Field & Stream (West ed.) 1997 Bob Stearns - Abstracts

Field & Stream (West ed.) 1997 Bob Stearns
Fishing the no-motor zones.(canoes)Sports and fitnessBob Stearns
Leader lesson. (fly-line leaders)(Saltwater Fishing)Sports and fitnessBob Stearns
Net effect: commercial fishermen in Florida are showing just how resourceful they can be ... when it comes to skirting the law.Sports and fitnessbob Stearns
The Rain Goddess.(chartered fishing trip in Nicaragua)(includes related information on fishing strategy, tackle and travel arrangements)Sports and fitnessBob Stearns, Brad Burns
The skinny-water johnboat. (Part 2) (customizing a boat for fishing)Sports and fitnessBob Stearns
The trouble with trebles: treble hooks are deadly - in more ways than one. (includes list of suppliers)(Saltwater Fishing)Sports and fitnessBob Stearns
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