Globe & Mail (Toronto, Canada) 2000 Gayle Macdonald - Abstracts

Globe & Mail (Toronto, Canada) 2000 Gayle Macdonald
CanWest, Hollinger deal in trouble.(CanWest Global Communications Corp. tries to lower bid for Hollinger Inc.'s publications)News, opinion and commentaryKeith Damsell, Gayle MacDonald
CBC sells channel to U.S. mogul: Cash-poor metwork to get $75-million in deal sending satellite-cable properties to Barry Diller's USA Networks.News, opinion and commentaryBertrand Marotte, Gayle MacDonald
Drabinksy declares vicotry over KPMG.(Garth Drabinsky)News, opinion and commentaryDawn Walton, Gayle MacDonald, Sue Craig
Saturday Night expected to call it a day.(Hollinger Inc. to end oldest magazine in Canada)(International Pages)News, opinion and commentaryGayle MacDonald
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