Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Susumu Awanohara - Abstracts

Far Eastern Economic Review 1992 Susumu Awanohara
America's easi options. (East Asia Strategy Initiative)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Back to the world: progress on MIAs boosts chance of Vietnam ties. (missing-in-action)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Jonathan Friedland
Bad dream candidate. (H. Ross Perot)(includes related article)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Battle by statute. (US trade policies against Japanese 'keiretsu' system)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Sachiko Sakamaki
Cambodia takes a bath. (Cambodia's troubled economy)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Nate Thayer
Caught in the crossfire. (US accuses Asian countries of manipulating exchange rates)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Clinton's tax take.Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Dam under fire: World Bank report rekindles environmental row. (Sardar Sarovar dam in India)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Rita Manchanda
Down to the wire. (includes related article)Business, internationalLincoln Kaye, Susumu Awanohara
Election dynamics: candidate Bush to review aircraft sale to Taiwan.Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Fear of Islam. (threat posed by a Muslim nations to US interests)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Salamat Ali
Feeling the heat: Asian steel firms fear US anti-dumping blitz.Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Ed Paisley
Good morning, Asia: US debates pains and gains of new radio service. (Radio Free Asia)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Hit by a backlash. (part 8)(animosity towards Asian Americans in the US)(includes related article)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Home truths: US ponders radio service for China.Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Invoice of America. (economic role of US ambassadors)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Liberal infection. (Asian attitudes towards North American Free Trade Agreement)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Loss of patience. (China's most favored nation trading status with US)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Lost incentive: Japanese investors turn away from Uncle Sam. (Business)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Melting pot boils over: Los Angeles riots dramatise plight of Korean Americans. (Los Angeles, California)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Shim Jae Hoon
More money than votes. (Asian Americans as a political force)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Jonathan Burton
More ways to skin a cat. (Japan and the World Bank) (Focus: Japan 1992)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Negative impact: Congressman Solarz' exit may hurt Asian interests. (Representative Stephen J. Solarz)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
New Asia hands: State Department set to shuffle top envoys. (US State Department)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
New kid on the bloc. (North American Free Trade Agreement)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Not-so-fine print: Nafta's details may exclude Asian traders. (North American Free Trade Agreement)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Nuclear warning. (United States' insistence on North Korean compliance with the international nuclear non-proliferation treaty)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Out of pocket. (United States to reduce economic and military aid to the Philippines)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Parochial mandate: new Congress may take a harder line on Asia. (Clinton's Asia policy)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Passing the bullet. (Group of Seven criticizes Japan's economic policies)Business, internationalRobert Delfs, Susumu Awanohara
Peking pilgrimage. (South Korean President Roh Tae Woo's Peking visit)Business, internationalLincoln Kaye, Susumu Awanohara
Perot's patriot games. (US presidential candidate Ross Perot)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Pledging allegiance. (US policy on democracy and human rights in Asia)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Political clean-up: Asean set to take initiatives at earth summit. (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)Business, internationalMichael Vatikiotis, Susumu Awanohara
President Clinton. (Asian policy)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Pressure points: presidential candidate Clinton to worry Asia.Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Principle or profits. (Hong Kong's democratic reform plan)Business, internationalMichael Vatikiotis, Susumu Awanohara, Tai Ming Cheung
Prize fighters: Democrats scramble for the spoils of victory. (political appointments in US; includes related article on reshuffling of US diplomats) (Cover Story)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Punches pulled. (China, United States avert trade war)Business, internationalLincoln Kaye, Susumu Awanohara
Question of faith. (Japanese World Bank officials propose government intervention for economic development)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Roll of dishonour: Asian countries head list of US targets. (abusers of intellectual property rights)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Round and round. (Japan fails to kick-start GATT talks)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Louise do Rosario
Second thoughts: neighbours question plutonium plan. (Japanese plan to import reprocessed plutonium from France)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Louise Do Rosario
Silicon implants. (Singaporean government-controlled companies' investments in United States' high technology industries)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, N. Balakrishnan, Jonathan Burton
Special relationship: US Congress mulls bill to support Hongkong.Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Sumitomo hits buffers. (Los Angeles County Transportation Commission's cancellation of a rail-car contract with Sumitomo Corporation of America)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Super 301: the sequel. (US bill on Japanese trade)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Textile timebomb. (US and China textile trade)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
The China finale: lame-duck Bush pursues pro-Peking line.Business, internationalLincoln Kaye, Susumu Awanohara
The good scout: Quayle as conciliator between US and Japan. (Dan Quayle)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
The lone ranger. (continued US presence in Asia)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Traveller's tales. (Democratic Party convention) (Column)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Traveller's tales. (US parties' policy towards Asia)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Travelling salesman. (Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen)Business, internationalRobert Delfs, Susumu Awanohara
Unsettled land: UN's delayed arrival starts to undermine peace settlement. (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia)(includes related article on financing the peace) (Cambodia)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Nate Thayer
Warning shot. (US publishes list of Chinese goods facing possible tariffs)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara, Carl Goldstein
Washington's priorities. (freedom of navigation in the South China Sea)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
What's in it for us? (reactions to Japan's new outlook on international economic relations) (Cover Story)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
Yeltsin's yoke: Japan strives for G-7 backing in islands dispute. (Boris Yeltsin; Group of Seven)Business, internationalSusumu Awanohara
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