitnessDan Williams
Overriding a spook.Sports and fitnessJennifer Forsberg Meyer, Cliton Anderson
Photosensitization: More than sunburn.Sports and fitnessKaren E. N. Hayes
Quiet anticipation.Sports and fitnessSue M. Copeland, Ted Chancey
Red light green light.Sports and fitnessDebbie Moors, Josh Lyons
Rex Peterson.(Interview)Sports and fitnessRoberts Honi
Romal-style rein release.Sports and fitnessClint Haverty
Show stoppers: Five roadblocks to success.Sports and fitnessSusan Morrison, Nancy Cahill
Sore-back signposts.Sports and fitnessElaine Pascoe, Nancy Elliot
Spins and circles: Judge Mike Drennan guides you through maneuvers four, five, and six of the APHA, ApHC, AQHA, and NRHA Reining Pattern 7.Sports and fitnessMike Drennan
Spring fever.(horse, rider and riding gear )Sports and fitnessCheri Jeffcoat
Sue Rainwater.Sports and fitnessJ. Forsberg Meyer
Tackle this trail test.Sports and fitnessPatti Carter
Tame that trail course.Sports and fitnessSusan Morrison, Tim Kimura
Tame that trail course.Sports and fitnessSusan Morrison, Tim Kimura
Tenderfoot time.Sports and fitnessSandra Still
Trucks and trailers: Your buying guide for 2005.(Buyers Guide)Sports and fitnessAl Vinikour
Vet check.Sports and fitnessLinda Kittel
Weekend necessities.Sports and fitnessJill Pass
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